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LeBron James (Right) regarded to be the KING (James) of the NBA and CNN host Don Lemon (Left) - (Photo: You Tube screen shot of CNN video)



Golden State Warriors Stephan Curry - (Keith Allison photo)




Michael Jordan - (Steve Lipofsky photo)




POV 60 - (Point of View) - TRUMP vs. LeBRON JAMES & CNN's DON LEMON



Trumps hate people of color WAR has broadened from his attacks on former US President Barack Obama to now telling those involved in the sports business by telling them what to do and how they should act - As the world is turning on the insecurity of America's leader apparently wants his name on and involved in everything


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Sunday, August 05, 2018


One has to wonder when Donald Trump will run out of gas with his insults, threats and bribes. His most recent diatribe is aimed at LeBron James regarded to be the KING (James) of the NBA and CNN host Don Lemon.

The appearance was during James opening his I Promise School for at risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school is funded with the NBA stars money. For those children in the program that complete their schooling James has arranged that they can attend Akron University TUITION FREE.

Trump's hate people of color WAR has broadened from his attacks on former US President Barack Obama to now telling those involved in the sports business what to do and how they should act. It's as if his threats on nations around the world aren't enough for him to do with his DO IT OR ELSE… bullying conduct.

The Trump attack on LeBron debacle began just prior to the NBA finals when the Cavaliers once again would take on the Golden State Warriors. James made public that if the Cavaliers won the series that he would not go to the White House to be congratulated by Trump. As it turned out the Warriors won the title. James also said that Trump was a bum which apparently put more salt in Trump's wound.

Curry stirred the Trump insult pot when prior to this past season the Warriors Stephan Curry revealed to the public that he would not make the customary visit to the White House to be congratulated by the (sitting) President. Given that the Warriors won title Curry made good on his promise and stated again that he was out of the visiting the White House tradition and poor little Donald struck back with his tweet that Curry wasn't welcome to the house that BLACK SLAVES BUILT.

Since Trump was then quick to state that the Warriors wouldn't be invited, James then made the remark that how could you uninvite someone that previously said they would not attend.

When James recently appeared on Lemon's show, who is also like James, is a black man, he reiterated his statement of how can you uninvite someone that previously said that he would not be there.

Adding fuel to the fire James has tweeted, "Going to the White House was a great honor until you (Trump) showed up!" James has previously stated that Trump was a bum.

During the last NFL season Trump made racist statements regarding NFL players not standing for the national anthem. He has requested to owners to "fire the bastards," if players don't stand as Trump believes for "disrespecting the flag."

The racist Trump remarks belie the fact that 75% of NFL players are BLACK. On the other hand perhaps that is why he makes such blatant statements.

NFL players don't stand because they are protesting that people of color in the United States are being indiscriminately being murdered or beaten by American police for no reason or crime. Trump's verbal indignation and interference is deemed as being racist.

"Sports has never been something that divides people," James told Lemon. "It's always been something that brings someone together."

Following James' appearance on Lemon's show Trump tweeted about their meeting calling Lemon a dummy. In his tweet, Trump called Lemon "the dumbest man on television." Making things worse, he ended the tweet with an apparent reference to Michael Jordan, writing "I like Mike."

Lemon made a very poignant tweet, who's the real dummy a man who puts kids in classrooms or one who puts kids in cages?

The children in cage reference is regarding Mexican children trying to illegally cross the US border with their parents being taken away from their family and held in custody.

Trump's wife Melania broke rank with her husband by supporting James. She said she will visit his school and praised James for his philanthropic work.

Fellow and former NBA players including Michael Jordan voiced their support for James. In Trump's closing remark in his disapproval of Lemon and James when he stated that he likes Mike (Jordan), Jordan fired back that he likes James.

CNN also issued a response to the president's tweet, via its official communications Twitter. The CNN tweet suggested that it was first lady Melania Trump's idea to watch the interview on Friday night.

As the world is turning on the insecurity of America's leader the (DUH) Donald Trump, who apparently he wants his name on and involved in everything as he portrays his role of the world's new Nero. His saying may turn into Make America Great (i.e. BURN) Again (with racial hatred).


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