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Video Beat - THE APPRENTICE - ROCK STAR - August 2006

NR Photo - James Loving

The Miss Cambodia contest winner will be entered in the Miss Universe contest


James Loving - National Radio Text Service - Saturday August 12, 2006


The Apprentice & Donald Trump - Angelina Jolie - BRUCE LEE - Chan Thouen FRESHIE GIRL SUCCESS - Miss Cambodia contest set back - ABS-CBN's ASAP Show - Filipino Singers Sheryn Regis & Sarah Geronimo - FRESHIE GIRL SUCCESS - Tommy Lee Rock Star Supernova - Dean Cain the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not was a professional football player - Who Is Jon Voight?



Ralph DiSibio the former president of Westinghouse, Parsons and The Washington Group wrote a book titled Reel Lessons in Leadership. The reel he refers to is film. He relates to the lessons he learned from watching movies.

There are also lessons to be learned from watching TV particularly when one travels around the world and absorbs different cultures.

Last week the University of Cambodia presented a Leadership and Career Development Conference where students were attentively listening trying to learn how to get into the job market after they receive their degree.

We touched on that subject in out August Phnom Penh column, as there are some positive lessons one can learn from watching TV.

Reality shows offer many lessons that apply to the job market. Learning how to go after something, teamwork, dealing with competition, how to deal with not getting the job and coexisting with others are a few.

There are examples in several shows currently airing in Asia. The Apprentice is a show where contestants that already have a successful business career, are wealthy and well educated at the best schools in the USA that compete to be hired as an apprentice by billionaire Donald Trump to run one of his companies.

Their mission in this TV show is they have to work as a team to accomplish a business task of selling or promoting a product/company.

The 16 contestants are split into two teams to compete against each other. At the beginning Trump usually has a team of girls/women compete against the boys/men. The team that makes or raises the most money wins and they are exempt from being eliminated.

One applicant per week is eliminated from the losing team for not doing a good job or has a communication problem with others. On one show he fired three people because he felt they were all incompetent. Each person's goal is to ultimately be the number one candidate and win the Trump job.

Most importantly one of the most important lessons to be learned from this show is to ASSUME RESPONCEABILITY and HAVE INTEGRITY (be honest). Trump has fired candidates that lacked these qualities.

Being that there is only one job available those that don't win admit they have learned from the competitive experience. They also learn from the skills of their competitors since each candidate has different strengths.

In Asia the final show of The Apprentice season 4 will air in Cambodia Wednesday night August 16, at 9pm on Star World. It repeats on Thursday at 11am and Sunday August 20, at 5pm.

The most recent The Apprentice series for season 5 is currently being televised in Asia Sunday nights at 10pm on Malaysia's TV 3 (channel 53 in Phnom Penh).

A new viewer to the show can learn from watching the season five show from now to the end of the series to see how the applicants are put through their paces by Trump until the end of each show after he interviews and grades their job performance and then says the magic words to the unlucky applicant… YOU'RE FIRED.

NOTE: Ralph DiSibio's book Reel Lessons in Leadership is available on Amazon.



Donald Trump is known for many things. For TV viewers he is the host of The Apprentice show. Trump is also the executive producer of the Miss Universe contest.

The reality is that television is not Trumps forte. He made his millions in the real estate business that as he says he loves. One of his most recent projects is building condominiums in Hawaii.


Angelina Jolie is the daughter of actor Jon Voight? One of his most famous films Midnight Cowboy is currently being televised on the MGM network is Asia. Both have won acting highest honor for being the best actor in the world, the Academy Award.

Bruce Lee, photographed here in 1972, is still considered one of the world's most readily recognizable icons. Concord Moon LP, the partnership founded by his wife and daughter, controls the rights internationally to his name and image.

Sheryn Regis

Sarah Geronimo (photo Dorina)

Chan Thouen the first Freshie Girl winner in 2002. - NR photo James Loving

Tommy Lee NBC photo



The recent announcement of a "Bruce Lee biopic" by Robert Lee (Bruce Lee's brother) and JA Media as being "authorized" by the "family" may have misled the public into believing that Bruce Lee's heirs, Linda Lee and Shannon Lee, were involved, which is not the case. FULL STORY


The ASAP variety show on the Philippine network ABS-CBN is enjoyable viewing that has volumes of talent. It is a showcase of the networks talent many of whom had their initial exposure on the networks talent shows and Big Brother shows of which there were three.

Many of the participants have been developed and placed on other television shows on the network. Singer Sheryn Regis was discovered singing at a hotel lounge.

ASAP airs on the Filipino channel Sunday at 11am channel 50 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It repeats at roughly 11:30pm Sunday evening but when you smoothe out the start time it could go start at midnight. Like Cambodian television the ABS - CBN network does not adhere to a set schedule. Check your local listings for the time in your area.

Sarah GeronImo is one of the networks most outstanding talents. The recently turned 18-year-old is featured on a TV show a well as ASAP. She also has a successful singing career.

Geronimo is currently on tour in the US in August with stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Hanford and San Francisco California. She l also is scheduled to appear in Seattle, Washington; Anchorage, Alaska; Chicago, Illinois as well as Honolulu and Maui Hawaii.


The new Superman film is currently out but did you know that Dean Cain the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not played the part of Superman on the USA's ABC television series Lois & Clark.

After graduating from the highly accredited Princeton University in the USA he became a professional football player as a member of the Buffalo Bills in the NFL (National Football League)..


Did you know that the Survivor Africa reality television show winner Ethan Zohn was a professional football player?


Chan Thouen was the first Cambodian Freshie Girl winner in 2002. She now hosts a variety show as well as a talk show on Bayon TV in Cambodia.

RECOMMENDED TV for music lovers & students

I was one that was determined to return to school and learn something that I loved. After suffering an injury that forced me to give up my career as a musician I made a decision to return to school and learn something that I loved.

A Broadcast Journalism course as well as production classes in television, radio and film were the answer.

After realizing that carrying 27 credits in a semester was too much and I dropped to a realistic 18/19 credits. That may be too serious about catching up on one's schooling.... but there is a point. Education doesn't end in the classroom. You can learn from watching television.

There is a TV show TOMMY LEE GOES TO COLLEGE that features former Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee where he does just that and being nearly 50 years old (a half century) he enrolled at Nebraska University. The difference being his choice was for a TV show and not out of necessity.

His interaction with the young students reminds me of my experience. The show is spot on and has educational and entertainment value. Age doesn't make a difference.... how to get along and understand each other does.

For an entertaining show, particularly for students, tune in to Tommy Lee Goes to College. It airs on the music channel V (channel 8 in Phnom Penh) on Tuesday's at 7pm and 1am (Wed). It repeats on Wednesday at 2pm and 3pm on Sunday. Lee takes his finals on next weeks show and that could mean it will be the end the shows season.

Lee is also featured in another TV show Rock Star Supernova. It features singers auditioning to become the lead singer of Lee's new group Supernova featuring former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and bassist Jason Newsted formerly of Metallica.

What an Asian student can learn from this show is in many cases there is a job for only ONE person. Each week one of the 15 job applicants that started with the show one is eliminated. Only 10 of the singers remain.

The lesson is how people think and how to deal with rejection and that having talent and skills may not be enough to get you the job. Music is the entertainment value.

On a previous show Newsted pointed out that when he auditioned for the job with Metallica that there were others auditioning that were better then he. "It's how you fit in," (with the Job and other personnel) he noted.

What should not be learned from the members of Supernova is the rude way they talk to contestants and their arrogant behavior. Ironically Newsted is the most arrogant.

As co-host and former Red hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro pointed out on a previous show arrogance is the behavior of a (perceived) rock star.

Since the first show the Supernova group have toned down their arrogant comments. They now speak to the job applicants with more respect.

For someone from an Asian culture that is applying for a real job in the real world, arrogant behavior will not get you a job.

Rock Star airs on Star World on Wednesdays at 7:00am. It repeats on Wednesday at 7pm, 10:30pm and 1:30am. Also the singing portion of the show repeats at 10am on Thursday.

After the SMS voting by the TV viewing audience the results are calculated. The result is televised on an elimination show that airs the following day on Thursday at 7am and repeats at 7pm and 10:30pm in Phnom Penh.


Miss Cambodia Contest Reschedule plus the Freshie Boy & Girl contest

Planet Communications one of the organizers of the Freshie Boy & Girl contest said they will be accepting applications for their Miss Cambodia Contest starting August 15. The date was moved back from August 1.

Due to the rescheduling the to be televised contest is now scheduled to begin September 10 with the final scheduled to be held October 28. The intention is to enter the winner into the Miss Universe contest.

The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts is involved in the planning process of the event. As there was a problem for Miss Indonesia in this years Miss Universe Contest the wearing of swimsuits by Cambodian contestants is a concern.

Planet also noted that applications for the Freshie Boy & Girl contest will be taken in October. The contest will begin in November. The Freshie contest is for boys and girls 16 to 20 years of age.

Stay tuned for this. Given TIC (This Is Cambodia), schedules can change at the last second.


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