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2015 began with a SAD STORY regarding the degrading condition of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers - Due to his injuries Kobe Bryant has been a financial bust since signing a $48.5 million two year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers which is currently under the management of the deceased former owner Jerry Buss' children Jeanie and Jim Buss - (Keith Allison photo)


Donald Trump has repeatedly sidestepped questions regarding blacks, Arabs and Muslims. He is now being pressed to deal with those issues and receives BILLIONS of dollars in FREE air time to do so - (Photo: Michael Vadon)


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets cozy with the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


ZIONISTS 2 OVERTHROW the WORLD? - Palestinians are seen here being driven off their land that was stolen by the Zionist Jews in 1948. The extremist Jews had the support of the US government - Al-Jazeera photo


Could Floyd Mayweather's head game actions be a sign of immaturity? - DEWALT POWER TOOLS FIGHT NIGHT CLUB 2010 photo


Prior to her losing her UFC title to Holly Holm in an interview with the LA Daily News Ronda Rousey said she had lost muscle during her film commitments and not been able to regain her full strength for the Miesha Tate fight. It was Rousey’s muscle losing comment that is telling and indicates that her UFC career ending days are near - PedroGaytan photo






Politics was the topic that garnered the most interest from our readers in 2015. Politics had nine stories that qualified for the listing while Sports notched six spots. The big names that made the most noise were Ronda Rousey, Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, CNN, Israel and Somaly Mam



Sunday, January 03, 2016

There were several stars in the news this past year that attracted our reader's attention. The hottest subjects were Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump, Ronda Rousey, Israel and Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Trump never made it to the # 1 status but every story tat we reported on the United States presidential candidate charted in the NR TOP 10.

Political stories took nine positions to six for sports in this compilation. The months of February, October, November and December were strong and commanded the most activity. Three of the four television reviews that charted were related to politics. Some stories are given a ranking from the months that earned more than one ranking spot.

The criteria that we applied in this report are stories that charted each month in reaching the NR TOP 10 # 1 spot. Trump's situation of repeatedly earning a ranking gives him special dispensation.

Since that falls in line with the exorbitant amount of FREE MEDIA COVERAGE that he receives from the main stream media IN AMERICA we are featuring the column that reflects his success in garnering so much FREE TV time while his competitors have been ignored. That story is titled RACIST DONALD TRUMP gets a FREE RIDE?

The year started off with a bang and our top story for January was about the questionable decision by the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers franchise signing a two year $48.5 million deal with their broken down and too often injured now 37-year-old super star Kobe Bryant.

Our focus was on the lady who was in charge of making such a disastrous decision, Jeanie Buss, the daughter of the Jerry Buss. Buss passed away and his daughter was left to lead the team while her brother Jim was left to be second in command.

The title of the story is LAKERS BUSTED. It reflects how Buss tried to justify that horrible decision on in December 2013 in an interview on ESPN. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, given that since Buss became the decision maker of the franchise the club has been a loser and has set records for the most losses in the team's history.

Two other sports stories and stars charted heavily throughout the year. Floyd Mayweather sounded off his big mouth and baited Manny Pacquiao and conning the public to enrich his bank account.

Our stories on the Money Man in February titled 'FUNNY MONEY' FLOYD MAYWEATHER's HEAD GAMES with MANNY PACQUIAO and Floyd MAYWEATHER BEST POUND 4 POUND, published in June have charted in the TOP 20 throughout the year since their publication. These columns are two of our TOP 5 most read stories in 2015. All of the columns that we published about the controversial boxer have made the NR TOP 10 rankings including his farce of a fight with Andrew Berto.

The same applies to former UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. All three stories that we published on Rousey earned a place in our NR TOP 10 ratings. The most read became most popular following her losing her title to Holly Holm. That story is titled: RONDA ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD.

It's gained attention after her loss most likely since our focus was on her spreading herself too thin in trying to be a UFC champion and an actress AT THE SAME TIME. Our second headline: LOST AT THE BELL is exactly what happened and the race to read that story was in earnest.

Billionaire Jew Sheldon Adelson's popularity is strange. Since we published our column in June regarding him being one of three Jewish individuals that threatened the world not to boycott Israel this story has remained in the NR TOP 20. For some strange reason the story titled WORLD THREATENED by ISRAELI SYMPATHIZERS regained the # 1 spot last month six months from its initial release.

Israel's atrocities have been a hot topic throughout the year. It has maintained the momentum that it gained since we first reported on their unlawful attack on the citizens of Gaza in which 2,000 Palestinians were murdered by the nation of soldiers.

When one factors in that the 130 people murdered in Paris by terrorists against 2,000 deaths its obvious just how bias the 70% Zionist main stream western media is in reporting Israel's war crimes the plight of the world is becoming horrific. Ignoring the number of fatalities of Arabs only worsens the terrorist situation as revenge is the terrorists answer as many of our stories point out.

Stories titled: ARREST ISRAEL'S NETANYAHU RALLY IN BRITAIN, US POLITICIANS BEND OVER, CNN… THE ISRAELI PROPAGANDA CHANNEL, TRUTH EVADES ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA & the CIA regarding the DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH and Al-Nakba on Al-Jazeera regarding BLOOD, POWER & OIL sum up why the world, as we see it, is in danger of an oncoming Armageddon.

Last years top chart maker anti child sex NGO founder Somaly Mam continues to maintain interest. Our story in March titled: SOMALY MAM IS BACK IN BUSINESS was a fast mover. Mam continues to have support for the Hollywood film community but her history of lying about her activities lives on.


Sports Notes - LAKERS BUSS-TED - January, 2015
THE LAKERS PETULANT JEANIE BUSS - We have had an unforgettable experience with both Los Angeles Lakers NBA team owners Jeanie and Jim Buss therefore we have a strong insight to their personalities. The Lakers Busted fuse was lit in December 2014 in an ESPN video interview with Jeanie Buss who was grilled about the decision making of the team in their signing an aging then 35-year-old Kobe Bryant to a two year $48.5 million contract


POV - (Point of View) 17 - TRUTH EVADES ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA & CIA - February, 2015
DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH - With main stream western media being 70% Zionist controlled there is a distortion of the truth while ignoring history and facts. Israel is the most promoted topic by these news organizations and the CIA

IS MAYWEATHER AFRAID of PACQUIAO? - Controversy reigns in the world of sports with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd 'MONEY' Mayweather, Carmelo Anthony and Marshawn 'THE BEAST' Lynch taking center stage. The question is.... WHY?


Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM IS BACK IN BUSINESS - March, 2015
ANOTHER LIFE TO LIVE - Exposed as a fraud, Somaly Mam is back in business with a new fund raising NGO that is based in the US state of Texas. Another famous anti child sex NGO director in Cambodia has been arrested for assaulting children under his care


Sports Notes - Floyd MAYWEATHER Keeps Playing BLOOD GAMES - April, 2015
LET'S GET IT ON!!! - HOW TOUGH is Mayweather? When he last fought Marcos Maidana, Mayweather complained and cried out about being bitten on the hand. HOW COULD Maidana BITE THROUGH A GLOVE WITH A MOUTHPIECE IN HIS MOUTH? That begs the question…. IS MAYWEATHER A SCARED CRY BABY?


TV - VIDEO BEAT - Al-Nakba on Al-Jazeera - May, 2015
BLOOD, POWER & OIL - With Israel and the US government taking on the world by engaging in invasions and WARS there is some video information available that helps explain why. Al-Jazeera's four part documentary series Al Nakba is currently airing. The undercurrent of the problem is black gold also known as OIL which is available and explored in the video Blood and Oil - The Middle East in World War I - Recommended TV Listings


Sports Notes Part 2 - Floyd MAYWEATHER... BEST POUND 4 POUND?- June , 2015
THE RUNNING GAME - When one thinks of great pound for pound fighters the top of the list is the undefeated Rocky Marciano whose unbeaten 49 wins (43 by KO) is the record Floyd Mayweather is trying to catch. Marciano was a tough fighter and a clever boxer. One can never accuse him of running…. HE ENGAGED and came to fight. There was no chicken $#!t in him!


DUMBER & DUMBER - CNN SWEEPS REAL ISRAEL STORIES UNDER THE RUG - Years ago CNN founder Ted Turner said on the Tom Snider show that watching NBC would make a person dumber and dumber. Since Turner made that statement Snider passed away and Turner was duped out of his control and ownership of CNN largely by Jews. What once was a source of real news is now an instrument of Israeli propaganda.


POV - (Point of View) 25 - US POLITICIANS BEND OVER - August, 2015
THE SELLING OUT of AMERICA - The US presidential race demands funding and special interest groups are more than willing to help….. FOR A PRICE. The price is to sell out the American public and pass laws that favor them - Some US politicians make more after they leave government service by being employed by the special interest groups that they took money from to pay the bills for their political campaigns - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 4 - A Time for Lies & The new Seven Sisters


POV - (Point of View) 27 - ARREST ISRAEL'S NETANYAHU RALLY IN BRITAIN - September, 2015
THE MURDERING BEAST of the MIDDLE EAST - British citizens rally to have Israel's Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu be arrested for crimes against humanity. RT News reported this story but main stream western media IGNORED IT. The question is…. are American citizens as dumb and their government wants them to be in their censorship of the news? As CNN founder Ted Turner said in an interview with Tom Snider years ago, that watching NBC (USA television network) makes a person DUMBER and DUMBER. His statement currently applies to CNN and the BBC. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE


Sports Notes - RONDA ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD - October, 2015
LOST @ THE BELL - In the space of two years Rousey has risen from obscurity to being the most talked about athlete on the planet. Everyone knew about her except Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Rousey has climbed the ladder of fame while Mayweather has defamed himself with his destructive behavior, childish antics and choosing weak competition for fights to enable himself to cheaply tie boxing great Rocky Marciano's unbeaten record of 49-0 while for Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird

POV - (Point of View) 28 - RACIST DONALD TRUMP gets a FREE RIDE? - October, 2015
BILLIONS OF $ IN FREE TELEVISION COVERAGE - For every appearance or commentary, IN TOTAL, Trump is receiving $600,000,000 worth of free air time and advertising PER ACCUMULATIVE HOUR for his run to be the president of the United States, based on the Super Bowl ad rate. Multiply that by the hours and hours overall of television coverage he has received and it raises the question WHY? WHY are the television networks supporting this racist megalomaniac?

POV - (Point of View) 29 - US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES GOT IT WRONG - October, 2015
MINORITIES WILL RULE THE SHAPE OF CHANGE - Republican presidential candidates have got it all wrong in stating what multi national companies that fund presidential candidates want to hear. What they fail to recognize is that it's the vote of the PEOPLE THAT MATTER who they want to represent them as Social Media if a major player in their decision making. If they want a Muslim or Edward Snowden to be their president that is the way it will be as it's the PEOPLE'S VOTE THAT RULE


ROUSEY LOST THE PLOT & HER UFC TITLE - As we pointed in our previous column some are focused on playing their sport but for Rhonda Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird. After spreading herself too thin being involved with the phony Hollyweird glitter scene she lost FOR THE FIRST TIME and lost her UFC title to Holly Holm in what was Rousey's biggest fight of her career

POV - (Point of View) 18 - CNN… THE ISRAELI PROPAGANDA CHANNEL - March, 2015
CNN DEFLECTS ISRAEL'S WAR CRIMES - CNN is the main pro Israel propaganda spreading channel. One of the obvious reasons why is the channel's boss Jeff Zucker is a Jew with Israeli leanings - CNN does more to promote violence, wars and conflicts than report on it


CNN ENDANGERS IT - The good news is the X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, Judges Rita Ora and Simon Cowell… YES our old nemesis SIMON! The bad news is the CNN coverage of the Republican Party Presidential Debates which was inundated with Jews that support Israel. Four of the five major players in this presentation are Jews that support the murdering ways of Israel

DUMBER & DUMBER - CNN SWEEPS REAL ISRAEL STORIES UNDER THE RUG - Years ago CNN founder Ted Turner said on the Tom Snider show that watching NBC would make a person dumber and dumber. Since Turner made that statement Snider passed away and Turner was duped out of his control and ownership of CNN largely by Jews. What once was a source of real news is now an instrument of Israeli propaganda.

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