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Cambodian Olympic track athletes 16-year-old Sou Tit Linda and Phouk Sopheak - photo James Loving NR




Cambodian football manager Joachim Fickert and CFF president Ravy Khek during better days. - photo courtesy of Joachim Fickert



Cambodian Prince Norodom Ranariddh Sihanouk - NR photo



Cambodia's Hok Sochetra takes two spots in the NR Top 10 stories - AFC Marketing/Shot


ARCHIVES Cambodia Sports


Sports Notes - Cambodian National Football team Manager Fickert's Tenure Ends - January, 2003
The talent pool was slim to none. Fickert had to find and train coaches and teach players the fundamentals of the game in his effort to help the Cambodian football program to rise from the ashes. The 55-year-old German coach was in a situation where he had to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear without the support of the Cambodian Football Federation

Sports Notes - Sports Academy - Cambodian Players In Vietnam - NBA's James # 1 - January, 2004
Former Cambodia National Team Coach Fickert Lands On Feet & Hires Former Players - FIFA Top 20 (+) Plus - Thailand's Teerethep 'Leesaw' Winothai Denied Work Permit Dropped From Crystal Palace - Asian Sports Academy - DENNIS RODMAN QUERY - Laker Bashing? - CNN 'The War Channel'? - Cambodian Youth Football

Sports Notes - Cambodia's Olympic Stadium Event Bombed - May, 2004
Cambodia's Olympic Stadium Opening Event Bombed - The event? Phnom Penh's TV 5 television production of a championship kickboxing fight between the Khmer champion Ei Phouthang and former champion, Australian Timure Dell. TV 5 televised the main event live - Thaksin or Thailand Want To Buy Liverpool? - Kevin Garnett Named NBA MVP - Cambodian Football - NR Mail

Sports Notes EXTRA: Thailand Wins Pre-SEA Games - September 14, 2005
Thailand's Winothai A Striking Force - Peter Withe & Son Jason - Cambodian Coach O'Donell Baptized Result 0 Wins & 3 Losses - Cambodian Fans - Tiger Cup Finished - Did You Know? - PRE SEA GAMES RESULTS - FIFA Top 10

With the aftermath and destruction of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge the nation needed a new image. W found that in 16-year-old Sou Tit Linda who qualified to run for her country in the 2004 Olympics in Greece after only ONE YEAR of competing in the sport. With a gleam in her eyes she recalled her Olympic experience.

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Cambodia Played World Cup Qualifiers CHINA Tough - January 2001
The slightly built Khmers faced China in Guangzhou they were before another frantic, capacity stadium crowd that was against them. They played a tough match and drew even at one in the 12th minute when the young Chea Makara scored a goal. The Chinese took the lead at the 22nd minute. The Cambodian team fought hard and held them until the waning minutes of the game when China scored their third and final goal. It was a major step forward for Cambodia as China went on to win the group and qualify for the World Cup

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Cambodian Manager Fickert's Tenure Ends - January 2003
Fickert had to find and train coaches and teach players the fundamentals of the game in his effort to help the Cambodian football program to rise from the ashes. The 55-year-old German manager was in a situation where he had to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear without the support of the Cambodian Football Federation

FEATURE - Cambodian Youth Football Tournament Begins - March, 2003
Three hundred and six players comprise thirty-four nine-man teams that are participating in three age groups under twelve, fourteen and sixteen. The event came together through the efforts of Tin Sarin. Sarin is also Sihanoukville's deputy commissioner of police. Cambodian Football Federation donated 400,000 riel ($100) to the organization. Johan Visser the Director of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia donated the use of the schools field.

Sports Notes - Cambodia Plays 1st International Game In Four Years On Home Soil - Khemera Wins Cambodian Premiere League Title - October, 2005
Singapore's Tiger Cup Championship Side Win 2-0 - International Helps Khemera To Cambodian Premiere League Title - Tiger Cup Champions Singapore Come To Cambodia - Cambodian Coach O'Donnell Has Second Chance - Hok Sochetra Dedicated To Coaching - Disabled World Volleyball Championships - NR Top 10 According To Google - FIFA Top 10

Sports Notes: NBA's LA Clippers Turn The Beat Around - February, 2006
The NBA's Los Angeles Clippers Now Have Winning Ways - MLB's Kirby Puckett Remembered - Cambodia's Premiers Football League Is On - Prince Ranariddh's Khemera Squad Defends Championship - Former Cambodia National Team Coach Joachim Fickert Returns To Coach Premiere League Side - ESPN Sports Analyst Scott O'Donell Has New Position In Cambodian Football - Cambodia National Team Stars Hok Sochetra Is Now A Coach & Sam El Nasa With Military Police - FIFA Top 10

Thai vs Cambodia Celebrity Football Game - 2005 SEA Games = PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS - Singapore & Thai coach rewarded for success - Cambodia's former national team has new identity & plays in Indonesia - MLB Players Help Children - NR Mail & Top 10 - More

Sports Notes EXTRA EXTRA - Cambodia's Olympic Committee Give Club Team Khemara SEA Games Invitation - November 11, 2005.
What's that saying? All dressed up and no place to go. That's the situation of the Cambodia national football team. In a shocking development the nations Olympic committee has knocked the Cambodian national team out of competing in the SEA Games competition. Cambodian Premiere League champions Khemara was selected to go in their place. The games will begin at the end of November. According to national coach Scott O'Donell the committee is willing to place four national team players on the SEA Games squad.- NR Top 10 .. - Entertainment - TV

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Hok Sochetra On The Ball
In a world where football players are receiving multi million dollar contracts to play the beautiful game there are some players that continue to play for the LOVE of the sport. Former Cambodian national team player Hok 'Jet' Sochetra falls into the LOVE category. ESPN/Star Sports football analyst Scott O'Donnell said Sochetra was one of the two best strikers in South East Asia with Thailand's Kiatisuk Senamaung
being the other.... Entertainment - TV - More Cambodian Sports

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - CAMBODIAN FOOTBALL/SOCCER "Comes Together" - JULY, 2002
Cambodia is remembered as being one of the strongest teams in the region during the 1950's and 60's, the Khmers never finished 1st in a regional tournament but did finish 2nd or 3rd early on in its history. When the American/Vietnam War spread to Cambodia football virtually disappeared. In the mid nineties Joachim Fickert from Germany came to Cambodia to rebuild and develop its football program..... - Entertainment - TV - More Cambodian Sports

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Hok Sochetra Returns to Cambodian National Team
Hok "Jet" Sochetra granted permission to return to the Cambodian National Team after fourteen months away from full time play.

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Cambodia National Team Coach Joachim Fickert Calls On Star Hok Sochetra To Revive Squad:
Sochetra returned to team after departing a few months ago for a day job.
After the Maldives match the 27-year-old striker looked weary from his 45 minutes on the pitch. Sochetra said of his performance, "I [didn't] have enough power to play. I [was] training for only four or five days. [I didn't] have enough power."

Sports Notes ARCHIVES - Cambodian Football.... Rising From the Ashes
In Cambodia the Killing Fields are over. The game of football is now helping heal a nation and its people.

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