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Former Khmer Rouge prisoner Theary Seng is the protagonist in the film Facing Genocide - NR photo


AKRVC Deputy President Mr. CHEY Theara (right) on the panel at a CJR Public Forum: Transforming Killing Fields into Healing, Living Fields in former KR stronghold of Anlong Veng, 2010. - AKRVC photo







Explains AKRVC President Ms. Seng: "At best, it has been misunderstood and at worst, it has been manipulated that the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia is really only my voice, which is completely false."


PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - (AKRVC)

Monday June 27, 2011

The following is a press release from Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia. This is the voice of some of the victims of the Khmer Rouge as articulated by AKRVC President Theary Seng. We publish it in its entirety so their story can be clearly understood and not altered in any way. The preface was adjusted to bring it up to date as we received the release late last night Sunday June 26, 2011. We also added a title.

Though experiencing hardships is a part of life one can't fully understand how the Khmer Rouge tragedies have negatively scared the lives of its survivors. Before reading on think about this maxim, I cried because I had no shoes… until I saw those… that had no feet.


Monday 27 June 2011,) the founder and current president of the Association Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia, Ms. Theary C. Seng, attended the historic opening day hearing of Case 002 against the most senior Khmer Rouge leaders with some of the officers and founding members of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia ("AKRVC" or "Victims Association"): AKRVC Deputy President Mr. CHEY Theara, AKRVC Officer Ms. OUM Suphany, AKRVC Founding Members Mr. LY Monysak and Ms. TEUNG Sokha and AKRVC newest member Mr. Phirun PEOU.

Except for Mr. Peou, all are Civil Parties of the Orphans Class in Case 002, a sub-group of AKRVC. The Khmer Rouge created 1,200,000 orphans who survived.

Explains AKRVC President Ms. Seng: "At best, it has been misunderstood and at worst, it has been manipulated that the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia is really only my voice, which is completely false. These other voices of ARKVC founding members, detailed below, have been cultivated and projected in countless forums and venues for the last 3-4 years since 2007 beginning with the seminars on the Civil Parties of Orphans Class and the public forums on Justice and Reconciliation in general in all the provinces of Cambodia. Of course, their individual voices compared to the recurrence of my public voice will appear less, but that is only natural in light of my many different full-time roles as lawyer, civil party victim, human rights advocate, NGO leader, author and AKRVC founder/president. This press release is to give a more formal introduction to a few of these courageous, persistent, articulate, active voices."

Mr. CHEY Theara - AKRVC Deputy President

Mr. CHEY Theara and his family were forcibly transferred from their house. Mr. Theara's uncle told the Khmer Rouge that they wanted to leave one day later because his (the uncle's) mother had just come back from hospital. The uncle was killed by the KR in Phnom Penh.

In 1976, Mr. Theara's mother died because she was forced to carry dirt without being provided enough food just 3 days after she had given birth to a child. In 1976, his 4 younger siblings died from malaria in Tuol Chreh Village, Sau Phi Sub-district (this village and sub-district cannot be found in the geographic database), Koh Krala District, Battambang Province (Zone 1). In 1977, Mr. Theara was sent to a mobile unit to build a dam and canal. Late 1978, the village chief of Tuol Chreh named Horm ordered militias to kill his father in Stueng Dontry crime site (Moung Russei District Battambang Province). In 1979 the applicant lived alone because all of his family members had died.

During the LON Nol regime, Mr. Theara's farther named THÂCH Choay, his mother named KIM Sovan and his many siblings lived in Phnom Penh. In 1975, Mr. Theara and his family members were forcibly transferred from Phnom Penh to Samraong Yaong District (not found in geographic database, but there is a Samraong District), Takeo Province, where they stayed for six month. Then they were forcibly transferred to Battambang Province. Mr. Theara's grandmother was operated at a hospital without a name located in Samraong Yaong District (not found in geographic database but there is only Samraong District), Takeo Province. In April, Mr. Theara lived in children's unit. His mother and his younger sibling died in 1976. Mr. Theara does not remember the exact date of their death. During the KR regime, all members of Mr. Theara's immediate family were killed by the Khmer Rouge. Mr. Theara suffers from the forced transfer. He is constantly having nightmares.

Mr. CHEY Theara is an active Deputy President of the Association of Khmer Rouge Victims and has been attending public forums and conferences conducted by CSD, CJR and now CIVICUS Cambodia. He has give extensive interviews on behalf of AKRVC, the next one being a special guest of the very popular Hello VOA on Monday night, 27 June 2011, after the historic first day of the Case 002 trial hearing against Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith.

MORE - Part 2

The Association of Khmer Rouge Victims in Cambodia—the first association based in Cambodia to be registered with the Ministry of Interior and the first to be recognized by the ECCC Victims Support Section and independent of any political or religious affiliation—is a network of survivors of the 1975-79 killing fields who are joined in the fellowship of suffering, in the demand for justice, and in the work for a just peace. The members of the Victims Association are from overseas and spread across the provinces and capital of Cambodia, coming together as a result of the public forums conducted by its Founder, and now its president Ms. Theary C. SENG and Victims Outreach Manager Mr. SOK Leang since 2007. They include widows and orphans; former child soldiers and former prisoners; hard-working farmers and middle-class city-dwellers; well-known actresses playwrights, authors and journalists; as well as teachers, translators, security guards, taxi drivers, inter alia. Among the other members of the Victims Association is the Civil Parties of Orphans Class, a special grouping pre-dating the AKRVC founding when introduced officially in the Pre-Trial Chamber hearing of Nuon Chea in Feb. 2008, and since officially recognized by the ECCC Victims Support Section and a party to the Extraordinary Chambers Case File No. 002 against the senior Khmer Rouge leaders.


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