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Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 Russian children



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service


Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison. That equates to less than a few months for 17 Cambodian and 20 Russian children he sexually abused yet those children will be imprisoned in their minds and suffer their entire lives for the crimes against children and humanity that he has subject them to. The problem is Cambodia is becoming recognized as the pedophile capitol of the world. Cambodia also protects criminals sought after by Interpol and that exacerbates the child sex abuse problem


Monday, August 31, 2015


The front page of the August 4th edition of the Cambodia Daily reported that Cambodia's most famous pedophile Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to an 11 year prison sentence for 20 counts of rape and sexual assault against minors in Moscow in 2003. That translates in the millionaire land developer receiving only 5.5 months jail time for each child he abused IN RUSSIA.

What is most disturbing is that Molodyakov aka Alexander Trofimov fled Russia to Cambodia where he continued to abuse children. He was well received in Sihanoukville, Cambodia where he established himself as a land developer. In the process he continued to quench his thirst for having sex with children while dealing with the government to establish a company and be granted a lease to develop an island off the cost of Sihanoukville.

It soon came to light that while he was in good stead with the government he had sex with 17 children that we know of. Many victims won't come forward fearing retribution or dishonor. Eventually he was caught and was sentenced to a 17-year jail term for having sex with 17 underage children. Politics came into play and he was released via a Royal Pardon after serving only four years of that sentence which drew the ire of NGO's.

NGO concerns were justified as Trofimov's (as we referred to him in previous reports) history of having sex with children totaled 37 including the Russian victims. The most disturbing aspect was following his release from the Sihanoukvile prison NGO's went on a rampage for him to be return to prison to serve out his sentence.

For some strange reason the Cambodian authorities were incapable of locating the fugitive. Rumors ranged from he was released since he paid $4 million in bribes. He was also rumored to have been seen in Vietnam and Thailand.

When you factor in the fact that when we cross those borders we are photographed and also finger printed. The finger printing equipment is said to have been furnished by the US government. With that said it raises the question how could he escape the long arm of the law?

He was eventually spotted by Cambodia Daily reporter while he was shopping at a supermarket in Phnom Penh near the Cambodia Daily office. Despite being located the Russian continued to be at large UNTIL he was spotted exiting the home of a man with a 12-year-old daughter. The father claimed that Trofimov was a friend and that he had stayed the night.

As the evidence and pressure mounted Cambodia eventually acquiesced to Interpol's repeated requests to extradite Trofimov to Russia to be tried for the child sex acts that he was accused of there.

Being that this is 2015 and the charges for his crimes in Russia came about in 2003 accounts for 13 years of this protected pedophile destroying the minds and futures of children. In Cambodia when a female loses her virginity she is shunned and is not worthy or respected enough to be marriage material.

This also raises questions of the validity and intentions of some NGO's that profiteer from being in the business of saving children. It seems strange that the Cambodia Daily reporters are more capable of doing the search and find job than the Cambodian police and justice system. That was evident when the Daily's investigative journalist Simon Marks exposed the Somaly Mam scam which was published in Newsweek Magazine.

It seems strange that NGO's are designed to come into play AFTER THE FACT and not be equipped to deal with the child sex problem before it occurs.

Many of these NGO's are set up to raise money to warehouse children since they need a quota to be eligible for donations, they also lack an exit plan as to what will a child that has been warehoused for sever years be capable of doing to obtain a de3cent job in the real world.

In Cambodia it is well known that to obtain a GOOD WELL PAYING JOB REQUIRES CONNECTIONS. Usually those jobs are reserved for the well to do, those that contribute to political officials and relatives.

In a conversation with a Khmer woman in charge of an NGO we asked what the future for those children at the NGO is when they become adults or WHAT IS THE NOG'S EXIT PLAN. The point being if the children lack job skills what are they to do after being booted out of a protective NGO for CHILDREN when they become ADULTS. Is their only choice to enter the SEX BUSINESS?

She then wanted to know about how to train her charges for the restaurant business. We noted the programs at Mith Sam Lanh and the Don Bosco School as being good examples of training that produce positive results.

We also brought up the question of how much per diem NGO staff receive and mentioned that one NGO staffer boasted about granting himself $300 a day which equates to $109,000 a year. She admitted to receiving $100 a day = $36,400 a year which she insisted was for food and gas. Both most likely receive an EXCESSIVE SALARY from the donor funding that is supposed to save children.

This is a can of worms that we will explore in the future. The problem is the priorities given as to how donor money is spent and the lack of transparency by NGO's.


Simon Mark's Somaly Mam story on NEWSWEEK (copy & paste) :



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