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For this sex worker the stakes were high as her life was threatened by her customers but it was AIDS that took it. - Virginity Trade screen shot photo


In the documentary Red Light this mother tells Somaly Mam that she would sell her daughter into child sex slavery again and receive only $10 a month for her daughters sexual services - Red Light screen shot - photo


What the US government, CNN and NGO's are selling regarding the child sex industry is not the truth. They preach lies without informing the public that regardless what they claim they will do to stop the child sex industry they can't. They fail to inform the public that 90% of the child sex business is patronized by Cambodians and the industry will continue if the arrest all foreigners. They also fail to inform the public that the age of consent is 15-years-old in Cambodia. - (Virginity Trade screen shot photo)


The CNN documentary Everyday in Cambodia depicts these destitute mothers who sold their children into the child sex trade - Every Day in Cambodia photo



Chris Hill - (www.nationalradio.com photo)


Former Bangkok Post Nite Owl columnist Bernard Trink - (www.nationalradio.com photo)



In 2002 author/music composer John Perry Barlow stated at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that NGO's won't do their job because THERE WOULD BE NO JOB. We recognize this as their PARTY WOULD BE OVER - John Perry Barlow photo



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service



Millions and perhaps BILLIONS of dollars have been raised over the years to fight the sex trade business and enrich the staff of NGO's. The job is never done as it is a cash cow for raising money and employing foreigners to live a colonialist lifestyle. To eliminate the problem the answer could be to legalize prostitution, tax the businesses and give health care to the sex workers. Eliminate the domino effect that people are so poor that they sell their children into the trade


Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Several eye opening events occurred this month that made my blood curdle. In the Phnom Penh Post there was another story regarding how women and children are trapped and abused in the sex trade in Cambodia. The abuse largely comes from law enforcement that harasses them. The subject seems to be a favorite topic that never goes away. The reasons why vary but poverty is the underlying cause.

One 30-year-old woman divorced her husband and took up the trade to support her two young sons. Her two sons, who are 10 and 16, are aware of her profession.

"The [elder] understands that without them I would not do this work… but he told me he wants to change schools because his friends gossip," she said. "It is hard for us."

Also noted in the article police often solicit money from sex workers. Among those interviewed by Post Weekend, the asking price had varied from $20 to $200 - not a few thousand riel (4000 riel = $1 US). (Some of the women had paid.) If they don't pay they will be taken to jail. The story also noted that 10 of the 31 women interviewed had experienced a gang rape.

Another notable point was that among sex workers with more than seven clients a week, the HIV rate is 14 per cent, according to 2011 data cited by the UNAIDS Cambodia office in the most recent survey focused specifically on sex workers. Daily medication is not available inside prison, so even those who are able to get out "early" may miss dozens of doses, risking resistance to the virus.

The other revelation came from a colorful foreigner from Britain, who has had a more colorful life than mine, whom I met at the gym where I work out. He's been traveling around the world the majority of his life taking jobs that I could never handle including working on a fishing ship. He lives for several years in the countries that strike his fancy.

The Brit teaches English at a major university and I knew he was married to a Khmer lady. Listening to him she was a colorful as he. I asked how she was and he informed me that she died two years ago from AIDS. The news wasn't much of a surprise given that she enjoyed the wild side of life that complimented his.

The newspaper article and his story started me thinking about the 28 years that I've spent in Asia and the experiences that I've had with women and being cautious of AIDS.

Numerous stories and people I've met came to mind some of which I will divulge at a later time.

Trying to understand why this prostitution problem can't be rectified is beyond me. It's SOS (same old shit) that prostitution is illegal on the books but thrive in reality. NGO's a making a fortune dealing with the problem starting at the child level. The NGO's say their going to protect the children but in reality they a really involved for self interest.... MONEY.

I've traveled throughout every country in Western Europe except Norway and Portugal. As a musician I've been in almost every country in North America and as a tourist and business traveled to every nation in the Asian Pacific region with the exception of North Korea.

Extracted from those experiences the high profile of sex related NGO's in Cambodia stands out the most. Regarding sex, Amsterdam was the most interesting where it was legal. Beautiful girls sat in windows to offer their services to accommodate a customer. Money tight and I wasn't interested since moving fast was the priority given that I had a one month rail pass.

When I first arrived in Asia 28 years ago having sex wasn't the objective but the subject came up repeatedly as soon as I arrived from the taxi driver that took me from the airport to my hotel.

At that time I was jetlagged and wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box but after being repeatedly overwhelmed with the propositions every day I started to learn fast. I was traveling and dressed like an executive businessman with numerous credit cards. I was a target.

From the outset my Asian trip was booked through travel agents which placed me in an entirely different light than traveling a as a backpacker in Europe.

The most enlightening experience was meeting former Bangkok Post columnist Bernard Trink. He became somewhat of a mentor to me. I had read his columns frequently prior to our meeting and took up some of his tips and met some interesting people. He knew what the nightlife scene was all about in Thailand.

That's my set up to the stories regarding some of my experiences will come in time but this column is about the sad situation in Cambodia that causes so much victimization of women and girls that enter the sex trade. Although the disgraced Somaly Mam who ran an NGO to save children that was exposed as a fraud claimed that poverty isn't the reason that girls enter the sex trade. The article in the Phnom Penh Post contradicts that opinion.

The article published August 26th pointed out that a woman entered the business due to poverty. The girl worked in an area across from the US Embassy where a supposedly an underage then 16-year-old girl was saved by an NGO several times. This was a major story at the time.

In roughly over a year's period of time the girl was picked up twice more AT THE SAME LOCATION. The result was the same, the customer was arrested, she never aged and remained 16 and she was to be rehabilitated. Obviously there was no rehabilitation.

Since then that NGO has had problems with their directors being accused of being sex abusers of the children that they had under their care.

The other annoying side of the story is that in Cambodia the age of consent is 15-years of age. She was believed to have been used as BAIT to arrest foreigners.

Since she was prostituting on her own accord she can service Asians at that age and it's not against Cambodian law. According to the documentary The Virginity Trade Cambodians make up 90% of the customers who are involved in the sex trade with children.

It's the foreign countries and NGO's that benefit from the arrests and the girls are not saved or rehabilitated. As one NGO boss informed me.... "IT'S ALL BULLSHIT MAN, IT'S ALL BULLSHIT."

The point being if legalized prostitution works in the Netherlands why not legalize it in Cambodia? If prostitution was legalized it could solve several problems.

1. Poverty

2. AIDS prevention

3. Lack of jobs

4. Tax the brothels

5. Let those that choose to be in the trade have a chance at a healthy and safe life without being harassed.

6. Having a job can help eliminate the poverty line that exists until their child comes of age to be sold by them to a sex trafficker so they can feed themselves. It can eliminate the domino effect of poverty.

If the sex trade were to be legalized a number of NGO's would go out of business. It would benefit them to fight for it not to be legal.

It's a similar situation to the corrupt US government system where lobbyists for pharmaceutical, weapons, and oil manufactures pay their way to stay in business so they can inflate the profits of their business.

During the 90's, according to Trink the girls that worked in bars and brothels in Thailand are checked for AIDS often. They also have an ID card. Since he retired I've been out of touch with him.

Chris Hill, another NGO boss that cared for children in Thailand and also helped jailed foreigners and Thai prostitutes get out of detention and are not lost in the prison system. His background includes being a Captain in the Rhodesian military. Hill noted that in Pattaya most girls working the streets along the beach area are suspect for disease or are illegally in the country therefore due not have a government issued I.D. card and checked for disease.

Hill conveyed that in the past in Pattaya females were housed in the same jail in adjoining cells with men where female sexual abuse took place. He noted that some of the girls are so bad off (down and out) that they sleep in drain pipes that at that time were lying around the beach area to be installed. Due to illness Hill has since relocated to Belgium for treatment.

In the ratings below are some of the stories related to this prostitution problem. Unfortunately after viewing the films I found that the movies weren't available to the general public but were basically used as a project for producers to practice their craft and build a resume as well as being used as a vehicle to show donors for the purpose of raising money.

In 2002 author/music composer John Perry Barlow stated to media and an NGO crowd at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that NGO's won't do their job because THERE WOULD BE NO JOB. Jaws were dropping after his comment.

We recognize this as their PARTY WOULD BE OVER.

Ironically many of these basically children that currently work for NGO's that are involved with protecting children were in grade school at the time of Barlow's address.

Most of them have the same got it all figured out and can't look you in the eye disease. They love to party hearty which is really why they're in Cambodia the prostitutes and children simply function as tools.

It raises the questions where are the success stories and the follow-up information regarding how the children they cared for are now?

As the NGO boss that has since returned to England said.... "IT'S ALL BULLSHIT MAN, IT'S ALL BULLSHIT."

To read what is really going on in Cambodia that CNN ignores and refuses to recognize since they benefit from Cambodian tourism advertising money... go to:




CAMBODIAN SEX TRADE SAME, SAME NOT DIFFERENT - While NGO's raise excessive amounts of cash to supposedly stop the sex trade in Cambodia the only thing that has changed is NGO staffer's bank accounts as the Cambodian sex trade continues to grow. Two MUST SEE films on the Cambodian sex trade subject The Virginity Trade and The Girls of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM FOUNDATION FRAUD - June, 2014
ARE NGO'S MORE EXPLOITATION THAN SALVATION? - The sordid business of child sex trafficking has been exposed The Somaly Mam Foundation as a fraud. The problem is that is only the tip of the iceberg as NGO's do more for themselves to pay their salaries and perks than solving a problem that they have been only talking about for years. They talk the talk but can't walk the walk of resolving the root cause of the problem… POVERTY

Video Beat EXTRA Part 2 - RED LIGHT (in Cambodia) - USED & ABUSED - February, 2011
RED LIGHT depicted a story about an 8-year-old girl who was forced to sleep and have sex with a Khmer man. In the mourning he didn't have the money to pay for her services (as they refer to it) and he accused the girl of stealing his cash. The result was the little girl had a portion of her finger cut off and she remained imprisoned in the Khmer brothel
There is an apparent public relations motive by government US and Australian aid organizations to promote and support anti child sex projects. This will go on for eternity while very little is done except pay the salaries of NGO staff. As author John Perry Barlow said over a decade ago when he addressed the media and NGO types at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, that NGO's won't do their job, "BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO JOB."
Phnom Penh (Ah) - THOSE INVOLVED IN THE SOMALY MAM SCAM - December, 2014
WHERE'S THE MONEY? - The Somaly Mam Foundation fraud exposed the worms in the anti child sex NGO industry which was also assisted by glory seeking media and government officials. With all of CNN's INTEL and their CIA super star Fran Townsend now a consultant to CNN and the CIA and CNN's other CIA resources they couldn't or failed to do their due diligence in vetting the Somaly Mam Foundation's false claims



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