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As one of only two authorized Acer computer sellers in Cambodia an Acer computer customer is subject to some dodgy dealings - Nationaradio.com - photo


Trouble is on the agenda when dealing with Chhay Hok Computer Trading - Nationaradio.com - photo


On previous experiences with Chhay Hok Computer Trading battery life decreased approximately an hour in efficiency following each time they serviced one of a customers computers while the serial number was tampered with and obliterated - Nationaradio.com - photo





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If its problems you're looking for you can find them at Chhay Hok Computer Trading in Cambodia. Customer's experiences have revealed that they have questionable business practices and their integrity is called into question. The bottom line is BEWARE of the CHHAY HOK COMPUTER TRADING Company


Thursday, December 31, 2015


If its problems you're looking for you can find them at Chhay Hok Computer Trading. As the saying goes, a leopard can't change its spots. That axiom applies to Chhay Hok Computer Trading.

Although the Chhay Hok Computer business has moved its operations from its former location on Monivong Boulevard in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to its current site on Sihanouk Boulevard, near Olympic Stadium also in Phnom Penh, they unfortunately brought with them their unsavory business practices.

There is an opinion that there are two ways of doing business, the Khmer way or the right way, therefore Chhay Hok apparently prefers to do it the Khmer way. The Khmer way is evident in Cambodia's dreadful results in its road construction that fall apart within a few months.

For Chhay Hok after they make a computer sale their suspicious business practices surface when one brings their computer in for repairs or how they handle a customer's money when in their control.

Recently a Chhay Hok customer purchased an Acer computer and paid for it with a debit card. The plan was for Chhay Hok to install the software and the product was to be picked up the following day.

At the point of purchase the customer was assured that the computer was new and in perfect working order. In the customers previous purchase the computer's battery, that was supposed to be new and right out of the box, gave only 2 ˝ hours of use when it was supposed to last three hours. With that in mind this time the customer took a photo of the battery and serial number.

On that previous occasion the customer was assured that the computer he purchased was new and unopened in the box straight from the Acer factory. When he saw tape on the box he was told that after the Acer delivery that Chhay Hok checked out the computer for defects. That computer functioned well until the battery mysteriously dropped on efficiency one hour each time following two visits for service at Chhay Hok. This story, titled THE BATTERY, will be explained later in this column.

On this recent occasion when the customer returned the next day to pick up the computer he was informed that there was a problem.

The problem was that the motherboard and battery were defective and the computer wouldn't work. He was advised that new parts could be put on order and replaced in two weeks. That piece of information conflicted with the customer's schedule which was to depart in two days to Bangkok for a hospital visit to pursue an overdue hernia operation.


The customer then requested that he wanted his money returned and for Chhay Hok not to process the charge on his debit card. They purchase was made on a Thursday the computer defects and request of a return of his money was made the next day, a Friday. The customer was informed that they couldn't do that. He was told that the transaction had to be processed through their bank which turned out to be the Alceda Bank.

The employee cashier (usually a family member of the owner) had a very rude attitude when dispensing this, as it turned out, erroneous information. The customer then was informed that his money would be returned and in his bank account on Monday which was three days forthcoming.


The customer then had to cancel his trip to the hospital to deal with this new Chhay Hok problem. It took a week for it to be resolved. During that time the spots on Chhay Hok's leopard skin started to appear.

Through the entire process Chhay Hok tried to blame the delays on the customer's bank. What Chhay Hok failed to realize is that the customers bank ABA was diligent in their efforts to trace down the problem. While Chhay Hok continued to blame the customers bank they failed to realize that they were talking to the ABA Banks branch manager who knew that no transfer of funds were made by Chhay Hok.

The ABA bank manager was informed by Alceda Bank that they had two teams working on the problem and team one handed off the problem to team two when their working day was over. It was explained that the transaction had to be cleared with their affiliate foreign bank and then returned to Alceda and then back to the customers account. After more conflicting information by Alceda the ABA manager came to the conclusion that they were lying. The funds finally arrived a week later.

That result confirms that if it's problem you're looking for they have abundance at Chhay Hok. If you have the opinion that you have never had problems with this company…. JUST WAIT. If you're a traveler/tourist then BEWARE.

Some time ago we talked to a student from Britain who was purchasing a folding, flexible external keyboard at Chhay Hok. When questioned why she said the one in her computer was broken and that it was better than purchasing a new computer. She had that right but it raises the question of the quality of the product that she was purchasing at their store.


As we previously pointed out there was a problem with Chhay Hok regarding the mysterious loss of battery efficiency following visits there for service. On each occasion following a service visit the battery lost one hour of efficiency.

On one occasion when the computer was dropped off the advertised three hour battery had two and a half hours of efficiency. After it was picked up the there was only one and three quarter hours of battery life remaining.

When the customer asked Chhay Hok what happened there was no explanation. On another occasion the customer took out the battery before taking the computer in for service therefore there was no loss of value.

On another visit the customer failed to take out the battery and when his computer was returned another hour of efficiency was lost, down to one and a half an hour. Another problem surfaced as the SERIAL NUMBER of the computer WAS OBLITERATED. Again there was no explanation why.

Trying to think positive the customer reasoned that the service staff made a mistake and perhaps accidentally shorted out the battery (metal to metal) while they were servicing the computer.

The customer then decided to bite the bullet and purchase a new battery. At that point it became clearer what had occurred Chhay Hok said they didn't have a battery in stock and that Acer discontinued supplying them. The female rep seemed to enjoy imparting this negative information and said it with a smile and chuckle.

The twist here is Chhay Hok is one of only two AUTHORIZED Acer computer distributors in Cambodia. For an English language speaker Chhay Hok has the advantage since the other company doesn't have a technician that speaks and has adequate English language speaking and comprehension skills but Chhay Hok does. For an Acer computer customer that situation places them between a rock and a hard place.

The other twist is the customer has an Acer computer that is two years older and used three times as much and that battery has lost only 50% of its efficiency over an EIGHT YEAR PERIOD. The customer seldom uses the batteries in each computer which further raise questions of why such a drastic loss of battery efficiency after having service by Chhay Hok staff.

This point was brought up to the Chhay Hok service rep on each occasion with the same result… NO EXPLANATION.

The customer shared his theory with the service rep and was NOT CHALLENGED with a denial.

A major Acer problem is the new computers that they make do not have a battery that can be removed and must be serviced by the dealer. With the manner that Chhay Hok does business, as far as that customer is concerned he would never purchase another computer at Chhay Hok where the battery must be serviced by them.

Selling quality product at Chhay Hok apparently is disregarded. An 8 Gig flash drive was previously purchased at the store. It was not guaranteed and only held under 2 gigs of information before being frozen and wouldn't accept more data. Eventually the flash crashed and can't be repaired thus it wound up in the junk pile.

If it's INTEGRITY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR IT'S HARD TO FIND IN CAMBODIA. Again if its problems you're looking for… GO TO CHHAY HOK as they HAVE PLENTY.


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