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Phnom Penh (Ah!) - TOP 5 PHNOM PENH STORIES re…..

An elated Oliver Stone after his speech at the University of Cambodia - NR photo


Former Khmer Rouge prisoner Theary Seng is the protagonist in the film Facing Genocide - NR photo


Elizabeth Becker returned to Phnom Penh and met with the Overseas Press club of Cambodia February 16TH - www.nationalradio.com - photo



What's the beef? Seen here is a not so friendly look from security person at a celebration of Independence Day at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The questions are why is the US government so insecure? If you are an American do you feel secure... OR NOT? - (NR - nationalradio.com - photo)


Democrats Abroad were prominently displayed with a booth at the Independence Day celebration at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - (NR - nationalradio.com - photo)






D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service




An American friend, for decades, asked me what Asians thought of American politics given the turmoil created during the last 18 moths in their US presidential race. My response and thoughts produced some interesting perspectives



Saturday, December 31, 2016


In a recent conversation with an old friend whom I've known since we were five years old and were teammates on a title winning Babe Ruth League team he asked what do Asians think of American politics.

That stimulated some interesting thoughts but my first reaction was most Asians don't know fuck all about US politics but are familiar with two US politicians names most notably Barack Obama and Donald Trump. It's name value only, as they are not familiar with their backgrounds.

It goes without saying that the reputation of America is on the downside and justly so. It's embarrassing to identify myself as being American but it has some positive compensations.

After 18 years of dealing with Cambodia, it is shocking how little its citizens know about their own history. In my previous column I focused on America's mad bomber who is a German Jew turned American, Henry Kissinger was a key figure in the use of the chemical weapon Agent Orange and the carpet bombing of their country.

Some Khmers are cognizant of it. At a meeting sponsored by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh a decade ago the question of why they did invade, bomb and murder their citizens came up with a very insufficient replies provided.

Most notably the question was asked at meetings with the former US Ambassador to Laos Charles B. Salmon. His response was simply that, "We made some mistakes." As the Saturday Night Live comedy television show's former character the Church Lady said, "ISN'T THAT LOVELY."

Journalist Elizabeth Becker was asked by Pannasastra University student WHY did they bomb us Becker was not prepared to supply a sufficient answer.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone was asked if Kissinger would apologize for his role in his decision and the annihilation actions of the American government.

The person asking the question was activist Theary Seng whose parents were murdered by the Khmer Rouge and she was a refugee.

Stone assured her that he was in no position to have any impact on having Kissinger do anything. Given that Stone is not on the US government's most favorites list he was spot on.

Stone is what I must be considered by the US State Department, that being referred to as a sticky foreigner or an American that criticizes the US Government.

Stone earns his unfavorable stripes with the American government given that he has made several films that depict the US as being THE BAD GUYS.

In my conversation with my friend I pointed out that for the most part Asians want to be accepted by America since they HAVE MONEY. I passed along a comment said to me by a former NGO chief associated with the UN that a Khmer would sell you out for a dollar.

Being aware of US politics is a unlikely issue to Asians as they are more concerned about money or FINANCIAL AID therefore they are less likely too rock the boat and fall in line and be receptive of the mighty whitey colonialist mentality.

What is peculiar is Thais present themselves as being the whites of Asia while Cambodian, Myanmar, Indonesians and the Philippines are perceived as being the niggers of East Asia more so do to their poverty and the dark skin of those poor who survive by working in the farming fields.

Given that some of these nations are in a poverty status and have been the victims of being invaded by US forces what are they to think? They have been reduced to ruble and have been scraping back to being stable for the past 67 years since America invaded Korea in establishing their game of thrones.

While in Bangkok I had dinner with a 27-year-old teacher. I asked her what the people of South Korea thought of the American invasion in their land. Her response was they don't talk or think about it. She was exuberant in pointing out how wealthy and powerful America was.

I was shocked from her response and asked how was the American military invasion of her country depicted in their history books. She noted it was a non issue as the government wanted to be on favorable terms with the US given their overwhelming power.

Vietnam has been the most resourceful in their recovery from what they describe as the American War. Since my first visit in 1998 they have rebuilt the country far beyond the other Southeast Asian nations that suffered from that war.

I was somewhat fearful of how Vietnamese would react to me being an American. Again I was surprised to feel no hostility and was warmly dealt with.

What really resonates is that it is more pleasurable to be around Asians than Americans. The actions of the politicians and American media involving their presidential race exemplifies that they are the dumbest and most rude nation on the planet given their FREE education.

Americans are overtly arrogant and disrespectful as was evident in the television coverage of America's presidential race. That's the bad news and the media were just as disorderly and offensive as the politicians.

As for Asians, I've yet to meet one that is abreast of exactly what was going on in American politics but are familiar with Donald Trump. He stands out to them because he had the most coverage, was controversial and had the celebrity reputation. The bottom line is few know nothing about his politics or history.

For me I have very little respect for Americans in Asia. They are arrogant and self serving. They use Asian poverty for the purpose of having an NGO job where they can make money.

My most vivid recollections with Americans abroad is being talked down to when going to vote in a presidential election by a female member of Democrats Abroad. I don't know what neighborhood she comes from but where I come from HOMEY DON'T PLAY THAT. It was time to cut the Democrats Abroad loose.

When I wet to celebrate 4th of July at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh I was subject to a background check prior to being granted entrance. The application had to be made days in advance.

Once there, I was under the glaring eye of a corpulent Security person trying to stare me down. I could hear Kool & the Gang singing in my head, "I just want to celebrate… there's a party going on here right now (etc)."

Apparently the embassy wanted to sell bad ass intimidation tactics but I wasn't in the mood to buy. I departed the event with the feeling that they could stick their celebration UP THEIR ASS aka FUCK AMERICA.

So what do Asians think of American politics, remains unclear as it seems that American money and AID is the main focus and not to complain and draw the ire of the US government is the practiced tact.

It's as if American AID is holding many Asian nations hostage in their thinking. It's as if America has achieved their goal to be the police and invaders of the world with the help of their friends THE ISRAELIS to murder, rape and steal natural resources and get away with it.

The problem is Asians apparently aren't in the AWARE BUSINESS. As a result we have assembled our TOP 5 PHNOM PENH STORIES relating to this topic.


Former US Ambassador Charles B. Salmon Jr. Addresses American Foreign Policy - Changes At Phnom Penh's Riverfront - NAGA Moves - Olympic Stadium Properties For Sale - Who Is Teaching, Training and Influencing The Youth Of Cambodia? - Phnom Penh's Traffic Barriers - Khmer Dining - NR Readers Visit NR - NR Mail - More Phnom Penh...

AMERICAN WAR HAWKS CARPET BOMBED CAMBODIA - Technology is affording those in Cambodia and other third world countries that care to seek the truth the pipe line to do it… called THE INTERNET. More Khmer youths are becoming better educated and are interested in being more knowledgeable and aware. Due to the outrageous election war in the United States it has turned on the light for many to seek the truth

Phnom Penh (Ah) - PHNOM PENH GETS STONED Part 1 - January, 2010
Famous filmmaker Oliver Stone addressed an audience of Khmer college students. His topic was "Film-making and Peace Building." The program was presented by the International Peace Foundation Network For The Promotion of Peace titled Bridges Dialogs Towards A Culture of Peace and the Asia Leadership Center of the University of Cambodia.
Phnom Penh - Elizabeth Becker - An Exercise In Democracy - Faces & Places - May 2005
Elizabeth Becker was the guest April 18th at Pannasastra University of Cambodia's South Campus. She is an award winning author of the book "When The War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution."
Becker is currently a journalist with the New Your Times. She was previously with the Washington Post. Becker also served as the Senior Foreign Editor for NPR (National Public Radio) in the US. She has 25 years of experience covering Cambodia.

Phnom Penh - THEARY SENG featured in the film FACING GENOCIDE - May 2011
While sleeping with her mother four year old Theary Seng's awakened and her eyes locked on to the eyes of the Khmer Rouge soldiers as they entered the room with wet ropes and then they left. Her mother knew exactly what the wet ropes meant. When she awakened her mother was gone. At first she didn't think that was unusual since the adults left early to go to work. In this case that wasn't the reality



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