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The Cambodian government gave its children a Christmas present by secretly releasing Russian pedophile Stanislav Molodyakov who is wanted by Interpol. Cambodia has ignored Russia's extradition requests for his child sex crimes in Russia. The 44-year-old PEDO served only four years of a 17 year sentence in Cambodia for having sex with 17 under age children many of whom were 8-10 years old. FULL STORY - Interpol photo


Young Cambodian girls and boys are the victims of the child sex trade which is primarily patronized by Khmer men and Russian Stanislav Molodyakov better know by his alias Alexander Trofimov - gprovideo.com photo


Cambodian parliament member Mu Sochua is determined to fight child sex trafficking in Cambodia - http://musochua.org/ photo


Somaly Mam a former sex trade victim and now helps them voices her opinion in the Virgin Trade - Virginity Trade screen shot photo





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The mystery continues as to who is responsible for issuing the release of Russian Stanislav Molodyakov better know by his alias Alexander Trofimov after serving less than one quarter of his 17 year sentence for having sex with 17 children. NGO's have petitioned the Cambodian government to acknowledge the requests from Interpol and the Russian government to extradite him to Russia for crimes of having sex with children 9 & 10 years old in their country.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Friday January 27, 2012


There is no good news when Cambodia's powers that be give the children of the realm a Christmas present by releasing one of the most notorious pedophiles of all time Russian Stanislav Molodyakov better know by his alias Alexander Trofimov from prison December 20th, 2011 after serving only 4 years of a 17 year sentence. One would think that in a democratic country those that green lighted the release and IGNORED INTERPOL and the Russian government's request to extradite him to Russia to be tried for child sex crimes with 9 & 10 year-old girls it would respect Interpol requests. The results are in and the PEDO KING remains free in Cambodia to instill fear in Cambodian children knowing that they might be next on the PEDO'S children to do list.

NGO's are up in arms and presented the government with a petition to extradite the wealthy Russian back to his country to face their criminal justice system. The reports of his whereabouts since his release have been mixed. First it was claimed that citizens had seen KING PEDO driving around the beach town Sihanoukville in a white Lexus a few days following his discharge. Police were reported to have been keeping a close eye on him.

It was then reported that he exited the country to an unknown destination or proof of departure. Given our experience when leaving the country our photos were taken each time and information was typed into the computer. They've taken enough photos of us to create a deck of cards. The difference is we haven't made a $300 real estate development investment in Cambodia as did the PEDO MAN. It was not revealed from what exit point the PEDO KING departed.

The latest reports note that after leaving prison Trofimov was the house guest of a government official whose identity has not revealed. All of this raises questions who, what, where, when and why did all of this planning and were those involved in the release of a dangerous predator to stalk the streets of Cambodia looking to have sex with children?

It's almost comical how those responsible can stonewall the media, NGO's and public in refusing to answer questions and the reasons behind their decision. One of the few things that stand out is the FREE THE PEDO orders came from people VERY HIGH UP in government and royalty. The situation is very similar to the elements of the child sex scandal in Belgium during the mid 90's involving government officials and royalty which was pretty much brushed under the rug.

BBC STORY LINK - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/1609411.stm

Cambodians live under fear and intimidation. They see the rich get away with murder and land grabs while the poor are almost instantly convicted for a crime in many case a petty crime.

What makes this case so absurd is that the Post reported in their January 26th edition that a 20-year-old lesbian was sentenced to the more jail time 4 ˝ years that Trofimov served for having sex with her girlfriend. The back-story to this is the girlfriend is said to be underage yet working in a garment factory where the age to hire is 18. Again more laughable but sad insight as to how the justice system in Cambodia works.

The Khmer Rouge Tribunal circus is another example of how injustice is applied and these two cases Trofimov and the lesbian lover among others exemplify the problem. It's a system of justice except for those with money and power as everyone poor is convicted and the JUST US i.e. the business elite and powers that be are ignored or excused.

While this scenario plays out it's a comedy of deception and errors. It's a system of intimidation that dictates who can and cannot be tried. In the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Trial the boss of Cambodia has stated that no high ranking government official is to be tried for crimes. The irony being the crimes involve deaths that they are accused of being involved with or committing while being a member of the Khmer Rouge. Those accusations are for cases 003 and 004. If it's stonewalling you're looking for it's in Cambodia.

As Cambodia attempts to rebuild its nation they do it with a MY WAY attitude as if Frank Sinatra was singing that song in the background THEY ARE DOING IT THEIR WAY in spite of what people think. In the process democracy is being ignored and their children appear to be bait for investment and are not being protected. There is nothing in Cambodia that relates to the motto for police in the USA to PROTECT AND SERVE (the Public).

The result is there is no respect for common decency its all about money and power. As journalist Elizabeth Becker said of Cambodia if you can get away with murder you can get away with corruption. The writing on the wall indicates Trofimov has done just that with the murders being the mental health, well being and future of the children he abused. In the Trofimov case again it is BAU (Business As Usual) whereas bullshit walks and money talks… as in the ($300) million real estate investment that is well known.



The best film that relates to this child sex issue will be screened at the Meta House tomorrow as noted on their website. "REDLIGHT": THE PLIGHT OF FORMER SEX SLAVES IN CAMBODIA


Narrated by Hollywood-star Lucy Liu, REDLIGHT (2009, 72 mins, Cambodian/English with English subs) is a powerful documentary about child sexploitation, an epidemic happening in every country around the world. Filmed over a four year period, the US filmmakers Guy Jacobson and Adi Ezroni focus on the personal stories of young Cambodian victims and two remarkable advocates for change: grass-roots activist Somaly Mam and politician Mu Sochua. Both have since been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. Using gritty footage smuggled out of brothels and harrowing testimonials, REDLIGHT follows the plight of several current and former child sex slaves.

The Meta House

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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