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Early Americans celebrated their slaughter of Indians and stealing their land by creating Independence Day (from England) - Spirit of '76 by Archibald MacNeal Willard, 1875



Actor John Wayne was the star of many films in which he proudly murdered Indians and stole their land which became America. In real life Wayne supported the early Americans actions - (20th Century Fox - domainPublic domainfalsefalse - photo)


Democrats Abroad were prominently displayed with a booth at the Independence Day celebration in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - (NR - nationalradio.com - photo)


What's the beef? Seen here is a not so friendly look from security person at a celebration of Independence Day at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The questions are why is the US government so insecure? If you are an American do you fell secure... OR NOT? - (NR - nationalradio.com - photo)





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Having traveled throughout the world for 45 years we decided to take some advice and celebrate Independence Day when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the early 90's. I was informed that American Embassy's all over the world celebrated this day and it is OPEN TO ALL AMERICAN'S. I would later find in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that this was not the case.


Friday, July 03, 2015


The question is what do the United States of America and Israel have in common? The answer is they BOTH stole the land that they occupy. The difference is the United States accomplished their theft in the 18th century and Israel came about in the 20th century BUT with the assistance of the United States government.

Tomorrow July 4th the United States celebrate their Independence Day also known as the 4th of July. The celebration is to pay tribute to those Englishmen that would now be labeled terrorists, declared their independence from Britain from whence they came.

The Brits and other Europeans came in droves and slaughtered, raped and stole the land of the native Indians who the intruders referred to as the Red Skins. At that time they were their niggers who these brave, then known as Americans, would later kidnap and ship black people from Africa to do their work and make them rich with money.

This went on for centuries as the whites from Europe dominated and continued to steal land and murder its natives in the process. Like Israel the Americans practiced discrimination, segregation and occupation. Like Israel they invaded other lands stole their natural recourses such as rubber and oil. Israel's job is to protect western nation's oil interests in the Middle East region.

Those are some of the similarities of the United States of Israel who seem to have the US government by the balls since they are partners in crime. The point is Independence Day is to celebrate those they refer to as accomplishments.

As a child in America we were overdosed with cowboy and Indian films relating to how great it was for these new Americans to kill Indians and steal their land. The Indians were portrayed as the bad guys and the real bad guy Americans were portrayed as the good guys. In many cases John Wayne was the star of films depicting the slaughter of the Native Americans.

Wayne himself was a calloused man. His was OK with how America was created as he was quoted as saying, "I believe in white supremacy, until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people ... I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from [the Native Americans] ... Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.

Those comments pretty much sum up the attitude in which this country was founded and the mentality of those in the US government that made decisions throughout its history. The exposure to those films influenced many American children to be racists as exemplified by the recent bombing of a church in South Carolina and killing a number of people being an example of a trickle down effect.

Children were in the theater cheering John Wane as he slaughtered Indians and stole their land. That influence gave many in the audience the mentality that if you were white, you were right, and could do nothing wrong thus encouraging a racist mentality. It's that mentality that Americans celebrate on Independence Day. To think that it is a worthy celebration is absurd.

Let's get down to some facts. The US government had a segregated military during the First World War In many states blacks weren't allowed to vote years after the US government gave their support to the foreigner Jews that established Israel.

Israel formerly formed in 1948 but the end of segregation and the integration of schools in many of America's states didn't come about until 1957. Interracial marriage was against the law in America until 1967.

Israel's Prime Minister boasted to those in attendance at a meeting of the United Nations that when Jews were being persecuted in Europe the United States was the only country that welcomed them with open arms to come and live in America. It was during his infamous Red Line speech that he made those comments.

That was also the meeting the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power lost the plot with her strident statements stating that the US government was opposed to nations taking land by force. The two faced Power and the US government failed to acknowledge Israel's CONTINUED theft of Palestinian land BY FORCE thus creating a double standard as in don't do as we do, do as we say. In short America and Israel can steal and occupy land but the rest of the world can't.

This is the irony of what America and its Independence Day stands for… a BIASED DOUBLE STANDARD. Basically the US government sold out its own citizens to support Israel.

Having traveled throughout the world for 45 years I decided to take some advice and celebrate Independence Day when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the early 90's. I was informed that American Embassy's all over the world celebrated this day and it is OPEN TO ALL AMERICAN'S. I would later find in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that this was not the case.

The Chiang Mai event was held during the day and I was invited on short notice. I was greeted by the American in charge and his wife. The celebration was low key and nothing special to remember other than meeting people and contacts with many of them coming from England and Australia.

The second Independence Day experience came about in 1999 while I was in Bangkok, Thailand. I was on the organizing committee that came about after answering a notice for help in the Bangkok Post. Over the phone I was informed that I was to pick up the trash. After a meeting with the group in charge of staging the celebration I was reassigned to being in charge of the media.

That event was more exciting since it also was during the day and geared to accommodate families and children. Games and activities were conducted. Sweets, sodas and fast food were on the menu.

Meeting interesting people from Japan, Africa and other nations was also a treat. This event was to be the most memorable for positive reasons.

The most memorable for negative reasons was conducted and hosted by the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The affair was to be held at dusk till around 10 PM.

The first red flag was you had to apply for entrance weeks in advance so they could do a background check. When I called the embassy to ask the reason why the reply was we want to know whose coming.

Upon arrival I was greeted by some burly security types. Their muscles were bigger than their brains as they gave me the run around and catered to what appeared to be five ladies of the night that had no problem to gain entrance.

Once inside there were more muscle head types that were dancing around the stage trying to be amusing while awarding prizes for lucky ticket holders. These muscle heads and others on premises had pockets large enough to hold automatic weapons.

The star of the show was alcohol as most of the guests appeared to be inebriated by early evening. There was nothing to entertain children. The US government invited a fast food and insurance company to sell their products on the premises. What sticks out about this are those companies are owned by a man who is known to have murdered his older brother to take over the business. This information is known by most all Cambodians yet the Intel of the US Embassy failed to take that into account.

An American was prancing around the stage promoting sales for the insurance company. Here's the real twist… we later became aware that the US Embassy is managed by the CIA.



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