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A documentary film "I Am Chut Wutty" regarding the murder of environmental activist Chut Wutty was banned from being screened by the Cambodian government. Wutty is seen here dead in his vehicle after being shot, his body riddled with bullets - Dateline screen shot photo


Chut Wutty was 46 when he was murdered. He was an anti illegal logging campaigner since 2001 - Radio Free Asia screen shot


This security guard In Rattana was accused of shooting Wutty and then accidentally shot twice in the chest by another security guard Rann Boroth who was trying to disarm Rattana according the to Cambodian government as reported in the May 7, 2012 issue of the Cambodia Daily - Dateline screen shot photo



Chut Wutty is seen here being beaten and dragged to the ground by authorities when he visited and area that timber was being illegally cut down - Dateline screen shot photo


Chut Wutty made numerous visits to illegal logging areas. His visits were well documented as reporters often accompanied him as seen here in a Radio Free Asia report - Radio Free Asia screen shot


Brave villagers often came assist Chut Wutty as seen here a woman chasing police away using only a stick after police attacked Wutty - Radio Free Asia screen shot



Wutty's photo rests on his casket - Radio Free Asia screen shot


Cambodia's Phnom Penh Post English language newspaper revealed the behind the scenes wealth of a family that rose from communism and being a Khmer Rouge soldier to mysteriously attain a family wealth valued between US$ 500 million and US$ 1 billion according to a Global Witness report - Phnom Penh Post photo



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service


Cambodia is not the Disneyland that is portrayed by CNN. Repeated murders of activists, journalists and members of the opposition parties indicate the authoritarian power that exists in the realm. The well connected get away with murder and the poor are denied their human rights and dignity due to the iron fisted manner which the government is managed


Sunday, July 31, 2016


As the saying goes life isn't fair. It's evident in America where they have two of the worst type of individuals running to be the president of Israel's United States or the United States of Israel. Thanks to the Internet and the new breed of activists and web journalists the public can be more cognizant of how the world turns.

In Cambodia the government has perfected how to cover up bad news they don't want published. The answer is to own the majority of the news media companies available and control its content.

Another method is to simply prohibit events to take place such as anti government protests and most recently banning the showing of a film about environmental activist Chut Wutty who was murdered while he was trying to protect the forest against illegal logging.

The Cambodia Daily reported in their April 25th edition page 5 that Sin Chin Saya the director of Cambodia's Culture Ministry's department of cultural diffusion that the filmmaker and any theater owner who screens the film "I Am Chut Wutty" would be in violation of the law.

Prior to the edict the film was screened at the Meta House a venue largely patronized by NGO and foreign government types.

Wutty was murdered April 26, 2012 while confronting individuals believed to be illegally cutting down trees. He was beaten, kicked and then shot in his car while trying to leave the area. A security guard was accused of the murder but the government claims that he shot himself in the chest twice and died at the scene.

When the murder occurred two female Cambodia Daily journalists were accompanying Wutty. When Wutty was killed the journalists were behind the car trying to push the vehicle to get it started.

According to the front page story in of the Cambodia Daily Weekend issue of April 28-29, 2013 they were held by authorities, had their cameras taken away and not permitted to leave the scene until the Daily's then editor Kevin Doyle came to their rescue and had them released.

One of the journalists was Khmer the other Canadian. Following the incident the Canadian returned to her country.

The Wutty bullet took an unusual and mysterious path through his body in an upward motion defying gravity similar to that wandering bullet which killed former US president John F Kennedy. The video of Wutty being attacked just prior to his murder is available on You Tube @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OM1iJTpHW8&feature=related

There have been numerous incidents regarding activists and journalists that have been threatened, physically assaulted, jailed or murdered. Apparently the name of the game is to rule by intimidation.

The crux of the problem is MONEY and the privileged well connected that reap the rewards of corruption.

Currently in the Cambodian news is one prominent government official from the opposition has been harassed and threatened to be incarcerated because he had a mistress. The reality is that in the Khmer culture it is acceptable for a married man to have a 2nd wife or a lover on the side which raises the question of why all of the fuss and focus?

In the Phnom Penh Post's July 7th edition the other popular English language newspaper published a story regarding the wealth of the boss of Cambodia and his family's wealth and holding while listing numerous businesses that they own including several television stations and Khmer newspapers.

The family has amassed a "vast fortune", with stakes in at least 114 domestic companies spanning most of the Kingdom's key sectors, including major energy, telecoms, mining and trading firms, according to an investigation by Global Witness. Its findings note that 27 relatives of the nation's boss are linked across 18 sectors to companies whose official share capital value is more than $200 million.

The ruler declared his sole source of income as his salary as the country's leader: $1,150 per month, or $13,800 a year. Citing this figure, Global Witness accuses the boss of breaching the anti-corruption law's "illicit enrichment" clause, pointing out the discrepancy between the premier's professed income and his lavish lifestyle, luxury houses and personal boasts that he funds projects and charitable deeds out of his own pocket.

The families holdings include span energy, mining and agriculture and forestry, with six companies in each respective sector; media, where the family - predominately the bosses' daughter who directs Bayon Radio and TV - is linked to five companies; and transport, an area with five the boss-linked businesses.

There are also interests listed in three telecom firms, including a daughters 6 per cent stake - valued at $44 million - in Viettel Cambodia, part of the Vietnamese-military controlled Viettel Group, which owns Metfone. Multinational giants Apple, Canon, LG Electronics, Lenovo-IBM Nokia, Electrolux and Pioneer distribute via companies linked to the family.

Products including Nescafe Gold, Kleenex tissues and Durex condoms are imported via a company linked to the boss' sister, who also chairs a firm with the exclusive license to sell Johnnie Walker whiskey, Hennessy cognac and Corona beer.

The husband of one of the bosses' daughters appears to have benefited from the family's immense power. As the chair of Soma Energy, the company secured a $3 million Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with General Electric for a biomass plant in 2012 to turn rice husks into energy.

An interesting point is that the husband pointed out that international companies don't want to be attributed with a family that does not have the best reputation.

According to Transparency International, Cambodia's public institutions, particularly its judiciary, are viewed as the most corrupt in Southeast Asia. The World Bank's Ease of Doing Business rankings list Cambodia as 127th out of 189 countries, with "enforcing contracts" the most concerning field.

Since that time an anti government activist Kem Ley was murdered during mid day at a convince store similar to the 7-11 stores in America. The shooter was believed to be hired by the government. The result is believed to be to send a strong message to the public not to get out of line and criticize the government.

Former high ranking female government soldier who is a lesbian threw acid on her lover that the victim eventually died from her wounds. The former military officer has never been arrested and charged with what could be associated with murder.

Another unsolved crime is that occurred in September 2009 is a former high ranking female government soldier Chea Ratha a former senior military police official who is a lesbian threw acid on her lover In Solyda who was a television presenter and model. The victim eventually died from her wounds and the former military officer has never been arrested and charged with what could be associated with being a murder.

Those front page stories were published in the Cambodia Daily's September 2, 2009 and September 3, 2009 editions.

A major WEALTHY Russian pedophile, Alexander Trofimov lived the good life in Cambodia after being accused of having sex with numerous Russian children before he came to Cambodia for refuge.

The Cambodian government refused to acknowledge the request of the Russian government to have him arrested and returned to Russia to stand trail for the crimes on children that he committed there. While in Cambodia he was charged with having sex with 17 children. He was arrested and served a minor portion of his sentence and released.

The belief is that his being a millionaire who had a lease on an island that hew was developing into a tourist resort that he paid government officials $4 million to be released. Eventually he was arrested after being caught at a home where he stayed overnight and was believed to have been having sex with a 12-year-old child. The father of the girl dismissed the situation by stating the Russian was a good friend.

Since his extradition to Russia and jailed there have been numerous Russians believed to be Russian Mafia that have been based in the beach town of Sihanoukville. This town I popular with the unsavory types and one NGO boss associated with the United Nations informed us 13 years ago that he feared the Russian and Corsican French Mafia in Sihanoukville. Since that time he has left his post and Sihanoukville continues to cater to the sleazy types while trying to promote the area as a viable tourist destination.

The irony is that the international public isn't aware of these incidents. CNN doesn't report negative stories on the Cambodian government. What they do is PROMOTE the government by taking their money for advertising the tourist destinations that the government wants to promote.

By their lack of transparency and GREED, CNN would have a TOURIST believe that Cambodia is another Disneyland. Our interest in this disparity of how the average Cambodia citizen is so mistreated and abused by the haves who want to maintain power and keep the poor as the have nots came about following a soldier shooting into a crowd outside the Royal Palace which is a heavily trafficked tourist area and kill several people.

In the Cambodia Daily issue of October 7, 2008 a young man, witnesses said opened fire indiscriminately after discovering that his Lexus SUV had been damaged by a group of men who had smashed its rear windscreen.

Relatives of the victims of a shooting spree near the Royal Palace that left a woman dead and two others injured said that they were negotiating compensation with a lawyer for the assailant, who was at large. The suspected assailant a 25-year-old RCAF Lieutenant later approached family members of the three victims to offer amounts between $3,500 and $4,000, relatives said.

That deranged individual remains to go free and carry weapons. Again, this is another example of how the rich or well connected can buy their way out of a crime and get away with murder.

The Cambodia Daily published a story in February 2012 regarding journalist Elizabeth Becker who was reporting from Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge conflict which she narrowly escaped with her life. In the article they published one of Becker's photos of leaders of the Khmer Rouge during the conflict. Two of the Khmer Rouge leaders pictured were the heads of two government ministries. One remained in his position in the current government until he retired last year.

One key individual that keeps popping up in the news has a history that includes murdering his brother to take over their business''. The individual has never been charged for the crime and plays political football with he joined forces with the powers that be in government.

The fact that he goes free without punishment sends an intimidating message to the public and stealth like intonation that those associated with power can get away with murder and Cambodian citizens had better stay in line.

He and his companies have been granted permissions from the government that has been questioned. He also was implicated in illegal logging telecast in a Channels News Asia feature regarding the dishonest media in the realm.

International companies including a well known international bank have partnered with him. Foreigners have taken jobs in his companies without any qualms about his history of murder, which is commonly known throughout the nation but government keeps it swept under the rug.

In Cambodia it's about taking not giving. There appears to be a lack of philanthropy and non self serving interest in helping the disadvantaged. There are no Robin Hood's there...

To read what is really going on in Cambodia that CNN ignores, refuses to recognize and report go to:



http://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/inside-hun-familys-business-empire - (NOTE: Follow the links to this story)

GLOBAL WITNESS LINK: https://www.globalwitness.org/en/reports/hostile-takeover/


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