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In 2010 at the University of Cambodia, filmmaker Oliver Stone on the dais with Uwe Morawetz the Founding Chairman of the International Peace Foundation - NR photo


Stone attracted a full house of approximately 264 attendees including some foreigners representing the academic and NGO community - NR photo


Oliver Stone interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin four consecutive nights June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, & 25th on the National Geographic channel in Southeast Asia. Check your local listings for the time.



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The question was what Khmers think about Donald Trump and the elections in the United States. The answer is, most likely nothing, since they are more concerned with their immediate local problems and spending time on Facebook and You Tube. Their relationship with filmmaker Oliver Stone offers them an avenue to develop their ability to think and be more aware of world affairs… if they follow up


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Who? - WHAT?

A former president of a Westinghouse company dealing with confining nuclear waste asked what do Cambodian's think about Donald Trump and the American presidential elections. It was an interesting question that stimulated thought.

Those thoughts led to a current event of the televising of a four part documentary by filmmaker Oliver Stone titled The Putin Interviews. The documentary touches on the controversy propagated by the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media that Trump was involved with a suspected (not proved) relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin in interfering with the American election process.

Khmers have a relationship with filmmaker Oliver Stone since he came Cambodia in 2010 and spoke to an audience of college students, NGO types and Khmer professionals at the University of Cambodia. During his presentation he advised young Cambodians to seek information from the world outside of Cambodia and to pack a bag and travel.

It was good advice that given the nation being beset with poverty that only a few could apply and fewer that would be interested. Journalist and author Elisabeth Becker noted about Khmers, in her meeting with members of the Cambodian media when she remarked, "They don't think like us."

Both of these distinguished individuals are people that can help Khmer thinking evolve.

The point is that most Khmers are more concerned, and rightly so, about their immediate problems dealing with survival. The good news is that many of current college students weren't born since we first arrived in the kingdom and have been subject to a more advanced Cambodia than their parents.

With 20 years experience of dealing with Cambodia we have witnessed the development of the education system in the realm and the emergence of a middle class. With that said very few Cambodians can relate to Trump or the American election process since they are more concerned with their own elections and leaders.

In 2001 the then president of Digital Divide Data Tim Keller, said of his managerial staff, "My biggest job is to teach them how to think."

Being a free thinking Khmer is rare. Finding one that has developed their thinking by looking beneath the surface of a topic and doing cross section research is more uncommon. It is unlikely that one can find an average Cambodian that is well informed or interested in world affairs or world current events.

The interest to research as well as the ability to assess information is rare, those that are more prepared to do so have been educated in the United States or at universities in Western world nations most prominently Britain, France or Australia. Those that possess analytical skills and common sense are in short supply due to one of the main reasons causing this disparity is there are very few that understand the meaning or purpose of the word… WHY. As Albert Einstein said, it's important to ask questions.

Khmers are more likely to spend their time on their phones searching Social Media, Facebook for friends, gossip on their phones, You Tube for videos or playing games on their phones or computers. In going full circle it is You Tube that offers Khmers the material which they can relate to Russia through Stone's current documentary, 'The Putin Interviews.'

Interestingly, there are many Russians visiting and living in Cambodia. This documentary can give Khmers an insight to Russian history and mentality. Stone's Russian topic is something that Cambodians can relate to, both good and bad. Many Russians live in the realm and own businesses employing Cambodians. Russians are heavily involved in Cambodia's telecom and internet industries and create more jobs which falls into the good category.

The bad category is largely represented by Russian Alexander Trofimov who left his mark bys being one of the nation's most sought pedophiles. He was jailed and mysteriously released stemming from what is believed to be corruption. He was later arrested and at the request of the Russian government was returned there to stand trial for more pedophilia charges.

If Cambodian's avail themselves to view The Putin Interviews they will have an insight to the Russian mentality, history and culture relating to the people that could be their bosses. They could learn more about America and how governments work in the outside world. The reality is it is unlikely that many would take to time to do so and learn about life which falls into the sad category.

When a Khmer brings up Trump's name it is more likely to gauge a foreigner's reaction. They know his name but not his history. They don't know about Trump's TV show The Apprentice. They don't know about Hillary Clinton.

Khmers do know about Facebook, You Tube and Oliver Stone. Hopefully that relationship with Stone will lead to interest in world affairs and knowledge of the outside world. Should they take the time and commit to four hours of insightful knowledge and view Oliver Stone's The Putin Interviews, it will be a big step for Cambodian thinking and a major step for mankind.


The Putin Interviews were telecast in the United States on the Showtime channel. They are being telecast in Southeast Asia four consecutive nights June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, & 25th on the National Geographic channel.

The shows will air at 7:55 PM in Cambodia but it is best to check you local listings for the time given that many cable systems vary the time of telecast. The best news is if you miss the cable telecast the series is available on YOU TUBE.


Phnom Penh (Ah) - PHNOM PENH GETS STONED Part 2 - February, 2010
OLIVER STONE TALKS, KHMER STUDENTS LISTEN - Through life experience and wisdom filmmaker Oliver Stone has very strong opinions about life, war and the United States of America. He shared them with the University of Cambodia students.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - PHNOM PENH GETS STONED Part 1 - January, 2010
Famous filmmaker Oliver Stone addressed an audience of Khmer college students. His topic was "Film-making and Peace Building." The program was presented by the International Peace Foundation Network For The Promotion of Peace titled Bridges Dialogs Towards A Culture of Peace and the Asia Leadership Center of the University of Cambodia.
Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA'S YOUNG IT/TELECOM WORLD -- April, 2010
Youths rule in Cambodia's developing IT industry. Twenty four thousand attendees turned out for the three day event and gamers ruled as they were the big players and participants at the event. The house rocked with entertainment - Computers, telephones and accessories were exhibited but games were the big draw - KFC MAKES GIANT STEP GO FIGURE - FILIPINO CONCERT SECRETS?
AN AMERICAN JOURNALIST'S SIDE of the STORY - When Becker met with journalists in 2012 she related her experience of walking down the pathway entrance to a military commander's office. She noted that each side of the pathway was decorated with human skulls sitting on the top of sticks. It was supposed to be an evil decoration and much to her horror she said the pathway was to an office of an officer with the Lon Nol regime. - So much for the US government making the right moves in who they support.
CAMBODIA'S PEDOMANIA - Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison. That equates to less than a few months for 17 Cambodian and 20 Russian children he sexually abused yet those children will be imprisoned in their minds and suffer their entire lives for the crimes against children and humanity that he has subject them to. The problem is Cambodia is becoming recognized as the pedophile capitol of the world. Cambodia also protects criminals sought after by Interpol and that exacerbates the child sex abuse problem



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