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Cambodian children are sold into prostitution by their parents. Some NGO's are doing something about it by creating a business and others teach and provide jobs. Other NGO's raise millions of dollars in donor money and.... just talk about it. OPERATION SMILE GIVES WITHOUT ASKING - COMING... INNOCENCE LOST - (NR Photo)



"Dr. Beat" - Free Health Care For Cambodian Children


Charred entrance of the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - NR photo


RAP founder Bill Herod - James Loving NR photo


The Cambodian government gave its children a Christmas present by secretly releasing Russian pedophile Stanislav Molodyakov who is wanted by Interpol. Cambodia has ignored Russia's extradition requests for his child sex crimes in Russia. The 44-year-old PEDO served only four years of a 17 year sentence in Cambodia for having sex with 17 under age children many of whom were 8-10 years old. FULL STORY - Interpol photo


In the early part of this century author John Perry Barlow informed an overflow crowd at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia that NGO'S don't want to do their job… because… THERE WOULD BE NO JOB - Joi Photo


The 2005 Freshie contestants were considered to be the most mature and talented of all of the events thus far - Evian photo






As a result of some unforeseen obstacles which we believe is corruption in the Internet services industry we have been put to the test of making some adjustments and doing some research. The result is we have more unlimited material that we can share with our readers for a more in depth experience thus the creation of a Phnom Penh Archive TOP 10 report with stories dating back to the year 2000 when the column was created


Friday, March 31, 2017


As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention which has evolved into our first ever NR PHNOM PENH TOP 10 ARCHIVE report.

The explanation being is that we encountered some unusual business practices resulting in problems leading to adjustments. In the end we took a step up in making a transition to a new relationship with new partners. That led to an expansion of our material which in turn gives us more flexibility to share our retrieved archives.

We now have the ability to post a grater volume of material thus this is the first edition of the fruits of labor. The subject, what we believe to be, corrupt Internet service business, we will explore in depth naming names in a future article.

In reviewing the retrieved material conjured up memories and a mission statement. At the outset we stated that we wanted to report on Cambodians that returned to the country to help rebuild the war torn nation. The result was we encountered numerous stories of individuals who were self-serving and only interested in money and power.

That led to trying to find individuals who were helping rebuild the nation which led to foreigners that filled that description.

Our story on Dr. Beat Richner who established the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals which gives children from impoverished families' free health care has been and remains our most popular Cambodian story. That story, first published in August 2002, firmly takes the number one position.

An abrupt departure from human interest stories came about when the former US Ambassador to Laos Charles Salmon, gave a speech to students and NGO types at the University of Cambodia. The event took place in May of 2004 with the topic being 'AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY.'

The result was twofold; one being the revelation of the intense interest of young Khmer youths that want and explanation of why the United States carpet bombed Cambodia during the 70's which in many cases was before they were born.

Salmon's reply was inadequate when he simply stated, "We made some mistakes."

Following our report we found ourselves to be persona no grata with the US Embassy who gave us the invitation but when were then asked to contact the university for permission to attend such events.

The problem with that is the events are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Till this day the US government continues to illegally invade and bomb nations and murder civilians, as they are currently doing in Syria.

Cambodia has been going through some extreme changes during our 19 + years in the realm. In part education is one of the keys of their future success. Khmer youths are soaking up knowledge as rapidly as they can absorb it. In doing so they are exposed to seedy foreigners' whose knowledge, character and integrity are questionable. The CIA (aka US Embassy in Phnom Penh) is making a determined effort to influence their thinking.

That observation was made by author John Perry Barlow who informed an overflow crowd at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia that NGO'S don't want to do their job… because… THERE WOULD BE NO JOB.

His statement was spot on when he made it 15 years ago when most of the streets were not paved nor were there street lights on many of the roads.

Pedophilia is one of the problems facing the impoverished nation. It is a primary topic of our NR TOP 10 report in February 2012. For this reason we are making an exception of including previous TOP 10 story results in our TOP 10 articles. That TOP 10 report takes the 3rd spot in this review.

The softer side of Phnom Penh came to light when our attention was brought to the Freshie Girl and Boy competition. Initially it seemed like a good thing and remains so given that the competition did have a major impact on Khmer youths become more conscious of their health and grooming.

After the first year in 2005 we became involved as a judge. It was at that point in 2008 when we became aware that there were some inequities in the judging and treatment of some of the competitors.

One of the reasons being that the key foreign individuals involved in the training of the competitors resigned and the competition went downhill from there are their replacement were young Khmers that had inadequate training as well as lacking communication skills and respect for others.

The contest continues in a reduced capacity but remains popular among young Khmers. The interest is evident since two of the stories from our coverage have emerged in our expanded and renewed results by earning the 4th and 10th positions.

For some strange reason the 2005 competition remains the most popular and from out experience was the most talented and mature.

Our initial coverage of the Cambodian national football team was our most popular Cambodian story prior to our article on Dr. Beat. Cambodian Football Rising From the Ashes was published in 2000.

Our story on Bill Herod titled CAMBODIA'S GODFATHER OF THE INTERNET BILL HEROD ASSISTS REPATRIATED CAMBODIANS story takes the 6th spot. Herod is dedicated to truly assist the development of Cambodia.

He is responsible for bringing the Internet to Cambodia. Before Herod got involved there was an Internet service but had only 500 customers and lacked the funds to expand. Herod obtained the funding that brought Internet service in Cambodia to fruition.

Logic lends to the opinion that without the Internet the majority jobs and businesses in Cambodia would not exist and the economy would not recover. In our opinion Herod and Richner have had the greatest impact in the redevelopment of Cambodia.

Digital Divide Data is another contributor of the recovery of the heath of the citizens of the kingdom. Their focus was to help the abused and handicapped. The true dedication was the company was founded by then recent university graduates who contributed their own money in a matching funds project to get started. That story notched 7th place.

That report was published in 2002 and since that time the company has grown to help and employ more people in several countries.

Returning to the charts is Dir. Beat in taking the 8th spot as the result of the DR. BEAT (Richner) STORY ON THE AUSTRALIA NETWORK titled Beat and the Passive Genocide of Children. It was available in CD stores in Phnom Penh but the problem is the dialog is in the French language.

Elizabeth Becker was the guest April 18th at Pannasastra University of Cambodia's South Campus. She is an award winning author of the book "When The War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution." Our coverage of the event notched 9th place.

Becker is an interesting individual who was a journalist during the Khmer Rouge conflict and was nearly killed doing her job. When she and other journalist were attacked she applied advice given to her to hide in a tub. One of her group was murdered in the attack.

There are numerous stories that have attracted our readers' attention. The purpose of this article is to celebrate our unexpected growth and focus on articles more than 10 years old or at least have a five year span since published. We are also including an honorable mention section which are popular stories that deserve to be recognized.

Of note included is our regular NR TOP 10 for this month as indicated below the Phnom Penh rankings. Both are listed in its ranking section.

We are also including an honorable mention section that are popular stories that deserve to be recognized.

What is clear in our report is that we are not interested in opportunist NGO's that raise money so they can have jobs doing RESEARCH and DOING NOTHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM THEY RESEARCH.

These people and the system that supports this activity are colonialist thinking parasites and not worthy of being in existence. It is a waste and a rip off of donor funding


Our Honorable Mention columns include out column on the Royal Palace published in 2002. At that time for a period of three years this column was always in our TOP 10. Since it's about things and not about people it is rated in this category.

Other notable columns published 15 years or more ago include Operation Smile, Mith Samlanh children and A Wounded Life.

The Mith Samlanh is a story about an NGO that is visible in the manner that they spend their donor money. They train and employ street children the restaurant business. One can experience their efforts by visiting one of their restaurants and dining.

Another aspect of this NGO is they have a farm and grow much of what is used in their restaurants. In addition employment placement factors into the benefit of their program.

Given that they are one of the first to develop and help the impoverished population of the Cambodia they exemplify what an NGO should be all about which is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT A PROBLEM AND NOT JUST STUDYING IT AND WRITING COPIOUS NOTES AND REPORTS to take donor money and have a job.

"A WOUNDED LIFE" A Young Khmer Girl Sold Into Prostitution is a story that reflects the underlying result of poverty that spurns into prostitution and families selling their children in the sex trade to survive. The Cambodians Women's Crisis Center and the Women's Media Center of Cambodia served as the theatrical productions project advisers with the assistance of UNESCO.

One disturbing memory of the performance was during a scene when a girl was being abused, a young man in attendance was laughing loudly. Many males in the audience yelled in approval. Since I didn't know the dialog I found the audience reaction to that situation very strange. A member of the Women's Crisis Center, explained to me, that's the way they think.






NATIONAL RADIO Phnom Penh Archives TOP 10 - March, 2017

Phnom Penh (Ah) - "Dr. Beat" - Free Health Care For Cambodian Children - August, 2002
"He gave his life for this," an American from the city of Chicago said of the performer of a music concert. . He…is, Dr. Beat Richner who was about to perform a solo cello concert. The this... the tourist was referring to, be Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For the past ten years Richner has raised funds and has overseen construction of three Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals in Cambodia. He is the founder and acting head of the facilities that give medical treatment to Cambodia's children FOR FREE.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SUNSOLEY REAM Deals With NGO'S… THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY - January, 2017
TOUGHING IT OUT - Sunsoly Riem is a former refugee who returned to Cambodia to help his people and stabilize their existence by being involved in several NGO's. In an era that NGO's have come under question Riem has managed to persist to conceive and deliver NGO's that provide evidence of his cause. He also has had some bumps in the road where funds for one of his projects was stolen by a Japanese NGO agent overseeing one of his projects but Riem marches on



Former US Ambassador Charles B. Salmon Jr. Addresses American Foreign Policy - Changes At Phnom Penh's Riverfront - NAGA Moves - Olympic Stadium Properties For Sale - Who Is Teaching, Training and Influencing The Youth Of Cambodia? - Phnom Penh's Traffic Barriers - Khmer Dining - NR Readers Visit NR - NR Mail

TV - VIDEO BEAT - VOICE FANS LIKE HEAD…. Sorry Donald - December, 2016
UNDERDOG SUNDANCE HEAD WINS - America has voted and proved that they like Head… sorry Donald, grabs don't count. Texan Sundance Head walked away with The Voice's season11 title. Head is a worthy winner but most definitely not that favorite from the outset. His consistent performances and most importantly charm and warm personality endeared him to the American voting public



(PEDO) MAN ON THE RUN - An English language magazine in Cambodia who's expertise is being knowledgeable about sex, drugs, alcohol and other dodgy issues reported in their February issue that the word on the street is a pedophiles freedom cost US $3 million. It didn't mention if that included lodging in the villa of a powerful Sihanoukville government official - An overwhelming interest in our Cambodian reports resulted in our Phnom Penh section taking six of the NR Top 10 positions - In Archives a subject that jumped up on the radar which was a press release regarding American Idol creator Simon Fuller. This is a rare exception to our policy as this is a press release but due to the substance is worthy

SPORTS & POLITICS - NFL (National Football League) football player Colin Kaepernick takes flack but keeps on track to protest for racial justice. NBA players Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul had negative comments about the 49ers player yet they aren't doing as much as Kaepernick. Both NBA players are talking but Kaepernick is doing the walking by doing something and is being heard and responded to



The TV 5 Arena was buzzing with excitement as over 100 Freshie Boy & girl contest hopefuls gathered there to see who would qualify for the next round in the selection process. Today 25 boys and 25 girls were chosen to take the next step and pair down to those that will qualify for the official competition

AMERICAN WAR HAWKS CARPET BOMBED CAMBODIA - Technology is affording those in Cambodia and other third world countries that care to seek the truth the pipe line to do it… called THE INTERNET. More Khmer youths are becoming better educated and are interested in being more knowledgeable and aware. Due to the outrageous election war in the United States it has turned on the light for many to seek the truth



Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIAN FOOTBALL Rising...From The Ashes - October, 2000
For many years during the Vietnam War, Khmer Rouge Civil War and the Coup d'Edat of July 5-6, 1997 there was no organized soccer being played in the country. The conflicts destroyed the records of the history of Cambodian football. All that can be pieced together at this time is from the memory of those who were there or made mental notes.

CNN IGNORES THE MESSAGE 2 DIVERT, DEFLECT & SLAY THE MESSENGER - THE ACCESS HOLLYWOOD TRUMP TAPE connection... ROB SILVERSTEIN? - DEATH or TAXES - If its integrity in journalism you're looking for you won't find it at CNN. This past week it was revealed that then CNN political analyst Donna Brazile gave Hillary Clinton questions prior to a CNN presidential debate. This compounds the previous transgressions committed by Clinton and her aids. CNN is guilty of being biased toward Clinton and slaying the messenger while ignoring the message of Clinton's wrongdoings. A major ignored question by CNN is who and WHY is responsible for the release of the Access Hollywood tape exposing Trump's sexual transgressions?



Phnom Penh (Ah) ARCHIVES - Bill Herod Assists Repatriated Cambodians - September, 2003
Herod is best known as the person that brought the Internet to Cambodia. Herod has now taken on a new challenge, he formed Return Assistance Project (RAP) that helps repatriated Cambodians adjust to their country. Finding out what they can do and where they can be placed is the task at hand. ""We have to keep trying ideas one at a time until it works," Herod said. "We brainstorm basically. It's not unusual for them to say they have no skills, they've been in gangs and jails." - AP's Chris Dechard Rehabs - Love FM Changes

POV 39 - (Point of View) - CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED - November, 2016
IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL? - Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region including Jordan and Syria with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory surrounding the land currently occupied by what is now Israel a pet topic of the Jews at CNN



Phnom Penh (Ah) -DIGITAL DIVIDE DATA (DDD) - Bridging The Digital Gap... Of Have And Have Nots - April, 2002
New businesses that involve the Internet are emerging in Cambodia providing jobs for some of its 11 million people. One such company Digital Divide Data (DDD) was created to bridge the digital gap. It is a situation where the DDD haves are bringing work opportunities to the have not Khmers.

POV 38 - (Point of View) - HILLARY CLINTON & CNN's POLITICAL CONSPIRACY - October, 2016
HILLARY CLINTON… THE TWO FACED LIAR - CNN is BIASED and supports Hillary Clinton while ignoring her reckless lack of integrity that could lead to World War 3 in order to benefit her special interest Wall Street friends and Israel that have funded her and her husband BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over a 25 YEAR period - CNN is indirectly involved with being in the special interest category since their parent company Time Warner contributed $400,000 to the Clinton campaign according to RT News



This week there has been a television special on Dr Beat and his hospital work to save the lives of children being televised on the Australia Network. The one hour special aired Tuesday night July 1 at 10 PM Cambodia time and Wednesday at noon Cambodia time. IT IS A MUST WATCH. - CAMBODIAN TV BBC Custer Battle - NR TOP SECTIONS AND STORIES - NATIONAL RADIO PUBLISHED IN 5 LANGUAGES - NR TOP FIVE PHNOM PENH STORIES PLUS

POV BIT 2 - (Point of View) - TRUMP WINS based on COMMUNICATION verses CLINTON'S MORE WARS - November, 2016
AMERICA MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE - The point is this… NOBODY DIED from Trump's sexual encounters or his legal business dealings but many have died from wars supported by Clinton. The fact that she kept harping about Gold Star families contradicts her actions. SHE HELPED CREATE GOLD STAR FAMILIES



Phnom Penh - Elizabeth Becker - An Exercise In Democracy - Faces & Places - May 2005
Elizabeth Becker was the guest April 18th at Pannasastra University of Cambodia's South Campus. She is an award winning author of the book "When The War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution."
Becker is currently a journalist with the New Your Times. She was previously with the Washington Post. Becker also served as the Senior Foreign Editor for NPR (National Public Radio) in the US. She has 25 years of experience covering Cambodia.

POV - (Point of View) 33 - Is HILLARY CLINTON a POLITICAL WHORE? - April, 2015
- Hillary Clinton has proven over the years that she is prone to lying and making HUGE (as Donald Trump would say), MISTAKES. It raises the question can America afford to be led by a political prostitute who has taken millions of dollars from special interest groups and Super Packs to serve their interests while selling out the American people?



Phnom Penh (Ah!) Travel Tips - FRESHIE CONTEST - THE NEW LOOK OF CAMBODIA - February 2005
THE FREHIE GIRL & BOY CONTEST - The judging comes from three sources - 1. The public accounts for 30% of the vote. They can vote via SMS messaging service only on the Samart system - 2. Responsible people involved in the event such as the talent trainers and professors account for 35% of the vote - 3. Judges at the shows account for the other 35% of the result. Judges are comprised from the sponsors of the show and representatives in government.

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING CRAIG SAGER - December, 2016
A MOST MEMORABLE DAY WITH CRAIG SAGER - Sports journalist Craig Sager passed away this week from cancer at the age of 65. The experience I had with Sager will be everlasting and with great sorrow I realize that sports journalism has lost one of the nicest and most talented people that the business has ever known







Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA'S ROYAL PALACE - August, 2002
A pleasant way to spend a day in Phnom Penh in a concentrated area is a visit to the Royal Palace. The National Museum, Independence Monument, restaurants and the river walk are within a few blocks of the palace grounds - Various Kings of Cambodia dating back to the Angkor period built many palaces. Since that time palaces were erected in Angkorborei, Sambhopborei, Icanapura, Hariharalaya, Yacodharapura, Longvek, Oudong to its current location Chadomuk

Phnom Penh (Ah) - US EMBASSY in PHNOM PENH PARTY ON - July, 2009
Having previously attended the July 4th celebrations in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand this was a bit different as background checks were done and an advance ticket purchase deadline was applied. When we inquired why an Embassy rep seemed a bit stunned by the question and replied, "Why do you ask?" He went on to say that when you open your door to the public you want to know whose coming.

Phnom Penh - GOLD QUEST: A Pyramid Scheme Or What? - Faces & Places - April 2005
Gold Quest have a history of being criticized as being a pyramid scheme. It's an image they would like to clean up. Whatever one might think about the ethics of the company one thing that was evident was the thinking of the IR's. It requires organization, planning and working together. For Cambodia… that's a good thing.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - "A WOUNDED LIFE" A Young Khmer Girl Sold Into Prostitution - July, 2001
"A Wounded Life" tells the story of an extremely poor Khmer family from a rural area Cambodian village that sell their youngest daughter, Neang Pou to marry a rich businessman. They hope that she will have a better life. The woman who arranged the marriage turned out to be a sex trafficker. - UNESCO's Fred Frumberg's role is Production Management for the Performing Arts who assisted in the production of the play. He explained why such a topic was undertaken and its purpose

Phnom Penh (Ah) - Cambodia's Mith Samlanh Children - Cooking Up A Future - May, 2002
With seven years of experience behind them Mith Samlanh is providing a service for the abused and underprivileged street children of Cambodia. They prepare the youths with various vocational skills training and job placement.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - PP BURNING - Cambodians Rebel Against Thailand - February, 2003
Comments of Thai TV Star Stir Anger In Cambodia. Actress, Suwanan "Kob" Kongying was reported as saying that she would never visit Cambodia until Angkor Wat was returned to Thailand. Some worry if the incident will hurt tourism.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - OPERATION SMILE Helps Cambodian Children - June, 2002
A team of American surgeons performed cleft lip and cleft palate operations on some of Cambodia's children for free.



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