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In the documentary Red Light this mother tells Somaly Mam that she would sell her daughter into child sex slavery again and receive only $10 a month for her daughters sexual services - Red Light screen shot - photo


The Somaly Mam foundation scam ran deep as the Mam was also supported by Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg who was a Somaly Mam Foundation's Advisory Board member. The two are seen here at Fortune Magazine's 2011 Most Powerful Women Summit - Somaly Mam Foundation photo (edited)


Theirry Darnaudet formed APLE in 2003 to stop the child sex industry in Cambodia. Twelve years on the industry continues to flourish and APLE is under fire with allegations that some of their employees have abused children under their care - (Virginity Trade screen shot photo)


Poor Cambodian children are vulnerable to abuse. These poor children in the province appear happy. One could reason is it's because they live at home with their parents. The problem is others are not so fortunate - Nationaradio.com - photo



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service



Published articles have revealed that many Cambodian NGO's use fake advertising to raise money to scam the public. In May of 2014 the Somaly Mam Foundation fraud exposure was a major story throughout the world. It discredits CNN who supported Mam and gave her an award. Other NGO's have been exposed but the NGO save the children scam beat goes on and on and on...


Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This time of the year brings out the worst incidents in the kingdom. It seems that something is in the air that makes things go out of kilter. The most significant was the May 21st 2014 edition of Newsweek Magazine titled Somaly Mam: The Holy Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking by Simon Marks.

The story focused on how a photo of a girl with a tumor was used to raise money. She was described as having been a victim of sex trafficking and saved by the NGO. The story exposed it as being a lie.

At the time Marks was an investigative journalist at the Cambodia Daily in Phnom Penh. In a strange move following the article Marks and then Daily editor Kevin Doyle left the publication. Since then investigative stories have been few and far between.

The Mam scam revelation also indirectly exposed CNN as being focused on money and not the truth. CNN gave Mam an award prior to the Mam scandal article. CNN honored Mam and the foundation on their yearly HEROS program. In part, as a result of their support helped the funding for the foundation exploded from $348,283 in 2008 to $3.53 million in 2011. The financial figures are according to a front page article in the Cambodia Daily's June 5th edition by Lauren Crothers and Khy Suvuthy.

Following the scam exposure CNN failed to disassociate themselves from Mam and admit their mistake in not vetting her properly to be worthy of an award. CNN also took down any reference of them having honored Mam from their web site.

What they did do was cover up negative publicity regarding anything negative in Cambodia as they previously did in the past and held their hands out to accept advertising money to promote Cambodian tourism.

Looking back on the stories that stand out from this time of the year was significant. Mam was back in business the following year and the NGO scam beat rolled on with an industry that is unusually secretive about how it spends their donor money and the real benefits that they provide for the children under their care.

Last year the Phnom Penh Post published a story regarding the Sunrise Foundation in its Fri, 27 May 2016 edition.

The story revealed that Sunrise Cambodia's fundraising campaign for an ad they used a photo of a girl and labeled her as a "sex worker." Her face was smeared with dirt. She was accompanied by a "trafficked kid" and a "homeless teen" on the page.

The campaign, launched on April 17 (2016) was meant to capture donations through the end of the fiscal year. It raised $162,956 at the time the story was published. But the ads - stated that the money was intended to go to vocational training programs. The result was the ad earned indignation from some of Sunrise's peers.

The promotion was labeled as "poverty porn". The campaign and ensuing discussion raised a familiar question for development NGOs: When does a photo portraying local context - and children - do more harm than good?

Another NGO that raises red flags mentioned in the same article is The Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF), founded by Scott Neeson in 2004. Neeson has a Hollywood film background having worked for Fox Films in the USA.

It noted that The Children's Fund's website featured "Transformation Tuesday" images of kids holding photos of their pre-program selves - often dirty and in tattered clothes - alongside a "donate" link. Sometimes children were pictured in distress. A then February photo posted to Neeson's page with a description of a highly publicized crime story left the young victim easily identifiable.

The article noted that Neeson frequently runs individual stories on its website and on his personal Facebook page.

Neeson draws on his background and media connections by having receiving a huge amount of media coverage including two documentaries.

In both documentaries Neeson extols his background of what he gave up to come to Cambodia and save children, the million dollar salary, private jets, beautiful girls and ect, ect...

In one of the documentaries the Chilldrens Fund promotes having organized a defacto police force that used their donor money that was raised to support the children under The Children's Fund care to investigate child abuse throughout the country. Basically it funded a private police force that has nothing to do with the Children's Fund children. The problem is that use of donor money was not described on their web site.

On the surface Neeson is politically correct but too much publicity is focused on him and not the children and their, if any, success stories. Like Somaly Mam Neeson has received help from celebrities in raising money. Famed musician and record producer Quincy Jones is included in the Cambodia's Hollywood Dad documentary soliciting donors for Neeson.

In the documentary Neeson laments about the thing he misses the most from his Hollywood experience is his boat. The coverage on his past leaves the impression that he wants to portray himself as Cambodia's GREAT WHITE HOPE. He repeatedly relates to leaving behind a million dollar a year salary that his then boss at 20th Century Fox films Bill Mechanic felt he was worth.

When that job came to an end after Mechanic was fired by Rupert Murdoch (not mentions in the documentaries) he claims he was offered another job by another film company but after visiting Cambodia and seeing what the garbage dump children were going though in their effort to survive he felt it was his calling to give up material things and do something for the Cambodia children.

Neeson raised funds to build a school for garbage dump children but what stands out is that the school is named after him. Is this megalomania to the extreme?

Both Sunrise and The Children's Fund are run by Australians while the Mam Foundation was based in America.

On a visit to China we watched a TV show featuring a man that ran and NGO. He said how they spend their money and for what is published on the web. That needs to be done in Cambodia as well as having BIOS of the people that run the organizations. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

The get the money and funding goes on but the question is... when will all of the truth come out?


Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM FOUNDATION FRAUD - June, 2014
ARE NGO'S MORE EXPLOITATION THAN SALVATION? - The sordid business of child sex trafficking has been exposed The Somaly Mam Foundation as a fraud. The problem is that is only the tip of the iceberg as NGO's do more for themselves to pay their salaries and perks than solving a problem that they have been only talking about for years. They talk the talk but can't walk the walk of resolving the root cause of the problem… POVERTY

WHAT ARE THE NGO's DOING WITH THE MONEY? - The fight against child sex trafficking inspires an industry that focuses is on raising money to feed those westerners that run these organizations who live a fruitful and comfortable colonialist lifestyle as opposed to using the funding to serve the intended purpose of saving children from sex trafficking and prostitution. It's more of a case of exploitation than salvation
Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO'S MISPLACED CHILD SEX FUNDING? - August, 2014
WHERE'S THE MONEY? - The Somaly Mam Foundation expose that it was a fraud created a ripple effect that NGO's are now concerned that the revelation will hurt their funding. Is this an indication that these NGO maggots are more concerned that the revelation of the fraud is more about where will the money come from to support their alcoholic dependencies and colonialist party animal lifestyles?
There is an apparent public relations motive by government US and Australian aid organizations to promote and support anti child sex projects. This will go on for eternity while very little is done except pay the salaries of NGO staff. As author John Perry Barlow said over a decade ago when he addressed the media and NGO types at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, that NGO's won't do their job, "BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO JOB."
Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO's TALK 2 MUCH = NO ACTION = 0 RESULTS - January, 2014
THE REAL WORLD OF SOME NGO'S - Think about this…. In the CNN infomercial Everyday In Cambodia Sorvino pointed out that many of the exploited families that sell their children try to get by on a dollar a day. Every time and NGO slime swigs down a beer they're wasting $3 to $5 of money that could be used to help the exploited poor families and save some children from the sex trade



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