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Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 Russian children


For this sex worker the stakes were high as her life was threatened by her customers but it was AIDS that took it. - Virginity Trade screen shot photo



This 21-year-old Khmer mother and infant child receive free health care at Kantha Bopha Hospital - Kantha Bopha photo



2005 Freshie Girl contest winner Cham Kanika is seen here with members of her family. Pictured from left Kanika's mother Sok Bopha, Kanika, her aunt Sok Neary - photo James Loving NR



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service



HUMAN INTEREST stories lead the way as exemplified by the interest in the arrest of a major pedophile who had sex with 37 children. Two films made the charts as they exposed the child sex problem in Cambodia but the results are the films are an apparent secret which are made for the purpose of fund raising and self interests since the problem continues to grow and positive results are slim to none


Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It's a mixed bag of results for out TOP 5 Phnom Penh stories with people and human interests being the focus. The tragic situation of Cambodia's infamous child sex trade leads the way as our story on Stanley Molodyakov aka Alexander Trofimov topped the list. Trofimov as he was most referred to during his decade long spree of abusing children in Cambodia and Russia came to an end when he was finally sentenced to 11 years jail time in a Russian prison.

Trofimov's child sex rampage in Cambodia has yet to be dealt with properly and he is believed to have bought his way out of a more extensive jail term for having sex with 17 Cambodian children.

His 11-year sentence in Russia was for having sex with 20 Russian children. The most disturbing aspect of the PEDO KING REIGN was following his SURPRISE release from the Sihanoukvile prison NGO's went on a rampage for him to be return to prison to serve out his original sentence.

For some strange reason the Cambodian authorities were incapable of locating the apparently elusive fugitive. Rumors ranged from a belief that he was released after paying $4 million in bribes.

Trofimov was also rumored to have been seen in Vietnam and Thailand yet went unnoticed by eluding border checks when individual are photographed and finger printed.

The finger printing equipment is said to have been furnished by the US government. With that said it raises the question how could he escape the long arm of the law?

Along the same theme ranked # 3 is a two part story regarding the child sex trade was depicted in two film the Virginity Trade and the Girls of Phnom Penh.

What stands out about these films is they hit the spot in coverage but it raises the question, what good did the films do since they are not available to be viewed by the general public?

What is most discernible is the filmmakers are gaining experience in their, for the most part, trade. The other most outstanding purpose is that the films are used a fund raising tools only to be viewed by intended donors. The bottom line is films such as this are self serving and not intended to be viewed on a large scale.

The other aspect is that NGO's and embassies largely fund these projects thus creating a incest like atmosphere based on sensationalism while the problem is not resolved and NGO staff live a colonialist lifestyle and the young NGO employees live out their extended spring break.

In reality these films are A SECRET. Ask yourself have you seen either of these films?

Our 13-year-old story from August 2002, regarding Dr Beat Richner ranks 2nd on our TOP 5 Phnom Penh stories. This story has repeatedly maintained a place in both our Phnom Penh and NR TOP 10 rankings.

Richer has raised money for all the right reasons, to provide FREE HEALTH CARE for impoverished children those families have no income or try to live on $2 a day.

Richner has had his detractors but they are unwarranted. The first complaint from a foreigner was that he refused to treat adults. The other was from an NGO boss who complained that she was given dirty looks from the doctors when she took one of her charges to have FREE treatment.

We explained that we felt that she was taking advantage of a situation since she had funding and money TO PAY for treatment and the hospital was founded tot take care of the indigent.

In contrast our neighbor, who owns a money exchange business and sells phones, took her daughter to the hospital BUT paid $50 for treatment. The irony is that the NGO felt they should receive FREE treatment despite that they HAVE MONEY.

The Richner story Dr Beat, has been ranked on search engines from around the world. Contrary to popular belief Google may represent the NSA and CIA but they don't' represent the world who they simply spy and lie on and to it.

A point of fact regarding their lack of integrity and presenting reliable ratings is when you search for National Radio a Khmer language National Radio will be listed on an ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAGE.

The Cambodia Daily reported in September that Google gave the responsibility to Cambodian's to translate Google listings into the Khmer language. Not only do they lie but they stole our intro Welcome To National Radio which we have had listed since we launched in April of 1997 BEFORE GOOGLE was founded.

The results are an example of Google's lack of integrity and poor decision making. Stay tuned for our upcoming story with a working title: Behind Google's Lies.

Ranked 4th is a surprise story that dates back 11 years to October 2004 regarding the then Ho Wah Genting Transport Service. At that time it was Malaysian managed and owned. It was then sold to Khmers resulting in poor quality of staff and service.

The back story to both of these stories is given their age being 11 to 13 years old by comparison is that many of the NGO staff and media types in Cambodia were in high school or less yet they come to the Kingdom and with their cavalier attitude have everything figured out within a few months, supported by NO EXPERIENCE.

The fifth spot is regarding the 2005 Freshie Girl and Boy contest. When we wrote this story we were functioning as a journalist. The story focused on what qualities the contest offered.

Following the story several key personnel departed the project. We also became a judge and observed how changes came into play. The quality of the show declined and the personnel running the show lacked communication skills.

The 2005 contest was the last in which we felt that the results were correct and without improprieties.

In 2008 we were lied to and recognized that the show in our opinion was fixed. We were told that one contestant was from Malaysia when in fact she lived 100 meters from us and we've known her and her family since she was 11 years old. We were told that she was older than she was and entered without her mother being aware.

At that time, in the middle of the season, we decided to drop out of being involved as a judge or reporting on the show.

This popular 2005 Freshie story is about the last quality group of contestants. In 2008 we were lied to and recognized that the show, in our opinion, was fixed. At that time in the middle of the season we decided to drop out of being involved or reporting on the show.

This popular 2005 Freshie story is about the last quality group of contestants. As the previous choreographer remarked during the changeover press conference in presenting the 2005 contestants passing over the reigns to the 2006 contestants. She pointed out the 2005 girls sitting across the room, "They are women and then pointed out the to new 2006 group, "They are girls."


CAMBODIA'S PEDOMANIA - Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison. That equates to less than a few months for 17 Cambodian and 20 Russian children he sexually abused yet those children will be imprisoned in their minds and suffer their entire lives for the crimes against children and humanity that he has subject them to. The problem is Cambodia is becoming recognized as the pedophile capitol of the world. Cambodia also protects criminals sought after by Interpol and that exacerbates the child sex abuse problem

Phnom Penh (Ah) - "Dr. Beat" - Free Health Care For Cambodian Children - August, 2002
"He gave his life for this," an American from the city of Chicago said of the performer of a music concert. . He…is, Dr. Beat Richner who was about to perform a solo cello concert. The this... the tourist was referring to, be Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For the past ten years Richner has raised funds and has overseen construction of three Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals in Cambodia. He is the founder and acting head of the facilities that give medical treatment to Cambodia's children FOR FREE.

CAMBODIAN SEX TRADE SAME, SAME NOT DIFFERENT - While NGO's raise excessive amounts of cash to supposedly stop the sex trade in Cambodia the only thing that has changed is NGO staffer's bank accounts as the Cambodian sex trade continues to grow. Two MUST SEE films on the Cambodian sex trade subject The Virginity Trade and The Girls of Phnom Penh will be screened at the Meta House in Phnom Penh tomorrow Tuesday night October 18.
In Cambodia's road to recovery one of the keys in that transition is its transportation system. Ho Wah Genting Transport took on that task in September 1996 when the Malaysian managed company took over the Municipality bus lines
Phnom Penh (Ah) - FRESHIE CONTEST - THE NEW LOOK OF CAMBODIA- February, 2005
KHMER YOUTH GET A FRESH START - The judging comes from three sources - 1. The public accounts for 30% of the vote. They can vote via SMS messaging service only on the Samart system - 2. Responsible people involved in the event such as the talent trainers and professors account for 35% of the vote - 3. Judges at the shows account for the other 35% of the result. Judges are comprised from the sponsors of the show and representatives in government.



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