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Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State at the London Conference on Libya, 29 March 2011 - (Foreign and Commonwealth Office photo)


BAD ASS United States government Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse where SPC ENGLAND points to the penis of one of the detainees - public domain photo


US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)


Vietnamese women and children in My Lai before being killed in the massacre, March 16, 1968. They were killed seconds after the photo was taken - Photo by Ronald L. Haeberle


"Major Tu Duc Phang (from Khanh Hoa Province), [pictured here], was very emotional when he looked at his portrait taken before he joined in the army. In 1973, he fought at the southern battlefield and participated in saving the weapon store in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). Twelve years later, Phang saw large, black and red spots and water bubbles appearing on his body and all his hair had fallen out. All were caused by the Agent Orange/ Dioxin toxicant ..." - Vietnam News Agency4 photo


Dead Vietnamese babies, deformed and stillborn as a result of prenatal dioxin exposure from Agent Orange. Yea, yea, sure, sure America is so concerned about other nations using chemical weapons. The problem is these unborn AGENT ORANGE BABIES from the US invasion of Vietnam disprove their hypocritical position. The US and Israel's efforts TO RULE THE WORLD is the subject matter that took 7 of the NR TOP 10 positions - Goro Nakamura photo




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Receiving our US presidential ballot on time to vote was a shock. After apparently being denied our right to vote for years due to not receiving the ballot on time was questionable. The current dilemma is deciding to vote for one of two WAR HAWKS or not to vote at all. The deciding factor involved the NSA and CIA


Monday, October 31, 2016


In the past, we have complained about not receiving our US government voting in time to vote. Conjecture would not suffice but being among the nonexistent or disenfranchised can be telling. It is that revealing situation that supports presidential candidate Donald Trump's assumption that elections in the United States are rigged.

The shock of receiving the information on time was clouded by the realization that this is an election of candidates that are detested and have alienated the country not embolden it. The timing of the ballot was impeccable the choices are deplorable (sorry Hillary).

Preferring to think positive we pressed on to pursue out right to vote by following the instructions on the received voting information. The trail led us to having to use a computer and go to a US Government website.

The old saying of, "Welcome to my web said the spider to the fly," came to mind. We the US citizens are the flies and the US government is the spider. It appears that this is another trap to catch more information on its citizens.

Using Yahoo doesn't help as they are partners with the US government in spying on its people. We have known that for some time but it recently came to light when Verizon backed off of their offer to purchase the company due to Yahoo's involvement is spying and lack of security that led to their site being hacked.

Indignation brought back memories of the media reports that the US government has been SPYING on its citizens via the Internet and telephone calls FOR YEARS as reveled by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks.

The US gov is so paranoid about the bad deeds that they have committed resulting in creating enemies around the world that they fear that another 9-11 will occur thus they need to spy on their citizens to protect their national security. That is the edict the US Government is selling to justify their intrusion on the privacy of its citizens.

Ironically Hillary Clinton is an advocate of the government having more control of information on the internet. Her stance has come back to bite her in the ass as her ongoing lost email controversy and presumed lies under oath regarding national security leaks.

It was at this point that the realization came about that the US citizen's enemy is not Russia, China, Iran or North Korea but our own US of Israel government that prefers to spend our hard-earned tax dollars on illegal invasions and wars.

Clinton is so deranged that she is consumed with making FALSE negative comments about Russia. In addition she created a relationship between Trump and Russian leader Vladmir Putin ignoring that the two have NEVER MET which exposes her lack of maturity and mental stability. Unfortunately she is one of America's choices to lead their country.

Another US Gov problem is that they prefer to give our tax payer money to Israel so they can intimidate the oil nations in the Middle East region and murder those who they refer to as ARAB SAND NIGGERS aka Palestinians and continue to break international law by stealing their land and businesses.

With those facts in mind it raised the question do we want to support these actions and vote for one of the buffoons running for the office of the President of the United States, crooked, deranged Hillary Clinton or racist, megalomaniac Donald Trump? Do we want to vote for individuals that have sorted and questionable histories and character?

Actor Robert DiNero raised the question (paraphrase) how did America get to the point of having two such bad candidates running for the highest office in the land?

The real fear factor is that whoever is elected they will be responsible for pressing the nuclear RED BUTTON that will end the world as we know it and start World War 3.

Clinton is a known WAR HAWK and is indebted to companies in the weapons manufacturing business. Virtually everything she says reflects her chomping at the bit to start a fight with Russia and Iran. She loves Israel and has invited Israeli's to be overnight guests at the White House in return for millions of dollars in campaign contributions and gifts to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, they think that YOUR MOTHER RAISED A FOOL and that THERE ARE NO STRINGS ATTACHED FOR THOSE FINANCIAL GIFTS.

And then there's Trump who has insulted almost every nationality and religion in the world but then says that they are good people. One could argue that vacillation is a problem and could also lead to World War 3.

To compound the problem Trump wants to beef up the US military. WHY??? Where is the money coming from?

The answer is to Trumps plan for a military buildup is to protect America from all of the wrongs that they've done and from the enemies they have created including their own citizens who have drawn the short straw when it comes to how their tax dollars are spent.

The US government prefers to spend US taxpayer's money on wars and not for the intended purpose of social security benefits and Medicare when the money was deducted from their payroll checks.

Social Security recipients haven't received a cost of living increase in four of the past six years during the Obama administration.

If you ask the question what does the US presidential race have to do with Phnom Penh, or Cambodia then… LISTEN UP!

For those of us who were alive when the US government ILLEGALLY CARPET BOMBED CAMBODIA, Vietnam and Laos as well as illegally spraying agent ORANGE on those nations that has left people disfigured for life as well as effecting the same condition with their newborns then one can realize how dangerous this election is, as HISTORY, APPARENTLY, IS ABOUT TO REPEAT ITSELF.

For those NGO miscreants that care enough to take time to an alcoholic beverage from their lips and think…

LOOK AROUND and see those without limbs as a direct result from the US government's ILLEGAL attack on Cambodia then take that into account that American voters must choose between these two laughable individuals that will be responsible for more ILLEGAL INVASIONS AND WARS in behalf of OIL, ISRAEL and other SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS that benefit from WARS. Monsanto is the manufacturer of AGENT ORANGE and they are in the category of being a special interest group that profit from WARS.

The attacks against Cambodia DURING THE 70'S were largely responsible by a JEW named Henry Kissinger.

Both of these presidential candidates are closely affiliated with the MURDERING Zionist Jews of Israel with Clinton being the most acceptable and controllable presidential choice for the nation of soldiers (Israel).


With the appalling conditions that have surfaced during this presidential election campaign we came to realize that our ballot would be ignored and trashed just as they trashed former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who is Jewish and was the best choice. There is no candidate that represents our interest. We are opposed to WARS and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS.

If we had the choice to write in our candidate of choice, it would be Edward Snowden. Yes, he's only 33 and too young to be eligible to be a US President but he represents our interests and the best interests of the American people.

For Secretary of State we would choose Julian Assange. Yes, he is a foreigner but so was Kissinger. One thing is certain… Assange would not start WORLD WAR 3 and have people murdered and disfigured as did Kissinger.

Both of these individuals, Snowden and Assange, represent the interests of the American people more so than many of those that currently run the US government. Because of their bravery and audacious actions more people are enlightened and aware of just how dirty US politics are.

Not wanting to be caught in the NSA/CIA website to cast our vote we are doing it here as it will not count anyway and we prefer to make the NSA and CIA work harder to spy as we prefer not to assist them. They can read our articles and bolster our ratings. This fly is not going to be caught in their web. The US government, like Clinton, can't be trusted.

The preference is to be the Pied Piper and play a tune that will eventually drown these rats that infiltrate the US government and take away our rights.

Some Americans choose to exercise their right to be stupid we prefer to engage our right to be smart and avoid voting for a WAR HAWK that will encourage more ILLEGAL INVASIONS to such countries as they did in CAMBODIA AND LAOS.

Your vote is… UP TO YOU!


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