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Former US Ambassador to Laos Charles B. Salmon Jr. - NR Photo

Would Henry Kissinger apologize for his role in the US governments carpet bombing of Cambodia? Theary Seng's dart board expresses her feelings - NR Photo

Full house at the University of Cambodia 'American Foreign Policy' Forum in 2004 - NR Photo



Democrats Abroad booth at US Embassy Independence Day gathering - NR photo



D. J. Ken - National Radio Text Service


Is America really that beautiful or are they simply WAR HUNGRY KILLERS that want to be the police of the world. Given the lies and deceit of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh they are well on their way to surrounding themselves with enemies that will exacerbate their well deserved paranoia


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In our research of what are the most popular of our Phnom Penh columns what stands out is that there is a thread that ties them together which is politics and their relationship with their popular theme fighting child sex trafficking.

One story that repeatedly jumps up is former US Ambassador to Laos, Charles B. Salmon Jr. Addressing American Foreign Policy in May 2004 to Cambodia University students and NGO types in attendance. Prior to that meeting we were invited to attend by the US Embassy.

Following our negative report the Embassy then requested that we contact the Universities where they would hold their functions to request an invitation. This change in position indicated that the US Government has a problem being criticized and don't want the truth to come out.

Their about face was that we reported that someone in the audience wanted to know WHY the US government carpet bombed Cambodia. Salmon's reply was, "WE MADE SOME MISTAKES."

That reply doesn't it well with those that lost family members due to the American's unjust and cruel actions. That American bombs away attitude is currently being applied in Syria and has taken place in Iraq, Laos and Vietnam where more innocent civilians' lives were lost.

Another red flag jumped up with our column titled US EMBASSY LOST THE PLOT - UPS THE ANTE. That column was a reflection of how we perceived the irregularities of how the Embassy functioned then and now which was when the CIA took over management of Embassy affairs and functions.

In that column we noted that the past few years the US Embassy in Phnom Penh has lost the plot and offers more problems than assistance to US citizens. As supposedly civil servants they have taken on more of a police mentality while teaching Cambodia employees to deceive and lie.

In a recent turn of events the embassy is now charging for services that were free in 2006. In a notice sent by Democrats Abroad noted some of the changes. After observing the conduct of several Democrats Abroad members we decided that it wasn't something that we wanted to be involved with.

What we previously mentioned and never reported in full was when we inquired over the phone about the Embassy having certain forms that we needed they said they did. We verified this with several calls. When we showed up the Khmer staff went to retrieve them and then returned and said they didn't have them.

Standing behind her was some bull-dyke looking blond with her arms crossed who had a stern look on her face that was directed at us. The employee then said that we would have to fill out a form that would be sent to the Philippines for approval to then send the forms that we requested and was told that they had. Our reaction was to stick her forms up her ass and we obtained the forms via different channels with no problem.

On another occasion we went to review a film sponsored by the Embassy. They had metal detectors outside of the venue with Khmer staff attending them. One of the Khmer guards got too physical and we responded in kind. We informed him that he had better get his hands off of us. He was requesting too much in the way of removing our clothes.

An American Embassy female staff member noticed the commotion and came to our assistance and told the guard to let it be. We walked in and watched the film but were annoyed by the overly physical attention that we received since we noticed that the Khmers who were in attendance were not singled out for physical abuse. After realizing that we were media the American Embassy staffer invited us to accompany her to an Embassy sponsored concert in Battambang which we refused.

On another occasion we went to the Embassy for some business and waited in line outside the entrance. We were fifth in line. After a few minutes a few Asians came out another door and were conversing. They then were permitted to return inside the Embassy. When we brought this unjust treatment to the Khmer guard's attention he claimed that they were in line first which was a bold faced LIE since we were the only persons there when we arrived.

An American related an experience he had when he tried to obtain citizenship for his children who were born in Cambodia to his Khmer wife. He said the Embassy gave him the run around and refused to grant citizenship. After an elongated battle he finally won out and their citizenship was granted.

This is the crux of how the US Embassy is currently managed since the involvement of the CIA. Prior to 2003 they were friendly and helpful. They were polite and professional and gave an American citizen the feeling that they were proud to be an American. Now their procedures have changed drastically IN PHNOM PENH and they are arrogant and LIE. Most importantly is that they teach their Khmer staff that it is OK to LIE and be deceitful. In other US Embassies that we have dealt with they are cooperative, professional and helpful. Basically they do their job.

In the past it was easy to call the Phnom Penh US Embassy direct and receive answers. Now one must send and email for an appointment. The appointments seem to be racially biased. In the past when we visited the Embassy there were very few or no other people in attendance in the office. In our last visit there were over 100 people in the waiting room with very few being American.

If the US Embassy is that paranoid then given their actions in starting wars around the world they have every right to be. They will cower in their fears until they behave properly, fairly and just; since presently they are surrounding themselves with enemies.



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