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Travel - 2009

A severely wounded man is carried out from Rama 4 road in to Soi Ngam Duphli to waiting ambulances after having been shot by army snipers - Takeaway photo



Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - BEWARE OF PHNOM PENH SORYA BUS TRANSIT - January, 2010
When it comes to travel safety, comfort and honesty is always an issue. On a recent trip on a Phnom Penh Sorya Transit bus theft became an issue as our sport jacket was stolen. The most disturbing thing is the company's representatives could care less.

Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - THAILAND ON THE ALERT - CAMBODIA HAS SAFETY ISSUES - December, 2009
Shinawatra's red Shirt followers create concern and unrest - Are there killers on the loose in Cambodia? - Mith Samlanh's Friends restaurant help build futures for some of Cambodia's discarded street children. - TOP 5 MOST READ TRAVEL TIPS COLUMNS

Business & Travel - Remote Lands - Private Jet Holidays at Amanresorts in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand - December, 2009
Design personalized, private-jet itineraries to the Amanresorts hotels in Southeast Asia

Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - CLOUDED POLITICS & SCAMS IN THAILAND - November, 2009
The political unrest in Thailand has clouded the issue of is Thailand a safe place to visit. Cambodia's appointment of former Thai Premier and fugitive from Thai justice Thaksin Shinawatra as its financial advisor resulted in the Thai government talking about closing the borders to Cambodia - BEWARE OF THAI SCAMS

Warnings to avoid crowds could reduce the number of tourists who are hoped to participate and bring tourist dollars into their economy - Cambodia's Health Minister appealed to the public to take precautions and avoid large crowds if they experience flu like symptoms

Travel Business - Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino - October, 2009
To open in November Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Interlink Group to Unveil New 503-Room Hotel – Part of a $6 Billion, Multi-Year Sheraton Brand Revitalization – with Superior Meeting Space, Casino, Pool, Spa and Club Lounge in Exquisite Surroundings San Juan’s First New Full-Service Hotel and Casino in More than 10 Years is Also the First and Only in the Caribbean Pursuing LEED Certification

Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - Part 3 - WHAT IS A COMPUTER VIRUS? - September, 2009
MORE ABOUT THE AUTO RUN & RECYCLER VIRUSES - Viruses are sometimes confused with computer worms and Trojan horses, which are technically different. A worm can exploit security vulnerabilities to spread itself to other computers without needing to be transferred as part of a host, and a Trojan horse is a program that appears harmless but has a hidden agenda.

Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - Part 2 - AUTO RUN - RECYCLER VIRUSES IN CAMBODIA & THAILAND - September, 2009
When using a public computer always check to see if they have an anti-virus program. CHECK IT TO MAKE SURE IT WORKS. Many of the Internet Cafes are owned or managed by individuals who have no to little knowledge of how the Internet or their computers work. The focus is on collecting your money while not providing any security for their customers

Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - COMPUTER VIRUSES ARE RAMPANT IN CAMBODIA & THAILAND - August, 2009
INTERNET CAFÉ USERS BEWARE - When you use a public Internet shop/cafes in Cambodia or Thailand it's like walking through a field of landmines. If you get to the other side without getting blown up you can consider yourself lucky.

The Adventures of Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - Thailand - Cambodia THE RACE TO DECADENCE - July, 2009
THAILAND'S SWINE FLU CASES GROWING - PEDOPHILE PERMITTED TO LEAVE PRISON - A musician working on a cruise ship which docked in Pattaya for a day walked around the beach area and remarked after the experience, "Boy there are lot of hookers there."

The Adventures of Roman Wanderaugh Travel Tips - Cambodia & Thailand's Bad Karma - June, 2009
Its rain season in the region - Swine Flu cases and deaths are rising in Thailand - Thaksin's Red shirted followers plan to demonstrate again - Thailand's violence in the south continues - Cambodia to open an airport near the beach resort town of Sihanoukville

Mysterious death raise questions from family, friends and business associates that he was murdered and did not commit suicide as Thai police have ascertained. Carradine's family want the FBI to investigate but Thai police say it is not necessary - NBA FINALS TV SCHEDULE - Recommended TV Listings

TRAVEL TIPS - Thailand - Cambodia BANGKOK'S TRANSIT ANGELS BTS & MRT - May, 2009
Key Tourist Stops Using Bangkok's Rapid Transit Train System - Dr. Beat In Siem Reap, Cambodia - Prior to the completion of the two train systems traveling around Bangkok caused enough stress to put knots in ones stomach. You had to have the guts to experience it. Many suffered, limousine or not. The completion of the two train systems has relieved a great burden for travelers and locals alike.

TRAVEL TIPS - Thailand - Cambodia BEWARE OF THAILAND'S SONGKRAN -- April, 2009
During Songkran people roam the streets with containers of water or water guns and powder, or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby. Water from the canals is often used. The canals are Bangkok's sewers. The powder thrown combined with the water creates a chalk like film that can cause damage to your belongings. - CAMBODIA'S KHMER NEW YEAR.

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - SPECIAL REPORT - INTERNET THEFT Part 3 - March, 2009
Most Africans' passports are not valid - either because they are false - someone else's - or out of date. One NEEDS an embassy or consulate to issue a passport. Now think of the great success story of Africa. How do you get a passport? - WARNING CAMBODIA'S UCB BANK CHARGING

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - SPECIAL REPORT - INTERNET THEFT Part 2 - March, 2009
ANY African who "hangs out" in Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam/Indonesia DOES pop up on the radar of all Police forces. He becomes Subject of Observation. It is a small number of Black American tourists will visit S. E. Asia. Most (over 80%) will come in groups and will be escorted by a guide. These are not Subjects of Observation. It is the ones who come singly - many summoned by Afs already in Thailand (etc). These Afs don't come to visit the temples, tourist attractions or the beaches - they come to make money. - WARNING CAMBODIA'S UCB BANK CHARGING

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - SPECIAL REPORT - INTERNET THEFT Part 1 - March, 2009
Africans with no apparent job are arriving in droves these past four years (since 2005) to Thailand and Cambodia. The question is how are they earning their money? One answer is there are Internet shops that are owned by Nigerians in Cambodia. They offer many services including scanning your documents. - WARNING CAMBODIA'S UCB BANK CHARGING

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - THAILAND LOST THE PLOT Part 3 - March, 2009
HUMAN RIGHTS IN THAILAND? You Be The Judge - Thailand's mistreatment of foreigners who overstay their Visa can result in their death. In our previous column we mentioned that visited a prisoner in the Pattaya, Thailand jail who was American. When we were at jail they said they didn't know where he was and had no paperwork on him. - WARNING CAMBODIA'S UCB BANK CHARGING

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - THAILAND LOST THE PLOT Part 2 - February, 2009
IS IT DEMOCRACY OR NOT? - The film The Beach which depicted Thailand as a haven for backpackers and drug users. It is an image that Thailand doesn't appreciate. The backlash also created an atmosphere of aggressive mistreatment of some tourists.- WARNING CAMBODIA'S UCB BANK CHARGING

TRAVEL TIPS Cambodia & Thailand - The Adventures of Roman Wanderaugh - THAILAND LOST THE PLOT - January, 2009
FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY - With the reported 188 being killed in Mumbai, India recently a tourist must be concerned about the safety measures in place of the country they are visiting not only for tourist but its citizens.


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