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We warmly remember Dr. Beat Richner, the founder of Cambodia's Kantha Bopha Hospitals for children who passed away earlier this month at the age of 71 - (Kantha Bopha Hospital photo)


In 2010 at the University of Cambodia, filmmaker Oliver Stone on the dais with Uwe Morawetz the Founding Chairman of the International Peace Foundation - NR photo


In 2010 at the University of Cambodia, filmmaker Oliver Stone on the dais with Uwe Morawetz the Founding Chairman of the International Peace Foundation - NR photo


In the documentary Red Light this mother tells Somaly Mam that she would sell her daughter into child sex slavery again and receive only $10 a month for her daughters sexual services - Red Light screen shot - photo



A documentary film "I Am Chut Wutty" regarding the murder of environmental activist Chut Wutty was banned from being screened by the Cambodian government. Wutty is seen here dead in his vehicle after being shot, his body riddled with bullets - Dateline screen shot photo





Cambodian children are sold into prostitution by their parents. Some NGO's are doing something about it by creating a business and others teach and provide jobs. Other NGO's raise millions of dollars in donor money and.... just talk about it. OPERATION SMILE GIVES WITHOUT ASKING - COMING... INNOCENCE LOST - (NR Photo)



RAP founder Bill Herod - James Loving NR photo


Sunsoley Riem (top row extreme left) is seen here with some of the villagers and their children whose endowment was stolen by the manager of the funding Japanese NGO - (nationalradioWORLD.com - photo)


Early Americans celebrated their slaughter of Indians and stealing their land by creating Independence Day (from England) - Spirit of '76 by Archibald MacNeal Willard, 1875


In 2006 the August 21 issue of the Cambodia Daily reported that this individual we believed to be a child sex offender Karl Heinz Henning, then 61, was arrested in Phnom Penh. Four girls aged 10, 11, 13 and 14 were saved from his rented apartment - screen shot of channel News Asia NGO documentary


IS HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF? - Cambodian police are aggressive in their abuse of its citizens. They don't serve and protect its poor populace they serve and protect the interests of the powerful and wealthy - Tim Sorel photo


Poor Cambodian children are vulnerable to abuse. These poor children in the province appear happy. One could reason is it's because they live at home with their parents. The problem is others are not so fortunate - Nationaradio.com - photo


# 3 on our TOP 5 PHNOM PENH stories are: CAMBODIA'S VIRGINITY TRADE & THE GIRLS OF PHNOM PENH - For this sex worker the stakes were high as her life was threatened by her customers but it was AIDS that took it. - Virginity Trade screen shot photo



Democrats Abroad booth at US Embassy Independence Day gathering in Phnom Penh - NR photo


Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 Russian children



Theirry Darnaudet formed APLE in 2003 to stop the child sex industry in Cambodia. Twelve years on the industry continues to flourish and APLE is under fire with allegations that some of their employees have abused children under their care - (Virginity Trade screen shot photo)


The Somaly Mam foundation scam ran deep as the Mam was also supported by Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg who was a Somaly Mam Foundation's Advisory Board member. The two are seen here at Fortune Magazine's 2011 Most Powerful Women Summit - Somaly Mam Foundation photo (edited)


Phnom Penh (Ah!)

HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THIS - I've interviewed some of the most famous entertainers and sports figures in the world of all time but… after seeing that crowd of families with children waiting for health care at Cambodia's Kantha Bopha hospital I knew this interview with the hospitals founder Dr. Beat Richner was going to be a something special in a category that I had never done

A LOOK BACK - It's not about WHAT'S UP but about WHAT HAPPENED. This month we take a look back about the Phnom Penh TOP 10 STORIES we published five years ago. The question is what has changed during the time then now. Give a read to the past and you decide if the situations have changed or are SOS (same old s#!t)

Phnom Penh (Ah) - KHMER THINKING on TRUMP & Oliver Stone - June, 2017
Who? - WHAT? - The question was what Khmers think about Donald Trump and the elections in the United States. The answer is, most likely nothing, since they are more concerned with their immediate local problems and spending time on Facebook and You Tube. Their relationship with filmmaker Oliver Stone offers them an avenue to develop their ability to think and be more aware of world affairs… if they follow up

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA'S $AVE CHILDREN NGO SCAMS - May, 2017
BULLSHIT... TALKS MONEY - Published articles have revealed that many Cambodian NGO's use fake advertising to raise money to scam the public. In May of 2014 the Somaly Mam Foundation fraud exposure was a major story throughout the world. It discredits CNN who supported Mam and gave her an award. Other NGO's have been exposed but the NGO save the children scam beat goes goes on and on and on...

Phnom Penh (Ah) - A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - April, 2017
DANGEROUS STREETS - A tourist usually travels to Cambodia after visiting Thailand. The Thailand experience can lull someone into a comfort zone and a lack of attention due to their Thailand experience where their government is aware and respectful about having the sidewalks for people to walk on. That consideration is enforced by law a respect for tourists that doesn't exist in Cambodia

Phnom Penh (Ah) - NR TOP 10 + PHNOM PENH ARCHIVE STORIES - March, 2017
BIGGER & BETTER - As a result of some unforeseen obstacles which we believe is corruption in the Internet services industry we have been put to the test of making some adjustments and doing some research. The result is we have more unlimited material that we can share with our readers for a more in depth experience thus the creation of a Phnom Penh Archive TOP 10 report with stories dating back to the year 2000 when the column was created

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIAN ROAD TRAVEL NIGHTMARES - February, 2017
ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Traveling throughout Cambodia by road is a great way to see the country. The experience connects a traveler more directly with the culture. The bad news is a traveler must be on the alert for theft and rude behavior and dangerous driving as employees are on a learning curve of how to behave and treat passengers with respect

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SUNSOLEY REAM Deals With NGO'S… THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY - January, 2017
TOUGHING IT OUT - Sunsoly Riem is a former refugee who returned to Cambodia to help his people and stabilize their existence by being involved in several NGO's. In an era that NGO's have come under question Riem has managed to persist to conceive and deliver NGO's that provide evidence of his cause. He also has had some bumps in the road where funds for one of his projects was stolen by a Japanese NGO agent overseeing one of his projects but Riem marches on

Phnom Penh (Ah) - TOP 5 PHNOM PENH STORIES re….. - December, 2016
ASIANS VIEW of AMERICA - An American friend, for decades, asked me what Asians thought of American politics given the turmoil created during the last 18 moths in their US presidential race. My response and thoughts produced some interesting perspectives

AMERICAN WAR HAWKS CARPET BOMBED CAMBODIA - Technology is affording those in Cambodia and other third world countries that care to seek the truth the pipe line to do it… called THE INTERNET. More Khmer youths are becoming better educated and are interested in being more knowledgeable and aware. Due to the outrageous election war in the United States it has turned on the light for many to seek the truth

PROBLEM… THE US GOV'S SPIDERS WEB - Receiving our US presidential ballot on time to vote was a shock. After apparently being denied our right to vote for years due to not receiving the ballot on time was questionable. The current dilemma is deciding to vote for one of two WAR HAWKS or not to vote at all. The deciding factor involved the NSA and CIA

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA's SAM RAINSY SPEAKS OUT on BBC's HARD TALK - September, 2016
CAMBODIA… SEEKING DEMOCRACY - The BBC's Hard Talk program gave Cambodian politician Sam Rainsy a platform to speak out about the political situation that exists in his country. The shows host was not concerned about human rights abuses but was elated about the country's economic growth.' She asked why should the international community care about political change in Cambodia when their economy is growing

BEATEN DOWN & OUT - Millions and perhaps BILLIONS of dollars have been raised over the years to fight the sex trade business and enrich the staff of NGO's. The job is never done as it is a cash cow for raising money and employing foreigners to live a colonialist lifestyle. To eliminate the problem the answer could be to legalize prostitution, tax the businesses and give health care to the sex workers. Eliminate the domino effect that people are so poor that they sell their children into the trade

CAMBODIA, NO ROBBIN HOODS THERE… JUST HOODS - Cambodia is not the Disneyland that is portrayed by CNN. Repeated murders of activists, journalists and members of the opposition parties indicate the authoritarian power that exists in the realm. The well connected get away with murder and the poor are denied their human rights and dignity due to the iron fisted manner which the government is managed

On Independence Day (4th of July) America celebrates their racist attitudes, gun ownership and supporting their racist friends the racist Israelis. Having traveled throughout the world for 45 years we decided to take some advice and celebrate Independence Day when we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the early 90's. We were informed that American Embassy's and consulates all over the world celebrate this day and it is OPEN TO ALL AMERICAN'S. We would later discover that in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that this is not the case.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - TOURISTS BEWARE of CAMBODIA - May, 2016
SNATCHED - Don't believe anything on CNN regarding Cambodia. The Cambodian government buys advertising directed to tourists making it seem as if Cambodia is Disneyland. Cambodia is not Disneyland and CNN is not the messenger of accurate and truthful information. A case in point is CNN failed to report on the murder of activist Chut Whutty in May a few years ago. CNN failed to report on the exposure of Somaly Mam as a anti child sex NGO fraud

Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO's DECIETFUL SPENDING - April, 2016
WHERE'S THE MONEY? - What NGO's fail to disclose is that 90% of the child sex industry in Cambodia is supported by Khmer and Asian customers therefore NOTHING IS BEING STOPPED. As the beat goes on children continue to be abused by Asians that created the child sex industry in the region which has been entrenched in their culture for centuries. It raises the MOST IMPORTANT question what is the anti child sex trafficking donor money being used for?

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIAN JOURNALISM Exposed by Channel News Asia - March, 2016
THE ART of DECEPTION - When it comes to obtaining accurate information via Cambodian journalism extortion factors into the result and questions credibility. Channel News Asia (CNA) reported a story on extortion by the Cambodian media that opened up a can of worms. CNA scratched the surface of the problem therefore getting what they wanted and then abandoned the real story without examining the reasons why.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIAN JOURNALISM Exposed by Channel News Asia - March, 2016
THE ART of DECEPTION - When it comes to obtaining accurate information via Cambodian journalism extortion factors into the result and questions credibility. Channel News Asia (CNA) reported a story on extortion by the Cambodian media that opened up a can of worms. CNA scratched the surface of the problem therefore getting what they wanted and then abandoned the real story without examining the reasons why.

IS HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF? - Is displaying a strong military presence the way to appeal to tourism? Apparently the Cambodian government is beefing up its military in what appears to be a training session of young troops along Norodom Boulevard near the residence of the boss of the nation. New guns and police cars are overtly on display

Phnom Penh (Ah) - BUYER BEWARE… SMART TELECOM STEALS - January, 2016
SMART'S THEFTS ARE AUTOMATIC - Cambodia's Smart Telecom's deceptive business practices have come into focus. It was recently revealed by the company that when one of their customers leaves the country that they AUTOMATICALLY install and charge the customer ROAMING CHARGES

Phnom Penh (Ah) - BEWARE of CHHAY HOK COMPUTER TRADING - December, 2015
INTEGRITY & QUALITY IS THE QUESTION - If its problems you're looking for you can find them at Chhay Hok Computer Trading in Cambodia. Customer's experiences have revealed that they have questionable business practices and their integrity is called into question. The bottom line is BEWARE of the CHHAY HOK COMPUTER TRADING Company

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA'S ORPHANAGE TOURISM SCAM - November, 2015
WAREHOUSING CHILDREN FOR MONEY - A Channel News Asia (CNA) telecast of a documentary titled Cambodia's Orphanage Tourism reveals the scam to raise money for orphanages that warehouse Khmer children. The documentary reveals how children are subject to being abused verbally, physically and raped by the Khmer staff. The end game is to raise money for their Khmer staff who are not working in the best interests of the children

Phnom Penh (Ah) - TOP 5 - PHNOM PENH STORIES - October, 2015
THE SHELL GAME - HUMAN INTEREST stories lead the way as exemplified by the interest in the arrest of a major pedophile who had sex with 37 children. Two films made the charts as they exposed the child sex problem in Cambodia but the results are the films are an apparent secret which are made for the purpose of fund raising and self interests since the problem continues to grow and positive results are slim to none

Phnom Penh (Ah) - PHNOM PENH'S PARANOID US EMBASSY - September, 2015
CIA INVOLVEMENT CREATES ENEMIES - Is America really that beautiful or are they simply WAR HUNGRY KILLERS that want to be the police of the world. Given the lies and deceit of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh they are well on their way to surrounding themselves with enemies that will exacerbate their well deserved paranoia

CAMBODIA'S PEDOMANIA - Russian pedophile Alexander Trofimov aka Stanley Molodyakov was sentenced IN RUSSIA to 11 years in prison. That equates to less than a few months for 17 Cambodian and 20 Russian children he sexually abused yet those children will be imprisoned in their minds and suffer their entire lives for the crimes against children and humanity that he has subject them to. The problem is Cambodia is becoming recognized as the pedophile capitol of the world. Cambodia also protects criminals sought after by Interpol and that exacerbates the child sex abuse problem

GOD BLESS AMERICA? - Having traveled throughout the world for 45 years we decided to take some advice and celebrate Independence Day when I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the early 90's. I was informed that American Embassy's all over the world celebrated this day and it is OPEN TO ALL AMERICAN'S. I would later find in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that this was not the case.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO ANTI CHILD SEX DOERS verses the DONOR SEEKERS - June, 2015
$#!T or GET OFF THE POT! - The question is WHAT ARE ANTI CHILD SEX NGO's DOING ABOUT PREPARING CHILDREN TO SURVIVE in the world with JOB SKILLS so they won't be a victim of the sex industry so they CAN STAND ON THEIR OWN?

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM EXPOSED - ONE YEAR AFTER - May, 2015
NGO'S THIRST 4 MONEY - In 25 years of observing and reporting on the subject very little has been done to stop the child sex problem. While NGO's and filmmakers dance around the root cause of the crisis the child sex industry continues to flourish - The Cambodian Children's Fund was in the spotlight on Channel News Asia this past month

Phnom Penh (Ah) - TOP 5 PHNOM PENH STORIES - April, 2015
FROM THE GOOD TO THE UGLY - This year our TOP 5 Phnom Penh columns reflect the difference in the quality of NGO workers from over a decade ago that gave and dedicated themselves to the cause of helping the Cambodian people compared to the current self serving NGO's that are concerned about how much money they can raise by exploiting the sufferings of Cambodia's deprived and using them as pawns that enables NGO staff to live colonialist lifestyles while Cambodia's abused continue to suffer

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM IS BACK IN BUSINESS - March, 2015
ANOTHER LIFE TO LIVE - Exposed as a fraud, Somaly Mam is back in business with a new fund raising NGO that is based in the US state of Texas. Another famous anti child sex NGO director in Cambodia has been arrested for assaulting children under his care

AN AMERICAN JOURNALIST'S SIDE of the STORY - When Becker met with journalists in 2012 she related her experience of walking down the pathway entrance to a military commander's office. She noted that each side of the pathway was decorated with human skulls sitting on the top of sticks. It was supposed to be an evil decoration and much to her horror she said the pathway was to an office of an officer with the Lon Nol regime. - So much for the US government making the right moves in who they support.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - The Anti Child Sex Trade film Red Light's PRESS RELEASE - Part 2 - January, 2015
THEY DIDN'T GET AWAY WITH IT - Many of these anti child sex trade NGO's are talkers not walkers. They raise money simply to talk about this sad subject. The money intended to save children, for the most part, is used to guzzle alcoholic beverages and support the NGO employees' colonialist lifestyle. They have a good time with the extended spring break while the children are in too many cases…NOT SAVED

Phnom Penh (Ah) - THE RED LIGHT ANTI CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING Documentary MYSTERY - January, 2015
WHAT'S THE SECRET? - Two red flags jumped up as the anti child sex documentary Red Light was produced by an Israeli who is a female and a former Israeli soldier. This situation is monumental since Israeli soldiers are well known for murdering Arab children as in Gaza, but in this case one comes to Asia to save the children. This diametrically opposed result of how one deals with children is incredible

Phnom Penh (Ah) - THOSE INVOLVED IN THE SOMALY MAM SCAM - December, 2014
WHERE'S THE MONEY? - The Somaly Mam Foundation fraud exposed the worms in the anti child sex NGO industry which was also assisted by glory seeking media and government officials. With all of CNN's INTEL and their CIA super star Fran Townsend now a consultant to CNN and the CIA and CNN's other CIA resources they couldn't or failed to do their due diligence in vetting the Somaly Mam Foundation's false claims

JOB$ ARE THE ANSWER - While anti child sex trafficking NGO's continue to grow in number so does the child sex trade. For NGO's its about them first to pay for their administration and colonialist lifestyles while what money is left over is then applied to the intended cause. It's more about us, the NGO'S 1st and child sex victims 2nd

Phnom Penh (Ah) - CAMBODIA'S WATER FESTIVAL IS ON following a 3 year ABSENCE - October, 2014
THE RACE IS ON!!! - This year's event is scheduled from November 5th-7th. Since the tragedy of a collapsed bridge during the 2010 Cambodian Water Festival that resulted in over 350 deaths the event has been canceled for three consecutive years

There is an apparent public relations motive by government US and Australian aid organizations to promote and support anti child sex projects. This will go on for eternity while very little is done except pay the salaries of NGO staff. As author John Perry Barlow said over a decade ago when he addressed the media and NGO types at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Phnom Penh, that NGO's won't do their job, "BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO JOB."

Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO'S MISPLACED CHILD SEX FUNDING? - August, 2014
WHERE'S THE MONEY? - The Somaly Mam Foundation expose that it was a fraud created a ripple effect that NGO's are now concerned that the revelation will hurt their funding. Is this an indication that these NGO maggots are more concerned that the revelation of the fraud is more about where will the money come from to support their alcoholic dependencies and colonialist party animal lifestyles?

WHAT ARE THE NGO's DOING WITH THE MONEY? - The fight against child sex trafficking inspires an industry that focuses is on raising money to feed those westerners that run these organizations who live a fruitful and comfortable colonialist lifestyle as opposed to using the funding to serve the intended purpose of saving children from sex trafficking and prostitution. It's more of a case of exploitation than salvation

Phnom Penh (Ah) - SOMALY MAM FOUNDATION FRAUD - June, 2014
ARE NGO'S MORE EXPLOITATION THAN SALVATION? - The sordid business of child sex trafficking has been exposed The Somaly Mam Foundation as a fraud. The problem is that is only the tip of the iceberg as NGO's do more for themselves to pay their salaries and perks than solving a problem that they have been only talking about for years. They talk the talk but can't walk the walk of resolving the root cause of the problem… POVERTY

Phnom Penh (Ah) - TOP 5 PHNOM PENH STORIES - May, 2014
BEWARE OF SORYA TRANSIT BUS SERVICE is our fastest riser in commanding the top spot - As the song goes, 'those oldies but goodies remind me of you,' applies as an old column focusing on the Freshie Girls & Boys contest surfaced to take the 3rd position. What augments the result is the story is nine years old

WHERE'S SORYA'S INTEGRITY? - BUYER BEWARE! - The problem with Sorya Bus Transit in Cambodia is a lack of responsibility, lying, deceit in posting a notice that they do not honor plus failing to keep proper customer complaint records which equates that they do not care. If this were an HONEST ORGANIZED COMPANY they would have a log with all complaints made as we had a record of the time, date and length that complaint call was made

Phnom Penh (Ah) - COMPUTER SHOP SWAPS?- March, 2014
SHOPPERS GUIDE - BUYER BEWARE! - - When making a purchase in Cambodia inquire what the warranty is and who will service it. If you're traveling through the warranty most likely will not be honored outside of Cambodia. In our experience we have discovered that Cambodian businesses can't or will not honor their own warranty. In Cambodia customer service has a different meaning than in the West.

Phnom Penh (Ah) - US GOVERNMENT'S MISTAKES - February, 2014
WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND - Not only do NGO's exploit poor nations by using their oppressed people's situation to raise money and do nothing but immerse themselves with a colonialist lifestyle but the US government uses democracy as an excuse to invade a country destroy it and massacre its people as they did in the carpet bombing of Cambodia. For some that unpunished war crime will not go away

Phnom Penh (Ah) - NGO's TALK 2 MUCH = NO ACTION = 0 RESULTS - January, 2014
THE REAL WORLD OF SOME NGO'S - Think about this…. In the CNN infomercial Everyday In Cambodia Sorvino pointed out that many of the exploited families that sell their children try to get by on a dollar a day. Every time and NGO slime swigs down a beer they're wasting $3 to $5 of money that could be used to help the exploited poor families and save some children from the sex trade










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