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Phnom Penh (Ah!) Travel Tips - FRESHIE CONTEST 2008 BEGINS - JANUARY 2008


The Freshie 2005 third place finisher Prasat Davin is recognized as being one of Cambodia's top three most photogenic models - Freshie photo

The Freshie 2005 contestants had the wholesome look that sponsor Evian water was looking for ranks # 7 on the NR TOP 10 - Evian photo

CAMBODIA'S 2007 FRESHIE top six - (Freshie photo)

FRESHIE SHOW producer Boonkerd Angamnuasiri - NR photo

With spiked hair 2005 Freshie Boy winner Lim Chealay walked the walk - NR photo

Pedestrian DANGER ZONE made changes on Sihanouk Boulevard - NR photo



DJ Ken




National Radio Text Service - Friday January 25, 2008



The TV 5 Arena was buzzing with excitement today as over 100 Freshie Boy & girl contest hopefuls gathered there to see who would qualify for the next round in the selection process. Today 25 boys and 25 girls were chosen to take the next step and pair down to those that will qualify for the official competition.

We questioned Boonkerd Angamnuasiri one of the original founders of the event regarding his statement following last years final that it was the last Freshie show he was going to produce. At that time he noted he was tired and the event took too much out of him. He changed his mind. The reason? The answer was simple, "People kept asking, why, why, why don't you do the show?"

The prodding resulted in a Freshie 2008 show. This year the event will start well after the time table previous Freshie shows finished. It is now in the selection process. Usually the selection stage begins in November. Last years final took place at the Chaktomuk Theater on January 27 obviously prior to this year's official start which will commence February 14..

Again this year there was a mixture of entrants. Angamnuasiri noted that two of the Cambodian girls came from France. Last year one of the entrants was reared in Hong Kong and another in Australia. Again this season there were the haves and have nots that was obvious from their attire. The footwear ranged from flip flops, sandals and some had fancy footwear including some girls wearing high heals accentuated with oversized hand bags. It was obvious that previous Freshie show had influenced their appearance, some of the boys wore ear rings and had spiked hair styles. For those that could afford it style is in. . Some wore jewelry to accentuate their in style clothing. Some of the girls had oversized handbags.

The selection included some of the have nots who made it through to the next round. It was remindfull of the story that some of the previous Freshie girls were without shoes. The producers had to provide shoes for them. One went on to win the title the other made it to the top 10.

The qualification procedure changed this year. In the past 300 boys and girls were selected and interviewed over a three day period at a rate of 100 a day. As part of the interview they performed their talent for example playing and instrument, singing, dancing etc. This year the entrants did a fashion walk. After a demonstration by 2005 Freshie Girl 3rd place finisher Prasat Davin and 2005 Freshie Boy winner Lim Chealay the contestants lined up and tried to remember and follow the example. Some were ready and others were not.

Some of the shortcomings were stage fright, a lack confidence, poor posture, poor walk and failure to follow the routine. Others walked with confidence and followed the pattern and routine more efficiently. The applicants performance weighed heavily on the judges decision.

One observer noted that some entrants were better prepared since they now have in Cambodia a number of television shows on fashion that they can observe the models doing the fashion walk (catwalk).

Since the Freshie contest began in 2001 the proof is there that it has influenced the style and attitudes of Cambodian youth. Another one of the changes is Cambodian youth have a more confident and positive attitude. The result being that Freshie contest gives many young people something to strive for.

A surprise to me was seeing my neighbor whom I've known her and her family since she was 11-years-old. She bolted out and pranced around and doing the fashion walk in what appeared to be 4 inch heels. To say she's growing up is an understatement.

The 2007 Freshie top six finishers were also present to assist the entrants. The Freshies are some of the examples of a better life and futures as they have gone on after their Freshie success to have careers in modeling, acting and television presenters.

The official contest first show will be televised live from TV 5 on TV 5 February 14th at 7 PM. There will be eight televised shows televised every Thursday at 7 PM on TV 5 until the final that is scheduled to take place at the Chaktomuk Theater


Prasat Davin appeared on a talk show on CTN the day before the Freshie tryouts. She is noted as being one of the three most photogenic models in Cambodia. Notably she has had success and didn't win the 2005 contest.


Since the 2005 Freshie contest we have published 104 Freshie stories or mentions in one of our columns. From that the following are the top three Freshie stories read by NR readers.

1. He has emerged as a TV star in Cambodia being the host of several TV shows as well being the new co-host of the Freshie contest

2. FRESHIE CONTEST - THE NEW LOOK OF CAMBODIA ... Which of these last three Freshie Girl finalists do you think won the contest?

3. The Freshie Boy & Girl contest will be staging its sixth event. ... The Freshie contest will be starting its contest some time soon.


Last month we warned:

Walking the streets of Phnom Penh is no easy task. Quite frankly IT IS DANGEROUS. The sidewalks are primarily used by businesses for auto parking or restaurants extending their business on the public sidewalks by placing chairs and tables to the extent that pedestrians must walk in to street to get through.

Once in the street you must look both ways as motorcycles and vehicles go the wrong way and on the wrong side of the street. If you're used to looking into the oncoming traffic take the time to look the opposite way for the wrong way driver.

When crossing the street DO NOT EXPECT courtesy of the road and yielding to pedestrians who in the western world have the right of way. Remember…THIS IS CAMBODIA. There is no courtesy of the road here. Oncoming traffic will drive IN FRONT of you. If you and the vehicle reach the spot you are walking towards REMEMBER when metal hits flesh, METAL WINS.

If you're injured the medical facilities in Cambodia area nightmare and not recommended. Those that can afford it travel to Thailand or Vietnam for medical treatment.

On Tuesday December 18 at 2:45 PM, due to an SUV being double parked in the street on Sihanouk Boulevard, a Lucky market shopper had to walk into the middle of the traffic lane to get into the store. Motorbikes were lined up on the sidewalk blocking all pedestrians' access and endangering their lives.

If you're using a motor taxi for transport make sure that they are sober before getting on the bike. It is seldom that a motor-taxi driver takes the time to look before moving into another lane of traffic. Should you feel uncomfortable about your driver, get off and look for another. The life you save may be your own.

Make sure you hold your purse or bag IN FRONT OF YOU ON YOUR CHEST. A French girl recently died after an unsuccessful snatch and grab of her purse while she was a passenger on a motorcycle. She fell into traffic and was run over by an oncoming vehicle.


A rope barrier has been set up at the problem area thus the moto bikes have to park elsewhere. Pedestrians now can walk on the sidewalk into the Lucky market. It doesn't matter who receives the credit as long as the problem is addressed. Credit to Lucky Market management for recognizing the problem. We can now walk safely into the market to spend our money. Isn't that the name of the game?

Angkor Wat - photo Bob Loveland

Cambodian children are sold into prostitution by their parents. Some NGO's are doing something about it by creating a business and others teach and provide jobs. Other NGO's raise millions of dollars in donor money and.... just talk about it. OPERATION SMILE GIVES WITHOUT ASKING - COMING... INNOCENCE LOST - (NR Photo)

Cambodian Rnariddh Sihanouk greets Celebrity football team - Cambodia Football Federation photo



The Angkor Wat Temples took over the top spot moving up from the second place. IOM Tackles Human Trafficking made a big move from 6th to 3 rd. In their case the point is where are the results of their efforts?

Cambodian Football Rising From The Ashes moved up two positions from fifth to third. This is an old story that focused on a positive future in rebuilding Cambodia's International football program that hasn't fully come to fruition.

In a surprise move Dr. Beat Richner's story fell from the top spot after holding down that position for almost a year. Digital Divide Data (DDD) also fell out of the top five list.

The rankings are as follows. The first number indicated is the rating for Cambodian stories the second number is last months ranking the third number is the overall NR Top story ratings.

1. - 2 - 3 - The Angkor Wat Temples The Jewel of Cambodia

2. - 6 - 8 - IOM Tackles Human Trafficking - Chris Decherd Returns - Sex Tourist Challenges AIDS

3. - 5 - 10. Cambodian Football Rising From The Ashes - When you think of Cambodia your more likely to think about the "Killing Fields" and the millions of innocent ...

4. - 4 - 11 - January 15, 2006. Thai vs. Cambodia Celebrity Football Game

5. - 3 - 12 - Friday November 11, 2005. Cambodia's Olympic Committee Give Club Team Khemara SEA Games Invitation

Special Note:

Racism is a subject that won't go away. A story Racist Radio that we wrote about the subject in 1998 continues to retain interest and keeps reentering the Top 20 over the years. We are including it on this list since the problem exists in Cambodia.

An English language publication in Cambodia suggested in its January 2007 issue for foreign club owners keep black people out of their establishment. In its June 2007 issue that same publication gave advice on purchasing narcotics. The irony is that within a one year period two of its writers of their Sihanoukville column died from drug related causes. The publication has also committed Internet theft and plagiarism.


In researching the findings we have found that search engines Yahoo, Google and MSN are all guilty of misleading the public. They have linked our story information to other sites without our permission. Those sites include Thai Visa, Washington University in the USA and UNESCO.

We have tried to contact Yahoo regarding this matter but there was no response. For our story on Digital Divide Data titled Bridging The Digital Gap Yahoo linked our information to UNESCO and Washington University web sites as noted below.

Cambodia (PDF) 13 James Loving, "DDD - Bridging the Digital Gap of Have and Have. Notes," (by James Loving, National Radio Text Service, 8 April 8, ... www.unescobkk.org/fileadmin/user_upload/ict/Metasurvey/CAMBODIA.PDF - 117k - View as html

The questions are:

1. Why would a company that is valued at billions of dollars employ dishonest practices?

2. Who is responsible for manipulating information that is misleading to the public?

3. Who is responsible at UNESCO in permitting the practice?

Yahoo used the same story to mislead the public to the Washington University (USA) web site as noted below:

Cambodia (PDF) 13 James Loving, "DDD - Bridging the Digital Gap of Have and Have. Notes," (by James Loving, National Radio Text Service, 8 April 8, ... www.com.washington.edu/ict4d/upload/2004052712430458_03760155.pdf - 117k - View as html WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

Our Roman Wanderaugh columns have been linked to other web sites by all three search engines without our permission. The most flagrant violator is Thai Visa. We have contacted them in the past but they have ignored our request to take our stories off their site.

All three of the mentioned search engines have used our story information and linked it to Thai Visa without our permission. Thai Visa actually stole our story and posted it on their site. In the past they not only stole our Cambodia By Land & Sea story but also used our photo. Since that time the photo is not on our story on their site.

Google provides advertising for the site. The question is why would a company that is worth billions of dollars resort to supporting a web site that steals?

The information of our information page on the Google site also had the following endorsing going to the Thai Visa site. ©2007 Google - Google Home - Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google FRONT PAGE WITH THAI VISA

MSN did the same. They listed incorrect information and linked our work to Thai Visa as noted below:

Thaivisa.com The latest updated Thai visa immigration news; work permit and residence permit in ... Friday, 15 December 2006 Cambodia visa trip "TRAVELING AROUND" by Roman Wanderaugh o www.thaivisa.com/344.0.html o ˇ¤ 7/14/2007 o ˇ¤ Cached page

Cambodia visa trip "TRAVELING AROUND" by Roman Wanderaugh "AN INEXPENSIVE TRIP from BANGKOK to CAMBODIA by LAND & SEA" If you're an adventurous traveler the trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from ... o www.thaivisa.com/border-run/page_2.html o ˇ¤ Cached page o +Show more results from www.thaivisa.com

MSN also listed the headline TRAVELING AROUND on the Cambodia Land & Sea story. It raises the question why was it necessary to make two listings on the same story to link to the Thai Visa site?

Roman Waderaugh and any other National Radio columns are only legally available on the Internet on National Radio. We DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for any other web site to use our material including soliciting our photos to the public.

We negotiate directly with interested parties for use. We are published in print in five languages. We do not approve of Thai Visa using our material and all of the search engines misleading the public to other web sites using National Radio information.

Isn't a search engines job to lead the public to the information they seek? It is clearly stated on our National Radio web site:


We are published in five languages, English, Thai, French, Russian and Khmer (Cambodian language). Any of our foreign language material is legally available ONLY on our National Radio site.

© Copyright: National Radio. Any use of these materials, whole or in part, is prohibited unless authorized in writing by National Radio. Contact: nationalradio@yahoo.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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