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Phnom Penh (Ah!) Travel Tips - NGO'S - GREEDY, SEEDY OR HELP THE NEEDY?

Cambodian children are sold into prostitution by their parents. Some NGO's are doing something about it by creating a business and others teach and provide jobs. Other NGO's raise millions of dollars in donor money and.... just talk about it. OPERATION SMILE GIVES WITHOUT ASKING - COMING... INNOCENCE LOST - (NR Photo)


DJ Ken

National Radio Text Service - Saturday May 31, 2008


NGO staff appear to be in Cambodia to drink beer, party and basically relive their spring break - NR TOP SECTIONS AND STORIES - Three Cambodia related stories made the NR Top 10 this month with RONAN taking the lead. Two columns were the overall fastest risers on the NR Top 10.



Recently I was asked if I knew of an NGO that helped children who weren't funded by deep pockets and well healed. The donors intend to fund between US $200-300,000. Two of the requirements were they had to be honest and have an address.

During the discussion we pointed out our observations of NGO staff that appeared to be in Cambodia to drink beer, party and basically relive their spring break. The donor didn't want to support party animals. They agreed with our analysis having seen it all before. Another qualification is a responsible NGO that returns emails and phone calls. When all was said and done we really couldn't recommend anyone that fit the bill and that was disturbing.

Our impression of NGO staff range from those who are seedy and greedy to those who really help the needy. We've noticed that some live in lavish villas and have big new gas guzzling vehicles. They like to wine and dine and upscale restaurants that cater to the well healed as well as having beers at various watering holes particularly those down by the riverside.

The Cambodia Daily once wrote a story about an NGO chief who paid himself $15,000 a month in salary. We then asked another NGO chief how much he paid himself. His reply was $3,000 a month. His NGO deals in trafficking particularly children. Obviously with that problem continuing the job of eliminating the problem is not being done. We asked if he had a solution to the problem. The answer was no. We asked if he knew the age of consent in Cambodia. The answer was no. So one might ask why fund an NGO US $4 million over three years if the job isn't getting done and they can't identify their target market.

John Perry Barlow had that answer when he visited the Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia a few years ago. His opinion is that the mission of getting the job done would mean that THERE WOULD BE NO JOB. Shock waves went around the room as many who were in attendance were probably being faced with looking in the mirror.

But there was more to the icing on the NGO cake when a French owned bar opened up in a quiet Khmer neighborhood. They partied all night long with some of these parties lasting until the break of dawn. That resulted in the numerous neighborhood children who had school the next day going without sleep. A lady who pushed a food cart around all day to earn meager money went without sleep. The local shop owners who started setting up shop at 5 AM went without sleep. We wrote about the situation and one of those in attendance at the party had the gall to send us an email as follows:

I recently read in your December 2005 issue about foreigner noise pollution. I found this to be a little naive in your assertions. Being from the United States, I have grown accustomed to many different cultures and it's honestly easy to point fingers at other cultures and say "they are different and they should act like us."

I know from listening to Americans, many people who make noise or party all night are not too well liked. It's easy to point out the color of the skin, the ethnic background or the race of a person.

You wouldn't just come out and say "those &*(*& (speaking of your own race) should turn the music down. Just pointing out the most obvious is enough.

As to your assertion, yes, foreigners should respect the laws and the cultures of the land. One thing we have in America are zones. Or areas in cities or communities where certain businesses can operate.

So say a certain area is where most people live. Then no businesses can operate within 500 meters of this zone. Places that serve alcohol, cannot be located within a certain distance from a school.

To respect those who need to sleep, places with loud music must be closed no later than 1am.

These are laws that cities and local governments have established to ensure no loud noise is present, no danger comes to children, no danger comes to pedestrians because of traffic.

Also in America, if there is a noisy party going on at an establishment or a house after a respectable time, many residents of the community will not think twice to call the police and have the police demand the party break up or turn the music down.

Yes, you are right it shows no respect when someone is playing music very loud at 2am. It shows no respect when they are screaming, it shows no respect when they won't stop.

Would you have wrote the same article if it was a Cambodian business? Just curious. It is a foreigner thing, foreigners in America, Foreigners in Japan, Foreigners in Cambodia, it doesn't matter. It's always foreigners.

Except in Mexico, where they like to party all night.

I respect your opinion, but you were a little off line with our assertions.

The author took the time to point out a race issue. Shortsighted perhaps but race is not the issue. The author obviously is educated about laws that protect those in other countries and therein by not applying that awareness he and others could be considered ignorant when they implement their blatant disrespect on others.

After receiving the email the problem continued until neighbors signed a petition complaining about the business. The noise decreased in increments and took over a year for the noise to be reduced to a manageable level where the neighbors could get a decent night of sleep. If anything was learned from this negative experience it was the unveiling of the mentality and the human behavior of many in the NGO community with their don't give a damn attitude.

The point about if it were a Khmer business would we report on it. The answer is absolutely but the Khmers do obey a law for noise as evidenced when they celebrate a wedding or have a party they shut the music down at or prior to 12 PM.

Respect and consideration of others should be for all people wherever those who are educated may be located. More so for those who are supposedly in a country to help the needy. Are many NGO staff in Cambodia here to help the needy or help themselves and stuff their pockets and bank accounts with money and live a colonialists lifestyle?

The situation is more compounded when you consider how many NGO staff are in Cambodia with families. They send their children to International schools that cost from $12,000 a year per child an up. For a family with several children plus having to receive their own salaries there is a lot of money needed to be made.

How much of the funded money is actually reaching the intended needy and want percentage of the millions of dollars being funded is going to administration? Do the math, do the logic. Deduct that from US $200 - 300,000 and see what's left to do the job… or is it to party?

So who is worthy? The search is on.


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Ronan - Alyson Hua photo

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Of the Top 5 sections most visited on National Radio two Cambodian related sections took a solid position in the ratings. Cambodian Sports maintained the second position the Phnom Penh section leaped to the third spot. The Freshie Girls & Boys section fell off the list in part due to our deleting the listing from our front page.

Of the three Cambodia stories that made the NR Top 10 this month with RONAN taking the lead but two Video Beat columns February and March 2008 which include blurbs on the Freshie contest took the second and third positions. These were the two columns were overall fastest risers on the NR Top 10.

This is most notable since it was at this point there was a turn of events in the Freshie contest where in our opinion some more qualified contestants were eliminated. This was an elimination based on the beauty of the face and body. For this reporter who has reviewed some of the best ever entertainers in the world as well as being a Freshie judge in the past it raised some very serious concerns. In our opinion the decision was nonsense. Being from an area where no sense is nonsense we decided to take this stance.

The theme of this column being NGO's doing their work or here in Cambodia to party was reflected in a film we reviewed on Human Trafficking staring Mira Sorvino as a member of ICE (Immigration Control Enforcement) which was mentioned in both Video Beat columns.

The film was based on a story with a Philippines background but it goes on here in Cambodia and came to light when a young Russian investor of a proposed $300 million US to develop an island in Sihanoukville was busted and sentenced for debauchery and having sex with children


overall NR Top story ratings.

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In researching the findings we have found that search engines Yahoo, Google and MSN are all guilty of misleading the public. They have linked our story information to other sites without our permission. Those sites include Thai Visa, Washington University in the USA and UNESCO.

We have tried to contact Yahoo regarding this matter but there was no response. For our story on Digital Divide Data titled Bridging The Digital Gap Yahoo linked our information to UNESCO and Washington University web sites as noted below.

Cambodia (PDF) 13 James Loving, "DDD - Bridging the Digital Gap of Have and Have. Notes," (by James Loving, National Radio Text Service, 8 April 8, ... www.unescobkk.org/fileadmin/user_upload/ict/Metasurvey/CAMBODIA.PDF - 117k - View as html

The questions are:

1. Why would a company that is valued at billions of dollars employ dishonest practices?

2. Who is responsible for manipulating information that is misleading to the public?

3. Who is responsible at UNESCO in permitting the practice?

Yahoo used the same story to mislead the public to the Washington University (USA) web site as noted below:

Cambodia (PDF) 13 James Loving, "DDD - Bridging the Digital Gap of Have and Have. Notes," (by James Loving, National Radio Text Service, 8 April 8, ... www.com.washington.edu/ict4d/upload/2004052712430458_03760155.pdf - 117k - View as html WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY

Our Roman Wanderaugh columns have been linked to other web sites by all three search engines without our permission. The most flagrant violator is Thai Visa. We have contacted them in the past but they have ignored our request to take our stories off their site.

All three of the mentioned search engines have used our story information and linked it to Thai Visa without our permission. Thai Visa actually stole our story and posted it on their site. In the past they not only stole our Cambodia By Land & Sea story but also used our photo. Since that time the photo is not on our story on their site.

Google provides advertising for the site. The question is why would a company that is worth billions of dollars resort to supporting a web site that steals?

The information of our information page on the Google site also had the following endorsing going to the Thai Visa site. ©2007 Google - Google Home - Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google FRONT PAGE WITH THAI VISA

MSN did the same. They listed incorrect information and linked our work to Thai Visa as noted below:

Thaivisa.com The latest updated Thai visa immigration news; work permit and residence permit in ... Friday, 15 December 2006 Cambodia visa trip "TRAVELING AROUND" by Roman Wanderaugh o www.thaivisa.com/344.0.html o ˇ¤ 7/14/2007 o ˇ¤ Cached page

Cambodia visa trip "TRAVELING AROUND" by Roman Wanderaugh "AN INEXPENSIVE TRIP from BANGKOK to CAMBODIA by LAND & SEA" If you're an adventurous traveler the trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from ... o www.thaivisa.com/border-run/page_2.html o ˇ¤ Cached page o +Show more results from www.thaivisa.com

MSN also listed the headline TRAVELING AROUND on the Cambodia Land & Sea story. It raises the question why was it necessary to make two listings on the same story to link to the Thai Visa site?

Roman Wanderaugh and any other National Radio columns are only legally available on the Internet on National Radio. We DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for any other web site to use our material including soliciting our photos to the public.

We negotiate directly with interested parties for use. We are published in print in five languages. We do not approve of Thai Visa using our material and all of the search engines misleading the public to other web sites using National Radio information.

Isn't a search engines job to lead the public to the information they seek? It is clearly stated on our National Radio web site:

© Copyright: National Radio. Any use of these materials, whole or in part, is prohibited unless authorized in writing by National Radio. Contact: nationalradio@yahoo.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


© Copyright: National Radio. Any use of these materials, whole or in part, is prohibited unless authorized in writing by National Radio. Contact: nationalradio@yahoo.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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