Double agent British/Russian spy a 66-year-old Russian born Sergei Skripal got caught betraying his country and was poisonedand with his his 33-year-old daughter Yulia Skripal - (Screenshot - Guardian news photo)




Double agent Sergei Skripal is paying the price for betraying his country - (Screenshot - Guardian news photo)

WHO IS Charlie Rowley??? WHAT IS HIS JOB??? - (Screenshot - Guardian news photo)

Was Dawn Sturgess' death a result of a spill-off of the International spy business or what? - (Screenshot - Guardian news photo)



In an apparent effort to satisfy her friends the Israelis Hillary won't go away with her claims the Russian are responsible for everything wrong in the world.... WITHOUT HAVING PROOF. Does MONEY MATTER? - State Department photo by Michael Gross


The United States government invades nations in the name of democracy while in reality it's for OIL. Fahrenheit 9-11 examines the US government's motives - Lionsgate Films, IFC Films & Dog Eat Dog Films Fahrenheit 9/11 poster




POV 62 - (Point of View) - USA ACCUSES RUSSIA of EVERYTHING....WHY???



The accusations and verbal attacks on Russia, Iran and China are one sided. The point driven home is they are the enemy and need to be scrutinized and CONTROLLED. Unfounded accusations rule over fact. The truth is American and Israeli forces surround Russia and China propagating an atmosphere for WAR. That attitude is being promoted in the accusation of the Novichok poisonings.... WITHOUT PROOF - Previously Part 1 - THE UNEXPLAINED NOVICHOK POISONING HALF TRUTHS


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Hillary Clinton will die in her sleep chanting the RUSSIANS DID IT, THE RUSSIAN DID IT. That statement has sent the US government on a journey of spending the US citizen's tax money on worthless politician's investigations of interference in the US government functions. It's not outsiders that are interfering it's the US government itself.

The US government prefers to use their citizen's tax money for weapons and funding Israel billions of dollars and weapons while denying its citizens the monies intended purpose of taxes by taking care of its own people. Its citizens have had their medical and social security benefits threatened, cut back or eliminated. The US government is committed to war not taking care of its citizens.

A perfect example is the US and their Colonialist government's allies are focused on dazzling the world with bullshit such as the Skripal poisoning investigations of spies that were caught and punished. This waste of time and money could be more useful investing in America's schools and infrastructure.

The Russians have a different perspective on their own internal government affairs particularly regarding the Skripals.

On 7 March, anchor Kirill Kleimyonov of the state television station Channel One Russia's current affairs program Vremya said that being "a traitor to the motherland" was one of the most hazardous professions and warned: "Don't choose England as a next country to live in. Whatever the reasons, whether you're a professional traitor to the motherland or you just hate your country in your spare time, I repeat, no matter, don't move to England. Something is not right there. Maybe it's the climate, but in recent years there have been too many strange incidents with a grave outcome. People get hanged, poisoned; they die in helicopter crashes and fall out of windows in industrial quantities."

Kleimyonov's commentary was accompanied by a report highlighting previous suspicious Russia-related deaths in the UK, namely those of financier Alexander Perepilichny, businessman Boris Berezovsky, ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko and radiation expert Matthew Puncher. Puncher discovered that Litvinenko was poisoned by polonium; he died in 2006, five months after a trip to Russia.

The point being is the job of being a spy is dangerous. If one doesn't want to suffer the consequences then should choose another profession… it's as simple as that.

It appears that the US and Israel want to instigate World War 3 so they can benefit by manufacturing weapons and divert their control their take over the world. They cloud their bad intentions by stating that they are PROVIDING JOBS for their citizens. Is this BULLSHIT OR WHAT? Why do the Zionists (Goldman Sachs) of the USA and Israel want to profit from the ill-gotten gains of war?

In the scheme of a world vision Russia and China possess nuclear weapons. When you look at the world map these two countries surround the United States and Israel with coastlines on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. With Iran situated in the center of the Middle East if these nations get fed up with the harassment and meddling by the US and Israeli governments, they are in a position to avenge and physically destroy their attackers. The world stage of authority will drastically change.

The accusations and verbal attacks on Russia, Iran and China are one sided. The point driven home is they are the enemy and need to be scrutinized and CONTROLLED. Unfounded accusations rule over fact. The truth is American and Israeli forces surround Russia and China propagating an atmosphere for WAR. That attitude is being promoted in the accusation of the Novichok poisonings.... WITHOUT PROOF.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on 9 March rejected Britain's claim of Russia's involvement in Skripal's poisoning and accused the United Kingdom of spreading the "propaganda". Lavrov said that Russia was "ready to cooperate" and demanded access to the samples of the nerve-agent which was used to poison Skripal. The request was rejected by the British government.

Unfounded accusations rule over facts that are a US/Israeli method to terrorize the rest of the world and inadvertently hold them hostage due to inflating their fear perpetrated by their power hungry governments.

The fear tactics and propaganda based on beliefs and not facts resulted in Russian diplomat expulsions. By the end of March 2018 a number of countries and other organizations expelled a total of more than 150 Russian diplomats in a show of solidarity with the UK's the Russians did it accusations . According to the BBC it was "the largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history".

World history supports the fact that the United States and their colonialist allies have for centuries have been illegally invading and occupying nations while committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The information is available on the Internet with numerous documents supported by video available on You Tube such as the conspiracy to create Israel in the 4 part AL Nakba documentary on AlJazeera.

"War is not meant to be WON, it is meant to be CONTINUED" is one of the closing statements of filmmaker Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9-11 which was produced as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attacks of the World Trade Center in America's New York City.

In the doc Moore visited politicians in Washington D.C. as asked congressmen and senators if they did have or wanted their child to participate in a war. ONLY ONE replied his son was in the military.

Below are links to some of these revealing documentaries. To be ignorant is excusable but since one can rise up and take the time to educate themselves and refuse is just plain STUPID.

But let's be clear what jobs did the second poisoning attack victims do. Many of us in the world WANT TO KNOW!

Let's be PERFECTLY clear if you spy you can die it's a dangerous business. When you betray your country, as the US politicians love to say, IT'S A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. THAT STATEMENT WORKS BOTH WAYS... FOR ALL NATIONS.


There are two excellent reports by the BBC's News Night program and the Guardian News on You Tube regarding this topic. Both are a WORTH WATCH




Links to documentaries on You Tube related to Israeli theft of Palestinian land and businesses and the conspiracy to create Israel

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