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Michael Jordan - Steve Lipofsky photo

Scottie Pippen - Maxi Basket photo

Magic Johnson - Maxi Basket photo

DID YOU KNOW??? - DENNIS RODMAN was a San Antonio Spur? - Maxi Basket photo



When it came to the NBA playoffs he was like a Bull in a china closet - French language

NBA MAX - Dennis Rodman - November 2006
Rodman was a member of five NBA championship teams including three with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. His nicknames include "Dennis the Menace", "Rodzilla", "Rod the Bod", and "Worm", Prior to joining the Bulls Rodman was a member of the San Antonio Spurs.. In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - Scottie Pippen Three Peats & Repeats - March 2007
We interviewed Scottie Pippen 14 years ago regarding the Chicago Bulls three peats. He did it twice and then retired. With all of that behind him he wants to return to the NBA @ 41... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - Magic Johnson & the 1992 Olympic Dream Team - August 2008
After retiring form the NBA due to contracting the HIV virus Magic Johnson made a dramatic comeback as a member of the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team the best basketball team of all-time. .... In French language - PAGE 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7- 8 - More NBA

NBA MAX - HIV Halted Magic Johnson's NBA Career - May 2008
Magic Johnson is one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. He was a member of five NBA championship teams and was the leagues MVP three times. His career came to a halt when he announced his retirement from the NBA on November 7, 1991 due to contracting HIV.... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - CHARLES BARKLEY - with Phoenix Suns was his last chance for NBA title - June 2007
Charles Barkley may best be remembered as being one of the greatest players in NBA history that was never a member of an NBA championship team. In his 16 year NBA career 1993 was the closest that the round mound of rebound ever came to being an NBA champion... READ ON... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - DOMINIQUE WILKINS - We told you so... Once a Atlanta Hawk and then an LA Clipper now elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame - In French

NBA MAX - Robert Parrish - December 2006
In 1980 Red Auerbach made what is considered his greatest deal by coaxing the Golden State Warriors to trade center Robert Parish in exchange for the #1 pick in the draft. Parish is now an NBA Hall of Famer. . In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS - In 1989 we started asking NBA Basketball Hall of Fame players and coaches their thoughts o the skills of foreign players in the NBA. At that time there were very few. Vlade Divac became a rookie in the league

NBA MAX - International Players Second edition - October 2006
The NBA returns. International players have been making a big impact on the game. Toni Kukoc was one of the first International players to do so. In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - SHAQUILLE O'NEAL & The Dream Team - February 2008
It was a very good year for Shaquille O'Neal and the USA Dream Team in 1994 ... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - THE SHAQ-MAN (Shaquille O'Neal) The Entertainer - June 2006
Cedrick thought he was the entertainer but the SHAQ-MAN REALLY IS as were several former NBA players during their professional basketball careers. - French language - More NBA MAX

They say that great players don't make great coaches. Magic Johnson proved that to be true when he took on the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching job on March 27, 1994. Johnson went on to finish with a 5-11 coaching record and the Lakers failed to qualify for the playoffs. ... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - LAKERS, CLIPPERS Cross Town Rivalry - March 2008
The Lakers are the prima donna of NBA basketball in Los Angeles BUTů. Believe it or not the Clippers have bested their cross town counterparts finishing higher in the standings than their rivals... In French language - More NBA

Looking back on the top stories of 2007 two things jumped out most notably June with five stories of interest and May four were the top months. Second our NR Top 10 Stories surged in reader attention. The March NR Top 10 was the fastest ever riser up the charts until overtaken in successive months of May, June and July with July eventaully becoming the most read NR Top 10 column followed by May. - Entertainment - TV

NBA MAX - NBA's First $100 Million ROOKIES - September 2007
Before Glen Robinson a $100 Million dollar NBA contract in 1994 it was an unheard price to pay of for a rookie. Since that time it is the expected price to pay for a high draft pick who is an untried talent... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - ANN MEYERS - 1st Woman PLAYER In NBA - May 2007
Ann Meyers is one of the true women champions of ALL TIME. She was also the first woman to be signed by an NBA team. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY??? ... READ ON... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - LENNY WILKENS - Is The # 1 Basketball Coach - February 2007
The argument continues who is the world's best basketball coach? By the numbers it is Lennny Wilkens who holds the NBA record for most wins 1332... In French language - More NBA

NBA MAX - Lakers Trade Eddie Jones - December 2006
On March 10, 1999 the Los Angeles Lakers traded Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell to the Charlotte Hornets for Glen Rice, J.R. Reid and B.J. Armstrong. At the time I was shocked. Jones is the only player in the trade that continues to play in the NBA. . In RUSSIAN language - More NBA

NBA MAX - CHRIS WEBBER - August 2006
The NBA star has been romantically linked to TOP MODEL TV show host and producer TYRA BANKS. It's safe to say safe to say that his life is now in a groove. But it wasn't that way at the beginning of his NBA career. Read on... in French language - More NBA

Dick Motta said, "It ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings." His 935 wins made him one of the winningest coaches in the NBA. He won the NBA title with the Washington Bullets. He coached the Dallas Mavericks twice - French language

A look back fifteen years ago with current NY Knicks coach Larry Brown, NBA players Gerald Wilkins, KiKi Vandeweghe, Tracy Murray and then UCLA coach Jim Harrick & more - WRITTEN IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE

ue and spoke NO English. A look back on opinions regarding the subject at that time. - In French

NBA MAX: NCAA Tournament Experiences - March, 2006
Former UCLA coach John Wooden and NCAA to NBA players reflect on their NCAA Tournament experiences. WRITTEN IN THE FRENCH LANGUAGE

NBA MAX - JOHN LUCAS @ San Antonio Spurs - January 2009
With Rodman the 1993-94 team finished second n the western division with a 55-27 record. Lucas was a good NBA player who had a 14 year NBA career was with six teams from 1977-1990. He was the number one overall NBA draft pick by the Houston Rockets in 1976 ahead of NBA Hall of Fame players Robert Parish and Adrian Dantley... In French language - More NBA


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