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In ONLY his second season Patrick Mahomes was named to his first Pro Bowl and was named First-Team All-Pro. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the league's best scoring offense with 565 points - (U.S. Air National Guard Master Sgt. Michael Crane photo)


Brett Hull'S career total of 741 goals is the fourth highest in NHL history. He was a member of two Stanley Cup winning teams - 1999 with the Dallas Stars and 2002 with the Detroit Red Wings - (Johnmaxmena2 - photo)


Craig Sager known for his colorful and distinctive suits during his more than 40-year career passed away at the age of 65 after battling acute myeloid leukemia since he was first diagnosed in 2014 - (pvsbond photo)


Sports Notes

Sports Notes - MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES - January, 2019
SUPER TALENT RULES - 23-year-old Patrick Mahomes is the NFL's greatest bargain. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Mahomes in the first round (10th overall) in the 2017 NFL Draft. In ONLY his second season he was named to his first Pro Bowl and was named First-Team All-Pro. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the league's best offense scoring 565 points. The squad also led the league with the greatest points differential with a + 144 advantage. Whatever the results are for the Chiefs and Mahomes in the playoffs should his career continue as it has this season we may be witnessing the NFL's greatest ever quarterback. In summary MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES

Sports Notes EXTRA - REMEMBERING the NFL's ISIAH ROBERTSON - December, 2018
ONCE MIGHTY… NOW FALLEN - Former Los Angeles Ram and Buffalo Bills linebacker Isiah Robertson died this week in an automobile accident. We knew Robertson during his career with the Rams. We recall how we remembered him and how we feel he was unappreciated for his talents and was largely misunderstood - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - LAKERS NEW FACES are EMERGING & WINNING AGAIN! - December, 2018
LAKERS ON A ROLL - Naysayers have been demeaning the Los Angels Lakers chemistry this season. They expect more with the addition of superstar LeBron James. James expressed patience to the provbing media by pointing out that it takes time for players to come together as a team and get to know each. James is proving to be more than a leader given the team's recent winning performance supports his wisdom and being a prophet - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - THE NFL's Christian McCAFFREY's Family - November, 2018
IT'S IN THE BLOOD - As the song goes, 'We Are Family' the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey is following in the family bloodlines of being a sports achiever - McGregor vs. Pacquiao or not"- NBA TRIVIA - NBA's GREATEST PLAYERS - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - FATHER & SON - October, 2018
THE INFLUENCERS - When a father has played professional sports and has a son that becomes a pro athlete it raises the question how was the son influenced by their parent. There are several cases where this scenario applies but for me there is one that stands out from the past and one that is the current hot topic in sports. Patrick Mahomes is currently setting the National Football League on fire with record breaking stats. From the past the NHL's, Hulls, Bobby and Brett stand out as the best father and son duo from their eras

Sports Notes - SERENA WILLIAMS LOST THE PLOT - September, 2018
SERENA'S BURNS from THEN TILL NOW - the BOILING POINT - Serena Williams' future will be examined for her attack on US Open chair umpire Carlos Ramos. The questions are can she come to terms with her irrational behavior and has the pressure for her effort to tie Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam titles record too much for her to handle?

Sports Notes - ASIAN GAMES… REFLECTIVE - August, 2018
BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER - Over a ten year period of traveling throughout Southeast Asia I never heard of the Asian Games. When I visited Thailand, during that time, I would contact Bangkok columnist Bernard Trink and share my traveling experiences with him. In return he would give me some pointers and asked why don't I cover the games which led me to some of the MOST memorable life experiences by reporting on the ASIAN GAMES

THE BEST WORLD CUP EVER? - The irony is 16 members of the French title winning squad have family roots to Africa. One of the sticky points for US president Donald Trump is he has made negative racist comments about the continent. Fortunately for Trump they are French and he won't have to be embarrassed that the team would turn him down to visit the White House to be congratulated

Sports brings people together as is the case in Russia where people from around the world are praising the country and its people for being s friendly - Meanwhile US ruler Donald trump continues to divide people and nations with his threats and actions resulting in NFL and NBA stars refuse to meet with him in protest of his RACIST ACTIONS AND REMARKS

Sports Notes - RONALDINHO TAKES ON TWO - May, 2018
HE WORKED HARD FOR HIS MONEY - Ronaldinho retires to take on TWO - Arsene Weneger's leaving Arsenal is tragic but his next venture will be interesting - This season the Boston Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum matured to become THE MAN in a mans game and could be a future NBA Hall of Fame inductee - Frequent Drugs and alcohol violator repeatedly gets his third chance to return to the NFL while civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick seems to be blackballed by the largely Jew ownership of NFL team that support racist Israel

Sports Notes - SHOHEI OHTANI - Japan's New Gift to Baseball - Apri, 2018
OHTANI BRINGS EXCITEMENT TO THE GAME - Ohtani is recognized as Japan's Babe Ruth" and is earning the same title in America with his amazing start as a pitcher and hitter. Thus far he is living up to his reputation with outstanding performances as a pitcher and hitter. Indirectly his formidable feats and charisma might do more for humanity

Sports Notes - NBA ALL STAR GAME FARCE? - March, 2018
NEW IS NOT SO GOOD - The NBA's trying to being so creative and entertaining with their adaptations to the All Star game has resulted in a nightmare. It's no longer a game but an exhibition of athleticism. There is NO INCENTIVE to compete it's simply and means for players to show off their SHOWTIME talents NOT PLAY A COMPETITIVE GAME. The exhibition is a mess BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION to bring back the competitiveness the game once had

Sports Notes - TOP 10 SUPER BOWL & RELATED STORIES - February, 2018
For me its FULL CIRCLE TIME as the Super Bowl returns to Minneapolis Minnesota, the scene where I first covered a Super Bowl on January 26, 1991 - This column will include experiences from that event and the most popular Super Bowl related stories that we've published since that time - NFL Hall of Fame great Walter Payton takes the #1 spot as the most read but there is a back story tat emerged since Super Bowl XXXVI that will SHOCK YOU

Sports Notes - LAKERS REACT 2 LaVar's BALLS ATTACK - January, 2018
LONZO'S FATHER ATTACKS LAKERS COACH LUKE WALTON - Ball's recent offensive comments that LA Lakers coach Luke Walton has lost the team's confidence and eluded that Walton should be fired following a nine-game losing streak has raised the ire of many NBA coaches and executives and has attracted huge media interest. This is the third time Ball has made such a disturbing comment

KAEPERNICK... THE NFL's SACRIFICIAL LAMB - The NFL Colin Kaepernick blackball issue is most demonstrated by an article written by journalist Jordan Schultz whose editorial was published by Yahoo. He diligently did the work and researched how Kaepernick's statistics measure up with the numerous quarterbacks signed by NFL teams this season while ignoring Kaepernick. His article makes the point without being acrid or attacking, IT IS A MUST READ

Sports Notes - GOLOVKIN, ALVAREZ RESULT was BYRD SHIT 4 BOXING - September, 2017
WAS THE FIX WAS ON 4 a REMATCH PPV BOXOFFICE? - Alvarez punked out with his comment that he thought he clearly won the fight. Many believe he won the first three rounds when he was unusually showboating by dancing around and taunting Golovkin. As usual Golovkin got stronger as the fight progressed and dominated the fight with ring control by being the aggressor in always advancing forward

Sports Notes EXTRA - MAYWEATHER defeats McGREGOR in a REAL FIGHT - August, 2017
MONEY'S WORTH? - The bottom line is the fight turned out to be better than expected. It failed to be the upset that many had hoped for in a McGregor KO of the 40-year-old undefeated champion - The event never turned into the carnival like boxer fighting the dancing bear outcome that many expected it to be

Sports Notes - McGREGOR vs. MAYWEATHER a CIRCUS or FIGHT? - August, 2017
THE JOE ROGAN FACTOR - Is fear or money the factor in this week's carnival like match between UFC mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor and retired and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Yes it about the MONEY but UFC commentator and former Fear Factor reality TV series host Joe Rogan could be a factor in making this a real fight with something that both fighter's WOULDN'T WANT

Sports Notes - BALLS TO THE WALL with LAKERS - July, 2017
BALL & JAMES could be MAGIC - With the great expectations of the talent of Lonzo Ball, the LA Lakers number one draft pick coming to fruition there is a buzz that the Lakers could return to respectability should they eventually sign LeBron James. Magic Johnson is proving to be skillful in his position as president of Lakers basketball operations the question is can he make a deal with James and have Lakers fans singing, 'Could This be Magic.'

Sports Notes - WARRIORS WIN TITLE but IT'S ABOUT LeBRON - June, 2017
LeBRON'S LOAD - HE LEFT IT ALL ON THE FLOOR - Yes the Warriors won the 2017 NBA title but how can one forget the performance of LeBron James in the Finals Series… WE WON'T - No player has worked harder than James did during this series. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman to lighten his load thus freeing him up to perform, James doesn't have that. It is evident that he can't do it all by himself but he gave it one hell of a try

Sports Notes - THE BALLS of BALL - May, 2017
BALLS TO THE WALL! - For the past few months a lot of noise has been made of the highly touted NBA prospect 19-year-old Lonzo Ball. The problem is most of the noise is coming from his father LaVar. The question is can Lonzo's ass cash the checks that his father's mouth is writing? The reality is… do you really have to have BALLS?

Sports Notes - NR's ALL TIME GREATEST NBA PLAYERS TEAM - April, 2017
OLD SCHOOL WINS - Many sports journalists prefer not to compare players from different NBA eras which raise the question WHY NOT? The evaluation is quite simple really as it all boils down to not if old schools players could play in today's NBA but what current players could compete with the OLD SCHOOL class of the 60's from way back in the day

LAKERS DIE NASTY….. AGAIN! - What is the relationship between Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss that makes her trust the Magic Man so much to run, what was once a prized franchise turned into ruins and the laughing stock of the league on her watch, and turn it around to be a winner once again?

IS FEAR A FACTOR FOR YOU? IT COULD BE FOR RONDA ROUSEY - OALKEY WRONGED - Two star athletes were beaten up but the circumstances were very different. Ronda Rousey is at a crossroads of a career choice, the UFC or acting - Former NBA star Charles Oakley was assaulted by a team that he spent 10 years of his life giving his blood and guts for… HE WAS WRONGED

Sports Notes - RONDA ROUSEY - CHEWED UP & SPIT OUT by HOLLYWEIRD - January, 2017
DOWN & OUT - As the saying goes it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Well the fat lady is singing her ass off now since Hollyweird has chewed up and spit out Ronda Rousey's MMA career as in… IT'S OVER!

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING CRAIG SAGER - December, 2016
A MOST MEMORABLE DAY WITH CRAIG SAGER - Sports journalist Craig Sager passed away this week from cancer at the age of 65. The experience I had with Sager will be everlasting and with great sorrow I realize that sports journalism has lost one of the nicest and most talented people that the business has ever known

SPORTS & POLITICS - NFL (National Football League) football player Colin Kaepernick takes flack but keeps on track to protest for racial justice. NBA players Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul had negative comments about the 49ers player yet they aren't doing as much as Kaepernick. Both NBA players are talking but Kaepernick is doing the walking by doing something and is being heard and responded to

Sports Notes - Is COLIN KAEPERNICK the messenger of MARTIN LUTHER KING? - October, 2016
AMERICA'S RACISM WON'T GO AWAY - As America is consumed with their raciest presidential election campaigns the voice of San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick reverberates as his cause and plea for racial just is being picked up by athletes throughout America. The problem is the defiant American police ignore his plea and continue to slaughter unarmed people of color for NO REASON other than they are BLACK

Sports Notes - COLIN KAEPERNICK STANDS STRONG - September, 2016
TAKING A KNEE AGAINST RACISM - Although American football player Colin Kaepernick's protest against the ruthless police murders of innocent unarmed black men has gained support and momentum as other athletes have supported him and his cause. The problem is that police murders of innocent black men continue

Sports Notes - ATHLETES REACT to RACIST AMERICA - August, 2016
COLIN KAEPERNICK… THE MAN BEHIND THE IRON MASK - Colin Kaepernick's actions by refusing to stand for America's national anthem served its purpose in reviving the plight of blacks in America being discriminated against. The problem was he was criticized by many black people who he's trying to help. The irony is their objections are misdirected and undeserved

THE UFC FEMALE GRUDGE MATCH - Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk from Poland verses once beaten (?) Brazilian Claudia Gadelha. This will be a fight that is worth watching simply because you can't manufacture the BAD BLOOD and that exists between these two fighters. The two fought 18 months ago, resulting in Jedrzejczyk winning a very questionable split decision. The outcome was a shocker as we watched the fight thinking Gadelha was the clear winner

Sports Notes - CAVS LUE's CREW WIN NBA TITLE - June, 2016
LUE 4 BLATT CHANGE TESTS POSITIVE - The NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James had a determined eye on the NBA TITLE PRIZE. During his career LeBron James has been subject to a lot of criticism particularly when he departed Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat. Last season he returned to Cleveland and promised them an NBA title. Now that he has delivered the question is... Is LeBron James really the king of Cleveland?

UFC's RAGS TO RICHES - The current edition of the Ultimate Fighter show that pits UFC female fighters as coaches includes Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk age 28, from Poland against Brazil's Rose Namajunas 27. The bitter history between the two current coaching competitors is deep. The two fought in Brazil December 13, 2014. Namjunas clearly won the fight but the very questionable SPLIT decision was given to Jedrzejczyk now they are on again

Sports Notes EXTRA - KOBE'S MIRACLE 60 POINT GAME FINALE - April, 2016
YOU CAN'T TAKE AWAY WHAT HE'S DONE - In the past we questioned that Kobe Bryant's last All-Star game appearance this season would be a gimmie noting that Magic Johnson experienced the same in his career as the opposition let him do what he wanted resulting in him winning the games MVP Award. Kobe's gimmie was this game that was given to him by his teammates enabling him to have an NBA RECORD 60 point game in what is believed to be his final NBA appearance as a player

VALVANO LED WITH HIS HEART & WON - The 1983 NC State NCAA title basketball game win over Houston ended the Cougars 26-game winning streak. State went into the tournament having lost 10 games during their regular season. Following the contest NC State coach Jim Valvano is most remembered for his reaction of running around on the court looking for somebody to hug

Sports Notes - MARCH MADNESS - UCLA THE BEST EVER - March, 2016
THE JOHN WOODEN verses KRZYZEWSKI & RUPP COMPARISONS - Since the NCAA basketball Tournament was created in 1939 UCLA has won the most tournaments ever with 11 including seven in a row under the leadership of Coach John Wooden. The most amazing tournament win was when Texas Western won against powerhouse Kentucky. The Texas Western team was the first to start and ALL BLACK team in tournament history during a time of extreme racism in America

Sports Notes EXTRA - CAVS REVOLUTION 2 EVOLUTION - February, 2016
IS LUE THE GLUE TO CAVALIERS SUCCESS? - Former NBA reserve player and former coach David Blatt's assistant coach Tyronn Lue has taken over the coaching reigns the team has found a new life. Lue has put his stamp on the team and the regenerated Cavaliers have won 10 of their 13 games under his leadership and he seems to be the glue to their success - THE NBA's GREATEST PLAYERS of ALL TIME

Sports Notes - KOBE BRYANT'S ALL-STAR GAME PITY PARTY? - February, 2016
Kobe Bryant's last hurrah? - Kobe Bryant was an overwhelming selection by the fans that chose him to play in the game with 1,891,614 votes. It's safe to say that the votes weren't based on his performance this season but sympathy and a tribute to what he has accomplished during his 19-year NBA career. This scenario resembles the selection and tribute paid to Magic Johnson when he came out of retirement. Johnson's retirement was brought about since he acquired the HIV virus

Sports Notes - BACKLASH FROM the CAVALIERS DAVID BLATT being FIRED - January, 2016
THE CAVALIERS SHIT HITS THE FAN - As the smoke clears regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers firing their coach David Blatt the reasons why it happened stories are running rampant. The name the keeps coming up the most in the teams decision to eliminate Blatt is their star player LeBron James. The club denies that James factored into the decision but the rumors live on as Blatt rides off into the sunset…

Sports Notes EXTRA - McGREGOR KO's ALDO in 13 SECONDS - December, 2015
THE MOUTH THAT ROARS WINS - To his credit Conor McGregor is backing up his loud mouth words with his fists as he set a UFC record by knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds of the 1st round. His achievement broke Ronda Rousey's record of 14 seconds

BUSTED & BEATEN - Ronda Rousey was lousy and must make a choice of careers. Will it be acting or MMA? Given her lack of experience Rousey is a decent actress. She still has her looks intact but it raises the question how long will her looks hold up if she continues to put too much on her plate with her two careers. The bottom line is eventually one or possibly both will suffer

ROUSEY LOST THE PLOT & HER UFC TITLE - As we pointed in our previous column some are focused on playing their sport but for Rhonda Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird. After spreading herself too thin being involved with the phony Hollyweird glitter scene she lost FOR THE FIRST TIME and lost her UFC title to Holly Holm in what was Rousey's biggest fight of her career

Sports Notes - RONDA ROUSEY GOING HOLLYWEIRD - October, 2015
LOST @ THE BELL - In the space of two years Rousey has risen from obscurity to being the most talked about athlete on the planet. Everyone knew about her except Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. Rousey has climbed the ladder of fame while Mayweather has defamed himself with his destructive behavior, childish antics and choosing weak competition for fights to enable himself to cheaply tie boxing great Rocky Marciano's unbeaten record of 49-0 while for Rousey it's about the glamour & glitter of Hollyweird

Sports Notes EXTRA - MAYWEATHER'S FAKE FAREWELL WIN - September, 2015
THE UNWORTHY 'MONEY' TIES MARCIANO'S RECORD - In a no brainer result Floyd Mayweather defeated Andre Berto to tie Rocky Marciano's 49-0 undefeated boxing record and claims it was his last fight. LISTEN UP…ONE THING IS CERTAIN… Mayweather will fight again to break Marciano's record and try to go to 50 and 0 (OHHH!!!). The question is will he choose someone that he knows he can beat or a worthy competitor like Manny Pacquiao?

Sports Notes - WHY did Floyd Mayweather choose to fight Andre Berto? - September, 2015
BOXING'S BIGGEST RUSE? - Currently holding a 48-0 record Floyd Mayweather proved what a con he is by selecting 31-year-old Andre Berto as his next opponent just five weeks before the event - This short period of time indicates that Mayweather knows he has no competition and doesn't need a lot of time to prepare for a fighter who has a record of 30-3 with three losses in his last six fights... SO... READ ON.....

Sports Notes Part 2 - NFL'S JUNIOR SEAU LEFT IT ALL on the FIELD - August, 2015
HIS GAME WAS THE HALL of FAME - Junior Seau had a complicated past and a reputation of someone that was difficult to get along with. When I mentioned my intention to produce a story on him to the head producer at the NCAA network he wasn't in favor of my idea and preferred for me not to do it, SO... READ ON.....

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…

ROUSEY POUNDS 4 POUNDING - UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey called out Floyd Mayweather. Many believe she can beat the Money Man should they fight. In his quest to top Rocky Marciano's perfect 49-0 record reports indicate Mayweather wants to fight Andre Berto who has lost three of his last six fights since 2011. Is the chicken shit Mayweather a champ or a CHUMP?

Sports Notes Part 2 - Floyd MAYWEATHER... BEST POUND 4 POUND?- June, 2015
THE RUNNING GAME - When one thinks of great pound for pound fighters the top of the list is the undefeated Rocky Marciano whose unbeaten 49 wins (43 by KO) is the record Floyd Mayweather is trying to catch. Marciano was a tough fighter and a clever boxer. One can never accuse him of running…. HE ENGAGED and came to fight. There was no chicken $#!t in him!

Sports Notes Part 1 - FLOYD MAYWEATHER… THE CHICKEN $#!T CHAMPION? - June, 2015
A BOY ON THE RUN - The boxing game has always had a murky past being involved with gangsters and gambling. In this case gambling is a major factor that could have entered into what we believe to be questionable decisions

Sports Notes - DOES FIFA's BLATTER MATTER? - May, 2015
HELPING THE LITTLE PEOPLE EARNED BLATTER THEIR SUPPORT - The turmoil created this past week with the re-election of FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter from his many detractors has created a hailstorm of controversy. The point being, with all of the problems that FIFA is overwhelmed with there are some positive results that came about during his reign, as smaller 3rd world nations have developed their football programs

NOW THE TICKET DRAMA…. Ohhhh PLEASE - The game of boxing doesn't need a head game champion like Mayweather it needs a boxing champion like Pacquiao who, when it comes to boxing, is all business and lets his fighting in the ring do the talking - Could Mayweather's actions be a sign of immaturity?

Sports Notes - Floyd MAYWEATHER Keeps Playing BLOOD GAMES - April, 2015
LET'S GET IT ON!!! - HOW TOUGH is Mayweather? When he last fought Marcos Maidana, Mayweather complained and cried out about being bitten on the hand. HOW COULD Maidana BITE THROUGH A GLOVE WITH A MOUTHPIECE IN HIS MOUTH? That begs the question…. IS MAYWEATHER A SCARED CRY BABY?

Sports Notes - MESSI, NEYMAR & SUAREZ WORK but RONALDO & BALE seem DIFFICULT - March, 2015
WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? - This season questions arise about the apparently souring relationship with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale and the team has fallen from grace of their success last season. The flip side is the smooth transition being made at Barcelona where the dynamic trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez is blending together for success and a winning form

IS MAYWEATHER AFRAID of PACQUIAO? - Controversy reigns in the world of sports with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd 'MONEY' Mayweather, Carmelo Anthony and Marshawn 'THE BEAST' Lynch taking center stage. The question is.... WHY?

Sports Notes - LAKERS BUSS-TED - January, 2015
THE LAKERS PETULANT JEANIE BUSS - We have had an unforgettable experience with both Los Angeles Lakers NBA team owners Jeanie and Jim Buss therefore we have a strong insight to their personalities. The Lakers Busted fuse was lit in December 2014 in an ESPN video interview with Jeanie Buss who was grilled about the decision making of the team in their signing an aging then 35-year-old Kobe Bryant to a two year $48.5 million contract


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