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To put into perspective John Wooden's achievement of winning ten NCAA titles there are only two coaches that rank 2nd to Wooden with each having won four titles - (Associated Students of the University of California at Los Angeles photo)


Sports Notes

JOHN WOODEN - THE PINNACLE OF COACHING - To put into perspective John Wooden's achievement of winning ten NCAA titles there are only two coaches that rank 2nd to Wooden with each having won four titles. They are former Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp and Mike Duke's Krzyzewski. Coaching ten NCAA title winning teams seems unattainable and a record that will never be broken

LAKERS SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA DISEASE RETURNS - Throwing a group of very talented young players under the bus by offering them in a trade with the New Orleans Pelican for the services of forward/center Anthony Davis may result in being a cancer to team cohesion. With 25 games remaining in the regular season the question is can they make the playoffs OR will they be only the 2nd team in LeBron James' 15 year career NOT TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS? Is the James BLOOM OFF THE LAKERS ROSE? - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes EXTRA - NBA ALL-STAR GAME HITS - February, 2019
THE CURRY FAMILY STIR THINGS UP - The NBA All-star weekend largely featured the Curry family. A bet between the two Curry brothers Seth and Sep drew a lot of attention. The result was neither won the competition losing to underdog Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets. Sep defeated Seth who will feel the financial pain more since Sep makes $35 million a year more than Seth

Sports Notes - THE BURIED COLIN KAEPERNICK STORY - February, 2019
IGNORE IT & IT WILL GO AWAY - By the NFL's actions it is OK to murder someone but unforgivable to protest racism and racial inequality. The Colin Kaepernick anti racism story has been largely ignored by the league and the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media that are apparently focusing on supporting the CIA agendas of creating wars

Sports Notes - MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES - January, 2019
SUPER TALENT RULES - 23-year-old Patrick Mahomes is the NFL's greatest bargain. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Mahomes in the first round (10th overall) in the 2017 NFL Draft. In ONLY his second season he was named to his first Pro Bowl and was named First-Team All-Pro. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the league's best offense scoring 565 points. The squad also led the league with the greatest points differential with a + 144 advantage. Whatever the results are for the Chiefs and Mahomes in the playoffs should his career continue as it has this season we may be witnessing the NFL's greatest ever quarterback. In summary MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES

Sports Notes EXTRA - REMEMBERING the NFL's ISIAH ROBERTSON - December, 2018
ONCE MIGHTY… NOW FALLEN - Former Los Angeles Ram and Buffalo Bills linebacker Isiah Robertson died this week in an automobile accident. We knew Robertson during his career with the Rams. We recall how we remembered him and how we feel he was unappreciated for his talents and was largely misunderstood - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - LAKERS NEW FACES are EMERGING & WINNING AGAIN! - December, 2018
LAKERS ON A ROLL - Naysayers have been demeaning the Los Angels Lakers chemistry this season. They expect more with the addition of superstar LeBron James. James expressed patience to the provbing media by pointing out that it takes time for players to come together as a team and get to know each. James is proving to be more than a leader given the team's recent winning performance supports his wisdom and being a prophet - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - THE NFL's Christian McCAFFREY's Family - November, 2018
IT'S IN THE BLOOD - As the song goes, 'We Are Family' the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey is following in the family bloodlines of being a sports achiever - McGregor vs. Pacquiao or not"- NBA TRIVIA - NBA's GREATEST PLAYERS - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - FATHER & SON - October, 2018
THE INFLUENCERS - When a father has played professional sports and has a son that becomes a pro athlete it raises the question how was the son influenced by their parent. There are several cases where this scenario applies but for me there is one that stands out from the past and one that is the current hot topic in sports. Patrick Mahomes is currently setting the National Football League on fire with record breaking stats. From the past the NHL's, Hulls, Bobby and Brett stand out as the best father and son duo from their eras

Sports Notes - SERENA WILLIAMS LOST THE PLOT - September, 2018
SERENA'S BURNS from THEN TILL NOW - the BOILING POINT - Serena Williams' future will be examined for her attack on US Open chair umpire Carlos Ramos. The questions are can she come to terms with her irrational behavior and has the pressure for her effort to tie Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam titles record too much for her to handle?

Sports Notes - ASIAN GAMES… REFLECTIVE - August, 2018
BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER - Over a ten year period of traveling throughout Southeast Asia I never heard of the Asian Games. When I visited Thailand, during that time, I would contact Bangkok columnist Bernard Trink and share my traveling experiences with him. In return he would give me some pointers and asked why don't I cover the games which led me to some of the MOST memorable life experiences by reporting on the ASIAN GAMES

THE BEST WORLD CUP EVER? - The irony is 16 members of the French title winning squad have family roots to Africa. One of the sticky points for US president Donald Trump is he has made negative racist comments about the continent. Fortunately for Trump they are French and he won't have to be embarrassed that the team would turn him down to visit the White House to be congratulated

Sports brings people together as is the case in Russia where people from around the world are praising the country and its people for being s friendly - Meanwhile US ruler Donald trump continues to divide people and nations with his threats and actions resulting in NFL and NBA stars refuse to meet with him in protest of his RACIST ACTIONS AND REMARKS

Sports Notes - RONALDINHO TAKES ON TWO - May, 2018
HE WORKED HARD FOR HIS MONEY - Ronaldinho retires to take on TWO - Arsene Weneger's leaving Arsenal is tragic but his next venture will be interesting - This season the Boston Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum matured to become THE MAN in a mans game and could be a future NBA Hall of Fame inductee - Frequent Drugs and alcohol violator repeatedly gets his third chance to return to the NFL while civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick seems to be blackballed by the largely Jew ownership of NFL team that support racist Israel

Sports Notes - SHOHEI OHTANI - Japan's New Gift to Baseball - Apri, 2018
OHTANI BRINGS EXCITEMENT TO THE GAME - Ohtani is recognized as Japan's Babe Ruth" and is earning the same title in America with his amazing start as a pitcher and hitter. Thus far he is living up to his reputation with outstanding performances as a pitcher and hitter. Indirectly his formidable feats and charisma might do more for humanity

Sports Notes - NBA ALL STAR GAME FARCE? - March, 2018
NEW IS NOT SO GOOD - The NBA's trying to being so creative and entertaining with their adaptations to the All Star game has resulted in a nightmare. It's no longer a game but an exhibition of athleticism. There is NO INCENTIVE to compete it's simply and means for players to show off their SHOWTIME talents NOT PLAY A COMPETITIVE GAME. The exhibition is a mess BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION to bring back the competitiveness the game once had

Sports Notes - TOP 10 SUPER BOWL & RELATED STORIES - February, 2018
For me its FULL CIRCLE TIME as the Super Bowl returns to Minneapolis Minnesota, the scene where I first covered a Super Bowl on January 26, 1991 - This column will include experiences from that event and the most popular Super Bowl related stories that we've published since that time - NFL Hall of Fame great Walter Payton takes the #1 spot as the most read but there is a back story tat emerged since Super Bowl XXXVI that will SHOCK YOU

Sports Notes - LAKERS REACT 2 LaVar's BALLS ATTACK - January, 2018
LONZO'S FATHER ATTACKS LAKERS COACH LUKE WALTON - Ball's recent offensive comments that LA Lakers coach Luke Walton has lost the team's confidence and eluded that Walton should be fired following a nine-game losing streak has raised the ire of many NBA coaches and executives and has attracted huge media interest. This is the third time Ball has made such a disturbing comment


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