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No… that masked man is not the Lone Ranger or The Ghost Rider it's, well it's, well it's Tom Brady doing his thing… @ 2020 playoffs, NOW in Super Bowl AGAIN - (Third_Photos_96 - photo)


From an International Football (Soccer) player to become the NFL's (National Football League) leading scorer = WHO DAT? - (Atlanta Falcons photo)


My man... NEON DIEON SANDERS said the lord gave him a calling to coach at the college level - (ericifeng - Photo)


NFL's and New England Patriot receiver Julian Edelman became annoyed... - (Jeffrey Beall - photo)


Former Philadelphia Eagle TIMMY BROWN was the first NFL player to return two kickoffs for TDs in a game - (NFL photo)


In Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens. Colin Kaepernick threw for a touchdown and ran for another, but the 49ers lost by a score of 34-31 but he can't get a job. NFL players have commented that they believe Kaepernick is being blackballed.


Patrick Mahomes is currently setting the National Football League on fire with record breaking stats - ( U.S. Air National Guard Master Sgt. Michael Crane - photo)



Walter Payton


Colin Kaepernick (THE MAN BEHIND THE IRON MASK) a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in America's NFL (National Football League) refused to stand for the national anthem of the United States for the cause of racial JUSTICE, He is now the NFL's SACRIFICIAL LAMB - (Mike Morbeck photo)


Jerry Jones the owner if the Dallas Cowboys also referred to as America's team wants NFL players punished for not respecting the USA flag - (Keith Allison photo)


US President Donald Trump's ignorant statement of NFL players too FIRE THE SONS OF BITCHES has inflamed many who were silent in the past to come forward. His racist statement had brought more people together while racist Trump supporters are being exposed defending him


NFL - National Football League

Sports Notes - NFL's TOM BRADY BUNCH - February, 2021
IT TAKES ALL KINDS- The women in Tom Brady's life that potentially helped build the man that he is… a winner. With them Brady had to deal with winning and then defeat only to come back and win over and over again. What do ladies and children have to do with Brady's life… it's been said behind every man there's a woman. As for Tom Brady… read on… - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS TEAM - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Two former NFL (National Football League) players were extremely successful during the Amazing Race 32 by finishing fourth. There was stiff competition but they were pushed out of a five team alliance that felt the players were taking more than they were giving by sharing information on how to solve a task. Without the players knowing they were conspired on to be forced out of the race

Sports Notes - NFL's LEADING SCORER REVEALED - December, 2020
THE BIG… BANG - It was a shock to me when I saw an Asian man playing in the NFL (National Football League). I later found that there previously were Asians that were in the league but I DID NOT KNOW THAT! The bottom line is in my catching up to speed with the changes in the league I came across an Asian success story that shocked me after doing the research. That person is the leading scorer in the NFL. Who is he? Read on… - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS TEAM - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

TV - VIDEO BEAT - The Amazing Race on the run with PRO ATHLETES - November, 2020
NFL PROS ON THE RUN - Former NFL (National Football League) players DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge had a problem in task of throwing and catching watermelons. The problem was how to stack them into a pyramid without them falling - Overall this is an interesting upbeat diverse cast with two teams of sisters remaining as well as the shows go to the well insertion of a gay couple, married couple, an intellectual pair and a sibling pairing

Sports Notes - BAD BOYS of SPORTS TALKING $#!T & WANNA FIGHT! - September, 2020
McGREGOR vs. PACQUIAO FARCE? - As the saying goes talk is cheap BUT some athletes make tons of money by doing just that. The problem is can a trash talking athlete back up what they spew? September has been a month of tough talk and challenges. Included in the mix are Conor McGregor, Manny Pacquiao, Colby Covington, LeBron James and Neon Deion Sanders. Some gave trash talk and and others received. The point is DOES IT SELL?

Sports Notes - ATHLETES FIGHTING RACISM - August, 2020
CAN THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? - Since Colin Kaepernik has been largely ignored by his colleagues of his racial inequality protests the recent police murder of George Floyd and the more recent shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, in the back has spurned athletes around the world to voice their displeasure. By basically striking, athletes are now being taken seriously as to their we can't take this racial injustice anymore stance. The question is… HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST TO REAP RESULTS?

Sports Notes - NFL's JULIAN EDELMAN - RUNNING FOR ISRAEL? - July, 2020
BLIND MAN'S BLUFF - Is Israel trying to hide their racist tyrannical past behind the Holocaust? - The shit then hit the fan when the NFL's and New England Patriot receiver Julian Edelman became annoyed with fellow NFL player DeSean Jackson's views and invited him to go the Holocaust Museum and educate him on the plight of the Jews. He then offered to join Jackson for a visit to the Black History Museum. The point being WHAT THE F - - K does that have to do with police brutality against African Americans?

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING the NFL's TIMMY BROWN - April, 2020
HE RAN FOR DAYLIGHT - Timmy Brown is the Philadelphia Eagles all-time leader in average yards per touch (6.52), and he still holds the franchise records for kickoff returns (169), kickoff return yards (4,483) and kickoff returns for touchdowns (5). He was the first NFL player to return two kickoffs for TDs in a game, doing so in a 24-23 win over Dallas on Nov. 6, 1966. . He was selected for the Pro Bowl in 1962, 1963 and 1965 - NBA's Greatest All-time TEAM

Sports Notes - LA CLIPPERS CONTINUE TO WIN the WAR in LOS ANGELES - December, 2019
Back n the day the NFL had a segregation policy for players room accommodations - The Los Angeles Clippers continue to dominate their highly regarded cross town rival Lakers. In their second meeting the Clippers handed the Lakers their 4th straight loss - Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown refused to accept $400,000 awarded him for the police using excessive force against him - DID YOU KNOW?… - NBA's Greatest All-time TEAM

Sports Notes - THE BURIED COLIN KAEPERNICK STORY - February, 2019
IGNORE IT & IT WILL GO AWAY - By the NFL's actions it is OK to murder someone but unforgivable to protest racism and racial inequality. The Colin Kaepernick anti racism story has been largely ignored by the league and the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media that are apparently focusing on supporting the CIA agendas of creating wars

Sports Notes - MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES - January, 2019
SUPER TALENT RULES - 23-year-old Patrick Mahomes is the NFL's greatest bargain. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Mahomes in the first round (10th overall) in the 2017 NFL Draft. In ONLY his second season he was named to his first Pro Bowl and was named First-Team All-Pro. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the league's best offense scoring 565 points. The squad also led the league with the greatest points differential with a + 144 advantage. Whatever the results are for the Chiefs and Mahomes in the playoffs should his career continue as it has this season we may be witnessing the NFL's greatest ever quarterback. In summary MAHOMES IS GOING FOR THE BONES

Sports Notes EXTRA - REMEMBERING the NFL's ISIAH ROBERTSON - December, 2018
ONCE MIGHTY… NOW FALLEN - Former Los Angeles Ram and Buffalo Bills linebacker Isiah Robertson died this week in an automobile accident. We knew Robertson during his career with the Rams. We recall how we remembered him and how we feel he was unappreciated for his talents and was largely misunderstood - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - THE NFL's Christian McCAFFREY's Family - November, 2018
IT'S IN THE BLOOD - As the song goes, 'We Are Family' the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey is following in the family bloodlines of being a sports achiever - McGregor vs. Pacquiao or not"- NBA TRIVIA - NBA's GREATEST PLAYERS - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Sports Notes - FATHER & SON - October, 2018
THE INFLUENCERS - When a father has played professional sports and has a son that becomes a pro athlete it raises the question how was the son influenced by their parent. There are several cases where this scenario applies but for me there is one that stands out from the past and one that is the current hot topic in sports. Patrick Mahomes is currently setting the National Football League on fire with record breaking stats. From the past the NHL's, Hulls, Hulls, Bobby and Brett stand out as the best father and son duo from their eras

Sports brings people together as is the case in Russia where people from around the world are praising the country and its people for being s friendly - Meanwhile US ruler Donald trump continues to divide people and nations with his threats and actions resulting in NFL and NBA stars refuse to meet with him in protest of his RACIST ACTIONS AND REMARKS

Sports Notes - RONALDINHO TAKES ON TWO - May, 2018
HE WORKED HARD FOR HIS MONEY - Ronaldinho retires to take on TWO - Arsene Weneger's leaving Arsenal is tragic but his next venture will be interesting - This season the Boston Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum matured to become THE MAN in a mans game and could be a future NBA Hall of Fame inductee - Frequent Drugs and alcohol violator repeatedly gets his third chance to return to the NFL while civil rights activist Colin Kaepernick seems to be blackballed by the largely Jew ownership of NFL team that support racist Israel

Sports Notes - TOP 10 SUPER BOWL & RELATED STORIES - February, 2018
For me its FULL CIRCLE TIME as the Super Bowl returns to Minneapolis Minnesota, the scene where I first covered a Super Bowl on January 26, 1991 - This column will include experiences from that event and the most popular Super Bowl related stories that we've published since that time - NFL Hall of Fame great Walter Payton takes the #1 spot as the most read but there is a back story tat emerged since Super Bowl XXXVI that will SHOCK YOU

KAEPERNICK... THE NFL's SACRIFICIAL LAMB - The NFL Colin Kaepernick blackball issue is most demonstrated by an article written by journalist Jordan Schultz whose editorial was published by Yahoo. He diligently did the work and researched how Kaepernick's statistics measure up with the numerous quarterbacks signed by NFL teams this season while ignoring Kaepernick. His article makes the point without being acrid or attacking, IT IS A MUST READ

POV 52 - (Point of View) - NFL team OWNER JERRY JONES CATCHES TRUMP FEVER - November, 2017
AMERICA'S RACIST BEAT GOES ON - The RACIST, colonialist mighty whitey MENTALITY continues too exists. In the modern era it is via business practices. Currently two NFL owners have expressed their dissatisfaction of the NFL player's protests and insist that players must be punished for not respecting the United States flag.

POV 51 - (Point of View) - RACIST TRUMP LOST THE NFL PLOT - September, 2017
IT'S ABOUT RACISM… NOT THE FLAG - US President Donald Trump's ignorant statement of NFL players too FIRE THE SONS OF BITCHES has inflamed many who were silent in the past to come forward. His racist statement had brought more people together while racist Trump supporters are being exposed defending him - It took years for the NFL to hire black football players and the Washington Redskins (the home of the racist nation's capitol) were the LAST TEAM to hire a black player

SPORTS & POLITICS - NFL (National Football League) football player Colin Kaepernick takes flack but keeps on track to protest for racial justice. NBA players Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul had negative comments about the 49ers player yet they aren't doing as much as Kaepernick. Both NBA players are talking but Kaepernick is doing the walking by doing something and is being heard and responded to

Sports Notes - Is COLIN KAEPERNICK the messenger of MARTIN LUTHER KING? - October, 2016
AMERICA'S RACISM WON'T GO AWAY - As America is consumed with their raciest presidential election campaigns the voice of San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick reverberates as his cause and plea for racial just is being picked up by athletes throughout America. The problem is the defiant American police ignore his plea and continue to slaughter unarmed people of color for NO REASON other than they are BLACK

Sports Notes - COLIN KAEPERNICK STANDS STRONG - September, 2016
TAKING A KNEE AGAINST RACISM - Although American football player Colin Kaepernick's protest against the ruthless police murders of innocent unarmed black men has gained support and momentum as other athletes have supported him and his cause. The problem is that police murders of innocent black men continue

Sports Notes - ATHLETES REACT to RACIST AMERICA - August, 2016
COLIN KAEPERNICK… THE MAN BEHIND THE IRON MASK - Colin Kaepernick's actions by refusing to stand for America's national anthem served its purpose in reviving the plight of blacks in America being discriminated against. The problem was he was criticized by many black people who he's trying to help. The irony is their objections are misdirected and undeserved

Sports Notes Part 2 - NFL'S JUNIOR SEAU LEFT IT ALL on the FIELD - August, 2015
HIS GAME WAS THE HALL of FAME - Junior Seau had a complicated past and a reputation of someone that was difficult to get along with. When I mentioned my intention to produce a story on him to the head producer at the NCAA network he wasn't in favor of my idea and preferred for me not to do it, SO... READ ON.....

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…

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