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Multibillionaire hotel casino owner Sheldon Adelson threatens that if you boycott Israel....SEE WHAT HAPPENS - Bectrigger photo


Billionaire Jew Michael Bloomberg is the owner of the Bloomberg channel. He also is the former mayor of New York City and is an stanch supporter of Israel - Rubenstein Photo



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Years ago CNN founder Ted Turner said on the Tom Snider show that watching NBC would make a person dumber and dumber. Since Turner made that statement Snider passed away and Turner was duped out of his control and ownership of CNN largely by Jews. What once was a source of real news is now an instrument of Israeli propaganda.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Finding good television programming is a thing of the past. In our efforts to do so we came up empty as there is virtually nothing worth watching thus we turned to seeking something to satisfy the brain and opted to watch the news. Again we came up almost empty with the American main stream television media being nothing more than messengers of various self interests.

Years ago CNN founder Ted Turner said on the Tom Snider show that watching NBC would make a person dumber and dumber. Since Turner made that statement Snider passed away and Turner was duped out of his control and ownership of CNN largely by Jews. What once was a source of real news is now an instrument of Israeli propaganda.

We did find some worthy programming on the AlJazeera news channel when they telecast a four part series Al-Nakba. The documentary revealed the invasion of radical, terrorist Jews that invaded Palestine murdered their people and stole their land. Ironically the series was produced by Jews who obviously are not Zionists or as some might interpret Zionism as being murderers.

There have been recent attacks by Israel on the West Bank where Israel continues to evict Palestinians from their homes so they can use the land to build more illegitimate Jewish settlements. The American media fails to cover this story. They also failed to adequately cover the recent flotilla blockade but AlJazeera did.

The censorship of Israel's humanitarian crimes and thefts are ignored by CNN and other American news organizations since they are 70% Zionist owned or controlled which helps explain why AlJazeera has a limited exposure since the Zionists control the news pipeline to the world.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the owner of the Bloomberg Financial News channel is also a billionaire. When Israel attacked Gaza last summer and Israel was a no fly zone for one day he went ballistic. He then jumped on a plane to Israel to prove how safe traveling there was. One thing is certain, that you won't find a balanced news telecast on the Bloomberg channel since they are more concerned about rooting for the rise in oil prices than relating humanitarian atrocities. He believes that Israel has the right to protect their land BUT he omits that it is the LAND THAT THEY STOLE.

The most disturbing aspect about this Israel conspiracy which is supported by the United States government, Britain, France and the United Nations is being threatened via the American news media with comments from Jewish billionaires Hiam Saban and Sheldon Adelson. Earlier this month they were irate over the planned boycott of Israeli goods. This is a threat that the American media wants to world to see. It is a threat that a mentally mature, clear thinking individual would take exception to.

The 70-year-old Saban angrily stated that if there was a boycott of Israel then you would see what would happen. The 81-year-old Adelson, sitting beside him, agreed. The question is who are these people?

He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and is the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. He also owns the Israeli daily newspaper Israel HaYom. Adelson, a lifelong donor and philanthropist to a variety of causes, founded with his wife's initiative the Adelson Foundation.

As of June 2015, Adelson was listed by Forbes as having a fortune of $31.4 billion, and as the 18th richest person in the world. Adelson is also a major contributor to Republican Party candidates, which has resulted in his gaining significant influence within the party.

In 2006 Adelson contributed $25 million to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.

Since 2007, the Adelson Family Foundation has made contributions totaling $140 million to Birthright Israel, which finances Jewish youth trips to Israel. He also donated $5 million to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces in 2014. That in a nutshell explains his allegiance to Israel and his endorsement of their theft and murders of Palestinian people and land.

Other than his support of Israel Adelson has a dark side. In 2011, the Israeli press said that Adelson was unhappy with coverage of him on Israeli Channel 10, which alleged that Adelson had acquired a casino license in Las Vegas inappropriately through political connections. The channel apologized after Adelson threatened a lawsuit. This in turn led to the resignation of the news chief, Reudor Benziman; the news editor, Ruti Yuval; and the news anchor, Guy Zohar, who objected to the apology. After two months of deliberations, the Israeli Second Authority for Television and Radio ruled that although there were some flaws in the manner in which the apology had been conducted, the decision to apologize had been correct and appropriate.

In August 2012, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), after being threatened with a libel suit, apologized and withdrew two blog posts that claimed Adelson had donated "Chinese prostitution money" to Republicans. A federal judge eventually dismissed the suit in September 2013, ordering Adelson to pay the DCCC's legal fees.

There's more in how Adelson wields his power with the US government and how he supports the murdering state of Israel. The fact is you can ignore news all you want.... BUT... YOU CAN'T CHANGE HISTORY.

Next: Hiam Saban and Gene Simmons

Stay tuned….


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