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US Gov supports Juan Guaidó, an individual who communicates with Israel - (CPT-Hebron photo)


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - (US House of Representatives - Photo)


America's BAD ASS MIDGET Advisor John Bolton is a supporter of Israel - (White House - Photo)


Racist US President Donald Trump sent on his behalf his Zionist Jew daughter and Zionist Jew son-in-law to Israel to celebrate Israel day while its military was slaughtering Palestinian children at the border. Through it all Ivanka wore a huge smile on her face as she celebrates the theft of Palestinian land - (screen shot)

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi Arabians believed to be ordered by Jared Kushner's friend the Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia - (POMED - photo)

Double agent British/Russian spy a 66-year-old Russian born Sergei Skripal got caught betraying his country and was poisoned - - (Screenshot - Guardian news photo)

Is Donald Trump on the scam and will be eventually be on the move out? - (Photo: Michael Vadon)


America's DEMOCRACY CHEMICAL WEAPONS gift to Vietnam - These unborn babies are a result of America's spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam. Iraq and other Middle East nations are the next victims of America's war on terror and their unwavering support of Israel - Vietnam War Museum photo


Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump - (Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro)


Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell has the most famous pussy in the world that Donald Trump boasted when was on the Access Hollywood bus, that he could do what he wanted since he was famous prior to grabbing her thang. Ironically since this was a major story at the time there has been no follow-up by the media with O'Dell and she has failed to join the ME TOO movement - (OliveCocoMag photo)


Jerry Jones the owner if the Dallas Cowboys also referred to as America's team wants NFL players punished for not respecting the USA flag - (Keith Allison photo)


Former US government press staffer John Kirby (bottom tight) is included in one of CNN's infamous panel of experts in one of CNN's infamous panel of experts - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iivjJaLsjaY - screen shot)


As depicted in The Putin Interviews with filmmaker Oliver Stone the United States of Israel has surrounded Russia with attack missiles. This is how the US government wastes the US taxpayer's money by creating enemies - (Showtime screenshot photo) - (ENLARGED photo)


Like CNN, TV presenter Charlie Rose seems to have a strong relationship with the CIA - (Peabody Awards photo)


BALLS to the WALL - Is Donald Trump serious when he says America first or is he playing a real estate business game by supporting Israel - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin (Pulls his) NUTS & YAHOO gets cozy with then Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


As the boss of CNN the FAKE NEWS CHANNEL, Jew, Jeff Zucker is involved in the 70% Zionist controlled western media that promotes Israel and ignores their WAR CRIMES and racist ways - David Shankbone photo




Israel exists due to the influence and support from the COLONIALIST British government applying their MIGHTY WHITEY MENTALITY to invade, take over land by force and rule the world - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)


This photo is all that is left of an 18-month-old Palestinian boy who was burned to death after Israeli settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank - (Al Jazeera photo)


"Blood and Oil - The Middle East in World War I" - poster


The New BEAST of DEATH Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - In 2012 Israel's racist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crossed the red when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly crying about his fear of Iran and he continues to whine while British citizens rally to have him arrested for War crimes - Activism1234 photo


For the love of money Hillary Clinton supports Israel THE BABY KILLERS, in her bid to become the next president of the United States


Billionaire Jew Michael Bloomberg is the owner of the Bloomberg channel. He also is the former mayor of New York City and is an stanch supporter of Israel - Rubenstein Photo


After being caught with her pants down Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) resigned her post as chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) - This United States Congress image is in the public domain


CNN PROMOTES HILLARY CLINTON IGNORES & DISRESPECTS BERNIE SANDERS - Ironically the best candidate is Bernie Sanders who is Jewish. Sanders appears to be honest and he is not owned by special interest groups. His funding comes from the public with an average of $27 per donation - (This United States Congress image is in the public domain)





POV 67 - (Point of View) - US GOV TAKES OIL 4 WAR with the support of EXECUTIONERS? - February, 2019
AMERICA & ISREAL'S WARS WITH THE WORLD 4 OIL - OIL IS THE TARGET in the US government's breach of international laws by imposing their will and illegally invading nations in the name of democracy and saving its people. The reality is their impositions and interference is to take over a nation's natural recourses and destroy their infrastructure and security while making them dependent

POV 66 - (Point of View) - THE UNPRINCIPLED US GOV - February, 2019
CHANGES ARE IN PROGRESS - If it's unprincipled you're looking for you can find it in the US government. When considers that the US has turned its back on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, insults and denies equality to people of color while favoring those that commit crimes to humanity, most notably the apartheid state of soldiers Israel it indicates that something is wrong with this picture

POV 65 - (Point of View) - JOHN BOLTON… More of TRUMP'S KILLER ADVISORS - January, 2019
JOHN BOLTON… THE MIGHTY MOUTH MIDGET? - When one considers that only 2% of America's 364 MILLION population are JEWISH it raises the question why is such a small percentage of a religious group so powerful in America's political system. The answer is MONEY and US government advisor John Bolton

POV 64 - (Point of View) - TRUMP'S KILLER ADVISORS IVANKA & JARED - December, 2018
ALL IN THE FAMILY - IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY - Under their advisor watch they arguably have influenced decisions that have placed the United States on the verge of World War III - The bigger question is why are these two influential politicians working for free (?) and flying under the radar? Why aren't their crucial roles being questioned and scrutinized? When it comes to threats to America's national security these two are largely responsible

POV 63 - (Point of View) - Is JARED KUSHNER BEHIND the KHASHOGGI MURDER? - November, 2018
TRUMP OK's MURDER 4 MONEY & OIL? - Why is Kushner doing a job without pay? Is this about being around powerful wealthy businessmen and world leaders to make contacts to build his business? When he was running for the presidency Trump claimed how wealthy he was and didn't need the money. He claims to be a billionaire but won't reveal his tax returns. A US presidents salary is $440,000 a year

POV 62 - (Point of View) - USA ACCUSES RUSSIA of EVERYTHING....WHY??? - October, 2018
THE RUSSIANS DID IT, THE RUSSIAN DID IT.... Ohhhh PLEASE!!! - The accusations and verbal attacks on Russia, Iran and China are one sided. The point driven home is they are the enemy and need to be scrutinized and CONTROLLED. Unfounded accusations rule over fact. The truth is American and Israeli forces surround Russia and China propagating an atmosphere for WAR. That attitude is being promoted in the accusation of the Novichok poisonings.... WITHOUT PROOF

WHO… ARE THOSE PEOPLE? - It appears that the US and Israel want to instigate World War 3 so they can benefit by manufacturing weapons and chemical weapons and divert their true intention to take over the world by intimidation and force to steal their natural resources. They justify wars by stating that they are PROVIDING JOBS for their citizens. Is this BULLSHIT OR WHAT? Why do the Zionists that control the US government want to profit from the ill-gotten gains of war? Why is the US government trying to start a war with Russia?

POV 60 - (Point of View) - TRUMP vs. LeBRON JAMES & CNN's DON LEMON - August, 2018
TRUMP'S RACE 2 RACISM - Trumps hate people of color WAR has broadened from his attacks on former US President Barack Obama to now telling those involved in the sports business by telling them what to do and how they should act - As the world is turning on the insecurity of America's leader apparently wants his name on and involved in everything

POV 58 - (Point of View) - TRUMP'S (NOT SO!) ROYAL POLITICAL FAMILY - July, 2018
SOMETHING'S FISHY IN THE WHITE HOUSE… THE ISRAELI LINK STINKS with THE JEW CREW - Trump appointed his daughter Ivanka and her Jewish husband Jared Kushner as his UNPAID CONSULTANTS. Now there are three top decision makers working in behalf of American citizens while supporting the theft of Palestinian land and businesses and the murder of its people. This situation raises the questions WHY and WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM?

POV 57 - (Point of View) - TRUMP IS RIGHT ABOUT FAKE NEWS - May, 2018
FAKE NEWS by CNN & 70% Zionist Controlled Media - Love him or hate RACIST DONALD TRUMP he is right about CNN and their FAKE NEWS - AS BULLSHIT AS HE IS… HE'S RIGHT ABOUT FAKE NEWS - CNN's ad with a pile of bananas then stating that there is an apple inside of that stack. The ad then asks how do you find it. They answer is YOU DIG FOR IT - How far did they dig in their presidential polls indicating that Hillary Clinton WOULD WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE

POV 56 - (Point of View) - Could CNN & CHEMICAL WEAPONS EQUATE TO CIA's EFFORTS 4 WAR? - April, 2018
THEY DAZZLE US WITH BULLLSHIT - When CNN first showed video of teary eyed children alleged to be victims of suffering from a chemical substance that CNN could not verify the authenticity of the video because it was supplied by the anti government forces. Some believe it was staged - America seems to have a short memory and conveniently forget the AGENT ORANGE chemical weapons they used to KILL scar and maim Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians during their invasion of those Asian countries in the name of democracy

POV 55 - (Point of View) - JARED KUSHNER - ISRAELI SPY? - March, 2018
ISRAEL'S UNDERCOVER DOUBLE AGENT SPY? - The sleazy manner in which Donald Trump's son-in-la Jared Kushner does business could lead to World War III. His ties to Israel are counter productive to his responsibility in brokering peace in the Middle East it is more likely to produce a religious war…

POV 54 - (Point of View) - TRUMPS SEXUAL ASSAULTS GO UNPUNISHED - February, 2018
PUSSY IS UP FOR GRABS… in TRUMPS WORLD - Let's be clear, despite what you think about the Donald Trump he apparently is a prophet in stating that he could do what he wanted and GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE HE WAS FAMOUS. That infamous statement was made as he exited the Access Hollywood bus before he grabbed the shows then host Nancy O'Dell's pussy

POV 53 - (Point of View) - GOD CREATED EARTH & CNN CREATED DONALD TRUMP - December, 2017
THE FRANKENSTEIN TRUMP THAT CNN CREATED - The days of the real Ted Turned CNN that embraced Russia and China as well as producing the GOOD WILL Games are over. Since CNN became Zionist controlled they have lost the plot and now they need to get back to being in the business of journalism and not in the OPINION BUSINESS and trying to CREATE WARS

POV 52 - (Point of View) - NFL team OWNER JERRY JONES CATCHES TRUMP FEVER - November, 2017
AMERICA'S RACIST BEAT GOES ON - The RACIST, colonialist mighty whitey MENTALITY continues too exists. In the modern era it is via business practices. Currently two NFL owners have expressed their dissatisfaction of the NFL player's protests and insist that players must be punished for not respecting the United States flag.

POV 51 - (Point of View) - RACIST TRUMP LOST THE NFL PLOT - September, 2017
IT'S ABOUT RACISM… NOT THE FLAG - US President Donald Trump's ignorant statement of NFL players too FIRE THE SONS OF BITCHES has inflamed many who were silent in the past to come forward. His racist statement had brought more people together while racist Trump supporters are being exposed defending him - It took years for the NFL to hire black football players and the Washington Redskins (the home of the racist nation's capitol) were the LAST TEAM to hire a black player

POV 50 - (Point of View) - IN THE FACE OF RACE - August, 2017
CNN MISINFORMATION - JEWISH IS A RELIGION NOT A RACE - In general most news outlets stayed on point by accurately reporting that the protests in Charlotte were about RACISM. CNN made the topic their own by stressing that the protesters included white-supremacist who also hate Jews. CNN extracted the white-supremacist narrative and ran with it making it an anti-Semitism subject while ignoring the real topic… RACISM

POV 49 - (Point of View) - CNN's FRENZY 4 TRUMP, PUTIN & RUSSIA - July, 2017
THE WHANKING OFF @ CNN - CNN is cluttered with FAKE NEWS and so called expert panelists, many of whom you can't find their background or the organizations they are associated with. The GOOD NEWS (NOT FAKE) is the TRUTH CAN BE FOUND on the INTERNET. Many real stories and background information are obtainable on the Internet with VIDEO NEWS REPORTS and DOCUMENTARIES. Russia hacking the US elections is absurd but CNN & the US GOVENMNET RANT ON about the agenda THEY WANT TO SELL to beat down Russia, Donald Trump and start World War 3. The links to some of these VIDEO stories are in this article

POV 48 - (Point of View) - CNN FREAKING OUT from being EXPOSED by TRUMP - July, 2017
TRUMP BASHING the CNN LOGO MAN WARS - As they say turnabout is fair play and since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States he is now wielding his power to EXPOSE CNN'S DIRTY TRICKS in response to the overabundant negative (what they call) reporting on The Donald. His bashing of the CNN logo man video is a smash hit around the world resulting in CNN staffers FREAKING OUT and OVERREACTING

POV 47 - (Point of View) - AMERICA's THIRST 4 ENEMIES & WAR = RUSSIA - June, 2017
OLIVER STONES 'THE PUTIN INTERVIEWS' vs. CNN's FAKE NEWS - A foolish waste and abuse of American taxpayer money is outlined in filmmaker Oliver Stone's documentary 'The Putin Interviews.' In addition the documentary reveals the intelligence and personality of Russia's President Vladimir Putin which is contrary of the image being sold by the American government and the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media

REMEMBER AGENT ORANGE & PHOSPHORUS BOMBS? - Let's be clear, the US government and Israel have a history of having committed war crimes just as they are accusing others of doing. The irony is that many of governments that America verbally assaults are closer to being a democracy than America - US President Donald Trump and America conveniently forget their own history. They illegally killed babies in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria in the name of Democracy when it's really about OIL…TO FIGHT WARS a nation NEEDS OIL

POV 45 - (Point of View) - CHINESE COMMUNITY RIOT IN PARIS - April, 2017
PARIS POLICE KILL A CHINESE RESIDENT - CNN IGNORES REAL NEWS & PREFERS TRUMP & RUSSIA BASHING - If you've been watching the FAKE NEWS on CNN, here's THE REAL NEWS that you've missed… for the past week there have been riots in Paris due to an innocent unarmed Chinese man being killed by police. The motive is RACISM according to a Chinese individual interviewed at the scene by the RT News channel

CHARLIE ROSE DOES IT AGAIN! - In taking a CNN and US GOV tactic of telling you what you should and better do, it would be advisable to investigate ALL POLITICIANS and MAIN STREAM MEDIA presenters, managers and producers. If they have ties to Israel or money invested in companies that profit from wars or OIL then those politicians and main stream media types should be dismissed from their jobs

POV 43 - (Point of View) - ISRAEL'S BENJAMIN (Pulls his) NUTS & YAHOO - February, 2017
SUTCHA DEAL ISRAEL 1st… AMERICANS SUFFER - AMERICA 1st - Ohhhh… REALLY? - ISRAEL'S NUTS & YAHOO has lost the plot, he has stated that the conflicts that Israel has with the Palestinians has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS they have built on Palestinian land. Basically Israel wants to steal it all IN VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW

POV 42 - (Point of View) - THE PROBLEM IS the USA … NOT RUSSIA - February, 2017
US GOV LOVES 2 WASTE OUR MONEY on WARS - Let's not forget what THE CONTENT of the infamous and alleged RUSSIAN HACK regarding our elections was about the DNC's Debbie Wasserman Schultz FIXING THE ELECTIONS FOR CLINTON AND SQUASHING BERNIE SANDERS, the people choice.- Other hacks were about a CNN POLITICAL ANALYST Donna Brazile FEEDING CLINTON THE QUESTIONS TO A CNN DEBATE prior to the debate. It's actions like this that warrants Trump's WAR ON MEDIA

POV 41 - (Point of View) - TRUMP... "THE MEDIA IS DISHONEST" - January, 2017
TRUMP IS SPOT ON regarding CLEANING THE SWAMP - CNN is the leader I FAKE NEWS as their promotion of WAR HAWK Hillary Clinton exemplifies. Now that she's lost to Donald Trump CNN is focusing on demonizing Russia and WITHOUT PROOF… accusing Russia of interfering in the US election process - Filmmaker Michael Moore made a film 14 years ago Fahrenheit 9-11 that is relative today. The question is... what is Donald Trump going to do to drain the US government's CORRRUPT WAR SWAMP MENTALITY?

POV 40 - (Point of View) - WOLF BLITZER & CNN… THE LEADERS of FAKE NEWS - December, 2016
WEALTHY JEWS CONTROL THE NARRATIVE - CNN's Wolf Blitzer's history includes being a journalist for Israeli publications and media outlets. He is an American Jew. What many people fail to realize is many journalists are members of the CIA. The question is since Blitzer is so closely allied with CIA guests, IS HE CIA and is the agent of FAKE NEWS?

POV 39 - (Point of View) - CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED - November, 2016
IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL? - Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region including Jordan and Syria with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory surrounding the land currently occupied by what is now Israel a pet topic of the Jews at CNN

POV BIT 2 - (Point of View) - TRUMP WINS based on COMMUNICATION verses CLINTON'S MORE WARS - November, 2016
AMERICA MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE - The point is this… NOBODY DIED from Trump's sexual encounters or his legal business dealings but many have died from wars supported by Clinton. The fact that she kept harping about Gold Star families contradicts her actions. SHE HELPED CREATE GOLD STAR FAMILIES

POV BIT 1 - (Point of View) - PUSSY GRABS DON'T KILL… HILLARY CLINTON DOES - October, 2016
THE CHOICES ARE BE GRABBED OR DIE - CNN is the messenger of bad news and LIES. So what if Trump grabbed a pussy. CNN's apparent objective is to comply with the DNC (Democratic National Committee) conspiracy to have War Hawk Hillary Clinton elected. In doing so they focus on finding everything wrong with Donald Trump and IGNORE Clinton's numerous mistakes and misleading lies that led to WARS and DEATHS in IRAQ and LIBYA

POV 38 - (Point of View) - HILLARY CLINTON & CNN's POLITICAL CONSPIRACY - October, 2016
HILLARY CLINTON… THE TWO FACED LIAR - CNN is BIASED and supports Hillary Clinton while ignoring her reckless lack of integrity that could lead to World War 3 in order to benefit her special interest Wall Street friends and Israel that have funded her and her husband BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over a 25 YEAR period - CNN is indirectly involved with being in the special interest category since their parent company Time Warner contributed $400,000 to the Clinton campaign according to RT News

POV - (Point of View) 37 - WAR HAWK HILLARY CLINTON = ALZHEIMER HILLARY? - September, 2016
- US presidential candidate has a history of making bad decisions leading to the deaths of innocent women and children around the world. She also has questionable relationships with special interest corporations and individuals that helped make her rich. She has been evasive and caught in lies numerous times and considered a war hawk. Transparency isn't a part of her DNA DECEIT IS. It raises the question does America need another WAR?

POV - (Point of View) 36 - CNN is 4 HILLARY CLINTON with DEFLECTIONS & DECEPTION - August, 2016
- The United States of America has been bullying the world since they involved themselves in the conspiracy to create the nation of soldiers, racist Israel. At present America's choices for president are two of the most tyrannical, disgusting individuals that have been put before them by self interest groups such as Israel, CNN and their parent company the Time Warner Corporation - Blood will be on their hands

POV - (Point of View) 35 - US GOV & DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ'S CAN OF WORMS - July, 2016
- Deceit and back stabbing command the center stage of America's political system. America is headed down the road of self destruction with their political antics. The United States citizens is in a lose, lose situation with the final nominations being Hillary Clinton, a political whore and Donald Trump a devout racist megalomaniac

- America has become the laughing stock of the world with two apparent dishonest candidates running for president in the lying devious Hillary Clinton and the racist Donald Trump. CNN supports Clinton as their parent company Time Warner donated $400,000 to her campaign according to RT News

POV - (Point of View) 33 - Is HILLARY CLINTON a POLITICAL WHORE? - April, 2016
- Hillary Clinton has proven over the years that she is prone to lying and making HUGE (as Donald Trump would say), MISTAKES. It raises the question can America afford to be led by a political prostitute who has taken millions of dollars from special interest groups and Super Packs to serve their interests while selling out the American people?

- Thursday AlJazeera reported a negative Israeli story that CNN preferred to ignore. Two of the three Israelis' charged with the arson murder of a Palestinian child in East Jerusalem were convicted. A 21-year-old murderer was sentenced to life in prison. His accomplice who is a minor was sentenced to a 21-year jail term

POV - (Point of View) 31 - CNN's DONALD TRUMP GUEST COVER-UP - January , 2016
- CNN fails to do a lot of things but what they are good at is diverting or ignoring the truth and reporting the news. They are good at promoting Israel and the US government's invasion of foreign nations agendas. Last but not least CNN is GOOD AT PRESENTING A DONALD TRUMP information EXPERT WITHOUT REVEALING HIS TRUE IDENTITY AND BACKGROUND

POE - (Point of View) 30 - HILLARY CLINTON 2 SELL OUT AMERICA 2 ISRAEL? - November , 2015
S - America's presidential campaign funding from wealthy Jews with Israeli leanings has a designated purpose… to support Israel. The US government is denying its own citizens funding in order to support the apartheid state while America's Social Security recipients have been denied a cost of living increase for three of the past five years. The government wants to increase the defense budget. America's school system is in the state of decay given the governments preference to spend money on supporting Israel while, again… in the process… NEGLECTING its own CITIZENS

POV - (Point of View) 29 - US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES GOT IT WRONG - October, 2015
MINORITIES WILL RULE THE SHAPE OF CHANGE - Republican presidential candidates have got it all wrong in stating what multi national companies that fund presidential candidates want to hear. What they fail to recognize is that it's the vote of the PEOPLE THAT MATTER who they want to represent them as Social Media if a major player in their decision making. If they want a Muslim or Edward Snowden to be their president that is the way it will be as it's the PEOPLE'S VOTE THAT RULE

POV - (Point of View) 28 - RACIST DONALD TRUMP gets a FREE RIDE? - October, 2015
BILLIONS OF $ IN FREE TELEVISION COVERAGE - For every appearance or commentary, IN TOTAL, Trump is receiving $600,000,000 worth of free air time and advertising PER ACCUMULATIVE HOUR for his run to be the president of the United States, based on the Super Bowl ad rate. Multiply that by the hours and hours overall of television coverage he has received and it raises the question WHY? WHY are the television networks supporting this racist megalomaniac?

POV - (Point of View) 27 - ARREST ISRAEL'S NETANYAHU RALLY IN BRITAIN - September, 2015
THE MURDERING BEAST of the MIDDLE EAST - British citizens rally to have Israel's Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu be arrested for crimes against humanity. RT News reported this story but main stream western media IGNORED IT. The question is…. are American citizens as dumb and their government wants them to be in their censorship of the news? As CNN founder Ted Turner said in an interview with Tom Snider years ago, that watching NBC (USA television network) makes a person DUMBER and DUMBER. His statement currently applies to CNN and the BBC. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE

POV - (Point of View) SPECIAL 2 - THE (Donald) TRUMP HUMP - September, 2015
ISRAEL MATTERS but BLACK LIVES DON'T - In a telephone interview Donald Trump was asked by CNN's black journalist Don Lemon if black lives mattered. Trump avoided answering the question but noted that police must do their job. Trump voiced his disfavor that the US governments deal with Iran was bad because it states that the US government would have to defend Iran if attacked. Trump pointed out that it would include having to attack Israel if they attacked Iran

POV - (Point of View) 26 - POLITICAL FUNDING FRAUDS - August, 2015
AMERICA'S POLITICAL ISRAELI JEW CREW - Via the marriage of Clinton’s daughter to a Jew questions who her loyalty would be for, the best interest of the TRUE American people or ISRAEL? Both father in-laws of the Trump and Clinton’s daughters have served jail time one for illegal campaign contributions and the other for scam frauds

POV - (Point of View) 25 - US POLITICIANS BEND OVER - August, 2015
THE SELLING OUT of AMERICA - The US presidential race demands funding and special interest groups are more than willing to help….. FOR A PRICE. The price is to sell out the American public and pass laws that favor them - Some US politicians make more after they leave government service by being employed by the special interest groups that they took money from to pay the bills for their political campaigns - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 4 - A Time for Lies & The new Seven Sisters

POE - (Point of View) 24 - WHY ISRAEL EXISTS… OIL & The 7 Sisters - August, 2015
CONTROLLING OIL = WARS - America is opposed to land being taken by force and against the use of chemical weapons. Ooh please... don't they know their own history? - US politicians make money from WAR! - Countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 3 - The Dancing Bear

POE - (Point of View) 23 - TRUMP PLAYS MEDIA LIKE A FIDDLE - August, 2015
MEDIA TRUMPED by TRUMP - Up till now Donald Trump hasn't been asked about his position on racism or Israel. Given that this past year has been open season on kill the niggahs (slang) as police in America have been doing on a regular basis. Questions related to those two topics, Israel and racism have been avoided. What Trump has to be concerned about is an interrogation regarding what is his position regarding supporting Israel by former Israeli journalist now at CNN… WOLF BLITZER

POV - (Point of View) 22 - US GOV POLITICIANS SUPPORT ISRAEL - August, 2015
US GOVERNMENT SUPPORT BABY KILLERS - When you consider the amount of support and money the US government gives to Israel an intelligent person must wonder WHY. US politician Mike Huckabee supports Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. Huckabee is currently trying to gain the Republication nomination to run for USA president. The twist is Huckabee is also a religious minister. The bible says that THOU SHALT NOT KILL which raises the question WHY does Huckabee support Israel? - Episode 2 The Secrets of the Seven Sisters

POV - (Point of View) 21 - IS ISRAEL BOILED IN OIL? - August, 2015
WHY DOES ISRAEL EXIST? - Why were the United Nations, CIA and other US government organizations organized during the same time that the conspiracy to create Israel came about during the mid 1940's? Why does that coincide with Western nations need for oil from the region that Israel's military currently patrols and does that compliment the conspiracy to control oil prices as depicted in the four part documentary series The Secrets of the Seven Sisters?

POV - (Point of View) SPECIAL - NBA Player Omri Casspi visits Israel with NBA PLAYERS - July, 2015
The trip is part of a Casspi-led effort to fight the international movement to boycott Israel. DO BLACK NBA PLAYERS SUPPORT ISRAEL'S APARTHEID & MURDERS? - Billionaire Sheldon Adelson provided his 747 jet airplane to fly the NBA players to Israel - Joining Casspi are fellow Kings players DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay and Caron Butler, as well as other NBA notables Chandler Parsons, Tyreke Evans, Iman Shumpert and newly signed Washington Wizard Alan Anderson - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has approved of the trip

POV - (Point of View) 20 - AlJazeera News Presents: The Secret of the Seven Sisters - July, 2015
THE ROOT CAUSE WHY ISRAEL EXISTS... OIL - A four-part series that reveals how a secret pact formed a cartel that controls the world's oil.- One August night, the three men decided to stop fighting and to start sharing out the world's oil. Their vision was that production zones, transport costs, sales prices - everything would be agreed and shared. And so began a great cartel, whose purpose was to dominate the world, by controlling its oil

POV - (Point of View) 19 - Part 2 - CNN'S BIASED REPORTING - June, 2015
CNN - ISRAEL'S MOUTHPIECE - CNN should be more careful and responsible with their alarming reports. It would be more appropriate to check out the facts carefully before interrupting programming and alarming the public. CNN founder Ted Turner wrote a book titled 'Lead Follow Or Get Out of The Way.' It's time for CNN to get out of the way of the truth

POV - (Point of View) 19 - Part 1 - ISRAEL LAUNCHES AIR STRIKE on GAZA... AGAIN - June, 2015
MORE ILLEGAL ISRAELI ATROCITIES COVERED UP by CNN - EVICTS PALESTINIANS FROM THEIR HOMES - Last summer an Israeli plane shot and murdered four teenage boys playing football on the beach. They had no concealed weapons just a football. Israel's spokesperson Mark Regev said they would look into the murders but nothing has been reported. - RT News give an account this week that Israeli soldiers evicted seven families from their West Bank homes so Israel could build more illegal housing for Jews. CNN failed to acknowledge and report this story

POV - (Point of View) 18 - CNN… THE ISRAELI PROPAGANDA CHANNEL - March, 2015
CNN DEFLECTS ISRAEL'S WAR CRIMES - CNN is the main pro Israel propaganda spreading channel. One of the obvious reasons why is the channel's boss Jeff Zucker is a Jew with Israeli leanings - CNN does more to promote violence, wars and conflicts than report on it

POV - (Point of View) 17 - TRUTH EVADES ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA & CIA - February, 2015
DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH - With main stream western media being 70% Zionist controlled there is a distortion of the truth while ignoring history and facts. Israel is the most promoted topic by these news organizations and the CIA

POV - (Point of View) 16 - CNN & WOLF BLITZER continue SELLING ISRAEL with the “VOICES OF AUSCHWITZ” - February, 2015
THE ISRAELI SPAM MAN - CNN and Wolf Blitzer continue to burden the world with their Jew point of views. Their latest episode was a feature titled "Voices of Auschwitz" which depicts the tragic events of the German inflicted Holocaust. The telecast interviewed several survivors of the tragedy. Blitzer and filmmaker Steven Spielberg feel it's their calling to repeatedly bring this event to the attention of the public. What they fail to take into account is other faiths and nations have experienced their own tragedies thus, what makes the Jews plight more special than others who have suffered mass slaughter and genocide?



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