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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - (US House of Representatives - Photo)



Racist US President Donald Trump sent on his behalf his Zionist Jew daughter and Zionist Jew son-in-law to Israel to celebrate Israel day while its military was slaughtering Palestinian children at the border. Through it all Ivanka wore a huge smile on her face as she celebrates the theft of Palestinian land - (screen shot)

Donald Trump and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton support RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)


Zionist Jew Jared Kushner has close family ties with Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - (Screen shot - photo)




POV 66 - (Point of View) - THE UNPRINCIPLED US GOV



If it's unprincipled you're looking for you can find it in the US government. When considers that the US has turned its back on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, insults and denies equality to people of color while favoring those that commit crimes to humanity, most notably the apartheid state of soldiers Israel it indicates that something is wrong with this picture


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Thursday, February 28, 2019


If it's unprincipled you're looking for you can find it in the US government. When considers that the US has turned its back on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, insults and denies equality to people of color while favoring those that commit crimes to humanity, most notably the apartheid state of soldiers Israel it indicates that something is wrong with this picture .

Five years ago it was published that 55% of Americans under the age of five were people of color. That translates into eventually minorities will be running the government. That is currently coming to fruition with a new breed of politician that represents the interests of US citizens and not only those with special interests favors to be repaid.

Women are also coming to prominence in the political arena with 29-year-old congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gaining much of the attention. What stands out about her position is her background as an individual that is more relative to the masses of American citizens than the Trump gang that currently represents the United States of Israel/America.

While Ocasio-Cortez speaks to the issues of American citizens the Trump gang caters to special interest groups and Israel. One is for the progress of its people while the other is about MONEY.

Understandably many may not agree with Ocasio-Cortez's points of view but the point being is she is an example where politics are going which many would reason that is a good thing.

Ivanka Trump Kushner is a child of privilege. She never applied for a job; her jobs were given via nepotism. She was appointed as the Presidents Advisor with salary. WHY??? What's in it for her? The answer is CONTACTS to further her business interests and make political contacts for a future in politics.

She was born rich and there is no history where she has any friendships with people of color, essentially she can't relate. What she can relate to is Israel and greater access and commitments from wealthy Jews that conspired to create Israel.

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is the most recent wealthy Jew that has interfered with American politics (not Russia). It has been reported that he contributed $200 to $300 thousand to her father's presidential campaign thus…. the Israeli connection.

There is currently a dispute between Ocasio-Cortez and the heiress regarding a living wage, Ocasio-Cortez told Ivan. "As a person who actually worked for tips and hourly wages in my life, instead of having to learn about it second-hand, I can tell you that most people want to be paid enough to live,"

Trump Kushner takes a narrow view by comparing the wealth of the United States with the rest of the world. The Trump's deal with money as if it grows on trees and not from invading Middle East nations and stealing their OIL from with Venenzuela now in the US GOV's target.

Ocasio-Cortez has experience dealing with the political system of being self serving. She described her background as working-class, and relates many of her political positions to it. When her father died in 2008, she became involved in a long probate battle to settle his estate. She has said that the experience helped her learn "firsthand how attorneys appointed by the court to administer an estate can enrich themselves at the expense of the families struggling to make sense of the bureaucracy".

Jared Kushner is another piece of sand in the Vaseline. He also is a residential advisor working for FREE. The Zionist has money problems in his real-estate business with his 666 building in New York City.

Trump appointed him to bring peace to the Middle East. Under his watch the US moved it Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The US backed out of their Iran deal. The Palestinian government won't talk to him and his belief is they will come around. The result is the game of making a nation cry uncle while believing that the world doesn't care and he and the Israelis know that.

There is an important point, with all of the turmoil in the Middle East and the Trump Kushner's being top presidential advisors WHY are they flying under the radar? Aren't they telling the Donald how to think?

The situation is while Trump is so focused on spending taxpayer's money for a wall that was $3 billion and now$7 billion and having a $700 defense budget while giving Irael$4 billion military support to murder Arab sand niggers and steal their land results in SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

The new breed of minority politicians that have experienced racism and financial suffering will speak to those needs and make America A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL AMERICANS, NOT JUST THE PRIVELEDGED.


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The Secret of the Seven Sisters

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL






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