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After being caught with her pants down Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) resigned her post as chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) - This United States Congress image is in the public domain


CNN PROMOTES HILLARY CLINTON IGNORES & DISRESPECTS BERNIE SANDERS - Ironically the best candidate is Bernie Sanders who is Jewish. Sanders appears to be honest and he is not owned by special interest groups. His funding comes from the public with an average of $27 per donation - (This United States Congress image is in the public domain)


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets cozy with the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


Protest against Israel's Gaza Blockade and attack on humanitarian flotilla - Melbourne 5 June 2010 - The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) wants the world to boycott products from Israel - Takver Photo


An Iraqi woman with her baby looks on as U.S. Army Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team search the courtyard of her house during a cordon and search in Ameriyah, Iraq - U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tierney Nowland photo


America has a history of using a country up until they are of no use. Muammar Gaddafi's son Mutassim met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009 before she supported the invasion of his country Libya and the death of his father - (U.S. Department of State from United States)


US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)







Deceit and back stabbing command the center stage of America's political system. America is headed down the road of self destruction with their political antics. The United States citizens is in a lose, lose situation with the final nominations being Hillary Clinton, a political whore and Donald Trump a devout racist megalomaniac


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Saturday, July 30, 2016


After being caught with her pants down Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) resigned her post as chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) late Sunday afternoon, the day before the party was set to kick off its national convention in Philadelphia due to the revelation from her hacked emails that she plotted against fellow Jew Bernie Sanders in his bid to win the parties nomination to run for the president of the United States.

Her resignation was a result of WikiLeaks releasing almost 20,000 internal emails from the DNC, with some showing her support of Hillary Clinton's campaign and intent at times to undermine Sanders campaign toward the end of the primary race.

Throughout the primary elections the word was that the election process was rigged. This point was made by both Sanders and Donald Trump. In both cases the email hack revelation substantiates them to be spot on.

It is not anti-Semitic to mention fellow Jew as it is a point of fact that needs to be addressed. The reason being is when former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was being interviewed about his racist comments that led to him having to sell the team and be banned by the NBA (National Basketball Association) he went on television and stated that Jews support Jews. His opinion failed to hold water in this instance as the 49-year-old Wasserman Shultz back stabbed fellow Jew, 74-year-old Sanders.

In 2012, many of Obama's advisers questioned the move to select Wasserman Schultz as his DNC chairwoman, who they felt came across as too partisan on television. An internal focus study of the popularity of top Obama campaign surrogates ranked Wasserman Schultz at the bottom. In February 2015, Politico, citing unnamed sources, reported that Wasserman Schultz had lined up supporters in 2013 to portray any decision by Barack Obama to replace her as DNC chair as "anti-woman and anti-Semitic".

After Wikileaks published Democratic National Committee emails which suggested that DNC staffers had inappropriately backed Hillary Clinton in the primary campaigns while criticizing the Bernie Sanders campaign, Wasserman Schultz tendered her resignation as the head of the DNC, to become effective as of the close of the nomination convention in Philadelphia. According to reports in the Washington Post, Wasserman Schultz strongly resisted suggestions she resign, requiring a phone call from President Barack Obama to finally force her resignation.

The congresswoman's father, Larry Wasserman, said that while his daughter had not been particularly active in the Jewish community before entering politics, she has "forged ties with Jewish groups as a lawmaker. She helped to form the National Jewish Democratic Council and served on the regional board of the American Jewish Congress."

The muddy picture of United States politics is thought to be corrupt with Wall Street and wealthy Zionist Jew money. That issue that has been mentioned numerous times since the presidential race began a year ago. Sanders won his support largely on attacking Wall Street funding of their desired presidential candidates whom they could control to pass bills favoring their businesses.

The deregulation of the banking system has worked in their favor and eventually led to the destruction of the world's economy due to the 2008 financial collapse from the derivatives scandal. That incident led to many Americans to lose their jobs and homes. As a result many Americans became homeless and many committed suicide.

The Wasserman Schultz incident is another example of how the Zionist Jews have taken over the American political system. In June of last year billionaire Jews Sheldon Addelson the owner of the Sands Casino/hotels in Las Vegas and Singapore and Clinton's Israeli friend Haim Saban threatened the world not to boycott or sanction Israel.

Saban has contributed between $5 million to $10 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation, has been an overnight guest at the White House when her husband was president and served on the President's Export Council, advising the White House on trade issues during the Clinton administration.

Her ducking the issue of how she accumulated her wealth which could have influenced her poor decision making begs the question is that why she so passionately supports Israel and their WAR CRIMES? Since those questions have surfaced Clinton has been avoiding being interviewed.

For the Zionist Israeli supporting Jews and CNN, Clinton is their choice. CNN's parent company Time Warner donated $400,000 to the Clinton campaign according to RT News. That helps explain why CNN has nothing bad to say about Clinton while they ignored Sanders and vilify Trump.

Though she was asked Clinton has refused to reveal the content of her three speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street power players which she reportedly was paid $275,000 per speech. Goldman Sachs was founded and is currently run by Jews. They are largely responsible for the 2008 financial collapse of the world's economy.

Understandably Trump's racist characteristics and impetuous behavior need to be exposed but early on the race CNN and other networks gave him billions of dollars of free air time simply because he is a television celebrity by hosting the popular 'The Apprentice' TV series and interviewing him could boost their ratings. Now that they have used him to their benefit they are chewing him up and spitting him out.

During the Democratic convention in Philadelphia CNN and other news sources ignored the pro Sanders protests taking place outside of the convention. RT televised one video clip of a CNN reporter trying to report the protest only to be cut off by the CNN host in the studio abruptly saying, We're going to cut you off right now, we're going to cut you off right now, we're going to cover Boys to Men."

Boys to Men are a vocal group that functioned as entertainment for the convention.

The poetical dirt continued to fly when Wasserman Schultz accused Sanders of being an atheist. Following that disclosure in an interview with CNN, denying that he was an atheist Sanders said "it is an outrage and sad that you would have people in important positions in the DNC trying to undermine my campaign."

The answer could be that Sanders criticized Wall Street. Clinton followed suite but as the campaign indicates a large portion of US citizens feel she's a liar and can't be trusted. Her history demonstrates that they are right.

History indicates that Wasserman Schultz is about Wasserman Schultz'' Her leadership of the DNC has been controversial since at least 2014, when some Democratic insiders said they had lost confidence in her ability to run the DNC. Politico reported at the time that "the perception of critics is that Wasserman Schultz spends more energy tending to her own political ambitions than helping Democrats win."

It raises a question of why would a political Jew stab a fellow political Jew in the back and disrupt their bid to be the first Jewish president of the United States. Many believe that of the three choices Sanders was the best candidate.

Politics came into play and he was asked not to continue to run for the post which led to Clinton not having any competition. His decision came about after a meeting with current president Barack Obama one of Hillary's friends if you believe the commentary in the convention coverage.

Clinton's game is being a war hawk that favors Wall Street and the arms manufacturing and oil industries. Her history of making mistakes includes that she supported the invasion of Iraq based on the rumor (not facts) that they had weapons of mass destruction.

She supported the annihilation of Libya and was largely responsible for the deaths of four Americans including America's ambassador to that country due to her poor and slow decision making. Her response to congress regarding those deaths was, "What difference at this point does it make!"

Her impenitent response indicates her impetuous attitude towards decision making which could lead to an increase of terrorist attacks and the deaths of innocent citizens around THE WORLD.

Both of those incidents have led to the growth of ISIS. Weapons that America sent to those countries have been sold to the radicals or captured by them.

That leads to the other side of a corrupt presidential race. Israel is in the weapons manufacturing business and the United States government is one of their customers.

Wasserman Schultz is a strong supporter of Israel. With disregard for how the Jews murdered to steal the land from the Palestinians she relates it in political terminology.

In another example where Zionist Jews are infiltrating and manipulating the US government she and Senator Arlen Specter were the driving forces behind the resolution that declared every May Jewish American Heritage Month. The annual observance was created to recognize "the accomplishments of American Jews and the important role that members of the Jewish community have played in the development of American culture".

The bill introducing the observance passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate and signed by President George W. Bush. The measure was criticized by Gary Cass, executive director of the now-defunct Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, a conservative Christian organization based in Fort Lauderdale, who objected to "teaching Jewish history without talk of religious practices and values", saying "We cannot seem to have an honest discussion about the Christian roots of America". He wondered "How much tolerance would [Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz] have for a Christian Heritage month?" She replied that the situation is different, that "Judaism is unique, because it is both a culture and a religion."

It raises the question how much wealthy Jew money was contributed to the election campaigns of those who voted?

She defended her party against suggestions that the Democrats are anti-Israel, saying "I would stack up the Democratic caucus's position on the support for Israel against the Republican caucus's any day of the week and be much more confident-and the Jewish community should be much more confident-in the Democrats' stewardship of Israel than the Republicans, especially if you compare the underlying reasons for both groups' support for Israel. The very far right group of Republicans' interest in Israel is not because they are so supportive of there being a Jewish state and making sure that Jews have a place that we can call home.

That statement raises the question that if the Jews are so rich and educated why didn't the legally purchase the land the stole and murdered for? Donald Trump was right about one thing being America needs to take their country back. His perspective was it was being taken over by the Latino's and Muslims when in reality it has been taken over by the Zionist Jews.

The bottom line is this election process indicates how flawed and corrupt the United States government is. It reveals what Sanders and Trump have said all along that the political system is rigged and supports self interest groups and not the American citizen.

As mentioned at the Democratic convention that all men are created equal... don't tell that to the average African American, Latino or Muslim or as they are frequently referred to as niggahs, spics or Arab Sand Niggers. They have been put in their place and the American political system will guarantee that they REMAIN THERE. American citizens are in a LOSE, LOSE SITUATION.


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