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Donald Trump has attacked Mexicans and Muslims and ignores people of color. The Philadelphia Daily News compares him to the racist former German leader Adolph Hitler the killer of the Jews and not the Palestinians as CNN and Israel's maniac Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like the world to believe - Philadelphia Daily News photo


America has a history of using a country up until they are of no use. Muammar Gaddafi's son Mutassim met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009 before she supported the invasion of his country Libya and the death of his father - (U.S. Department of State from United States)


CNN PROMOTES HILLARY CLINTON IGNORES & DISRESPECTS BERNIE SANDERS - Ironically the best candidate is Bernie Sanders who is Jewish. Sanders appears to be honest and he is not owned by special interest groups. His funding comes from the public with an average of $27 per donation - (This United States Congress image is in the public domain)







America has become the laughing stock of the world with two apparent dishonest candidates running for president in the lying devious Hillary Clinton and the racist Donald Trump. CNN supports Clinton as their parent company Time Warner donated $400,000 to her campaign according to RT News


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Monday, June 06, 2016 - (update - Wednesday, June 08, 2016)


Yesterday CNN declared Hillary Clinton as winning the Democratic nomination to run for the president of the United States. In their report they included the super delegates who don't vote until the Democratic convention almost two month away.

On CNN's Don Lemon show Monday June 6th a Sanders supporter pointed out that super delegate voters can change their mind regarding on who they support at the convention when it matters.

Lemon besmirched the point and stated that it was a CNN poll as if it were the word of god. Again CNN is too full of itself and again like a leopard showing its spots that it is biased.

What is not known to the general public is the CNN's parent company Time Warner contributed $400,000 to the Clinton campaign according to an RT News report. Again this supports CNN's biased reporting.

CNN's problem is that they want to be the news and not report it. They create a scenario without facts or results to support their assumptions.

For the past two weeks CNN has been reporting that Clinton is the nominee and the votes have yet to be reported. The gossip network also reported that Puerto Rico's votes for Clinton put her over the top as the nominee.

During the Kentucky primary elections CNN stated that Clinton had defeated Sanders after ONLY 39% of the votes were counted and Clinton had less than a 2,000 vote lead equating to Clinton's 212,318 to Sanders 210,505.

The argument is that with such schemed and apparent premeditated reports that it discourages many Sanders supporters not to vote thinking that all is lost.

CNN's renegade Arab Christian Amanpour stated, "Bernie Sanders is behaving like a poor loser."

Her statement was prior to Tuesday's elections. Sanders won two of the four but lost the big one California in part due to CNN's continued biased projections meant to discourage. For CNN facts and truth are non issues.

The problem is in the past the CNN (OPINION channel) has always noted how many delegates a state has. In Puerto Rico's case they failed to do so.

The devious manner in which CNN has been supporting Clinton without being transparent about their parent company's financial contribution to Clinton is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. It also magnifies how Clinton is controlled by special interest groups and CNN and Time Warner fit that profile.

During that past two weeks CNN has given Sanders roughly 1% of the coverage that they have given Clinton. They keep reinforcing and encouraging public opinion that Sanders doesn't have a chance. What they fail to take into account is the huge number of delegates California has and they at that time have yet to vote.

Another red flag is Hillary has yet to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street executives. Months ago she claimed she would do so but that has yet to come to fruition. She stated that she would release them when everyone else did.

Sanders has none to release so the question remains what did she promise IN SECRET to the Wall Street Wolves and her financial contributors?

For 25 years the Clinton's have been receiving money from special interest groups. They have become millionaires from rising up the financial ladder of having very little money when they arrived in Washington to become involved in national politics.

The bottom line is their campaign contributions from special interests groups aren't for free and they owe years and years of payback which is at the expense of the American citizens.

What suffers is money diverted for war, invasions and weapons is taken away from American citizens school funding, Medicare and social security and infrastructure.

When you do the logic and factor in that the salary of a US president is $400,000 a year and a Secretary of State $188,000 common sense dictates that their wealth didn't come from their government salaries but from special interests and the contacts they made in repaying their support by accommodating them.

In part much of their wealth comes from giving speeches after leaving office to special interest groups. Hillary was been taken to task about receiving $225,000 per speech including the three speeches she gave totaling $675,000 to Wall Street types since she announced her candidacy to run for president.

When CNN's Anderson Cooper asked her why so much she bluntly replied with an evil chuckle, "That's what they paid."

Bill Clinton is believed to receive $500,000 per speech or more than a years presidential salary. Both have benefited from being low paid government officials and their income after leaving office is far greater.

Hillary is prone to mistakes and lies. Her email controversy has revealed how deceitful she is. That investigation has yet to be cleared up and a decision made by the FBI if her careless actions were unlawful.

She supported the invasion of Iraq yet she criticizes Donald Trump and being fast on the trigger with his off the cuff manner and loose lips by asking if he is the type of individual America wants to have his finger on the nuclear red button?

Her support to invade Libya has also drawn controversy. Both Iran and Libya have been in shambles since Clinton agreed to support their invasion by America.

RT News repeatedly shows a video clip of Clinton stating regarding the murder of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi, "We came, we saw, HE DIED!"

The underlying reason for the invasion is for OIL and not to support democracy and remove a dictator that they previously supported and paid a billion dollars a year to be kept in line and do America's bidding.

Recently the Clinton Foundation has come under scrutiny. Hillary refuses to answer why and how much money her foundation gave her Jewish son-in law who is a rabid supporter of the apartheid, murdering state of Israel.

America has become the laughing stock of the world with two apparent dishonest candidates running for president in the lying scheming Hillary Clinton and the racist, war monger Donald Trump.

Trump is under fire for cheating the public with his Trump University which is being declared a fraud and not a genuine university. The verdict of his case has been delayed until after the election by a judge that he has made racist remarks about regarding his Mexican heritage although he was born in the USA.

Ironically the best candidate is Bernie Sanders who is Jewish. Sanders appears to be honest and he is not owned by special interest groups. His funding comes from the public with an average of $27 per donation.

If Clinton wins she would be America's the first female president. If Trump wins he would become the first president to win on a racist platform in the modern era. If Sanders were to pull off a miracle he would be the first Jewish president.

The hope is that Clinton and Trump would be charged and convicted for their crimes and lies. If either is elected that they would be impeached and removed resulting in Sanders becoming the first Jewish president. We can hope can't we?


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