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United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power has lost the plot with her strident statements insulting Russia - United States State Department



RT News reported that former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has a dual citizenship from Israel and America. Is that a conflict of interest for American foreign policy? - (American photographer (working for United States Department of Defense photo)



Sergey Lavrov Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs - Wikimedia Commons photo


US Secretary of State John Kerry - (United States Congress photo)


Jen Psaki spokesperson for the United States Department of State - US Department of State photo







The US government's arrogant statements regarding how other nations should run their lives are wearing thin. With their pungent rhetoric the US is gaining more enemies than friends. The US government is so paranoid about their actions that their NSA is spying on US citizen's emails as well as South American and European leaders. The audacious actions raise the question is the US painting themselves into a corner where the world will gang up on them and challenge the US and Israel's bullying and intimidation of other nations?



Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Friday, March 21, 2014


The American government and CNN continue to exploit tragic situations. CNN prefers to devote the majority of their entire air time with excessive breaking news regarding the missing Malaysian airplane in which the same information is repeated over and over again. At the same time other (FOR REAL) news channels choose to cover the story with it being their primary lead story and then get on with the news of the world and their region.

News channels from ABC (Australia), Channel News Asia (Singapore), BBC (England) and RT (Russia & Washington D.C USA based) gave the story adequate coverage without repeating the same information over and over again.

The other top story is the situation in the Ukraine and Crimea. CNN continues to stress the CIA's point of view relating the fear tactics message they want to send out to the American public to justify their illegal invasion of other nations in the name of democracy and human rights but in reality the real goal is in the name of OIL and protecting the multi national companies they represent.

The US ambassador to the UN 43-year-old Samantha Power signifies the lack of tact and thorough thought in her insulting statement opposing Russia taking back their former territory Crimea which a substantial majority of its citizens voted in favor of. Since the result didn't go the way the American government wanted the USA then claimed that the overwhelming vote of Crimea citizens was illegal.

Power's statement that the US was against nations taking other nations land BY FORCE is ironic since the US, France, Britain and the UN were instrumental in support of terrorist Jews being recruited from around the world to slaughter Arabs and Muslims to take their land in 1948. It WAS a territory TAKEN BY FORCE AND MURDER that they now call Israel. When it comes to human rights what did these actions mean that Arabs and Muslims ARE NOT HUMAN?

When you try to understand the strident comments by Power it all comes clear when research revealed that she is married to a Jew. That type of relationship is the underlying cause of why the US justifies their support Israel as many US government officials are Jews or married to Jews. In the past RT News reported that former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has a dual citizenship from Israel and America. Is that a conflict of interest for American foreign policy?

Israel's belligerent actions in defying the UN and International laws are evident as they continue to build housing on Palestinian land. RT reported that 10,000 units have been built since July 2013. They continue to recruit radical Jews from around the world to join their cause requiring them to join their military and murder Muslims and Arabs to defend their own atrocities in 1948. For 66 years Israel continues to commit illegal acts that have yet to be punished by the International community.

The impudence of the Israeli's was depicted in a feature on the Australian network that showed how Israeli soldiers broke into Palestinian homes in the middle of the night while video tapping it, woke up the children got them out of bed, stood them up against a hallway wall and interrogated them. They went so far as to arrest a 9-year-old boy for more interrogation at Israeli headquarters. Is this what America's human rights is all about?

The feature interviewed the then 9-year-old boy as he is today regarding his mental state as the result of his experience. His experience has scared him emotionally to this day. The program then asked the question of how the incidents will impact those children when they grow to adulthood.

It is obvious the there is a double standard when the US speaks with a forked tongue with one side telling the world things should do things their way in selling democracy and human rights and what they must do then contradicting their positions by employing the invasion tactics that they say other nations cannot apply.

The US claims they want to protect Ukraine territory. Their self interest failed to note that the new Ukraine government leaders are oligarchs that have suspicious backgrounds regarding how they obtained their wealth. RT News televised video of the properties that the oligarchs own while the Ukrainian people live in poverty. In absorbing Crimea into Russia the Russian government said they will raise the salary and service standards to Russian levels.

When the Crimean citizens voted to join Russia one citizen was asked by RT News if they were concerned about retaliation from the US government inferring an attack on Russia. The citizen replied that the US has NO GUTS and was not concerned.

On another RT report an American guest on a talk show said of US Secretary of State John Kerry to talk to Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergy Lavrov that it was like sending a cupcake to deal with a steak knife. Kerry is one of the US government officials that as repeatedly talked tough talk in telling what other nations better do OR ELSE. Given the reckless statements by US government officials most notably former US presidential candidate John McCain the observation was spot on. The US appears to be focused on starting another war to support weapons contractors, bankers and those with oil interests.

RT NEWS televised on Monday, March 03, 2014 John Kerry threatening Russia about going into another country (Ukraine) for their own interests. Are we the public supposed to be a dumb as the US government wants us to be? What were the interests of the US entering into Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria? Is oil and Israel really worth the lives of US citizens that are involved in their military?

Yesterday at a press conference RT News reporter based in Washington D.C. asked Jen Psaki 36, spokesperson for the United States Department of State and a former spokesperson for U.S. President Barack Obama what was her proof in her statement that Russian made the first shot in the Ukraine. The flustered Psaki responded that it was because Russia entered the Ukraine base first. The reporter pressed on about the first shot statement and was curtly given the cold shoulder by Psaki, who ignored and refused to answer the question then turned to the other reporters present if they had other questions.

The US move wreaks a repeat of their intervention of foreign governments affairs in what later resulted in the Vietnam/American War. Then South Vietnamese leaders came to Washington D.C. and asked then president Kennedy and the US government to assist them in their fight against the communist North Vietnam. The result being the CIA later assassinated one of the South Vietnam leaders, the US lost the war and communist Vietnam currently prospers.

Yes the Holocaust happened but is that reason enough for 66 years of murder by Israel and US forces to justify their illegal wars? Are their actions simply to justify the purpose of Israel's existence is to protect the Suez Canal and the free flow of Western interest oil through the channel? Why should the world be held hostage for eternity that results in the loss of lives of other nations soldiers killed in defending the right for Israel to exist for the greed and need of OIL by western nations?

To make a point there is nothing wrong about being a Jew. There are Jews that are quick to assert that anyone who opposes the actions of Israel is anti-Semitic which is a protective cover that only the Jews have. The difference is, as a friend of mine that is married to a Jewish lady pointed out that Jews are peaceful and practice a FAITH. CORRECT.... BUT... Israeli's PRACTICE HATE and MURDER.

Mark Ford a former US soldier appeared on the program Breaking The Set on the RT channel Thursday March 20 expressing his disillusionment when he realized that the enemy was not the Iraqi citizens including women and children he was killing but the real enemies are the weapons contractors, bankers and those with oil concerns.

The US government has given Israel billions of dollars of money and arms to protect the Suez Canal region for Western oil interest and the world is suffering as a result.




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