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Why is US Secretary of State John Kerry ranting on about Syria using chemical weapons so much without substantial proof and his decision is only based on what he believes? The problem is he is a hypocrite since America used AGENT ORANGE a chemical weapon in Vietnam. - (United States Congress photo)


America is pointing the finger at those whom they BELIEVE use chemical weapons yet THEY DO IT THEMSELVES. THIS IS THE PROOF as this Vietnamese Agent Orange baby is a product of chemical weapons - Vietnam War Museum photo


Another Agent Orange victim is a product of another one of AMERICA'S ILLEGAL WARS - Vietnam War Museum photo






Why is US Secretary of State John Kerry ranting on about Syria using chemical weapons so much without substantial proof and his decision is only based on what he believes? - Who is to say that chemical weapons used in Syria are not planted by the CIA? The word ISRAEL is too frequently mentioned when it comes to talking about the invasion of another nation. WHY IS THAT? Isn't the world Israel-ed out? Enough is enough



Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Sunday, September 08, 2013


In seeking support the apparent CIA influenced CNN (aka CON - Cable Opinion Network) repeatedly televises and talks about the videos of Syrian children suffering from being attacked by chemical weapons. These UNSUBSTANTIATED videos are from You Tube which is the source of the UNKNOWN.

CNN's apparent CIA influenced reporters (used loosely) rant on like cheerleaders with their biased opinions to justify an attack on Syria by the USA without having proof. Their rants are based on what they BELIEVE that Syrian forces are using chemical weapons. Regardless that there is no absolute proof they preface their statements and they repeatedly accuse the Syrian government of having chemical weapons as if it were based on fact and not what some very vocal US politicians believe.

US Secretary of States John Kerry is in harmony with other US politicians including President Barack Obama who promote that they are indignant that Syria is using chemical weapons against its own people particularly children. They are incensed at Syria WITHOUT ABSOLUTE PROOF of Syria's wrongdoing. The sad reality is the given the CIA's sordid history that the CIA could be responsible.

The US is always without fault and always put themselves in the position of judging and policing others. As they claim they do so to protect their interests and the NATIONAL SECURITY. They go to the other side of the world to exercise their self appointed right to DICTATE TO OTHERS.


Is the US government so brazen that they believe the American public is so stupid that they forgot that the US USED a CHEMICAL WEAPON against Vietnam called AGENT ORANGE? What makes it so right that America is so sacred that they can use chemical weapons and then they can condemn others for doing so while having NO PROOF?

Again and again CNN appears to be the mouthpiece of the CIA as they have several people on their staff or payroll as advisers who are former CIA employees. They are given plenty of air time to voice their agenda and make accusations against their chosen enemy. Once the CIA, always the CIA.

The source of the videos that CNN is telecasting of Syrian people that have been gassed can't be verified. It is possible that it could be staged by the CIA. CNN notes on screen that the verification comes from the US government which given their history is a factory of lies, lies and more lies.

There is proof of the damage that the chemical weapons used by the United States military in Vietnam did. Of course the US denies that they used chemical weapons but the Vietnamese War Museum has the results up on their walls for the world to see as some of those photos are on this page depict. Given that the US isn't willing to take responsibility for using chemical weapons gives support to why US citizens should take everything their government says not with a grain but a pound of salt.

What gives the US a pass to accuse others of crimes that they commit themselves? They plead being righteous yet they are the perpetrators. What makes them so forthright that justifies them to bomb Syria to teach them a lesson of such terrible chemical weapons deeds because they think it's their duty to do so to protect the world? Oh please…. Let us bow our heads and pray.

The US is so full of $#!t that all of their politicians must have brown eyes. They believe that what's good for the goose is not good for the gander since they are the almighty USA the worlds saviors. Yes sir, no sir, may I kiss your @$$ sir.

Watching these hypocrites decry the wrongs of Syria brings two television shows to mind. On the comical side to hear these idiotic politicians spout off about how they are going to be the saviors of the world is like watching an episode of the Muppets as they bob their heads around decreeing nonsense while creating more enemies.

On a serious side the government is behaving like The Company that is depicted in the series Prison Break in which some mysterious sinister organization is behind every evil deed portrayed is the series including murdering its own people. This is what the US government is demonstrating in their attitude towards Syrian Civil War.

America has a history of playing both sides against the middle and will stick with who they support as long as they are winning. When things go wrong the US government changes their allegiance as they did when they supported Cambodia's Lon Nol forces as well as the Khmer Rouge in playing the game of two ends against the middle. They supported both sides that practiced cannibalism. Nol officers decorated their compounds with skeleton heads mounted on sticks according to war correspondent Elizabeth Becker.

Does that sound familiar as in Syria they intend to support the rebels who have bee televised eating a member of the Syrian forces innards? Doesn't it make sense that the US would have an allegiance with the rebels who have been televised executing their enemy by shooting them in the head and back as opposed to taking them as prisoners? Yes, given America's history the rebels (whoever they are) are America's type of guys as they kill and eat people.

Another problem is that CNN appears to be promoting a war. They don't report facts but opinions and propaganda. Their presenters function more like cheerleaders than journalists as their unbridled enthusiasm is overwhelming when talking about the prospect of war.

One thing is certain... how can you trust a source (CNN) that repeatedly shows videos that they admit CANNOT CONFIRM THE SOURCE which is taken from You Tube? It raises the question what was the source of the video showing children being gassed? That video could have been contrived and produced by the CIA and uploaded to You Tube?

Other questions are why the US in such a hurry to attack Syria WITHOUT PROOF and is only based on WHAT THEY BELIEVE as was the case on their attack on Iraq? Who is to say that chemical weapons used in Syria are not planted by the CIA? Why is US Secretary of State John Kerry ranting on about Syria using chemical weapons so much without substantial proof and only based on what he believes? Why trust what he says when his military record was in question during the time he was running for president of the United States? How can you trust someone with a cloudy history?

As the presidential campaign of 2004 developed, approximately 200 Vietnam veterans formed the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT), subsequently renamed Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, which held press conferences, ran ads and endorsed a book questioning Kerry's service record and his military awards. The group included several members of Kerry's unit, such as Larry Thurlow, who commanded a swift boat alongside of Kerry's, and Stephen Gardner, who served on Kerry's boat.

That was then and this is now and about Syria. Why is it so important for Kerry to keep hammering out the thought that Syria used chemical weapons? What's in it for him? It's reasonable to believe that it's not about US concerns about another country's human rights it's about OIL and supporting Israel. The word ISRAEL is too frequently mentioned when it comes to talking about the invasion of another nation. WHY IS THAT? Isn't the world Israel-ed out? Enough is enough.




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