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US president Barack Obama is caught between doing what he feels is right and fighting corrupt politicians that have sold out to private interests that support Israel and WAR and not the American people - US Gov photo


Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain supports the Republican Party mandate of an increased defense budget. McCain is a product of war and the atrocities the US military committed in Vietnam. He was a prisoner of war but the reality is he shouldn't have been there - United States Congress photo


Vietnamese women and children in My Lai before being killed in the massacre, March 16, 1968. They were killed seconds after the photo was taken - Photo by Ronald L. Haeberle






The US military actions in the past have proved haste makes waste and the loss of lives. They act on what they contrive or believe but have yet to get anything right. What has been proved is a video of a Syrian rebel eating the innards of a Syrian soldier. Another video depicts Syrian rebels killing Syrian soldiers by shooting them repeatedly in the head. Why does the US support that? Isn't that a VIOLATION of HUMAN RIGHTS?



Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Friday, September 06, 2013


When you hear the comments of US President Barack Obama, US politician Nancy Pelosi and former presidential nominee and war monger John McClain it raises concern what their mentality is in making decisions for America to invade Syria. McClain is in part was responsible in killing 3 million innocent Vietnamese citizens that were trying to defend their land. McClain knows better since his history is cluttered with invading and being involved in an illegal war in a foreign land. Pelosi knows nothing but what she's told.

Again the US is busy trying to instigate another war with the current target being Syria by claiming that they have used chemical weapons WITHOUT PROOF. Again the US is trying to rush in and murder people and INVADE ANOTHER NATION'S LAND WITHOUT PROOF as they did in Iraq in search of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in their quest to be the world's police and patrol another nation to intimidate and beat into their citizens their interpretation of what HUMAN RIGHTS is all about.

That proved to be fools gold intention as there were no weapons of mass destruction and plenty of DEAD WOMEN AND CHILDREN in Iraq. The US government now says they are going to now save the Syrian people. Yes its SOS time as history is about to repeat itself with the US appointing themselves again the WORLD'S POLICE and determining what is right and what is wrong.

If an individual's memory is not that short lets recall the position the US government took in invading Iraq in one of their other ILLEGAL WARS. The WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION motto imparted by US politicians in justifying their intrusion and murders proved to be a lie. The Al Jazeera News organization was the focus of a documentary Control Room regarding how WRONG America was in their thoughtless act.

The documentary depicts a US military spokesperson that was ill prepared to answer such direct questions as why the US was invading Iraq and killing innocent civilians including women and children.

The spokesperson stumbled and stammered his way in trying to find a response. In a defensive manner he chose to use the art of deflection by accusing Al Jazeera of having an agenda to present America in a negative way. He finally blurted out that Iraq threatened the US with weapons of mass destruction.

The Al Jazeera reporter pressed on and asked when did this happen? The US military clone racked his brain and stammered his way to eventually respond that they may eventually use these (never found) weapons of mass destruction.

The US media rep stressed how they were so advanced in saving lives due to possessing accurate bombs. With all of that expert technology he couldn't explain why innocent civilians were being killed.

There is an all to real objective that the genuine plot behind these absurd invasions of Arab lands is to secure their vast resource of OIL for the benefit of what is repeatedly stated America and other western nations INTERESTS. The true objective is not this force fed smoke screen of saving people which in the process actually results in killing them and pirating of their natural resources.

That is the case in Iraq, Syria and their next target IRAN. RT News reported that since the invasion of Iraq Western nation owned oil companies currently control 75% of Iraq's oil. In a reflection of America's need for oil it was noted that America has 5% of the world's population and consumes 25% of the worlds produced oil.

American politicians could care less about the people in the nations they invade. The citizens of those nations don't want the US there. The US only cares about their too often repeated NATIONAL INTERESTS equating to the Western world's top corporations that benefit from WARS. It's a no brainer that you can't fight wars without OIL.

To gain support for another ILLEGAL invasion of a foreign land US politicians are throwing out numbers of Syrian deaths ranging from 100 to 300 thousand WITHOUT substantial PROOF. Where do they obtain their numbers that have such a wide differentiation? It raises the question how can the number vary so much? WHO or WHAT IS THEIR SOURCE? CNN reports the figures but where do they get them?

What is the difference between a nation that the US accuses of being bad because it is run by a dictator compared to a country that appoints themselves as WORLD'S POLICE? Doesn't that equate to a stealth like dictatorship? Was there a vote by the world's nations and citizens appointing the US to police them?

The over used rhetoric THE RED LINE is a term that we first heard in Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu stated to the United Nations in his visit there late last year. It is a term CNN credited to Obama in a speech he made in August 2012. It is a term that is repeatedly overused by US politicians in their trying to defend and seek support for their preparation to attack Syria WITHOUT PROOF. Their attack is based on WHAT THEY BELIEVE not what they know based on fact.

The US military actions in the past have proved haste makes waste and the loss of lives. They have yet to get anything right. What has been proved is a video of a Syrian rebel eating the innards of a Syrian soldier. Another video depicts Syrian rebels killing Syrian soldiers by shooting them repeatedly in the head. Why does the US support that? Isn't that a VIOLATION of HUMAN RIGHTS?

The US is throwing rhetoric and accusations around in their lead-up to an attack on Syria without the supporting evidence that is being examined by the United Nations from chemical gas sample taken from Syria. Unanswered questions include why is John Kerry so adamant about going to war and who is really behind the WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION?

Continued: Part 2 - The author of WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION


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