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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which was investigating the events surrounding the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others died - (C-SPAN photo)


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets cozy with the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


Protest against Israel's Gaza Blockade and attack on humanitarian flotilla - Melbourne 5 June 2010 - The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) wants the world to boycott products from Israel - Takver Photo


An Iraqi woman with her baby looks on as U.S. Army Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team search the courtyard of her house during a cordon and search in Ameriyah, Iraq - U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tierney Nowland photo


US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)







The United States of America has been bullying the world since they involved themselves in the conspiracy to create the nation of soldiers, racist Israel. At present America's choices for president are two of the most tyrannical, disgusting individuals that have been put before them by self interest groups such as Israel, CNN and their parent company the Time Warner Corporation - Blood will be on their hands


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


When it comes to deflection and deception CNN is the leader of the pack. The latest deception is the opinion channels talking point of twisting Republican candidate Donald Trump's comment about Clinton wants to take away the 2nd amendment, a right to bear arms.

CNN reports decided to interpret that comment as a treat to assassinate Clinton. Their effort is to many absurd.

CNN's Ron Brownstein who is Jewish and the chief editor of the Atlantic magazine put his spin on the comment by comparing it to what was said before ISRAEL'S Yitzhak Rabin was murdered. In doing so Brownstein is promoting Israel, Clinton and spreading fear tactics among American citizens.

An RT News report regarding CNN's parent company donated $400 thousand to Clinton's campaign becomes ever clearer given the opinion networks actions and reports.

At the beginning of the presidential race a year ago CNN jumped on the interview Trump bandwagon giving him more interview time than all of the other candidates combined. They gave the billionaire who is funding his own campaign, billions of dollars of free advertising. Their intent was not to benefit Trump but for the selfish reason of raising their ratings.

Trump bit the bait and was chummy with CNN presenter Chris Sumo by granting him numerous interviews. Since that time when CNN applied their support Clinton strategy Cumo is on Trump's not welcomed list according to Cumo. Cumo turned on Trump.

As Cumo stated his being blacklisted by Trump is a result of Cumo making negative comments about Trump. It's important to note that Cumo is a member of a political dynasty. His father was the governor of the state of New York and a presidential candidate. His brother is currently the governor of New York.

The fact the CNN chooses to focus on bashing Trump verifies Trump and former Clinton opponent Bernie Sanders opinion that the elections are rigged.

Trump is no bed of roses but the problem is the messenger and spin doctors of what information the viewing public is presented is from the 70% Zionist controlled main stream Western media. That reflects the abundant numbers of Jewish presenters on CNN and its Jewish boss Jeff Zucker.

Amusingly early on in the presidential debates Trump tried to play the connection game by giving an interview to CNN's Jewish reporter Dana Bash by closing with this comment, "say hello to Jeff (Zucker) for me."

Obviously that favoritism play came back to bite him in his ass.

The other RED FLAG is CNN'S focus on reporting Trump's comments to the Gold Star Khan family who are Muslims and whose son was killed in America's ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq.

What CNN chooses to IGNORE is that their son should never have been in Iraq and involved in an ILLEGAL INVASION that was supported and voted on by Hillary Clinton. Their contempt should be directed at Clinton and not Trump. She is more responsible for their son's death.

The invasion was sold as to eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction which was a LIE. Their son died for special interest group's greed for the control of oil. One year after the US took control 75% of the oil in Iraq was controlled by foreign companies.

During this time what CNN chose to IGNORE that Israel was illegally building MORE SETTLEMENTS in Palestinian territory. RT News reported in two locations of disputed territory that Israel intends to build 750 units in one location and 700 in another. Their position is that they can get away with it without being questioned since America is too busy dealing with their presidential race.

The disparity in CNN reporting focusing on boosting the image of Hillary Clinton and ignoring the human rights war crimes of Israel, the Occupy Wall Street, BDS (boycott Israel) and Black Lives Matter movements confirms just how biased CNN is with their SELF CENSORSHIP.

Following the murder of a black man by police in Louisiana CNN diverted from a follow-up when FOR REVENGE a black man and former US soldier killed several policemen in Texas. CNN's focus was to demonize the revenge killing and forget about what brought it about…. another unnecessary police murder of an UNARMED BLACK MAN. It's biased reporting such as this that can lead to a 2nd CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA.

The bottom line is due to the Internet people are becoming more aware and knowledgeable and are FED UP WITH THE BULLSHIT! People want CHANGE which is one reason why Trump is so popular.

As CNN founder Ted Turner said in an interview with Tom Snyder years ago that watching NBC makes a person dumber and dumber.

At that time Turner didn't have a crystal ball and see that in the future the Jews would undermine him and take his company from him via by a controlling interest in stock and dismissing him from the once proud company that he built from scratch. The result now is that watching CNN makes a person DUMBER and DUMBER.

More Zionist Jew control of the media came about when two Zionist billionaire Jews that threatened Americans and those citizens from around the world who are anti Israel that if you boycott Israel, "see what happens." Those threatening Jews include Hiam Saban who has contributed between $5 million to $10 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation, has been an overnight guest at the White House and served on the President's Export Council, advising the White House on trade issues during the Clinton administration.

Saban is the founder of Saban Entertainment, producer and distributor of children's television programs in the US such as Power Rangers. He headed up consortiums which purchased the broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Univision Communications.

The other is Multibillionaire Sands hotel casino owner Sheldon Adelson who purchased the Las Vegas Journal newspaper under avid protests from its employees.

The sum of all of these parts is the public is being fed a narrative that Zionist controlled news groups want the public to believe.

Another alarming Zionist business infection of America is the Jewish founded and controlled Comcast media company. Comcast Corporation is a global media and technology company consisting of two primary businesses, Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal.

Comcast Cable is one of the nation's largest video, high-speed internet and phone providers to residential customers under the XFINITY brand and also provide these services to businesses.

NBCUniversal operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures and Universal Parks and Resorts. Basically they have a major control of what information is dispensed to the world.

The Zionists are supporting Clinton who has benefited from their financial support for A QUARTER of a CENTURY. SHE OWES THEM FAVORS….BIGTIME. She has become a millionaire as a result of their support. She is said to have made $155 million for speeches to special interest groups over the past 11 years and $1.5 million in 2015. She has made $8 million EACH for two books.

Clinton has been ducking the issue of the content of her speeches to Wall Street leaders from which she received $275 thousand per speech or a total of $675 thousand. It raises the question what was she promising them?

She is a WAR HAWK and supports HER FRIENDS THE ISRAELIS who also are major WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS with America being one of their biggest customers.

Her friend the Israelis want MORE American taxpayer money donated to them and raised from $3 billion to $5 billion a year so they can murder more Palestinians who the refer to as Arab SAND NIGGERS and steal more of their land in opposition of international laws.

It all sums up that the Clifton's have taken advantage of using as stepping stones their public service jobs of being president that pays $400 thousand a year and Secretary of State that pays $180 thousand a year to put together contacts enabling them to make deals for their campaign contributors aka special interest groups that made them wealthy millionaires. Those jobs enabled them to have contacts and influence in the US government after leaving office.

American social security recipients have not received a cost of living increase added to the benefits in four of the past six years. US schools and road infrastructure have been neglected, deteriorating and UNDER FUNDED while that MONEY is GOING TO ISRAEL.

The irony is that the American citizen/taxpayer NEVER had a voice by vote to have the funding of the benefits they worked for with money taken from their checks to later be DIVERTED to FUND ISRAEL. If it's OUTRAGEOUS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR… THIS IS IT!

Trump, like Clinton, also sounds like a WARHAWK. He threatens to build that worlds MOST FEARED MILITARY. He claims, "Nobody will mess with us."

He loves Israel. His idea to build a wall along the Mexican/US border stems from his admiration of Israel's wall separating Palestine whose land they stole. "They know how to do it," he exclaimed.

The question is do Americans want to elect someone that is a racist and narcissist who they know what he stands for and is coming from or someone who is proven to be a dishonest liar who could be capable of pulling off the biggest SNEAK ATTACK ON AMERICA SINCE PEARL HARBOR?

Americans have certain rights including the right to be stupid. Given their choices and decisions of who they want to represent them as their president…. APPARENTLY THEY ARE EXERCISING THEIR RIGHT TO BE STUPID.


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