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Former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell is receiving far too much attention from the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media when it comes to having him as a guest to spread fear factor propaganda - (Central Intelligence Agency photo)



Like CNN, TV presenter Charlie Rose seems to have a strong relationship with the CIA - (Peabody Awards photo)



Billionaire Jew Michael Bloomberg is the owner of the Bloomberg channel. He also is the former mayor of New York City and is an stanch supporter of Israel - Rubenstein Photo


As the boss of CNN the FAKE NEWS CHANNEL, Jew, Jeff Zucker is involved in the 70% Zionist controlled western media that promotes Israel and ignores their WAR CRIMES and racist ways - David Shankbone photo


RT News reported that 83-year-old Jewish US Senator Diane Feinstein makes millions of dollars from weapons manufactures stocks that she owns - (United States Congress, US Senate photo)


This bloodied child also received his reward of death from a head wound in the name of democracy, a gift from the United States government - (Fahrenheit 9-1 screen shot photo)


Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the region - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.



The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3tGUjGl8AA

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s Emergency Session on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge held in Brussels has found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and also incitement to genocide - Russell Tribunal photo





In taking a CNN and US GOV tactic of telling you what you should and better do, it would be advisable to investigate ALL POLITICIANS and MAIN STREAM MEDIA presenters, managers and producers. If they have ties to Israel or money invested in companies that profit from wars or OIL then those politicians and main stream media types should be dismissed from their jobs


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Monday, March 27, 2017


How stupid does the 70% Zionist controlled main stream Western media think we are? They won't quit with repeatedly DEFLECTING and trying to make a point that Russia has interfered with the US electoral process WITHOUT EVIDENCE and ignore the Hillary Clinton and DNC (Democratic National Committee) CORRUPTION to trash Bernie Sanders execution.

Did you mother RAISE A FOOL?

What is alarming is the same people appear on the air to present a CIA war mongering point of view. Yesterday, on the Bloomberg financial channel, Charlie Rose had as a guest former CIA director Michael Morell.

Of note Bloomberg is owned by Jewish billionaire Michael Bloomberg who went ballistic when the US declared Israel a no fly zone when Israel attacked Gaza. ASAP Bloomberg boarded a plane to Israel to prove it was safe and went politicking to remove the ban. He was formerly the mayor of New York City.

The point being that he owns one of the 70% Zionist controlled media outlets in the Bloomberg Financial News channel which entertains Morell and other CIA propaganda. For certain the Bloomberg channel won't be balanced as news is supposed to be by having a guest that expresses the opposition aka Arab perspective on any matter but Morell has an open platform.

In an interview with Charlie Rose in August 2016, Morell blamed Syrian President Assad, Russia, and Iran for the death toll in Syria. He called on the moderate opposition in Syria to make Russia and Iran "pay a price" for their involvement in Syria, in part by targeting their military personnel in the country.

Morell fails to admit that it was the CIA that furnished weapons for the uprising to the insurgents that have caused deaths and turmoil at the CIA's bidding.

Morell also called on the US to begin bombing Syrian government targets in order to bring Assad to the negotiating table. Regarding President Bashar al-Assad, Morell argued "I want to go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base. I want to scare Assad."

Morell (born September 4, 1958) is an American intelligence analyst. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Akron and a Master of Arts from Georgetown University, both in economics. He joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1980. He served as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as its acting director twice, first in 2011 and then from 2012 to 2013.

Since November 2013, he has been a Senior Counselor to Beacon Global Strategies LLC. He is a critic of the Senate Intelligence Committee's 2014 report on the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques, which many consider to be torture, and is also a proponent of the CIA's targeted killings by drones.

In May 2015, Morell's book entitled The Great War of Our Time: The CIA's Fight Against Terrorism-From al Qa'ida to ISIS was released. It traces his three-decades-long career at the CIA, with a focus on the agency's counterterrorism missions after the September 11th attacks, and the related public controversies. In the book, Morell defends targeted killings by drones. He also criticizes the Senate Intelligence Committee's analysis of CIA torture.

Morell is one of the most frequent guests on shows demonizing Russia and complaining that Russia interfered with the election process. Following the interview Rose noted that Morell worked for the Clinton campaign.

Since the Zionists own or control 70% of the main stream media they continue to focus on trying to convince the public that Russia is a country to fear.

Morell was born in 1958, 10 years after Israel was created which is verification that he doesn't know what was said or happening during the tie the Jews invaded Palestine and drove the Arabs out of their country. He wasn't born yet and apparently he had to learn from books and what he was told.

Morell is a basket case. In December 2016, Morell suggested the interference of Russia in the 2016 United States presidential election was "the political equivalent of 9/11." He added that President Obama should retaliate imminently, in spite of president-elect Donald Trump's doubts about the allegations of Russian influence.

In March 2017, Morell said: "On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire at all. There's no little campfire, there's no little candle, there's no spark. And there's a lot of people looking for it.

The Zionist media and the CIA appear to be in bed with the weapons manufacturing industry in an apparent effort to start World War 3 so they all can make money.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2016 Fact Sheet (for 2015) SIPRI Military Expenditure Database the United States ranks number one spending $596 billion. 2.3% of their GDP in their defense expenditures. Russia ranks 4th spending $66.4 billion 5.4% if their GDP.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies Top 15 Defense Budgets 2015 also ranked the United States #1 spending $597.5 billion and Russia 4th spending $65.6 billion. It raises the question if Russia is such a threat why do they spend LESS than the United States?

War mongering red flags of desperation went up during the presidential campaign when dishonest Clinton and Obama were ranting on and on about Russian interference in the US election process, during the publicity trail. At that point many lost all respect for Obama. and many never had respect for the war mongering Clinton.

Both lost the plot in making fools of themselves with Russian bashing WITHOUT PROOF. Obama got caught up in the celebrity of being a president and lost the plot.

While talking to university students in Great Britain Obama made a comment about Clinton being paid $750,000 for three speeches to the Wall Street Jews, "I hope I can get some of that money."

Let's be clear the ALLEGED RUSSIAN HACK ATTACKS revealed how CORRUPT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS. The revelations are about crooked Hillary (sorry Donald), US Senator Debbie Wasserman and former CNN political analyst Donna Brazile. They were fixing the US ELECTIONS to RIP OFF BERNIE SANDERS.

The hack was not about Russia it's about US GOV CORRUPTION. Many US politicians are paid off (aka campaign contributions) to support wars by lobbyists of special interest groups and Zionist Jews for Israel.

American citizen taxpayer money is partially spent by giving $100 BILLION to Israel, BILLIONS to wars that include $1.5 million per Tomahawk missal and $2 million for a smart bomb?

The flip side of that is American citizens on Social Security haven't had a cost of living increase in six of Obama's eight years in office. That money is being spent on wars and not what the deduction out of the American tax payers checks were intended for… their social security.

Those war budgets and expenditures expose why the American economy is in such poor shape. Senator Elizabeth Warren is another grain of sand in Putin ointment bashing when she recommended that Trump's finances should be audited to see if he received any money from Russia.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to investigate the wealth of ALL POLITICIANS and CIA employees to see if they benefit financially from weapons manufactures profits or the profits of oil producers and other business that profit in America's contrived war against terrorism.

Terrorism is a result of colonialism and the revenge of the oppressed whose families who have suffered for centuries from theft, murder, mistreatment and disrespect.

One politician who wants Edward Snowden tried for blowing the whistle on America's corrupt government; Senator Diane Feinstein is known to be heavily involved with investing in weapons manufactures. In August of 2015 RT News reported that 83-year-old Jewish US Senator makes millions of dollars from owning weapons manufactures stocks. Did she like Clinton support the invasion of Iraq, Libya and Syria?

Saudi Arabia qualifies as a terrorist state since 15 of the 19 terrorists involved in the 9-11 attack were from Saudi Arabia. It raises the question why they are not included in Trumps controversial 7 country immigration ban. The problem is the Saudi Arabian government has a major investment in the American economy.

They are also ranked 3rd in defense spending $87.2 billion which is 1st at being ranked of spending 13.7% of their GDP according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2016 Fact Sheet (for 2015). Wake up and smell the coffee, it's about the money and OIL NOT DEMOCRACY.

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy NOT A DEMOCRACY. In the documentary film Fahrenheit 9-11 it is revealed that Saudi Arabia has $860 BILLION invested in the United States which at the time of the 9-11 attack equated to be worth a 6/7% ownership of the America.

In taking a CNN and US GOV tactic of telling you what you should and better do, it would be advisable to investigate ALL POLITICIANS and MAIN STREAM MEDIA presenters, managers and producers.

If they have ties to Israel or money invested in companies that earn money from wars or OIL then those politicians and main stream media types should be dismissed from their jobs.

It's a matter of choice of how the US government spends or WASTES the AMERICAN CITIZEN TAX PAYER MONEY. As current events reflect the American citizens are the losers when it comes to their governments choices.

To think that American politicians would give favors and MONEY to Israel while denying proper support for its own citizens is appalling. US tax payer money is being used to kill Arab Sand Niggers (as they refer to Palestinians) and steal their land.

Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu claims their land grabbing of Palestinian land has nothing to do with the conflict between the two countries. Apparently he feels that everyone's mother raised a fool.

But let's not forget who participates in having CIA guests and propaganda on their show. It raises the question is Charlie Rose CIA as many in media are?

On one of his previous shows Rose expressed disbelief of why there was so much criticism of |Israel. He rationalized, what about their medical, Internet and cyber security contributions.

While $100 billion US tax payer dollars are donated to Israel for theft and murder of Palestinians, the American school system is failing. As a result there is more crime due to the lack of funding for the school system and athletic equipment.


Fight for your country…. B SERIOUS?



Two four part documentary series are available on You Tube that relate to the cause of wars. Each episode is 46 to 48 minutes long. By downloading it one can view it at their leisure and have the ability to control the playback and repeat sections that they want clarified.

1. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.


2. The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL



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