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Oliver Stone and Dennis Rodman do what US politicians are apparently AFRAID to do in meeting with America's CONTRIVED enemies. Stone meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin to commence with The Putin Interviews - (Showtime screenshot from You Tube)


As depicted in The Putin Interviews with filmmaker Oliver Stone the United States of Israel has surrounded Russia with attack missiles. This is how the US government wastes the US taxpayer's money by creating enemies - (Showtime screenshot photo) - (ENLARGED photo)


A statement prior to The Putin Interviews Part 2 that preceded the video on You Tube - (screen shot from You Tube) - (ENLARGED photo)


Filmmaker Oliver Stone interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin four consecutive nights resulting in the production of 'The Putin Interviews.' The four part series aired in America on the Showtime channel and on the National Geographic Channel in Southeast Asia. For those that missed it, the entire series and excerpts from the documentary are available on You Tube.'


POV 47 - (Point of View) - AMERICA's THIRST 4 ENEMIES & WAR = RUSSIA



A foolish waste and abuse of American taxpayer money is outlined in filmmaker Oliver Stone's documentary 'The Putin Interviews.' In addition the documentary reveals the intelligence and personality of Russia's President Vladimir Putin which is contrary of the image being sold by the American government and the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Friday, June 30, 2017


When it comes to how to misuse US taxpayers money nobody does it better than the US government. Rather than take that money for the purposes it was intended such as infrastructure, education, Social Security and Medicare they choose to divert those funds to invest in WAR and the apartheid state of Israel.

Since 1917 and World War I military forces around the world realized they needed OIL to operate the then new technology of WAR MACHINES. Since that time America had created enemies to justify their misuse of US citizen's tax money to fight their contrived enemies with Russia being their favorite targeted foe. The United States of Israel is so invested in wars that they have maxed out their GDP at the tune of a $100 TRILLION DEBT.

Another brain dead expenditure is, last year the United States spent $460 BILLION for defense compared to Russia's $40 billion. Both nations plan to increase their budgets in the coming year with the United States planning on spending $600 BILLION.

If the US government was focused on managing its own country and not interfering and threatening others they could be like Putin and take care of its people.

This foolish waste and abuse of American taxpayer money is outlined in filmmaker Oliver Stone's documentary 'The Putin Interviews.' In addition the documentary reveals the intelligence and personality of Russia's President Vladimir Putin which is contrary of the image being sold by the American government and the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media. It is also a contrast to the American politician who is primarily a squeamish, emotional sissy.

In the four part documentary Putin demonstrates his calm analytical skills which is a major departure from that of the typical diarrhea of the mouth American politician. After one views this documentary it is obvious how demented the American government and main stream media are.

Their rants and investigative committees that are dedicated to waste time and money investigating that Russia interfered in the United States election process WITHOUT PROOF indicates how deranged American politicians are.

Stone and the Showtime channel have done the US citizen a favor by producing and televising what the American citizen needs to know and not what the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media is selling which is to implement fear factors to justify war.

One of the most significant points made in the documentary is a MAP of American military surrounding Russia with missiles (as noted on this page). Given the lies and enemies the American government has created they apparently realize that they need to be on the offense and attack the nations they have demonized without reason. There is no question that American politics HAVE GUILT.

FAKE NEWS is on order and has recently come to light with another fake news presentation on CNN. The purpose was to boost their sagging ratings the result was the resignation of the three (so called) journalists that were involved veteran reporter Thomas Frank and editors Lex Haris and Eric Lichtblau.

The unfortunate reality is that if CNN's fake news wasn't exposed those individuals involved would most likely remain with this dysfunctional organization to carry on with the company's fake news agenda to demonize those they oppose such as Russia. Donald Trump and to (pardon the pun) trump up (instigate) wars against nations with OIL.

The Trump matter is relevant to 'The Putin Interviews' since CNN had made an issue of creating a relationship between Trump and Putin although the two have NEVER MET.

CNN is apparently trying to create a barrier between the two WORLD LEADERS to prevent them from meeting which is contrary to the purpose of world leaders which is supposed to be to communicate and work together to absolve problems. CNN is a prime example of interfering with the American political process… NOT RUSSIA.

It's apparent that CNN's mission is to galvanize the American public and have them rally against Trump and have him impeached.

Trump is no bed of roses but he is much better than CNN'S choice war hawk and intellectually deficient Hillary Clinton who continues to rage on about Russia. To Trump's credit while he may be wrong on many things but he is 100% right in proclaiming CNN as FAKE NEWS.

We first noticed CNN's fake news in 2013 when their superstar raging Jew Wolf Blitzer devoted his entire one hour daily show for over a week to incite fear among the American public that according to his (secretive) sources North Korea was, AT ANY MINUTE, going to attack the US west coast Japan with missiles. Blitzer raised the fake terror report by noting that he had sources on the ground in South Korea to provide updates. As any imbecile can see… IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Blitzer followed up on that erroneousness report during the Boston Bombings by stating that authorities were looking for a BLACK MAN. That was never the case and as it turned out the bombers were white. It raises the question why would Blitzer tell untruths and plant a negative image of black people to the public.

Trump's well publicized attacks on the media are warranted. He has called them out for what they are… FAKE and BIASED.

Regardless of their squirming and screaming these so called news organizations claim that they are just doing their job. Obviously these incompetents don't know what news is about… BEING BALANCED. CNN is biased and supports the apartheid state of Israel and their slaughter of Palestinians whose land they stole.

The bottom line is if you want to assess the truth and the inequities of American politics then viewing 'The Putin Interviews' is a must watch, then you can judge for yourself and disavow CNN's FAKE NEWS.


Access to 'The Putin Interviews' has been blocked on You Tube are no longer available due to copywrite claims. Perhaps those owning those rights should think about the value of what the world needs to know and make these interviews obtainable.

THE PUTIN INTERVIEWS - PART 1 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - COPYRIGHT CLAIM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKbz5S8yQDw




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Two four part documentary series are available on You Tube that relate to the cause of wars. Each episode is 46 to 48 minutes long. By downloading it one can view it at their leisure and have the ability to control the playback and repeat sections that they want clarified.

1. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.


2. The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL



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