One of the downsides of Thailand's Songkran is having your possessions ruined from being doused with water and powder. This young lady has a watch that MAY BE water proof but is your cell phone, I-Pad, computer or camera? - Takeaway photo


At 73 Dusty Baker is the oldest manager to win a World Series championship - (Jerry Reuss - photo)


Nicholas Cage's Lord of War. It is based on illegal arms sales and an arms dealer from the Ukraine. - ( LORD OF WAR - Poster)



Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson and Boston Celtics Larry Bird in Game two of the 1985 NBA Finals at Boston Garden Date 30 May 1985 - Steve Lipofsky




This month resulted in the most diverse ratings in recent memory. Political topics led the way taking five of the TOP 10 spots. Sports notched three, TV and features topped it off. Archive searches produced a major surprise. A new feature has been added to close out this month's ratings


Tuesday February 28, 2023


This was a month of repeaters and hangers on. Major League Baseball manager Dusty Baker took the top spot moving up from the 3rd position. Given that spring training for this baseball season has begun his popularity makes sense.

Two other sports columns emerged. One the NBA's All Time Best Players team column has been mentioned numerous times. It is a repeater from last where it held down 2nd place but dropped to 3rd this month. This story has a history of a strong readership. Yahoo has had it listed for years. Recently that search engine has not recognized the story but others have.

The other sports story that made some noise and surprised us was about former NBA player Walt Hazzard. The timely reaction to this column also makes sense since Hazzard stared on coach John Wooden's first NCAA title winning team in 1963

The tournament is referred to a MARCH MADNESS. Given its association, usually the tournament begins in March and lasts for several weeks. Wooden went on to win a record breaking NCAA basketball tournament 10 titles including seven in a row.

Hazzard went on to have a strong NBA career and later became the head coach at UCLA. Hazzard passed away which prompted the title Remembering Walt Hazzard.

Our Video Beat column regarding the film Lord of War took 2nd place up from 5th last month. The column relates to a Ukrainian arms dealer that buys arms illegally and sells arms them off to the highest bidder. The film strongly relates to arms sales to African nations. This relationship strongly relates to current events.

Ironically one of the films closing scenes the sell portrayed by Nicholas Cage informs his government captor that he (Cage's character) is nothing compared to the biggest arms dealer in the world… the president of the Unite States. The irony is this film is based on real life transactions.

The tragic irony is this scenario is currently being played out by US President Joe Biden who is selling $BILLIONS of weapons to the Ukraine. The problem is the weapons are made with US taxpayer money and sold or donated without payment. Biden and the US government politicians are not concerned where the arms go to; it's all about selling and WARS and supporting their military industrial complex.

The forth position is taken by perhaps the most read column in our 26 year history. In part since it was written in 1998 as well as the topic which quite possibly could be is as old as life… RACISM.

The column Racist Radio has been on the charts or in the top 20 for almost 25 years. It is a repeat story that was in sixth in our NR TOP 10 November edition.

The subject is not about black and white but includes the spectrum of ignorance and hate by including an Asian athlete target for a then extremely controversial radio show. Racism and life goes on, the question is when, if ever, will it end?

The fifth spot was titled Dr. Beat Richner Remembered. This story is about a man that in reality, gave his life to save the lives of Cambodia children. By also being a musician he helped raise money by playing his cello in solo concerts to build three hospitals. We wrote the story after he passed away in September 2018. This article has had a strong representation in our ratings since its inception.

Initially we wrote about Richner in 2002. The narrative received strong readership and continues to do so. It is titled Dr Beat - Free Health Care for Cambodian Children.

The Baby Killers article is another piece that has remained in the Top 20 since it was published. It deals with Israel's repeated attacks and murders of the Palestinian population. Those attacks are indiscriminate that results in the slaughter of babies. The excuse is the Palestinians hide weapons within the homes of their citizens.

That explanation doesn't explain away why one of their pilots shot and murdered four Palestinian children playing soccer on a beach. At was there to hide?

BEWARE of SONGKRAN regarding a celebration in Thailand has also gained readership over the years. When we were publishing travel recommendations our experiencing that holiday was a nightmare.

The celebration has its purpose but due to the practice of throwing water resulted in our having a painful accident that took over a month to heal.

We carry cameras and were concerned about them being damaged. Who caused the accident, how did they do it and where it occurred, is explained in the article.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer inspired the creation of our POV (Point of View) column. It came about after listening to Blitzer saying the word Israel repeatedly. He was so invested in the word it inspired us to examine why. Out of that investigation came about shocking revelations of his and CNN's association with Israel. In the process of continuing to examine his dialog brought about his fascination with WAR. Why… read on.

Five columns dealing with politics attracted attention. One of those was an article written about a huge amount of missing files that had apparently been corrupted after they were uploaded. The content was during the period that Hillary Clinton was running for President of the United States in 2016.

The damage to 14 columns came to our attention in 2020 long after she lost to Barak Obama. Eventually there was more Crooked Hillary content that was missing. Some of it pointed out how her name was implicated in some deaths of some people in her life. The crimes were never solved or they were dismissed as an accident.

Our new twist ending is we are extending a section below the Top 10 that includes columns that have had a strong presence since they were published. We categorize it as the Drop Zone.

Below that are two forbidden RT stories. Given the sanctions that the US government has imposed on their citizens we chose to see for ourselves what is so prohibited Since the Internet is designed to have information for the world to view we have uploaded stories they published that caught our attention.

The purpose was to note that Russians think about other things than war. Ironically we found their sports coverage to be very interesting. Some of their sports articles gained attention. Since they were published RT has closed their sports section.

NEXT: A look at the past prior to US government interference



2. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.

3. The Secret of the Seven Sisters -

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL

4. Persona non grata by oliver stone: = Frontline






NATIONAL RADIO TOP 10 - February, 2023

Sports Notes - MUSTY DUSTY (Baker) CLEARS THE RUSTY 4 1st MLB TITLE - November, 2022
THE SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA IS OVER - As manager of two teams the San Francisco Giants (2002) and Houston Astros (2021) only to come away with sloppy World Series 2nds on both occasions. Baker has competed 25 seasons as a manager and now he is golden with winning the World Series title being achieved

Previous - Sports Notes EXTRA - REMEMBERING FRANCO HARRIS - December, 2022
WE WERE ON THE SAME TEAM - Former NFL (National Football League) great Franco Harris passed away on the 21st of this month just 2 days before he was to be honored at halftime of a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and now Las Vegas Raiders. The two teams were to meet once again in Pittsburgh and would commemorate the Immaculate Reception event 50 years ago when Harris made a catch that shocked the world of sports - Who-da Thunk It - Eventually Harris and I were to be on the same team. Why… read on…



The film Lord of War mirrors what is currently going on today, selling arms for war to slaughter thousands of Ukrainian and Russian citizens. The primary suppliers the US and the colonialist nations France and Britain are exercising their power to dominate and humble the world. WAR means money and this film is loosely based on real life experiences of Viktor Bout. It reveals how crooked governments are in the thirst for world dominance and money over the lives of their citizens

Previous - POV 106 - (Point of View) - MERCHANT of DEATH 4 AN ATHLETE? - May, 2022
WARS R A WEAPONS 4 SALES GAME - The twist is we're talking about an athlete whose job is to entertain in exchange for a weapons salesman whose job is to provide weapons to countries to murder people. The question is can this proposed transaction be reasonable? Would the US government agree to such an arrangement?



Sports Notes - ALL TIME NBA 1st TEAM - BREAKING IT DOWN - June, 2020
Our all time NBA 1st team involves the player that rocked the league, Bill Russell who Red Auerbach coached with the Boston Celtics. Russell was acquired in a trade with the then St Louis Hawks (now Atlanta). The Celtics gave up two highly productive white players, Cliff Hagen and Ed MacCauley in the 1956 NBA draft. One has to take into consideration how racist the United States at the time and remains so BUT... Auerbach took a bold chance with the Russell acquisition. Boston fans showed their appreciation by breaking into Russell's home and defecating in his bed.... - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

Previous - Sports Notes - MUSTY DUSTY (Baker) CLEARS THE RUSTY 4 1st MLB TITLE - November, 2022
THE SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA IS OVER - As manager of two teams the San Francisco Giants (2002) and Houston Astros (2021) only to come away with sloppy World Series 2nds on both occasions. Baker has competed 25 seasons as a manager and now he is golden with winning the World Series title being achieved



LA SPORTS TALK RADIO SLANDERS RUPERT MURDOCH & DEMEANS LA DODGERS - He is promoted on the air as "THE BIG NASTY." The Nasty Man went on the air Saturday [Aug. 8] and defended his show while intoning that it was a put-on and it was entertainment. Obviously he feels that RACISM, being the context, is entertainment

A LEGEND IN HER OWN TIME - Those that know me have insisted that I should write a book about my life. My feeling I haven't done anything that is worthy of a book. What I do have are memorable moments with people that have made an impact in their respective careers and Barbra Walters was one of those people… RIP WA WA



HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THIS - I've interviewed some of the most famous entertainers and sports figures in the world of all time but… after seeing that crowd of families with children waiting for health care at Cambodia's Kantha Bopha hospital I knew this interview with the hospitals founder Dr. Beat Richner was going to be a something special in a category that I had never done

The film Lord of War mirrors what is currently going on today, selling arms for war to slaughter thousands of Ukrainian and Russian citizens. The primary suppliers the US and the colonialist nations France and Britain are exercising their power to dominate and humble the world. WAR means money and this film is loosely based on real life experiences of Viktor Bout. It reveals how crooked governments are in the thirst for world dominance and money over the lives of their citizens



POV 12 - (Point of View) - ISRAEL… THE BABY KILLERS - August, 2014
THE ISRAELI BARBARIANS EMOTIONLESS SLAUGHTER - It's alarming how main stream western media controls the thinking of its viewers or readers. ON TV, Israel claims that it has the right to defend their borders (that they stole from Palestine in 1948). Since that time they have created Gaza which is recognized by many as the world's largest prison. It is surrounded by Israeli built walls and patrolled by air and water by Israel's Air force and navy. TV comments supporting Israel are for the most part from American Jews talking on largely Jewish managed or owned news networks who have a family link to the Israeli occupation while in the process they support Israel's' apartheid practices and their murders of babies and children. The truth is carefully avoided in main stream western media

We discovered the difference of what is on offering on their website and their Ruptly TV service. For starters there are now eight shows on their website up from three. Some of their former TV presenters returned and have shows Including Manila Chan hosting Modus Operandi. Most notably is one show hosted by an American, John Kiriakou who previously worked for the CIA



TRAVEL TIPS - Thailand - Cambodia - BEWARE OF THAILAND'S SONGKRAN - April, 2019
During Songkran people roam the streets with containers of water or high powered water guns and powder, or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby. Water from the canals is often used. The canals are Bangkok's sewers. The powder thrown combined with the water creates a chalk like film that can cause damage to your belongings. Your watch that MAY BE water proof but is your cell phone, I-Pad, computer or camera?

Previous - POV 112 - (Point of View) - THE CRUCIFIXION of KYRIE IRVING - November, 2022
Jewish Power strips an American's Constitutional Rights - We've always wondered why this title Beat the Nigger Down has been so interesting since that article continues to be highly rated on search engines. It was written in 2010 with the main topic being English footballer John Terry having an affair with a teammate's wife and fathering her baby. The Beat the Nigger Down title was a reference of the media coverage of Tiger Woods having affairs with other women was excessive. As the saying goes history repeats itself and the Nigger currently being beaten down is NBA player Kyrie Irving. His crime was researching a film regarding Jewish history and recommending it. The Jews and their defense forces have created a firestorm out of nothing resulting in shaming Irving an eight game suspension and a loss of salary



POV - (Point of View) - INVESTIGATING WOLF BLITZER & CNN - May, 2013
BLITZERS DEATH WISHES - Blitzer is a messenger of selective news propaganda and sympathies. Did he report on the mysterious death of Israel's PRISONER X who was a member of the Mossad? X who was an Australian Jew who was mysteriously arrested by Israeli authorities for some undisclosed reason and placed in a suicide proof cell. He later committed suicide anyway. The simple answer is NO... Blitzer and CNN DID NOT report the story but the Australian Network and RT News did

RT IS DOWN TO ONE TELEVISED ENGLISH LANGUAGE SHOW - Waters is what could be defined as an activist. He's a peace-nick (my word) and promotes taking care of humanity and STOPPING WARS. He notes it can be done if these lunatic leaders of nations around the world JUST STOP IT. STOP HAVING WARS



Sports Notes EXTRA - REMEMBERING THE NBA'S WALT HAZZARD - December, 2011 - December, 2011
THE PHILADELPHIA CONNECTION - It was a day of the changing of the guard. Hazzard's Overbrook teammate and best friend Wally (Wali) Jones played the first half with Brook. The second half he played with our Temple Prep team. Jones graduated from high school at mid season enabling him to make the transfer. After that game and graduation he joined our squad. Hazzard and Jones were very close friends and both went on to have successful 10-year NBA careers

Previous - POV 105 - (Point of View) - EDWARD SNOWDEN TELLS ALL on JOE ROGAN'S PODCAST - April, 2022
LAYING IT ON THE LINE - After the Ukraine took the bait to pursue joining NATO the USG have known for years this issue would set Vladimir Putin off. It is documented in Putin's interviews with Oliver Stone which occurred between 20015-17 that he was deeply concerned about the Ukraine joining NATO for fear that the organization would place arms in the country and be a major threat to the safety of the Russian people. This issue has been a thorn in the side of Putin FOR YEARS. It was a thorn that the USG has used to persuade the Ukraine to pursue in order to anger him enough to invade and PROTECT the RUSSIANS interests… THEIR SAFETY



A SPECIAL REPORT - There were 14 story links that were missing from this site. WHY remains a question. WHO also is under investigation. What surfaced in our research most notably is that Hillary Clinton was the topic that had seven of the 14 missing links. The time frame was from April 2016 to March 2017 or POV 33 to 45. We are now posting those missing links in this special report of our NR Top 10 ratings. Our CNN reports had four links missing. The question of whom or what is responsible for interference and damage of our coverage relates to… Is the BIG BROTHER aka THE PROGRAM government in play? So….. Read on…

.Previous - Feature - "Dr. Beat" - Free Health Care For Cambodian Children "He gave his life for this," an American from the city of Chicago said of the performer of a music concert. . He…is, Dr Beat Richner who was about to perform a solo cello concert. The this... the tourist was referring to, be Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. - For the past ten years Richner has raised funds and has overseen construction of three Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals in Cambodia. He is the founder and acting head of the facilities that give medical treatment to Cambodia's children FOR FREE






POV 39 - (Point of View) - CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED - November, 2016
IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL? - Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region including Jordan and Syria with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory surrounding the land currently occupied by what is now Israel a pet topic of the Jews at CNN

Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…

Sports Notes Part 2 - NFL'S JUNIOR SEAU LEFT IT ALL on the FIELD - August, 2015
HIS GAME WAS THE HALL of FAME - Junior Seau had a complicated past and a reputation of someone that was difficult to get along with. When I mentioned my intention to produce a story on him to the head producer at the NCAA network he wasn't in favor of my idea and preferred for me not to do it, SO... READ ON.....

POV 24 - (Point of View) - WHY ISRAEL EXISTS… OIL & The 7 Sisters - August, 2015
America is opposed to land being taken by force and against the use of chemical weapons. Ooh please... don't they know their own history? - US politicians make money from WAR! - Countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 3 - The Dancing Bear

Sports Notes - DOES FIFA's BLATTER MATTER? - May, 2015
HELPING THE LITTLE PEOPLE EARNED BLATTER THEIR SUPPORT - The turmoil created this past week with the re-election of FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter from his many detractors has created a hailstorm of controversy. The point being, with all of the problems that FIFA is overwhelmed with there are some positive results that came about during his reign, as smaller 3rd world nations have developed their football programs

Sports Notes - THE WEEK THAT WAS SHOCKING in SPORTS - September, 2022
THE SPORTS CHAOS GAME - In a week that the sporting world was filled with chaos and changes within 100 days new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly exercised his mite by sacking manager Thomas Tuchel. Graham Potter was almost immediately his replacement - The NBA issued penalties on Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver for his inappropriate conduct with his employees BUT… the LA Lakers LeBron James complains that the punishment isn't enough - Will the LA Angels super talent Shohei Ohtani be up for sale? - Remembering NFL great Len Dawson - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS 1st and 2nd TEAMS

Regardless of the sanctions Russia marches on and disputes the main stream Zionist controlled western media portraying Russia is losing their war with Ukraine. Zelensky is simply a puppet of the US government - As the saying go: Keep your friends close and you enemies closer & Listen to all sides, the truth is somewhere in the middle

BIZ WHO IS - TED TURNER - The King of Cable TV NEWS - January, 2007
Ted Turner was deemed crazy when he annouced his intentions to launch a 24-hour news channel - It was a local channel in Atlanta, Georgia that he put up on a satellite when cable first started. Turner negotiated a deal with NBA commissioner David Stern to televise some of the NBA games nationally on a so many games per week basis

RT News - (Elon) Musk explains SpaceX System not to be used to start World War III - February, 2023
Musk explains purpose of Starlink in Ukraine - SpaceX will not allow its system to be used to start World War III, the CEO has said - The restriction announced last week bars the Ukrainian military from using Starlink to pilot drones

RT Sports - Russian star Islam Makhachev dethrones UFC pound-for-pound king - February, 2023
Islam Makhachev retained his world title in a hard-fought battle in Australia - It was Makhachev's persistent aggression and suffocating grappling which proved enough to earn a unanimous decision victory



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