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These babies in Gaza survived and are being treated at hospitals that have been bombed by Israel. That's the good news, the BAD NEWS IS OTHER Palestinian BABIES WERE KILLED - Al Jazeera photo


This Palestinian child needs a blood transfusion to help her survive. The question is have you seen any Israeli children in this condition? - Al Jazeera photo


To inflict blame and pain is the Israeli game as this Palestinian child is suffering PAIN from the Israeli bombing violence - Al Jazeera photo



POV - (Point of View) - Part 1 - ISRAELů THE BABY KILLERS




It's alarming how main stream western media controls the thinking of its viewers or readers. ON TV, Israel claims that it has the right to defend their borders (that they stole from Palestine in 1948). Since that time they have created Gaza which is recognized by many as the world's largest prison. It is surrounded by Israeli built walls and patrolled by air and water by Israel's Air force and navy. TV comments supporting Israel are for the most part from American Jews talking on largely Jewish managed or owned news networks who have a family link to the Israeli occupation while in the process they support Israel's' apartheid practices and their murders of babies and children. The truth is carefully avoided in main stream western media - Recommended TV Listings




Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


It's alarming how main stream western media controls the thinking of its viewers or readers. They show only what they want their viewers to see and believe while ignoring the truth to satisfy their political agenda. Israel's bombing of Gaza brings into perspective the facts of life that Israel largely controls main stream media mainly due to doing business with corporations and government officials in high places. It's not about the cause of democracy.... IT'S ABOUT THE MONEY.

We recently conversed with an American lady that said she knew nothing about Israel's bombings of schools and hospitals as well as their murdering of babies and children. She claimed that the news shows in America televise Hamas shelling Israel with missals and there was no mention of children and babies being killed. Since that may be the case we are showing the Al Jazeera photos of some of those child and baby causalities.

It's hard to believe but also understandable when one has the opportunity to compare news feeds from America and news coverage from other parts of the world. We recommended that she broaden her knowledge and avail herself of other news sources including RT News and Al Jazeera.

"Are they biased," she asked. No more so than CNN of Fox News or any other Israeli or CIA influenced organization. The end result is to learn more than one side of a story and familiarize oneself with the other side's perspective. With that knowledge one can decipher their own opinion and not become the bait of a government or news organizations with an agenda.

The American said that she and her friends were Israeli sympathizers. All they knew from media in America was Israel was being attacked by missals from Gaza. They aren't seeing the videos of children being murdered and schools and hospitals being bombed by the Israel military using PIN POINTů US government supplied weapons.

One could wonder why there is so much support for Israel a nation of baby killers who are occupiers of a land that they stole from Palestine in 1948 with the support of the UN, the United States and British the governments. Israel calls their current invasion and slaughter of the citizens of Gaza a war when in reality they are slaughtering innocent civilians incurring a death toll approaching 1900 Palestinians compared to 66 Israelis. The Palestinian death number includes 76% being civilians including and an estimated 430 children and babies.

This is NOT a WAR it is a massacre. Thanks to the United States government's $3 billion a year financial support for weapons and over $60 billion since 1987, Israel is the world's fourth largest military with over 200 nuclear weapons massacring people that have virtually zero weapons or military. The citizens of Gaza are being murdered by Israel's IDF who are using superior US supplied weapons while the citizens of Gaza are for the most part throwing stones and then are murdered by Israeli soldiers.

The incident that started this conflict was when a 15-year-old male Palestinian teenager was throwing stones at Israeli soldiers and he was then murdered. This was reported ONLY on RT News and the incident PRECEDED the kidnapping and murder of three Israel teenagers which is where main stream western media picked up on the story in an apparent effort to justify Israel's murderous ways. Israel justifies there atrocities by stating that it has a right to defend its borders (that they stole in 1948). What a joke!

Israel has an answer for everything except their cavalier attitude in their devastation of Gaza and slaughtering their civilians. If one criticizes what Israel is doing then one is labeled as being anti Semitic. Israel repeatedly brings up the holocaust as if to place guilt on the world for what Hitler and the Germans did to their people the world owes them everything. They use that incident to justify their unconventional behavior and invasions of neighboring nations in the Middle East in many cases defying international laws as they continue to do in their defying the UN by building homes in the West Bank. Like America, they do what they want despite laws.

Israel claims they are using Palestinian civilians and facilities as human shields. They justify their bombing their schools as well as UN schools and hospitals in Gaza claming that Hamas is hiding and firing missals from those facilities.

This is a role reversal of the timeless bible tale of David verses Goliath but... in this version... the Goliath Israel is winning. The most disturbing result is that many Americans are being brainwashed by the biased coverage they receive via their mainstream media most notably CNN, Fox News and CNBC that are largely managed or owned by Jews with Israeli leanings or family ties.

During a cease fire the US was going supply Israel with $250 million worth of more weapons to slaughter Muslims and Arabs thereby using US taxpayer money to accommodate that undertaking. Within hours the cease fire was broken by Hamas as they fired more missiles into Israel. The US weapons were already in storage in Israel prior top the cease fire and always readily available to the Israelis.

If one was alive before the existence of news on television and old enough to understand the news reels shown in movie theaters during the Jews invasion and takeover of Palestine in 1948, they would know that all of the problems that exist in that region since Israel was created are due to the creation of that Frankenstein nation of soldiers. Israel's job is to protect western interest in the region and the Suez Canal to keep that OIL interest flowing freely through the channel. Main stream media fail to recognize that segment of history.

For those that feel that killing innocent children is wrong the answer could be for individuals to apply boycotts of Israeli products or doing business with any company associated with Israel?

Israel is in a position of being able to do what they want in large part due to the enormous investment in their stolen nation by western interests that enabled that theft to occur. The answer is to BOYCOTT ANY COMPANY DOING BUSINESS WITH ISRAEL... IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT.



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