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This image of Hillary Clinton is used in stealth like manner to promote her on CNN television ads regarding staying at a hotel that has CNN. The ad shows her face on a television in the background when a customer enters the room


Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets cozy with the Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


Donald Trump has repeatedly sidestepped questions regarding blacks, Arabs and Muslims. He is now being pressed to deal with those issues and receives BILLIONS of dollars in FREE air time to do so - (Photo: Michael Vadon)


The lying, deceptive US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports her RACIST FRIENDS the ISRAELIS, the invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of the Iraq and Palestinian people - An Iraqi woman looks on as U.S. Army Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team search the courtyard of her house during a cordon and search in Ameriyah, Iraq - U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Tierney Nowland photo




Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service


CNN is BIASED and supports Hillary Clinton while ignoring her reckless lack of integrity that could lead to World War 3 in order to benefit her special interest Wall Street friends and Israel that have funded her and her husband BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over a 25 YEAR period - CNN is indirectly involved with being in the special interest category since their parent company Time Warner contributed $400,000 to the Clinton campaign according to RT News


Saturday, October 08, 2016


Let's be clear… despite the recent disclosure by the television entertainment gossip show Entertainment Hollywood that Donald Trump said in 2005 that since he was a star that he could get away with grabbing women's pussies. To CNN this is major and seemingly contrived BRAKING NEWS. The timing of the revelation and the Jewish managed source is suspect.

In case you missed CNN's exaggerated report of this major braking news, fear not as CNN will air and drive home this point over and over again until the presidential election is over.

To CNN this is the biggest story since World War 2 but thankfully CNN wasn't around at that time. The difference now is CNN is clearly on the vote for Hillary Clinton bandwagon by spending (conjecture) 90% of its air time demonizing the sexist, racist, megalomaniac Trump and ignoring Clinton's faults of being responsible for US military deaths as well as the citizens of the countries that Clinton supported for the US military to invade.

Clinton's faults that CNN fails to scrutinize include:

1. Voting to invade Iraq which led to 1 ˝ million deaths largely innocent citizens including a volume of women and children. Most importantly the objective was to find weapons of mass destruction BUT there were no weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION.

2. Losing the plot in Benghazi, Libya where under her watch the American Ambassador to Libya and two of his aids were murdered.

3. Misuse of emails that are said to have been classified.

4. Her being associated with DNC emails that were hacked revealing the organizations conspiracy to dislodge presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and only support Clinton. The result was CNN focused on ignoring the disclosure and deflect attention by accusing Russia Russia WITHOUT PROOF as being the source of the hack in order to disrupt the US presidential race. That was exacerbated when four of the DNC employees resigned and another was murdered in what was played off as being the result of a robbery. NO FOLLOW UP ON THESE STORIES WAS DONE BY CNN.

What they chose to do was contaminate the air waves with numerous CNN analysts that are mostly Jewish that deflect the truth and focus on the agenda to promote Clinton and demonize Trump and Russia.

Let's be clear… Trump is a piece of shit BUT SO IS CLINTON. As one Trump supporter said on the Don Lemon show yesterday when the Trump likes to grab women's pussies story was revealed that Clinton, "Is a two faced liar."

It is clear that Clinton is just that. BY her deceitful actions she hasn't revealed the transcripts of her speeches to wealthy Wall Street Jews that paid her $250,000 per speech for three speeches totaling $750,000.

When one considers that her salary was only $180,000 A YEAR for being Secretary of State then one can understand why she is so indebted to Wall Street Jews that feel her support is worth almost a MILLION DOLLARS for roughly THREE HOURS WORK in speeches. It raises the question what was she saying to them that is worth so much money.

For a quarter of a century Clinton and her husband have been taking contributions. Clinton often refers to what she has accomplished for her public service during that quarter of a century but the results are clear she has been a part of two major financial collapses being the tech bubble of 2001 and the world wide 2008 financial collapse brought about by dishonest banking practices.

The fact that two of the most detested presidential candidates are in position to be elected president raises the question HOW DID THEY GET THERE?

The answer is Clinton got there via support from CNN, wealthy Jews and Israel who she owes favors for taking their money for a quarter of a century. By rule of thumb it is believed that it takes $100,000 million to run for president.

When one does the math and logic the Clinton's have taken in BILLIONS of DOLLARS over their QUARTER OF A CENTURY serving the public that has led to US citizens being murdered and going BANKRUPT while they live in luxury and associate with THEIR FRIENDS THE ISRAELIS.

The injustice of the US government's actions to protect banking and Wall Street gangsters and spend taxpayer money on illegal invasions of foreign countries is what Clinton represents. US taxpayers suffer in many ways including a lack of funding for schools and infrastructure.

Retirees have not received a coast of living increase in four of the past six years and Medicare is always a threat to having cut backs but Clinton is oblivious to that and continues to present the phony smile and evil laugh while taking funding from the sources that are the root cause the problems.

CNN's stealth like support of Clinton is evidenced by their ads which air internationally promoting to stay at hotels that have CNN. As the video shows a man entering a hotel room CNN in the background the television is playing with CLINTON's face ON THE SCREEN. It is the same photo that is included in the column.

Another CNN ad on the same subject shows someone using a cell phone with a man looking at an image of Clinton on the screen of his phone. What is astonishing is the Trump is often quoted as deriding the media and rightly so. What doesn't make sense is why he doesn't include CNN's biased reporting and stealth like television ads with Clinton's image in the background.

Trump is under fire from the grabbing pussies incident and will be attacked by the Jewish CNN hosts of the presidential debate that will occur within hours featuring CNN's Anderson Cooper. Another CNN Jew Dana Bash will have a significant role in the presentation that most likely will be an attack on Trump rather than an impartial debate.

At the beginning of his campaign to run for president Trump received billions of dollars of free air time from CNN and other news outlets. The networks received increased ratings. At that time he appeared to be the darling of many American citizens.

Trump received free publicity and it seemed that he was playing the media like a fiddle and he became overconfident. Now the tables are turned as the media is striking back at the arrogant billionaire and castigating him.

With this televised debate compounded with his grabbing pussy comment it will be GAME ON to see who can survive and thrive.

This debate is a must watch for those around the world that are interested in United States government politics. It will expose just how unfair the reporting and self censorship is in the 70% Zionist controlled main stream media.


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