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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had previously made it clear that he did not support a "blank check" for Ukraine - (Office of the House Republican Leader (2019)v photo)


Musk refused Kiev's request to grant its forces access to Starlink near Crimea to facilitate an attack - (Debbie Rowe - Photo)


US President Joe Biden - (US Government - photo)


US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo



US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin - (U.S. Secretary of Defense - photo)


Zelensky lashed out at NATO leadership before the bloc's summit in Lithuania last month, claiming it was "unprecedented and absurd" that the US-led bloc hadn't offered Ukraine a timeline for membership - (photo - President Of Ukraine from ???????)


The US government supports Israel's theft of Palestinian land, businesses and occupation while murdering its people. For justice many call for sanctions and a BOYCOTT of Israel's products - (Takver Photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.



White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan - (You Tube/Aspen Security via RT NEWS - photo)


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned China - (U.S. Secretary of Defense photo)


National Security Council spokesman John Kirby


Viktor Bout aka The Merchant of Death tells his story in an exclusive interview on Russia's RT News channel - VViktor Bout In his first TV interview after 11 years in US prison


Blinkin's winken knowing that he revealed to Zionist financial political contributors that he has family members associated with suffering in the Holocaust. Now he's in and recognized as one of the Zionist owned boys


China's President Xi Jinping - (CGTN: Screen Shot)


Kamala Harris, 58, next to her husband Doug Emhoff, being sworn in as a US Senator by then Vice President Joe Biden in 2017 - (photo of USG)


Is this pink enough for Ya?



b Pittman, chief executive officer of Clear Channel,

RT News

RT News - US to redirect millions of dollars in military aid to Taiwan - WSJ - September, 2023
The Biden administration has told Congress it will withhold $85 million in aid to Egypt over alleged human-rights abuses

RT News - Pentagon creating Ukrainian aid oversight team - CNN - September, 2023
The monitors will be based in Kiev for the first time since the start of the conflict, the media outlet claims

RT News - Musk responds to Ukraine treason claims - September, 2023
The billionaire has dismissed criticism over his refusal to help Kiev attack the Russian naval fleet in Crimea

RT News - Biden 'disappointed' by Xi Jinping's reported plans - September, 2023
The US leader apparently hoped to meet his Chinese counterpart at the upcoming G20 summit in India

RT News - US businesses losing patience with China - September, 2023
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has warned that Beijing must make reforms to attract and retain American investment

RT News - Ex-Zelensky sponsor charged with money laundering - September, 2023
Billionaire Igor Kolomoysky is suspected of laundering and siphoning off more than $10 million from Ukraine

RT News - Wagner boss announces major move 'to make Russia greater' - August, 2023
The group is working to make Africa "even more free," Evgeny Prigozhin said in an address apparently filmed on the continent

RT News - Russian and Chinese Navies run joint-support drills - August, 2023
The Chinese and Russian Navies took another step toward interoperability with their latest drills in the Pacific Ocean

RT News - Victoria Nuland, Washington's 'regime change Karen' - August, 2023
Wants to speak to the manager in Niger - Famous for her puppeteering during the 2014 Ukraine coup, the thinking behind this choice of envoy couldn't be clearer

RT News - US military hit by unprecedented leadership void - August, 2023
The Pentagon has warned that a political impasse over top commander appointments may jeopardize troop readiness

RT News - US frustrated with Zelensky - CNBC - August, 2023
The Ukrainian leader's constant demands and unwillingness to heed Washington's advice has reportedly angered officials on several occasions

RT News - ElonMusk denied Ukraine Starlink access near Crimea - July, 2023
Kiev sought to use the SpaceX satellite network to launch an attack on Russian ships in 2022, the US media outlet has reported

RT News - US academic body endorses boycott of Israel - July, 2023
Of those members of the American Anthropological Association who voted, 71% supported the resolution

RT News - Ukraine losing significant forces - White House - July, 2023
Kiev's much-lauded counteroffensive is "hard-going," a senior US official has admitted

RT News - NATO chief fudges Ukraine membership bid - July, 2023
The bloc's secretary general suggested that Kiev might not have to go through the Membership Action Plan, unlike other candidates

RT News - US delegation furious over Zelensky tweet - WaPo - July, 2023
The Ukrainian leader claimed NATO's indecisiveness about Kiev joining the bloc was a sign of "weakness"

RT News - Ukraine labels US peace advocates 'traitors' - July, 2023
A Kiev official fumed over American "imperialism" after a controversial NBC report

RT News - EU reveals how much Russian money it has frozen - July, 2023
The bloc has seized $226 billion worth of assets, according to its justice commissioner

RT News - Viktor Bout to enter politics - July, 2023
The businessman who spent some 12 years in US prison will run for a local legislature in Russia

RT News - China warned Blinken over Taiwan election - WSJ - June, 2023
Beijing reportedly told the top US diplomat that the leading candidate in the Taipei election could cause new tensions

RT News - Biden calls China's Xi a 'dictator' - June, 2023
The jibe comes just one day after America's top diplomat concluded a rare visit to the People's Republic

RT News - EU backing off seizure of Russian assets - Bloomberg - June, 2023
Brussels has reportedly given up on confiscating over $200 billion of Russian central bank funds

RT News - China backs Palestine's 'just cause' - June, 2023
President Xi has declared that any peace deal with Israel must involve the creation of an independent Palestinian state

RT News - More than half of world's population supports Russia - Seymour Hersh - June, 2023
The US has lost so much credibility internationally over the conflict in Ukraine, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says

RT News - Lula calls for 'mobilization' to defend Assange - June, 2023
The Brazilian president has voiced concern over the apparently "imminent extradition" of the WikiLeaks co-founder to the US

RT News - NATO membership 'unlikely' for Ukraine now - US ambassador - June, 2023
Washington's representative in the military bloc said the alliance would still be backing Kiev for the long haul

RT News - Pentagon chief warns Taiwan war would be 'devastating' - June, 2023
Washington must upgrade its "force posture" in the Indo-Pacific to better confront Beijing and Pyongyang, Lloyd Austin said

RT News - Black Lives Matter hitting hard times - May, 2023
The racial activist group has increased management spending even as donations plunged nearly 90%

RT News - China questions 'credibility' of G7 members - May, 2023
Beijing has accused the US-led bloc of trying to impose its will on others

RT News - Saudi Arabia refuses to change stance on Ukraine - May, 2023
The kingdom has said it will maintain a policy of "positive neutrality" towards the Ukraine conflict

RT News - UK supplies long-range missiles to Kiev - May, 2023
The new capability is touted as a "game changer" by a US official, speaking to the news network

RT News - The US grip on the Middle East slips, and peace breaks out - May, 2023
Washington's poor decision-making is starting to catch up with it, as nations choose to pursue peace without American interference

RT News - Young Biden believed 63 was too old for politics - April, 2023
While his age is now turning off many voters, the 80-year-old US president once played his youth to his advantage

RT News - Most Americans don't want Biden or Trump to run for president - poll - April, 2023
70% of respondents said the incumbent shouldn't bid for office in 2024, with that figure 60% for the Republican former leader

RT News - Seymour Hersh reacts to NYT hunting Pentagon leaker - April, 2023
The reporter says his former employer, the New York Times, has become completely "pro-Biden"

RT News - Elon Musk responds to NPR - April, 2023
They too believe that the bloc should distance itself from America's fights, but won't speak out, the European Council's president claims

RT News - Quite a few' EU leaders agree with Macron on autonomy from US - April, 2023
They too believe that the bloc should distance itself from America's fights, but won't speak out, the European Council's president claims

RT News - China issues warning to US and NATO over Ukraine - April, 2023
The West has 'unmistakable responsibilities' regarding the conflict, a foreign ministry spokesperson said

RT News - Netanyahu fires defense minister - March, 2023
Yoav Gallant's opposition to the PM's controversial judicial overhaul plan led to his ouster

RT News - Seymour Hersh evaluates state of journalism - March, 2023
The Pentagon has said Iran-affiliated groups were targeted, while local sources claim civilian infrastructure was hit

RT News - US launches airstrikes in Syria - March, 2023
The Pentagon has said Iran-affiliated groups were targeted, while local sources claim civilian infrastructure was hit

RT News - Ukraine left out of 'unprecedented' World Cup announcement - March, 2023
Spain and Portugal have been joined by Morocco, according to a statement from the North African country's king

RT News - (Elon) Musk explains SpaceX System not to be used to start World War III - February, 2023
Musk explains purpose of Starlink in Ukraine - SpaceX will not allow its system to be used to start World War III, the CEO has said - The restriction announced last week bars the Ukrainian military from using Starlink to pilot drones

RT Sports - Russian star Islam Makhachev dethrones UFC pound-for-pound king - February, 2023
Islam Makhachev retained his world title in a hard-fought battle in Australia - It was Makhachev's persistent aggression and suffocating grappling which proved enough to earn a unanimous decision victory

RT Sports - LeBron James breaks NBA scoring record - February, 2023
The LA Lakers star surpassed the milestone of 38,387 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night

RT News - Controversial coup leader & US ally: Who was ex-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf? - February, 2023
The former leader passed away at the age of 79 on Sunday - He supported the 2001 US-led invasion of neighboring Afghanistan, becoming Washington's main ally in the region

RT News - Biden comments on F-16 jets for Ukraine - January, 2023
The US president said the same thing he once said about Abrams tanks - Commenting on media reports that the Pentagon was considering it

RT Sports - Djokovic equals Grand Slam record - January, 2023
With Australian Open title win - The Serb now has 22 majors to his name, level with Rafael Nadal on the men's all-time list

RT News - Arming Ukraine a 'big business' opportunity - January, 2023
Zelensky - The Ukrainian leader touted ties to Blackrock, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in another weapons plea

RT News - Snowden reveals 'real scandal' around Biden docs - January, 2023
The story about sensitive materials found in the US president's former office was suppressed days before the midterms, the whistleblower has claimed

RT Sports - Khabib Nurmagomedov is stepping away from all forms of MMA - January, 2023
Former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has announced he's stepping away from all forms of MMA - Russian MMA legend won’t coach compatriot in title fight – manager

RT News - Venezuela votes out US-backed opposition leader - January, 2023
Juan Guaido led at least one failed attempt to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and received vocal support from Washington

RT News - Israel may attack Iran - defense minister - December, 2022
Benny Gantz told a class of cadets that Tehran's nuclear sites could be hit within two or three years

RT News - Tulsi Gabbard roasts GOP congressman-elect for 'blatant lies' - December, 2022
Earlier, the man admitted to fabricating sections of his bio on the campaign trail - Santos had been telling "blatant lies," she said, before asking, "Do you have no shame?"

RT News - Snowden says ‘I told you so’ - December, 2022
The whistleblower pointed at an AP investigation on how the Covid-19 pandemic has “normalized” spying on citizens

RT Sports - Argentina wins World Cup - December, 2022
Lionel Messi's dreams of glory became a reality in Qatar - Messi was crowned player of the and he also became the all-time record appearance maker at the World Cup with 26 matches at the competition

RT News - North African country's growing influence is putting it in the US crosshairs - December, 2022
The energy crisis of 2022 has given Algeria a boost in wealth and political weight in the region - Call for sanctions to be placed upon Algeria over weapons deals with Moscow. This plea came shortly after the same argument was made by Republican Senator Marco Rubio in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken

RT News - NATO budget surges by over a quartere - December, 2022
The sharp increase in spending is a response to the "degraded security environment," the bloc insists - The decision was motivated by the "degraded security environment" caused by the Ukraine crisis, according to the military bloc's statement

RT Sports - Magomed Ankalaev: The Russian propelled by defeat to the verge of a UFC title - December, 2022
The Dagestan-born fighter stands on the brink of crowning yet another MMA world champion - His 18 career wins have delivered an impressive 10 knockouts (and not a single submission), as well as nine UFC victories in a row

RT News - (Elon) Musk launches poll on Snowden and Assange - December, 2022
The Twitter CEO is asking users whether the two men accused of exposing US secrets should be granted pardons - "I am not expressing an opinion, but did promise to conduct this poll," Musk tweeted, asking users: "Should Assange and Snowden be pardoned?"

RT Sports - NBA star (LeBron) James suggests double-standards in anti-Semitism rowt - December, 2022
James addressed the media with his concerns involving fellow NBA star Kyrie Irving, and not about an historical image which recently appeared online featuring Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

We discovered the difference of what is on offering on their RT.com website and their Ruptly TV service. For starters there are now eight shows on their website up from three. Some of their former TV presenters returned and have shows Including Manila Chan hosting Modus Operandi. Most notably is one show hosted by an American, John Kiriakou who previously worked for the CIA

RT Sports - Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Manchester United with immediate effect - November, 2022
The Red Devils have announced that they have parted ways with the football star - Manchester United said that Ronaldo had left the club after an agreement was reached by both parties

RT Sports - West can't lecture Qatar, says FIFA chief - November, 2022
Gianni Infantino said Europeans should 'apologize for the next 3,000 years' for their past sins - "What do you do then? You try to engage, make friends… Don't start accusing, fighting, insulting, you start engaging. And this is what we should be doing."

RT Sports - Former UFC title challenger Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson dead at 38 - November, 2022
His highly touted power saw him defeat the likes of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Alexander Gustafsson, Ryan Bader, and former light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira, whom he knocked unconscious just 13 seconds into the first round

RT News - Zelensky takes possession of Hollywood star's Oscar - November, 2022
The prestigious award was "loaned" to the Ukrainian leader by American actor Sean Penn

RT Sports - France pressured FIFA into awarding World Cup to Qatar - Blatter - November, 2022
The former president of the football governing body says he now regrets the decision

RT NEWS - Russian court upholds Griner sentence - October, 2022
Jailed women's basketball star Brittney Griner appealed against her nine-year prison sentence on Tuesday

RT NEWS - SpaceX calls on Pentagon to foot Ukraine bill - media - October, 2022
Starlink services to Kiev could cost up to $400 million over the next year - Elon Musk's aerospace firm has asked the US military to pay for its Starlink satellite internet service

RT NEWS - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says Ukraine needs more air defense systems - October, 2022
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explains how members can help Kiev - NATO member states should focus more on providing anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems to Ukraine counter Russia

RT NEWS - Ukrainian city cancels Elon Musk - October, 2022
Portraits of the world's richest man US billionaire Elon Musk are being removed from the streets of Odessa - Kiev's outgoing ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik went much further, telling the US billionaire to "f**k off."

RT NEWS - 'Not wise' to include Ukraine into NATO - Kissinger - October, 2022
Russia regarded its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe as a "safety belt," the former US secretary of state said

RT Sports - EU nation issues update on Russian hockey stars entry row - September, 2022
Several Russian players are due to feature in the Czech Republic as part of the NHL's Global Series - NHL teams the San Jose Sharks and the Nashville Predators are due to play each other in the Czech capital on October 7 and 8

RT News - Israeli newspaper names Vladimir Zelensky most influential Jew of 2022 - September, 2022
The Jerusalem Post hailed Vladimir Zelensky for "changing the world" through his use of 'media and diplomacy' - He got Sweden and Finland to discard decades of military neutrality and apply for NATO membership

RT Sports - Chelsea questioned after 'world record' deal for new manager - September, 2022
The compensation reportedly paid to Brighton for new head coach Graham Potter is said to be a world record in football - The sum consists of £20 million ($23.1 million) for Potter and a further £2 million ($2.31 million) for him to bring his five-man backroom team to Stamford Bridge

RT Sports - Tennis legend Roger Federer announces retirement - September, 2022
The Swiss maestro is set to bow out with 20 Grand Slam titles - Previously preparing a possible autumn comeback after undergoing a third knee surgery in 18 months, those plans have now been dropped

RT News & China - Chinese leader warns of color revolutions’ - September, 2022
Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) leaders' summit in Samarkand - Xi called on SCO members to work together to prevent attempts by external forces to provoke unrest

RT Sports - Russia confirms visitors for football friendly match - September, 2022
The Russian men's national team is set to play three games across September and November - All Russian teams have since been banned from official UEFA and FIFA competitions due to the conflict in Ukraine

RT Sports - Graham Potter has been announced as the new head coach of Chelsea - September, 2022
Graham Potter will take over as head coach with immediate effect - Will replace Tuchel on a five-year-deal with immediate effect

RT Sports - Chelsea sack manager Thomas Tuchel - September, 2022
In a statement released the following morning, the club's new ownership led by US businessman Todd Boehly revealed a shock decision to dismiss Tuchel from his post with immediate effect - The German coach has parted ways with the Premier League club

RT Sports - PSG among European giants fined for financial breaches - September, 2022
UEFA announced a range of sanctions while some clubs were warned they are being monitored”

RT Sports - Man Utd boss discusses if Ronaldo will stays - September, 2022
The Portuguese icon is at the center of a summer transfer saga - Man Utd boss discusses if Ronaldo will stay

RT News - North Korea - North Korea furiously rejects South's ‘absurd’ offer - August, 2022
Dismissed a proposal of economic aid from Seoul in exchange for abandoning its nuclear arsenal, calling the idea an “absurd dream.”

RT News - Lavrov speaks out on US effort to dominate world - August, 2022
Washington’s policy of “permissiveness” won’t bring it the desired result, Russia’s foreign minister warns

RT Sports - Israel - Messi intervenes after security manhandles young selfie seeker - August, 2022
The Argentine football icon granted the boy his wish at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv Messi intervenes after security manhandles young selfie seeker (VIDEO) - Messi stepped in to resolve the situation. © Twitter @Lionel30i

RT Sports - Russia - US mourns passing of NBA icon Bill Russell - August, 2022
Bill Russell was also a civil rights activist in addition to being the league's most crowned champion - Russell sadly passed away Sunday at the age of 88 . Russell's family posted news of the passing on social media but did not reveal a cause of death

RT News - Taiwan - 'We come in peace' – Pelosi to Taiwan - August, 2022
The US House Speaker spoke with Taiwanese officials during a trip that sparked a furious reaction from China - Pelosi, 82, is currently on a tour of the Asian region

RT NEWS - Russia - Russia responds to hype over US prisoner swap offer - July, 2022
According to CNN’s sources, the Biden administration suggested swapping the two Americans for Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who had been sentenced to 25 years in the US on accusations of smuggling weapons that had later been used against American troops

RT NEWS - Russia - Moscow warns Washington over Griner ‘pantomime’- July, 2022
The Russian Foreign Ministry said US dramatics were doing more harm than good - The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman criticized what she described as “pantomime activity” by Washington designed purely to make out to the American population that the Biden administration was taking care of the interests of its citizens, when in reality that was far from the case

RT NEWS - Russia - South American Trade Bloc Snubs Zelensky - July, 2022
The Ukrainian president will not be allowed to address the Mercosur summit, AFP reports South American trade bloc snubs Zelensky - South America’s Mercosur trade bloc has declined a request by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to speak at its summit, host nation Paraguay said on Wednesday, according to the AFP news agency. Mercosur members Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay failed to reach an agreement on whether to invite the Ukrainian leader, Deputy Foreign Minister, Raul Cano said, albeit refusing to name the countries that opposed the move

RT NEWS - Russia - Donbass lawmakers give green light to executions - July, 2022
British citizens Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, and citizen of Morocco Saadun Brahim sit inside a defendants' cage as they attend a court hearing in Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic. Sputnik / Konstantin Mihalchevskiy - London insists that its citizens should be treated as prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, even though Britain is not formally at war with the DPR and does not recognize the republic as an independent state to begin with


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