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Netanyahu says Hamas will be defeated shortly after a ground offensive in Rafah



The American journalist chose an unexpected tactic for his interview, the Russian president has said - (Kremlin.Ru - photo)

Kamala Harris, 58, next to her husband Doug Emhoff, being sworn in as a US Senator by then Vice President Joe Biden in 2017- The vice president is eager to step in should the US President Joe Biden end up deemed unfit for the office - (photo of USG)



"Julian Assange suffers from long-standing and recurrent depressive order," UN expert Alice Jill Edwards warned on Tuesday




Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is "desperately" seeking to return to a situation in which Kiev enjoyed "unlimited" funding and weapons supplies from the West - (60 Minutes screen shot - photo)


Former US President Donald Trump wouldn't select Nikki Haley as his running mate


Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir said they will kill all Palestinians to take control of all of their land if that's what it takes - (Screen shot of RT Newscast)


Zelensky, has rejected the idea that Ukraine is one of the world's most corrupt countries - (photo - President Of Ukraine from ???????)


The UKRAINE PAY CONNECTION - Hunter & Joe Biden - (RT News screenshot)


All of Ukraine is becoming dependent on the "mood" of a single person, Vitaly Klitschko says - (Sven Teschke - Photo)



Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu


Tucker Carlson visits Assange in prison - Assange faces extradition to the US and a 175-year prison sentence - (David G. Silvers, Cancillería del Ecuador Photo)


"None of the funds that have now gone to Qatar have actually been spent or accessed in any way by Iran," Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters in Israel on Thursday.


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman


US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin - (U.S. Secretary of Defense - photo)


The US government supports Israel's theft of Palestinian land, businesses and occupation while murdering its people. For justice many call for sanctions and a BOYCOTT of Israel's products - (Takver Photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.



White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan - (You Tube/Aspen Security via RT NEWS - photo)


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned China - (U.S. Secretary of Defense photo)


National Security Council spokesman John Kirby


b Pittman, chief executive officer of Clear Channel,

RT News

RT News - Israel's total victory is 'weeks away' - Netanyahu - February, 2024
Hamas will be defeated shortly after a ground offensive in Rafah, the Jewish state's prime minister has claimed

RT News - Assange hearing shows ruling class is 'full of s**t' - Roger Waters - February, 2024
The WikiLeaks founder remains in legal limbo after a British court refused to grant or deny his extradition appeal

RT News - Tucker Carlson 'is dangerous' - Putin - February, 2024
The American journalist chose an unexpected tactic for his interview, the Russian president has said

RT News - Kamala Harris… I am ready to lead America - February, 2024
The vice president is eager to step in should the US President Joe Biden end up deemed unfit for the office

RT News - Assange faces torture and suicide in US - UN - February, 2024
The WikiLeaks founder faces up to 175 years in prison if his extradition from Britain is approved

RT News - ISRAEL_ Netanyahu_Only solution is total victory - February, 2024
The Israeli leader has rejected a ceasefire proposal put forward by Hamas

RT News - Zelensky wants to be like Putin - Kremlin - January, 2024
Dmitry Peskov has revealed what might be behind the Ukrainian leader's rhetoric

RT News - Zelensky 'in very difficult situation' - Kremlin - January, 2024
Kiev's "sponsors" are running out of ammo as Ukrainians question the need for further bloodshed, Moscow has said

RT News - Donald Trump claims rival 'not able to deal with Putin' - January, 2024
The former US president says he 'probably' wouldn't select Nikki Haley as his running mate if he secures the GOP nomination

RT News - Netanyahu 'giving Biden the finger' - Axios - January, 2024
The White House is pushing the Israeli leader to commit to a plan for post-war Gaza, seemingly to no avail

RT News - Biden emailed son's business associate 54 times - Republicans - January, 2024
The email exchanges reportedly coincided with Hunter Biden's appointment to the board of a Ukrainian energy firm

RT News - Former Ukrainian chief prosecutor 'fired' for Biden could be assassinated - ex-MP - January, 2024
There will be no limits to the fighting if Lebanon is attacked, Hassan Nasrallah has said

RT News - Hezbollah 'not afraid of war' with Israel - leader - January, 2024
There will be no limits to the fighting if Lebanon is attacked, Hassan Nasrallah has said

RT News - Israel considers plan to resettle Palestinians in Africa - reports - January, 2024
Washington has rejected plans for the resettlement as "inflammatory and irresponsible"

RT News - Exiled opposition leader lists 'fatal' Zelensky mistakes - January, 2024
Viktor Medvedchuk claims the Ukrainian president has relied on amateurs, overestimated Western aid, and exploited Nazi ideology

RT News - Google to settle lawsuit for tracking private activity - December, 2023
The plaintiffs accused the tech giant of tracking the data of millions of users

RT News - Israel kills senior Iranian general in Syria strike - December, 2023
"The barbaric Zionist regime will pay" for the death of Seyed Razi Mousavi, Iran's Revolutionary Guards have said

RT News - Houthis not deterred by US-led armada - December, 2023
The Yemeni group has vowed to continue targeting "Israel-linked" ships

RT News - How Israel created one of its own worst enemies - December, 2023
The price of 'victory': How Israel created one of its own worst enemies The Jewish state triumphed in the 1982 Lebanon War, but years later the victory appears pyrrhic

RT News - Zelensky clamps down on corruption to win EU's favor - December, 2023
The bloc has made anti-graft reform one of the key conditions for starting accession talks

RT News - Hunter Biden's Ukraine pay cut revealed - December, 2023
A criminal indictment against the US president's son has claimed that Burisma halved his salary after Joe Biden left office

RT News - Susan Sarandon apologizes for 'anti-Semitic' speech - December, 2023
The award-winning actress said her choice of words at a protest event was "a terrible mistake"

RT News - Zelensky has devolved into authoritarianism - Kiev mayor - December, 2023
All of Ukraine is becoming dependent on the "mood" of a single person, Vitaly Klitschko says

RT News - Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon canceled over Israel comments - November, 2023
Multiple entertainers have landed in hot water over comments related to the war in Gaza

RT News - Musk to punish 'genocide advocates' - November, 2023
The X chief's comments come days after he was heavily criticized for appearing to agree with an anti-Semitic post on the platform

RT News - Roger Waters barred from South American hotels over Israeli pressure - November, 2023
The former Pink Floyd frontman was denied lodging after Jewish groups threatened at least one hotel chain

RT News - Child killed every 10 minutes in Gaza - WHO chief - November, 2023
The situation in the Palestinian enclave is "impossible to describe," the head of the UN health watchdog says

RT News - Israel acting like 'spoiled child' of the West - Erdogan - November, 2023
Israel is lashing out at Hamas' cross-border attack because it has de-facto Western approval, the Turkish leader has suggested

RT News - Israel to take over 'security' in Gaza - Netanyahu - November, 2023
Washington had warned that a new "occupation" of the Palestinian enclave would be a "big mistake"

RT News - Nuking Gaza a possibility - Israeli minister - November, 2023
Amichai Eliyahu's remarks have sparked widespread condemnation in Israel and Palestine alike

RT News - Tucker Carlson visits Julian Assange in prison - November, 2023
The Wikileaks publisher faces extradition to the US and a 175-year prison sentence if his final appeal fails

RT News - Angelina Jolie condemns Israel for civilian attacks - November, 2023
The Hollywood star described strikes on Gaza as the "deliberate bombing of a trapped population"

RT News - Israel threatens to destroy Musk's Starlink - October, 2023
Elon Musk has promised to help humanitarian organizations to stay connected amid an information blackout in Gaza

RT News - Israel soldiers angry at Netanyahu's US-based son - October, 2023
The prime minister's son has "abandoned" his country for Florida, several reservists have said

RT News - Israel outlines future relations with Gaza - October, 2023
The defense minister says the country will abandon all responsibility for the Palestinian enclave after a ground offensive

RT News - Israeli president pushes UK PM to put pressure on BBC - October, 2023
The British state broadcaster has stood by its decision not to label Hamas a "terrorist organization"

RT News - US breaks $6 billion promise to Iran - October, 2023
Tehran released five suspected American spies in exchange for cash for humanitarian purposes

RT News - Brazil's Lula calls on Israel and Hamas to spare children - October, 2023
The leader has suggested the UN and the international community should launch an urgent humanitarian intervention in Gaza

RT News - Zelensky fears Israel will distract from Western aid to Kiev - October, 2023
The Ukrainian president has visited NATO headquarters, concerned that the flow of Western help could be imperiled

RT News - Jewish lobby group ends feud with Elon Musk - October, 2023
The billionaire had threatened to sue the ADL for scaring advertisers off his platform

RT News - Musk mocks Zelensky over aid demands - October, 2023
Musk Said, "When it's been five minutes and you haven't asked for a billion dollars in aid." - Ukraine was previously angered by the billionaire's refusal to allow the use of Starlink for a planned attack on Crimea

RT News - Elon Musk decries 'witch-burning' of Russell Brand - September, 2023
The X owner has argued that the outspoken actor was only accused of rape after "gaining traction" against establishment narratives

RT News - Saudi Crown Prince reveals nuclear red line - WSJ - September, 2023
Getting nukes would be "a bad move," but Riyadh might have no other choice, Mohammed bin Salman says

RT News - Israel clears nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia - WSJ - September, 2023
Riyadh wants a civilian atomic program but would also consider a military path, should Iran choose to take that route, the newspaper reports

RT News - US to redirect millions of dollars in military aid to Taiwan - WSJ - September, 2023
The Biden administration has told Congress it will withhold $85 million in aid to Egypt over alleged human-rights abuses

RT News - Pentagon creating Ukrainian aid oversight team - CNN - September, 2023
The monitors will be based in Kiev for the first time since the start of the conflict, the media outlet claims

RT News - Musk responds to Ukraine treason claims - September, 2023
The billionaire has dismissed criticism over his refusal to help Kiev attack the Russian naval fleet in Crimea

RT News - Biden 'disappointed' by Xi Jinping's reported plans - September, 2023
The US leader apparently hoped to meet his Chinese counterpart at the upcoming G20 summit in India

RT News - US businesses losing patience with China - September, 2023
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has warned that Beijing must make reforms to attract and retain American investment

RT News - Ex-Zelensky sponsor charged with money laundering - September, 2023
Billionaire Igor Kolomoysky is suspected of laundering and siphoning off more than $10 million from Ukraine

RT News - Wagner boss announces major move 'to make Russia greater' - August, 2023
The group is working to make Africa "even more free," Evgeny Prigozhin said in an address apparently filmed on the continent

RT News - Russian and Chinese Navies run joint-support drills - August, 2023
The Chinese and Russian Navies took another step toward interoperability with their latest drills in the Pacific Ocean

RT News - Victoria Nuland, Washington's 'regime change Karen' - August, 2023
Wants to speak to the manager in Niger - Famous for her puppeteering during the 2014 Ukraine coup, the thinking behind this choice of envoy couldn't be clearer

RT News - US military hit by unprecedented leadership void - August, 2023
The Pentagon has warned that a political impasse over top commander appointments may jeopardize troop readiness

RT News - US frustrated with Zelensky - CNBC - August, 2023
The Ukrainian leader's constant demands and unwillingness to heed Washington's advice has reportedly angered officials on several occasions

RT News - ElonMusk denied Ukraine Starlink access near Crimea - July, 2023
Kiev sought to use the SpaceX satellite network to launch an attack on Russian ships in 2022, the US media outlet has reported

RT News - US academic body endorses boycott of Israel - July, 2023
Of those members of the American Anthropological Association who voted, 71% supported the resolution

RT News - Ukraine losing significant forces - White House - July, 2023
Kiev's much-lauded counteroffensive is "hard-going," a senior US official has admitted

RT News - NATO chief fudges Ukraine membership bid - July, 2023
The bloc's secretary general suggested that Kiev might not have to go through the Membership Action Plan, unlike other candidates

RT News - US delegation furious over Zelensky tweet - WaPo - July, 2023
The Ukrainian leader claimed NATO's indecisiveness about Kiev joining the bloc was a sign of "weakness"

RT News - Ukraine labels US peace advocates 'traitors' - July, 2023
A Kiev official fumed over American "imperialism" after a controversial NBC report

RT News - EU reveals how much Russian money it has frozen - July, 2023
The bloc has seized $226 billion worth of assets, according to its justice commissioner

RT News - Viktor Bout to enter politics - July, 2023
The businessman who spent some 12 years in US prison will run for a local legislature in Russia

RT News - China warned Blinken over Taiwan election - WSJ - June, 2023
Beijing reportedly told the top US diplomat that the leading candidate in the Taipei election could cause new tensions

RT News - Biden calls China's Xi a 'dictator' - June, 2023
The jibe comes just one day after America's top diplomat concluded a rare visit to the People's Republic

RT News - EU backing off seizure of Russian assets - Bloomberg - June, 2023
Brussels has reportedly given up on confiscating over $200 billion of Russian central bank funds

RT News - China backs Palestine's 'just cause'