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Remembering Larry King

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For over 60 years Larry King became an icon of radio and television talk show hosts. Unfortunately he passed away last month at the age of 87. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to King on a few occasions. Our encounters were during several stages of my life as a musician, print journalist and host of a show on television. Each time we met he was warm and welcoming. He was a straight forward guy and will be sadly missed



Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The recent passing of Larry King was a shock not because at 87, one has lived a lot of life but shocking because you didn't want it to happen. King was one of the few media types that I respect primarily because he was real and down to earth. He seemed like an old friend from the neighborhood.

Brooklyn born Larry King born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger; lived both hard and large from November 19, 1933 to when he passed January 23, 2021. His parents were Orthodox Jews who emigrated to the United States from Belarus in the 1930s. He came from humble beginnings that became impoverished after his father died from heart attack when King was 9 years old.

As King tells it he is thankful for welfare since they largely contributed to subsidizing his family until he was on his own. In a strange was he fondly remembers that welfare money that afforded him his first pair of glasses. It's the glasses and his wearing suspenders that ultimately became his trademark.

In a strange way I felt that I knew King all of my life. When I was a musician in the early 70's I had to drive about 40 miles to the club where our band played. On the way I listened to the radio on the drive that took over an hour, in the stifling Los Angeles traffic jams.

As nightfall came I was receiving radio signals from Miami, Florida that were possible since the signal was bouncing off the ionosphere. I channel chased until I heard something I liked and that turned out to be the gravel voiced King. Every night I searched for King and on some nights the signal never came through. Other than his weird voice King had an earthy style that attracted me. I don't recall him interviewing anyone but he was astute on a number of subjects that appealed to me.

When I became a journalist, since my playing days were over due to an injury to my hands, I met King at a cable television conference when at that time he had moved on in his career to be signed by Ted Turner for CNN television. Turner was my all-time favorite media mogul and the founder of CNN. Both were very different from their colleagues but similar to ear other in being one of a kind.

I related to King how I by chance listened to him on the radio and really liked his work. He had a big smile on his face and we talked and talked until it was time for his presentation by Turner that he was joining the network.

King became a nationwide hit on television. I ran into him again but not in a journalism capacity but when I was a chauffeur at the Beverly Hills hotel.

As I was walking through the hotel hallways I spotted King ALONE in a meeting room. I shouted, Yo Lar(ed) at him and he looked up and smiled. It's not that he remembered me but that was the way he was always open to communicate. We talked and talked again about numerous things that I can't remember. I ended when I had to get back to work.

Strangely my next King experience was picking up actor George C. Scott and driving him to King's then studio in Beverly Hills.

I don't recall meeting King again but watched him on TV often. King had a talent of weaving through an interview that was more of a conversation than an interrogation as many young supposedly media types invasive practice now days. King's advice to his audience was LISTEN MORE and ask questions. He always noted that when hosting a guest it's about them and not him.

King came to my attention again when I was watching him interview Ringo Starr from the Beatles. King brought up Starr's excessive drinking habits. The twist is I had just uploaded a story regarding my being a guest at Starr's then estate. We went to a pub with recording engineer and songwriter Harry Nilsson. They were drinking heavily and I dropped out since alcohol is not my thing. Starr replied to King's query that he had changed his (drinking habit) ways.

Again King mentioned something that I had just written regarding Ted Turner. I said in the article that I would get up early (as I did) to hear Turner before rising to see God part the Red Sea.

King brought what I stated and chuckled and corrected me by saying it was Moses that parted the Red Sea. Yes…. I am not a bible reader.

King rarely got ruffled until one day as I was watching he ran into his match, Iran's Iran President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. While relating to the column I wrote, in 2009 mentioning the encounter must have been around that date. It was an experience that to this day King admits on the RT show Going Underground in 2015 that Ahmadinejad got under his skin.

I recall this interview till this day as to me it was King's most challenging moment. The conflict was over Israel's occupation and theft of Palestinian land. King listened patiently as Ahmadinejad repeatedly and calmly made his points that Israel were occupiers of Palestinian/Arab land.

Each time Ahmadinejad made his argument calmly and perfectly clear, King seemed to become agitated. At that time it seemed to me the producers told King in his earpiece to go to a commercial. What seemed so strange is that there were more commercials during that show than any other I had ever seen.

But then $#!t hit the fan when Ahmadinejad noted that the Germans committed crimes against the Jews and NOT the ARABS. He noted that the Jews revenge should have been to occupy land Poland where the Holocaust occurred not Palestine. He pressed on a said the Palestinians DID NOTHING TO THE JEWS.

There was a point where as King recall DURING HIS being interviewed on RT, that Ahmadinejad said IF the Holocaust occurred. Quite frankly I don't recall that happening.

What stood out about that interaction is that was the first time I saw King lose the plot. It was the first time I saw, in my mind, someone have the upper hand on him.

From that point on CNN seemed to push King out the door. They finally dismissed him by not renewing his contract. The move was promoted that King was retiring and believe me… I beg to differ. To his final interview he adopted that retirement narrative. To me that is absolute bullshit.

On June 29, 2010, King announced that after 25 years, he would be stepping down as the show's host. However, he stated that he would remain with CNN to host occasional specials. The final edition of Larry King Live aired on December 16, 2010. The show concluded with his last thoughts and a thank you to his audience for watching and supporting him over the years. The concluding words of Larry King on the show were, "I... I, I don't know what to say except to you, my audience, thank you. And instead of goodbye, how about so long."

On February 17, 2012, CNN announced that he would no longer host specials.

At the time of King's departure Turner was no longer the owner of CNN, he was also pushed out by the Zionists of Wall Street by their obtaining a controlling interest in the company. The insult to injury was he was informed Turner after the fact that he could stay on for a lousy $1milion a year. When he asked in what role they informed him he had no power to do or say anything. Turner turned down the insulting offer. He was a man the contributed $ billions to charity and the new bosses of CNN wanted to make a charity case of him.

My opinion is the same for King in the way they dismissed him. I don't care what Larry said, I believe they $#!t on him the same way they did Turner. Believe this… there were no tributes to King after he passed on CNN… the ungrateful Zionist excrement organization.

Fortunately King returned to the airwaves in a diminished capacity by joining the controversial Russian News channel RT. Though King was well past a normal person's retirement age they respected him and his talent. That can be evidenced by two different shows where King was interviewed. Those show are CURRENTLY available on the internet via the links that follow.

This is Part 1 of how I remember Larry King. Part 2 will be about what King thought about himself.

LARRY KING @ https://www.rt.com/shows/news-with-rick-sanchez/514082-larry-king-last-interview/

LARRY KING @ https://www.rt.com/shows/going-underground/513376-larry-king-special-interview-going-underground/ Part 2: Larry King on King




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