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Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)


Early on Jews were recruited and migrated from Eastern Europe and Yemen to take over and occupy Palestinian land with the support and protection of the COLONIALIST British government - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)



French aristocrat Baron Edmund D. Rothschild was a primary source of financial support in the conspiracy to steal Palestinian land and create a Jewish state - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)

In 1920 Herbert Samuel, a committed Zionist, was appointed by the British government to be the high commissioner of the Palestinian land. He was responsible for the legal creation of Israel under the British Mandate of 1922 - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)


The British had it all planned out as this map indicates what territory they wanted to control including portions of Syria, Jordan and what is now recognized as the southern section of Lebanon - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)


Israel exists due to the influence and support from the COLONIALIST British government applying their MIGHTY WHITEY MENTALITY to invade, take over land by force and rule the world - (Al-Nakba screen shot/ photo)

Below are screen shot excerpts of quotes and notes from the Al Nakba documentary. Who said them; the answers are in the viewing of the documentary

Mussallam Bseiso a correspondent for AP (Associated Press) in 1948 said of the take over by the minority invading Jews, "We saw these things but failed to interpret them properly." - (Al-Nakba screen shot/Al Jazeera photo)


Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports RACIST Israel... THE BABY KILLERS - Graffiti such as "Die Arab Sand-Niggers!" is often sprayed on Palestinian houses by Israeli settlers. Location: Hebron, West Bank, Palestine - American politicians including Hillary Clinton support Israel and their murdering, racist practices - (CPT-Hebron photo)

The conspiracy to create Israel.



BALLS to the WALL - Is Donald Trump serious when he says America first or is he playing a real estate business game by supporting Israel - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin (Pulls his) NUTS & YAHOO gets cozy with then Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other US politicians in order to gain support and billions of US dollars to support Israel and their apartheid, tyrannical conduct - State Department photo by Michael Gross


POV 39 - (Point of View) - CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service


Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region including Jordan and Syria with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory surrounding the land currently occupied by what is now Israel a pet topic of the Jews at CNN


Saturday, November 26, 2016


CNN and other 70% Zionist controlled main stream western media continue to lick their wounds for their candidate of choice Hillary Clinton wasn't using the rhetoric that the American citizens responded to and it proved to be her downfall.

By their actions, CNN has a major problem of not reporting the news but prefer to BE THE NEWS.

Prior to her embarrassing defeat to the brash Donald Trump RT News aired a video clip of CNN's Chris Coumo stating (apparently thinking he was not being filmed) that he didn't know what MORE they (CNN) could do for her.

His statement was revealing as CNN's biased Clinton support by the, claimed to be news channel, was obvious and the American public wasn't as dumb as CNN hoped they would be since they saw through the CNN favoritism in their reports.

If you question why Israel and CNN are tied together the answer will follow. For starters most anything that has to do with politics and finance CNN has Jews selling their point of view. The problem with that is when one does the research on these individuals they will most likely find that in their family tree they have relatives that have experienced the Holocaust. This is a conflict of interest resulting in agenda bent biased information. Lets be CLEAR... this opinion is not anti-Semitic but based on truth and facts.

At the final CNN presidential debate the top three Jews that were representing the OPINION channel (NOT NEWS) were Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and Anderson Cooper. In the past Blitzer has sent up RED FLAGS when he interviewed presidential candidates and always asked them what their position on Israel was. That is not reporting that is intimidating a candidate and while they were on camera coercing them to take a stand in favor of the murdering apartheid state of Israel.

Another red flag is why are Jews so sensitive about being Jewish when they should be proud of their religion of peace? If the actions of Israel and their mistreatment of Arabs is a reason for their sensitivity by screaming out anti-Semitism when Jews are criticized then perhaps they should dissolve their obvious support of the murdering sate of soldiers.

In this recent presidential race the choice that American citizens had to make was a decision of who was the worst of the TWO EVIL presidential candidates. The undisclosed back-story is the influence of the Israeli lobby had on the presidential race. Trump went before a group of Jews for Israel and told them that they couldn't buy him out which didn't go over very well with the wealthy Jews. The result was he proved that he didn't need their money as did Clinton..

Despite the biased efforts of CNN and other 70% Zionist controlled main stream western media the underdog Donald Trump won regardless of his crude and rude remarks and questionable personal and business history. For the American citizens, Trump proved to be the lesser of the two evils contest.

The election boiled down to do voting for Clinton, a person who is a deceptive, devious, liar who has been responsible for wars, careless use of emails and classified information that can endanger US citizens and soldiers and not revealing her speeches to the WEALTHY JEWS of WALL STREET.

Clinton was focused too much on Russia bashing and who she planned to attack or depict as America's enemies. She accused Russia of cyber attacks that revealed he faults given that there was no absolute proof.

She accused Russia of interfering in the US elections, again without proof. Apparently se has an onset of Alzheimer disease since she conveniently forgot that it was America that INTERFERED IN A RUSSIAN ELECTION when the citizens of Crimea voted to return to Russian rule and exiting Uzbekistan.

America went to the extreme by threatening WAR against Russia. When it comes to INTERFERING it is the United States government that reigns supreme.

CNN spent hours talking about nonsense not based on fact or truth. Her irresponsible lack of integrity could have led to World War 3 in order to benefit her special interest friends and Israel that have funded her and her husband MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over a span of their 25 YEARS of selling out the American citizen.

An interesting observation is how feared Russia's RT News is by the US government, Clinton and exiting president Barack Obama who also had a sever case of manufacturing stories in his role in Russia bashing. While they were making fools of themselves criticizing and accusing Vladimir Putin he remained calm and sat back to enjoy their being ridiculous.

Their fear is caused by RT REPORTING THE NEWS and THE TRUTH rather than having an abundant amount of panels and political analysts spinning their agenda and that of the Jews of Wall Street want to sell the Zionist agenda.

Clinton is known to support the Zionists of Israel who have funded her campaigns with millions of dollars. Israel is recognized by many as having stolen the Palestinians land and murdered, who the Israelis refer to as, ARAB SAND NIGGERS. Her support of Israel indicates that she is a closet racist. That is a perspective that is not aired on CNN.

Syria is the other issue that she and CNN wrongly focus on WITHOUT PROOF. The CIA's support of the rebels in Syria with weapons and funding is, as reported by RT News, really about Syria refusing to permit an oil pipeline to be built through their country.

Long before the CIA invasion of Syria Russia has been an ally of that nation and has agreed to protect them just as the US has agreements to do the same with their allies. They have permission to be in Syria and the USA and other Western nations and the CIA DON'T.

For years, prior to their intervention in the Syrian conflict, the CIA and the American government have provided weapons to Syrian insurgents. Prior to doing so it was widely feared that the weapons would fall into the hands of ISIS and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. In reality the CIA and the United States government have inadvertently assisted the growth and success of ISIS as well as creating the slaughter and migration of thousands of innocent citizens. This is exactly what Hillary Clinton and CNN represent... CONFLICT and WARS.

America (CIA) and its allies are there ILLEGALLY and have created the biggest human migration tragedy since the 2nd World War. The enemy is not Russia, the enemy is the United States of Israel's which brings up the main point and question... IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL?

The truth behind why American politics and other nations are reveled in two documentaries that aired on the AlJazeera News Channel, Al-Nakba and The Secret of the Seven Sisters. Al-Nakba is a four part series that explores the conspiracy to create Israel.

This story starts in 1799, outside the walls of Acre in Ottoman-controlled Palestine, when an army under Napoleon Bonaparte besieged the city. It was all part of a campaign to defeat the Ottomans and establish a French presence in the region.

In search of allies, Napoleon issued a letter offering Palestine as a homeland to the Jews under French protection. He called on the Jews to 'rise up' against what he called their oppressors.

Napoleon's appeal was widely publicized. But he was ultimately defeated. In Acre today, the only memory of him is a statue atop a hill overlooking the city.

Yet Napoleon's project for a Jewish homeland in the region under a colonial protectorate did not die, 40 years later, the plan was revived but by the British. Both colonialist nations wanted the region to be under the European control or as referred to in the documentaries, European friendly.

In 1884-86 was the first major recruitment and migration of Jews to Palestine. At the time there were only 3,000 Jews living among a half million Palestinians.

Wealthy Jew money supported the development of Israel primarily from Baron Rothschild. The Rothschild's are believed to be then and now the wealthiest family in the world and a financial contributors to several wars.

A sidebar to the Rothschild relationship with Israel is when I was sharing a taxi in Thailand with a Palestinian he brought up the Rothschild influence in Israel. He wasn't familiar with the history but noted that the name Rothschild was throughout Israel.

The documentary reveals that he is currently buried in Northern Israel. In the documentary it is noted that the British Authority funded the creation of Kibbutzim. The British protected the Jewish Agency which worked as a semi-government of the Jews. The British gave all the help they could in assisting it to conceal its activities.

The British had a plan of what territory they wanted to control. That included land in what is now parts of southern Lebanon, Jordan and Syria which brings us full circle to the Syrian problem today.

The FULL CIRCLE is the greed of colonialist nations which now includes the Untied States to control land and its people under the guise of democracy, protecting its people and developing jobs. It's SOS (same old SHIT) that mighty whitey had been enforcing for centuries.

One of the keys to the Jewish invasion of Palestine was French aristocrat Baron Edmund D. Rothschild was a primary source of financial support in the conspiracy to steal Palestinian land and create a Jewish state.

To carry out their invasive, theft plan to steal Palestinian land the British government authorized 50,000 troops to enforce control of its residents. In 1920 Herbert Samuel, a committed Zionist, was appointed by the British government to be the high commissioner of the Palestinian land. He was responsible for the legal creation of Israel under the British Mandate of 1922. He enacted at least a hundred legislative items to insure that Arab lands would pass into Jewish hands and permitted the establishment of a separate Jewish educational system.

In 1920 what was then to become crucial was the British government allowed the Jews to establish their own army in a land where they represented only 10% of the population up from 3% due to the Jewish migration.

The British Mandate took all unclaimed properties that were neglected or owned by the government and gave them to the Zionist movement to build settlements. The British authority granted land to the Jews to build Kibbutzim.

Mussallam Bseiso a correspondent for AP (Associated Press) in 1948 said, "We saw these things but failed to interpret them properly."

If the question is WHY, the answer is in the documentary, POWER, MONEY and OIL. All of which are not for the benefit of the citizens of the invading nations but for special interest groups that fund the Clinton's and continue to create wars and conflict.

The two documentaries is currently available on You Tube. After viewing these documentaries one will be better informed why wars and political corruption exist. The links to these stories are noted below.


To see why Hillary Clinton is such a WAR HAWK there are two four part documentary film series worth viewing. These documentaries help explain why the United States is continually at WAR. They also help explain why US politicians sell out their citizens. Both series are available on You Tube

1. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.


2. The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL



How the Jews infiltrated the Palestinians to gain their trust in order to obtain enough information to steal their land.


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