Fear was not a factor for Joe Rogan as he went balls to the wall in interviewing one of America's most wanted… Edward Snowden. That column remains #1 on our NR TOP 10 CHART


# 2 Is the NBA's best All-time players Breaking It Down - Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain exemplified how to play the game without Showtime hot-dogging. The two battled for over a decade during the 60's. Since that time no NBA center could compare to their brute talent - (Library of Congress photo)


# 3 is CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED - CNN's top jurno WOLF BLITZER is Israel's biggest booster - (CNN photo)


# 4 on our NR TOP 10 is: Junior Seau Left It All On The Field - Seau wasn't known as a warm fuzzy kind of guy. He had a very stern expression on his face. I looked him straight in the eye and... - (Ângulo ótimo photo)




Sports command a strong presence on this months NR TOP 10 RATINGS - RACISM rules in some of our readers interests. With that aspect being a column that was written in 2010 regarding footballer John terry that got twisted into a line buried in the piece knock the nigger down. Due to the repeated interest in that article that has lingered near the TOP 10 for years - We're expanding our archive section to 5 columns that include CNN founder TED TURNER and DR. BEAT RICHNER who built hospitals in Cambodia to provide FREE HEALTH CARE for children


Wednesday November 30, 2022


Let's be real the world is not America's and the European Union's playground for war. No one wants war except those political whores that benefit financially by satisfying their campaign contributors. Overall sports eked out as the topic of most interest by our readers.

The world's most wanted whistle blower was out top story. The man on the run moved from 7th place last month to the top of the charts. This column has hovered over being charted but recently emerged again. The reason why is his interview with Joe Rogan twice that is available on You Tube.

Another story along political lines that attracted interest included an article about Samantha Power and 89-year-old Jewish US Senator Diane Feinstein that is extremely old and never came close to charting in the past titled WHY ISRAEL EXISTS… OIL & The 7 Sisters.

Feinstein has a history of owning stocks that was with weapons of war manufactures. Power is Irish but married to a Jew. She was formally the US ambassador to the UN and is recognized by many as a WAR HAWK. She returned to politics now holding the position of being the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development aka USAID.

This USAID organization is recognized by those in the know as being an arm of the CIA. Their covert tact is to help nations in need in exchange of obtaining information to be used by the CIA.

The article points out that it's a no brainer that you can't fight wars without oil. It's also a no brainer that the United States and Israel love to fight wars and dictate world policy. In the process what they fail to realize is that due to their actions of breaking international laws without being held accountable, is that they have created so many enemies and they fail to recognize that they are surrounded by the brown, black and yellow races that they abuse.

That point was made in an article that has previously been on the NR TOP 10 with a heading titled Why Israel Exists. The sub titles are: CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED, IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL?

Currently nations around the world are waking up to the issue that the US and Israel champion themselves as being the WORLD'S POLICE.

CNN and other 70% Zionist controlled main stream western media continue to lick their wounds for their candidate of choice Hillary Clinton wasn't using the rhetoric that the American citizens responded to and it proved to be her downfall. By their actions, CNN has a major problem of not reporting the news but prefer to BE THE NEWS.

Since we have covered CNN a year prior to its launch when found Ted Turner announced he was going to have a 24-hour news channel. Turner was a man of progress that many felt he was crazy. He attempted to bring the world together. He included Russia and China in his endeavor.

The channel was legally pirated in a majority stock takeover. He was forced out thus enabled the Wall Street Zionist investors focusing on using the channel to create chaos and repeatedly focus on being critical of China and Russia. The deteriorated from being a news organization to being a caustic opinion channel.

Other political related columns that surfaced are (Israel) The Baby Killers and Lords of War.

Fortunately sports often surface continues to maintain a strong chart presence. Longtime charter the story about former NFL player Junior Seau. This column usually surfaces during America's college (NCAA) and NFL football seasons.

Somewhat sports related with racism is a constant chart topper RACIST RADIO. This story I experienced and new the players well. It's strange but there is a film about former MLB baseball player Jackie Robinson titled 42 that brought back memories about this RACIST RADIO experience.

The difference is at the time of the experience I wasn't aware of exactly what Robinson experienced and how a black journalist that promoted him was treated unfairly by not having a credential that so he could sit in the press box. During my time trough the late 80's to 1998 I seldom saw a black journalist in the press box. It is a story that I will later write and go to detail.

FIFA's former chief Sepp Blatter charted in a column The Sepp Blatter Matter? This column is another strong article that has been close to the NR TOP 10 since it was published.

The most recent sports column charting is THE WEEK THAT WAS SHOCKING in SPORTS. That was the Chelsea FC saga of the sacking of renowned manager Thomas Tuchel.

This was a four topic column that included NBA star LeBron James speaking out against an NBA owner, mega MLB two way star Shohei Ohtani from Japan and his incredible achievements. His accomplishments are more remarkable since he underwent a major arm surgery.

Topping off the column is my experience with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson. It came to fruition following his passing. Aside from his achievements Dawson will go down is history as participating in the first Super Bowl championship.

We're expanding our archive section to 5 columns that include CNN founder TED TURNER and DR. BEAT RICHNER who built hospitals in Cambodia to provide FREE HEALTH CARE for children.



2. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.

3. The Secret of the Seven Sisters -

Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL

4. Persona non grata by oliver stone: = Frontline






NATIONAL RADIO TOP 10 - November, 2022

POV 105 - (Point of View) - EDWARD SNOWDEN TELLS ALL on JOE ROGAN'S PODCAST - April, 2022
LAYING IT ON THE LINE - After the Ukraine took the bait to pursue joining NATO the USG have known for years this issue would set Vladimir Putin off. It is documented in Putin's interviews with Oliver Stone which occurred between 20015-17 that he was deeply concerned about the Ukraine joining NATO for fear that the organization would place arms in the country and be a major threat to the safety of the Russian people. This issue has been a thorn in the side of Putin FOR YEARS. It was a thorn that the USG has used to persuade the Ukraine to pursue in order to anger him enough to invade and PROTECT the RUSSIANS interests… THEIR SAFETY

Previous - Sports Notes - RADUCANU in SERENA OUT? - August, 2022
TENNIS' CHANGING OF THE GUARDS - The Williams sisters Venus and Serena have dominated Women's tennis for most of the past quarter of a century. It is believable that what these two have accomplished winning 30 Grand Slam tournaments between them will never be duplicated by another sister team. Their legacy of hard work and determination is what they will leave behind. They have opened the doors for other black female tennis players to strive to for success. They have felt the pain in breaking down the racist barriers that have existed in the sport so others can feel less pressure since they have set the standard of racial tolerance, focus and winning - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS 1st and 2nd TEAMS



Sports Notes - ALL TIME NBA 1st TEAM - BREAKING IT DOWN - June, 2020
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL... A SHIT HOLE COUNTRY - Our all time NBA 1st team involves the player that rocked the league, Bill Russell who Red Auerbach coached with the Boston Celtics. Russell was acquired in a trade with the then St Louis Hawks (now Atlanta). The Celtics gave up two highly productive white players, Cliff Hagen and Ed MacCauley in the 1956 NBA draft. One has to take into consideration how racist the United States at the time and remains so BUT... Auerbach took a bold chance with the Russell acquisition. Boston fans showed their appreciation by breaking into Russell's home and defecating in his bed.... - THIS DAY IN THE NBA

HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR THIS - I've interviewed some of the most famous entertainers and sports figures in the world of all time but… after seeing that crowd of families with children waiting for health care at Cambodia's Kantha Bopha hospital I knew this interview with the hospitals founder Dr. Beat Richner was going to be a something special in a category that I had never done



POV 39 - (Point of View) - CNN'S JEW CREW with an AGENDA 4 CLINTON FAILED - November, 2016
IS ISRAEL THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL? - Palestinian citizens were forced to leave their land at gunpoint as a result of the COLONIALIST British government wanting to control land in the region including Jordan and Syria with the Jews eventually functioning as the police of the territory surrounding the land currently occupied by what is now Israel a pet topic of the Jews at CNN

Previous - Sports Notes - MLB ALL STAR SHOHEI OHTANI is Selected AGAIN - - July 2022
- Last season Shohei Ohtani was one of the top home run hitters in the league. His fast HR start stunned the world. We compared him to Babe Ruth who is the most prominent player in league history. This season Ohtani's home run production is down but he is second on the team behind Mike Trout with 18 at the time of this writing. Also this season the 6-4, 210lb (193cm, 95kg) talent has led the Angels in RBI's - THE BROOKLYN NETS WALLS HAVE BURNT DOWN - WNBA STAR QUIGLEY WIGGLY OUT of REJECTION - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS 1st and 2nd TEAMS



Sports Notes Part 2 - NFL'S JUNIOR SEAU LEFT IT ALL on the FIELD - August, 2015
HIS GAME WAS THE HALL of FAME - Junior Seau had a complicated past and a reputation of someone that was difficult to get along with. When I mentioned my intention to produce a story on him to the head producer at the NCAA network he wasn't in favor of my idea and preferred for me not to do it, SO... READ ON.....

Previous - TV - VIDEO BEAT Part 1 - REMEMBERING LARRY KING - February, 2021
For over 60 years Larry King became an icon of radio and television talk show hosts. Unfortunately he passed away last month at the age of 87. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to King on a few occasions. Our encounters were during several stages of my life as a musician, print journalist and host of a show on television. Each time we met he was warm and welcoming. He was a straight forward guy and will be sadly missed



Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…

Previous - POV - (Point of View) 30 - HILLARY CLINTON 2 SELL OUT AMERICA 2 ISRAEL? - November , 2015
More Money 4 Israel No Money 4 US Citizens -
America's presidential campaign funding from wealthy Jews with Israeli leanings has a designated purpose… to support Israel. The US government is denying its own citizens funding in order to support the apartheid state while America's Social Security recipients have been denied a cost of living increase for three of the past five years. The government wants to increase the defense budget. America's school system is in the state of decay given the governments preference to spend money on supporting Israel while, again… in the process… NEGLECTING its own CITIZENS



LA SPORTS TALK RADIO SLANDERS RUPERT MURDOCH & DEMEANS LA DODGERS - He is promoted on the air as "THE BIG NASTY." The Nasty Man went on the air Saturday [Aug. 8] and defended his show while intoning that it was a put-on and it was entertainment. Obviously he feels that RACISM, being the context, is entertainment

Previous - FEATURE - RACIST RADIO - August 1998
LA SPORTS TALK RADIO SLANDERS RUPERT MURDOCH & DEMEANS LA DODGERS - He is promoted on the air as "THE BIG NASTY." The Nasty Man went on the air Saturday [Aug. 8] and defended his show while intoning that it was a put-on and it was entertainment. Obviously he feels that RACISM, being the context, is entertainment



POV 24 - (Point of View) - WHY ISRAEL EXISTS… OIL & The 7 Sisters - August, 2015
America is opposed to land being taken by force and against the use of chemical weapons. Ooh please... don't they know their own history? - US politicians make money from WAR! - Countries like Iran, while suffering international sanctions, have welcomed new oil buyers, who put business ahead of lectures on human rights and nuclear ambitions - The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Episode 3 - The Dancing Bear

Previous - POV 106 - (Point of View) - MERCHANT of DEATH 4 AN ATHLETE? - May, 2022
WARS R A WEAPONS 4 SALES GAME - The twist is we're talking about an athlete whose job is to entertain in exchange for a weapons salesman whose job is to provide weapons to countries to murder people. The question is can this proposed transaction be reasonable? Would the US government agree to such an arrangement?



Sports Notes - DOES FIFA's BLATTER MATTER? - May, 2015
HELPING THE LITTLE PEOPLE EARNED BLATTER THEIR SUPPORT - The turmoil created this past week with the re-election of FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter from his many detractors has created a hailstorm of controversy. The point being, with all of the problems that FIFA is overwhelmed with there are some positive results that came about during his reign, as smaller 3rd world nations have developed their football programs

Previous - POV - (Point of View) 29 - US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES GOT IT WRONG - October, 2015
Republican presidential candidates have got it all wrong in stating what multi national companies that fund presidential candidates want to hear. What they fail to recognize is that it's the vote of the PEOPLE THAT MATTER who they want to represent them as Social Media if a major player in their decision making. If they want a Muslim or Edward Snowden to be their president that is the way it will be as it's the PEOPLE'S VOTE THAT RULE



Sports Notes - THE WEEK THAT WAS SHOCKING in SPORTS - September, 2022
THE SPORTS CHAOS GAME - In a week that the sporting world was filled with chaos and changes within 100 days new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly exercised his mite by sacking manager Thomas Tuchel. Graham Potter was almost immediately his replacement - The NBA issued penalties on Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver for his inappropriate conduct with his employees BUT… the LA Lakers LeBron James complains that the punishment isn't enough - Will the LA Angels super talent Shohei Ohtani be up for sale? - Remembering NFL great Len Dawson - NBA's ALL TIME BEST PLAYERS 1st and 2nd TEAMS

Previous - Sports Notes - REMEMBERING FRANK GIFFORD - August, 2015
FRANK GIFFORD MADE A DIFFERENCE - Former NFL (National Football League) player and Hall of Famer who moved on to become a host of Monday Night Football and television star was instrumental in me becoming a sports journalist. Without him it would have never happened since I previously never gave it a thought. How did it come about? Read on…



A SPECIAL REPORT - There were 14 story links that were missing from this site. WHY remains a question. WHO also is under investigation. What surfaced in our research most notably is that Hillary Clinton was the topic that had seven of the 14 missing links. The time frame was from April 2016 to March 2017 or POV 33 to 45. We are now posting those missing links in this special report of our NR Top 10 ratings. Our CNN reports had four links missing. The question of whom or what is responsible for interference and damage of our coverage relates to… Is the BIG BROTHER aka THE PROGRAM government in play? So….. Read on……

Previous - POV 103 - (Point of View) - Is the US GOV running a ZIONIST COMMUNIST NATION? - March, 2022
Ohhhh Pleaseee - LET US THINK FOR OURSELVES! - The Russian RT channel has been censored by the European Union and other nations. RT America was shut down. Former US Ambassador the United Nations John Bolton made an appearance on RT expressing his opinion of what Russia was up to Comedian Dennis Miller quit his show on the channel. - RT was available on the Internet but went down BUT… IS ON AGAIN for nations that don't censor information for their citizens. Politicians all over the world make money from wars. There is no guilt from culling the world's population to become rich from the spoils of war and making business deals with weapons manufactures




Sports Notes MAX - FREE JOHN TERRY & - February, 2010

Sports Notes - IS JOHN TERRY THE NEXT TIGER WOODS? - February, 2010
NMMD's (Negative Media of Mass Destruction) are at it again. First it was Tiger Woods now its footballer John Terry's extra marital affair - FIFA TOP 10

POV 52 - (Point of View) - NFL team OWNER JERRY JONES CATCHES TRUMP FEVER - November, 2017
AMERICA'S RACIST BEAT GOES ON - The RACIST, colonialist mighty whitey MENTALITY continues too exists. In the modern era it is via business practices. Currently two NFL owners have expressed their dissatisfaction of the NFL player's protests and insist that players must be punished for not respecting the United States flag.

Feature - "Dr. Beat" - Free Health Care For Cambodian Children "He gave his life for this," an American from the city of Chicago said of the performer of a music concert. . He…is, Dr Beat Richner who was about to perform a solo cello concert. The this... the tourist was referring to, be Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia. - For the past ten years Richner has raised funds and has overseen construction of three Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals in Cambodia. He is the founder and acting head of the facilities that give medical treatment to Cambodia's children FOR FREE.

BIZ WHO IS - TED TURNER - The King of Cable TV NEWS - January, 2007
Ted Turner was deemed crazy when he annouced his intentions to launch a 24-hour news channel - It was a local channel in Atlanta, Georgia that he put up on a satellite when cable first started. Turner negotiated a deal with NBA commissioner David Stern to televise some of the NBA games nationally on a so many games per week basis - Business Internet Technology



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