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With the assistance of the American government the Frankenstein state of Israel has been out of control committing war crimes for much of its 66-year history. This photo is of a 2009 Anti Israel Protest against the war in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Muhammad Mahdi Karim (www.micro2macro.net) Facebook


These babies in Gaza survived and are being treated at hospitals that have been bombed by Israel. That's the good news, the BAD NEWS IS OTHER Palestinian BABIES WERE KILLED - Al Jazeera photo


This Vietnamese child is handicapped for life as a result of the American government's spraying Agent Orange on Vietnam during the Vietnam/American War - Vietnam War Museum photo


Fran Townsend is a former (?) CIA employee and a frequent guest on CNN regarding CIA intelligence - Aude photo


America's DEMOCRACY gifts to Vietnam - These unborn babies are a result of America's spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam. Iraq and other Middle East nations are the next victims of America's war on terror and their unwavering support of Israel - Vietnam War Museum photo


America's renowned air attacks in an illegal war, resulted in this former Vietnamese soldier to be sprayed with the illegitimate Agent Orange that resulted in his body being scared for life. If it's ETHICS you're looking for… DON'T LOOK TOWARDS AMERICA - Vietnam War Museum photo



POV - (Point of View) - Part 3 - ISRAEL… THE BABY KILLERS



The topics that RT News presents, which is counter to the U.S. propaganda that main stream media airs, has drawn the ire of the U.S. government. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stated that, "RT is a propaganda bullhorn that is that is the state sponsored Russia Today program." With that statement Kerry made a fool of himself


Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zionist Controlled Main Stream Western Media OVERWHELMINGLY Support ISRAEL

Selling the support pro Israel subject is largely due to a concentrated effort of main stream western media providing their backing in producing programs with a pro Israel theme while ignoring their war crimes. CNN is the most blatant violator in presenting Israeli biased programming. In large part that is due to its management, staff and decision makers are primarily Jewish with families that experienced the holocaust, are married to Jews or have business relationships with Jews.

The majority of the problems in the word today are a direct result of the creation of Israel with the support of the American and British governments. Forget anti-Semitism; focus on what is being presented by western media and who's responsible for it. These wars are about OIL and not democracy as the western main stream media would like the public to believe.

A guest on RT News stated that 70% of western media is controlled by Zionists. The result presents a situation where that Zionist control of the media in addition to the small Jewish population in America which equates to only 2.11% (6,700,000) of the total US population of 318,725,000 is controlling how the US government functions and largely dictates policy plus stimulates opinions of the remaining 98% of US citizens.

The topics that RT News presents, which is counter to the U.S. propaganda that main stream media airs, has drawn the ire of the U.S. government. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stated that, "RT is a propaganda bullhorn that is that is the state sponsored Russia Today program."

With that statement Kerry made a fool of himself. This is peculiar as anyone that has half a brain can derive from programming on CNN that features their insider CIA intelligence and guests is overly biased towards encouraging the United States to stir up another war that will benefit western oil interest in the Middle East region and weapons manufacturers.

The most prominent former CIA employees and frequent guests on Wolf Blitzer's shows are Fran Townsend and Bob Baird. Baird's claim to fame in his rise up the CIA pecking order following his graduation from college was as a CIA agent in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation. His job was to make friends and find what was the composition was of Russian tanks. He found that sand was packed between the layers of metal on the tanks which evidently gave them greater protection.

Townsend and Baird's presence appears to be an effort by CNN to present fear tactics to American citizens and promote more war that benefits the leaders of countries requesting help such as Ukraine president Poroshenko did in his speech the U.S. congress. The burden of cost will be to the American tax payer's dollars and if he gets his way American soldiers lives should they put their boots on the ground. All of this money could be wasted while American schools in great need of financial help goes to waste.

Poroshenko went to great lengths to plead his case that due to their conflict with Russia over the annexation of Crimea and that Ukraine children's lives are in danger. This is a prime example of the double standard presented by the western media that IGNORED the deaths of hundreds of children during the Israeli bombing of the territory. This is a plea for war using children as an excuse for the America government to commit themselves and support his wishes for their intervention.

His whining about annexation of Ukrainian land by the Russians pales by comparison to the plight of the Palestinians whose land was stolen from them with America's help by Israel. Following their recent invasion a slaughter of more the 2000 Palestinians in Gaza including a third being children, they announced that they would annex more Palestinian land thus executing another war crime.

The American government said that is counter to a productive solution to peace in the region but in reality it was only face saving lip service as the plan for annexation goes on and there has been no further comment on the situation which has been place on the back burner and in the TO BE IGNORED FILE.

During the past two weeks CNN and western media choose to focus and feast of the domestic abuse stores of several NFL (National Football League) players. Most of the focus is on running backs Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice. Both are private matters but western media prefer to make a mountain out of a mole hill by trying these players on air with their so called guest authorities as their judge and jury.

To think that this is more important the Israel murdering Palestinian babies shows how Zionist influenced the western media is as they feed the public the point of view they want to sell while deflecting any negative criticism of Israel.

On top of the thousands of Palestinian lives lost the cost if Israel's physical devastation of Gaza land and infrastructure is projected to be $23 BILLION and will take 20 years to complete. Haven help us if some Palestinian 15-year-old child throws a stone at a chicken shit Israeli soldier that would result in more cowardly attacks on Gaza. All with the help of the annual $3 billion a year of U.S. taxpayer money donated by its government to support the Frankenstein military machine. The majority of the problems in the world today are a direct result of the creation of Israel and their murdering ways.

CNN and western media failed to follow up on both the Israeli war crimes of slaughtering babies and MORE ANNEXATION by Israel of Palestinian land. It's a no brainier that by their actions CNN and western media's apparent job is to instigate wars during the new age of colonialism to create an American empire at the CIA's bidding. The plot is disguised as America's war on terror when the underlying reason is for America to be the police of the world and extract nation's natural resources.

There appears to be a scheme aggravated by the U.S. doing business in a country and taking their natural resources or placing an embassy there. In doing so the U.S. gives themselves the right to invade a country at any time and take that territory over with the excuse the invasion would be to protect their interests in the region aka OIL, or American citizens.

Obviously having former CIA employees on CNN which is supposed to be a news network is not biased, which is my acerbic comment. News is meant to be reporting what happens in the world without opinions, not presenting biased guests pitching what the U.S. government and other nations MUST DO.

Frequently RT airs a clip of a female U.S. government official defending drone attacks stating that they have "the right to kill anyone, anywhere at anytime." So much for a nation that depicts themselves as the world's saviors… the bad ass peacekeeping United States government.

This week RT is airing a feature titled: Vietnam, My Orange Pain. This is a topic that CNN and western media would avoid. It's about the results of the U.S. government's use of Agent Orange during their invasion of Vietnam. It shows the consequences of the suffering today, 40 years after, due to the birth defects of the children whose parents were exposed to the illegal chemical.

The film featured a young girl who is disfigured and can't walk. She has a positive attitude and is not bitter with the belief that it was the cards that she was dealt and she will do the best she can to overcome her situation.

An interest piece was the video of conjoined twins at the hip with various clips over a long time period from their birth to adulthood. When they were separated one of the twins died the other survived with half a body. A boy who was in a crib and motionless, had the body size of a four year old was 18 year old. He was incapacitated, The program also features a former U.S. soldier who felt guilty about America's invasion and devastation of the nation. He returned to help the people heal by making artificial limbs. He's been in the country for almost 20 years.

There is a concentrated effort by media to influence the public with their programming with their agenda supporting America's war effort and empire building while ignoring stories such as the suffering of the people in the nations they invade primarily for OIL. In Vietnams case when the war was going on the word was it was to obtain the oil for Standard Oil and the rubber for the Firestone Rubber Company.

Western media's support of Israel and ignoring the real stories which criticize the U.S. government is a problem stemmed in politics. U.S. politicians want the Jewish support and their election campaign contribution dollars.




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