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CNN's WOLF BLITZER Wolf Blitzer's weasel like reporting repeatedly speculates and creates stories from his own mind- (CNN photo)







CNN'S continued use of SPECULATION and FALSE REPORTS does nothing but create a fear factor among the viewing public that goes viral with gossip and could result in an innocent individual's death



Richard Ricciardi - National Radio Text Service

Saturday, April 27, 2013


For three consecutive weeks CNN has ranted on in covering tragedies and promoting war with North Korea, Iraq and now Syria. It appears that war is money to the CON (Opinion) network as what they say is more speculation and opinion than reporting news which is supposed to be about what happened NOT what they think will happen.

Wolf Blitzer continues his tirade in what appears to be his self interest leanings rather than what was happening in the world. Blitzer has a history of misspeaking as he did this past week in his POOR reporting of the Boston bombings. While interviewing a print business owner on Boylston Street the CNN thought to be journalist said to the man YOU SAW SOME OF THE BOMBING VICTIMS to which the man replied the NO HE DIDN'T but his employees did. So much for making up stories as Blitzer is most recognized as doing.

Blitzer is the most vocal when it comes to his opinion which is diametrically opposed to facts. His mission is to sell his self serving products and leanings. In November 1989 during a University panel CNN personality Blitzer declared his pro-Israel views on the Middle East conflict.

In September 2005, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, on air, said of those remaining in New Orleans, "so many of these people, almost all of them that we see, are so poor and they are so black. SO BLACK... WHAT IS THAT?

CNN repeatedly dispenses misinformation. At the onset of the Boston Bombing tragedy CNN SPECULATED that the suspect who planted the bomb was BLACK. Several days later on Thursday April 18 (in the USA) following the release of security camera video the two suspects were shown were NOT BLACK as is now well publicized.

This continued use of SPECULATION and FALSE REPORTS does nothing but create a fear factor among the viewing public that goes viral with gossip and in some case could result in an innocent individual's death. This misinformation could incite anger towards people of color thereby placing CNN in the situation of supplying RACIST REPORTS. They made these SPECULATIVE reports the CNN way... WITHOUT PROOF! How many times have you heard CNN say they CAN'T VERIFY THE SOURCE?

The American Jew Blitzer has been on a rant for war for three weeks. His first target was North Korea. That petered out quickly when the Boston bombings occurred thus he forgot North Korea and switched to Boston. He was not televised for several days. His vanishing coincided with CNN falsely reporting that the Boston bomber was captured which at the time proved to be a lie. That false report was largely criticized.

Now that the two Boston bombers status has been solved with one killed and the other jailed Blitzer is examining how it affects the futures of those injured in his quest to DIG FOR DIRT.

The former journalist for Israeli publications is now on the attack on promoting war on Syria. He's reporting unsubstantiated information that Syria is using SARIN GAS. SARIN GAS is an old subject that CNN has a history in reporting false information.

In 1998, CNN, in partnership with corporate sister Time magazine, ran a report that Operation Tailwind in 1970 in Vietnam included use of Sarin gas to kill a group of defectors from the United States military. The Pentagon denied the story. Skeptics deemed it improbable that such an extraordinary and risky atrocity could have gone unnoticed at the height of the Vietnam War's unpopularity. CNN, after a two-week inquiry, issued a retraction. The story's producers were summarily fired, and one of them has been highly critical of CNN's handling of the story, saying that CNN bowed to pressure from high-ranking officials to kill the story.

In the most recent Sarin gas reports a government official said they would not act on speculation. The problem is CNN thrive on it.

CNN has been the subject of allegations of liberal bias. Writer Eric Alterman has noted that many critics [weasel words] on the left view CNN as no more or less biased than most other corporate-run journalism, supporting business interests of its parent company and sponsors, and refusing to question official sources or present perspectives of leftist critics. Accuracy in Media and Media Research Center (MRC) has claimed that CNN's reporting contains liberal editorializing within news stories as well as omission of important facts.

CNN is also has a history of selective journalism with respect of its employees. After then CNN journalist Rick Sanchez talked of Jewish ownership of American media outlets, and harshly criticized Jon Stewart on a radio show, CNN said they had fired him. "Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and wish him well."

Chief Middle Eastern correspondent Octavia Nasr was fired after a tweet saying she was "Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah... One of Hezbollah's giants I respect[ed] a lot." Parisa Khosravi, the senior vice president for CNN International, said she spoke with Nasr and "we have decided that she will be leaving the company." His reason for her removal was given as "As you know, her tweet over the weekend created a wide reaction.

As she has stated in her blog on CNN.com, she fully accepts that she should not have made such a simplistic comment without any context whatsoever. However, at this point, we believe that her credibility in her position as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised going forward."

Robert Fisk criticized CNN for the firing saying "Poor old CNN goes on getting more cowardly by the hour. That's why no one cares about it any more." According to a July 2010 (Iranian-run) Press TV poll, nearly two-thirds (65.99%) of the respondents described CNN's recent move to sack Nasr as "an instance of intellectual terrorism reflecting the influence of Zionists on mainstream Western media outlets".

Critics take particularly strong exception to the handling of the Bush administration's rhetoric leading up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. CNN's then-chief correspondent Christiane Amanpour characterized the behavior of the news media, which she supported and had a major part in it, as "self-muzzling" and as "cheerleaders for the Bush war drive against Iraq". An editorial in the German publication Süddeutsche Zeitung compared CNN war coverage to "live coverage of the Super Bowl", and the Qatar based Al Jazeera news network has criticized CNN for portraying U.S. soldiers as heroes.




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