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Kelly Tandiono is an Indonesian model and actress has been a model instructor on this season of Asia's Next Top Model. This past weeks episode she was among the missing - (Asia's Next Top Model photo)




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



During the four seasons of Asia's Next Top Model there have been improvements along the way. This season is turning out to be the most explosive. What makes this show work is the models interaction and observing how models from various Asian cultures get along


Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Asia's Next Top Model (ANTM) is currently airing in Asia on the Starworld channel. New episodes are presented Wednesday evenings including an extra episode by repeating the previous week's installment. There are repeats of the new episode throughout the week.

Asia's show is more interesting than the failed America's Next Top Model featuring Tyra Banks. Banks show grew into a ghetto fest with ghetto speak throughout the competitions with much of the focus being who is tougher than the other and who was going to kick another models ass.

The Asian franchise now in its fourth season is improving but the question is if it's growing the wrong way. . The most significant improvement is selecting models that have a decent understanding of the English language. During the first two seasons several models could hardly understand the language. . This presents a charming aspect of the program as the models struggle with their English language skills.

When the season began Cycle 4 featured 14 contestants, three from the Philippines, two from Indonesia and Thailand, and one each from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. South Korea marked its return after last cycle's absency, while Mongolia and Myanmar made their first ever appearance. China, India, Japan, Nepal and Taiwan were unrepresented.

What is most interesting is how models from different East Asian countries manage to get along given their varied cultures. In Asia some nationalities feel they are superior to others. Thailand appears to want to be the whitest nation. Singapore comes off thinking that they are the most intelligent. The Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia are the most looked down upon.

In Asia much of the cultural barriers stem from those with dark skin are considered inferior and poor. Those that come from money consider themselves superior. Those with an education follow and the others are considered left out of the picture and most likely not involved in the Top Model program.

There have been conflicts and two of the most outspoken and complaining models have been eliminated from the competition. Another who appeared to be weak and insecure also was eliminated from the competition.

There has yet to be a model from Cambodia that has qualified. This season there was the first representative from Mongolia to qualify but has been eliminated. In the past there was a Chinese model who spoke little to no English.

Another improvement is the judges are not as flamboyantly gay as in previous seasons. Being gay is OK but force feeding it to the viewer should not be a major factor of any program as some viewers may find it offensive.

A new host has been added with Thai model Cindy Bishop assuming that role. Bishop does not look Asian which has been one of our major criticisms over the years as Thailand always selects a non looking Thai with white features to represent them. It's as if Thailand is insecure about being Thai and having real ethnic looking Thai to represent the nation and be proud of their heritage..

Bishop is one quarter Thai. She was born and raised in Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand by American father, William Burbridge and British-Indian Thai mother, Patricia. In 1996, Burbridge won the Miss Thailand World pageant and represented Thailand in the Miss World pageant in Bangalore, India and then entered the modeling profession.

The biggest change is Kelly Tandiono an Indonesian model and actress who functions as the training model. During the first two episodes she came off as a marine drill instructor. She was overly aggressive and stern and behaved like a butch bitch.

In episode three she seemed to relax in her role and softened up and became more engaging with the models. She definitely knows her trade and is a good instructor. In the past the model instructors were friendlier and motherly like. Although Tandiono is not the warm and fuzzy type she is becoming more likable.

Tandiono starred in numerous films such as Ayah, Gangster, and Lue Gue End. She won the title of Best Actress in the Royal Bali International Film Festival 2014, Elle Magazine Model of the year 2011, and Wolipop 20 Women of the year 2014. She was covered in magazines such as Destine Asia, L'officiel, and Cita Cinta. Also, Kelly was involved in advertisement campaigns including Sony, ANZ Bank and Body Shop.

The worst experience of the four seasons occurred this season during the fourth episode when the Executive Director of Motor Image and Subaru Asia Glenn Tan made a big deal out of a model rolling her eyes when he was giving instructions on what a task would be that involved one of his cars. He chose to take her gesture personally.

He brought up the subject at the judging segment and was undignified enough to yell at her in front of the other contestants and the viewing audience and said, "Who the FUCK (BLEEPED) do you think you are to roll your eyes at me? If I were the client I would never ever hire you."

The model is from South Korea and was selected as the best model the previous week. She went to the hospital and had an operation while missing a challenge. She returned to win the photo shoot resulting in her win supported in her overcoming adversity.

Ironically in the first episode she was a controversial figure by drinking a beverage directly out of the container that was to be shared by others. Her response was to get over it and she'll do what she wants. The following episode she apologized and would change her ways.

A Philippine model, Alaiza was the next to be judged. She was in the top three that week and safe from elimination. As she approached the judges including the arrogant Tan she was emotional and in tears. When Bishop asked what was wrong she replied that she was scared. Bishop basically said get used to it as being yelled at is part of the business. When asked if it was her dream to be in the competition she replied that she was not sure.

At the final judging the South Korean model was selected to be one of two girls to be eliminated but was saved. Bishop then called the Filipino girl up and once again asked if she wanted to be in the competition. She said NO and chose to drop out of the competition and a model from Indonesia was reinstated.

If there is one majored change that should be made its get rid of this asshole Glenn Tan. Although he gives the winning model a car this program should think about the integrity of the show and find another car manufacturer a representative that has a PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE to replace him.

This scenario raises the question why should the Asia's Top Model program prostitute themselves for a car? Tan should stick his car up his arrogant ass. This apparent rich kid needs a dose of street justice.

NOTE: Kelly Tandiono was absent from this past weeks episode raising the question WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Since she became a personality who is among the missing without an explanation Yu Tsai has been appearing on the show with the title of Creative Director.

Tsai's history includes appearing on America's Next Top Model for cycles 20, 21, and 22 and was also given the title of Creative Consultant.

Again questions are raised what is up with Asia's Next Top Model and its not being transparent with dispensing information regarding its mid-season personnel changes and the reasons why?


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