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As a coach the skills of Alicia Keys raises several questions about her ability - - (The Voice screen shot photo)



15 year-old Aliyah Moulden is the true test of Blake Shelton's coaching skills. The question is… can he train well enough for her to go through to the live shows? - (The Voice screen shot photo)


17-year-old Josh West is the best at making great song choices that fit his voice and that the public can identify with - (The Voice screen shot photo)


Autumn Turner was eliminated, primarily because she made a poor song choice that failed to compliment her voice - (The Voice screen shot photo)






James Loving - National Radio Text Service



The quality of the talent on the show has declined from last season. Alicia Keys has made some questionable decisions in her talent selections and being a guide competitor in making good song choice advice for her team. The show seems to being going in the wrong direction and mirrors declining way of American Idol'… that being The Voice is becoming too much about the judges


Sunday, April 09, 2017


It's amazing how much The Voice has changed this season. The quality of talent is much less than last season. The direction of the show seems to spend too much time on the judges which was the beginning of the downfall of American Idol. Alicia Keys has made some questionable decisions in her handling of her teams.

The Voice remains interesting but get real why are the producers spending so much camera time on the coaches. It seems that the producer's priority is to play up the romance of Blake Shelton and fellow judge mentor Gwen Stefani…. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Yea, yea... sure, sure they're in love BUT what about the talent. The Voice being the successor of American Idol as the vocal talent show of choice is falling into the trap of selling the Shelton, Stefani love affair at the expense of the talent.

Alicia Keys has made some questionable talent decisions. It is mystifying that she failed to mentor the now eliminated Autum Turner who in our opinion had the best voice in the blind auditions. At that time Turner sang Donna Summer's ''Last Dance' which was perfect for her voice. From that point the song choices for her range come into question.

During the Battle Round Keys chose the song "Killing Me Softly with His Song" which did not compliment Turner's voice. Keys has a tendency to favor a competitor's charisma and performance and not making good song choice decisions based popularity.

One of the criteria in success is choosing songs that the viewing public can identify with and in many cases the talent chooses songs for the wrong reasons such as a song someone they love liked or is religious theme.

We view the Battle Round as a round of the culling of the crew. At this point a judge has the power to match singers where they have their mind made up and they know ahead of time their decision. One talent is more superior OR the song choice is not complimentary for one of the voices.

Turner was saved by Adam Levine. At this point Levine failed to advise her not to sing her song choice of Aretha Franklin's 'Respect.' During her performance of that song she was singing at the top of her range whereas 'Last Dance' has more body and more substance of her lower range which was her strength.

There are times when one could have the feeling that a talent is set up to fail. The possibility exists when a judge and the talent's personalities clash. Sometimes a talent has too much to say is deemed uncoachable. Other times it could be a personality problem that goes on behind the scenes. The bottom line is Turner's departure is puzzling.

At the same time Shelton has a chance to demonstrate his coaching skills. Being a proven success in coaching both youth and country artists 15 year-old Aliyah Moulden will be a major test.

This week Moulden will face off against 16-year-old Caroline Sky a two chair turnaround. The question is who will make the best song choice that will compliment their voice.

17-year-old rocker Josh West is the best at making great song choices that fit his voice and that the public can identify with. His talent should take him to the final four and he has a good chance to win it since the publics vote will be the major factor. He has the look and the talent to go far, with or without The Voice (following his exposure).

I can hear ringing in my ear former American Idol judge Simon Cowell saying it's about making the right song choice. Stay tuned…


There are three video series available on You Tube that explain why the world is in trouble of having a World War 3 created. The underlying cause is OIL with the major players for the past 100 years being the colonialist powers of Great Britain, France and the new colonialists the United States of Israel and Israel.

The lies that are being told today to carry out deaths of thousands are revealed in these three video series, Blood & Oil, Al Nakba and The Secret of the Seven Sisters. Copy and past the following links and download the series and view them at leisure. In doing so when key points come up you have the ability to freeze comments or video as well as back track to make sure that you got it right.

The feature-length documentary Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I exposes the Western greed and political intrigue which laid the foundation for wars, coups, revolts, oppressive dictators and military interventions in today's Middle East. Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, modern Turkey and other hot spots are born as the British and French divide the "fruits of victory" in World War I.

Written and produced by Marty Callaghan, this film follows conflict from the Ottoman Empire's entry into the Great War in October 1914 to the Allied victory and declaration of the new Turkish Republic in 1923, and the hostilities that have plagued the region since.

Two are are four part documentary series available on You Tube that relate to the cause of wars. Each episode is 46 to 48 minutes long. By downloading it one can view it at their leisure and have the ability to control the playback and repeat sections that they want clarified.

1. Blood and Oil:


2. The Secret of the Seven Sisters - Four men devising a scheme to take over the Middle East for their OIL


3. AL-NAKBA - The conspiracy to create Israel.



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