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CNN's WOLF BLITZER & CNN PANIC REPORTS in their call FOR WAR and focus on protecting Israel's WAR CRIMES. Blitzer is more concerned about protecting Israel than American citizen's rights - (CNN photo)


CNN's HEROS program has a history of deceit most notably their cover-up of their 2007 winner Somaly Mam who was exposed as a fraud. In the documentary Red Light this mother tells Somaly Mam that she would sell her daughter into child sex slavery again and receive only $10 a month for her daughters sexual services but Mam doesn't feel that poverty is the cause of the child sex trade - Red Light screen shot - photo




James Loving - National Radio Text Service



CNN takes center stage this week with their presentations of CNN HEROS and Wolf Blitzer hosting the US government's presidential debates. CNN has a spotted history of deceiving the public and they have covered up their involvement in promoting a fraud in giving a HEROS Award to Somaly Mam, which they have expunged from their records. They also have the raging Jew Wolf Blitzer hosting the US government's presidential debate in which Blitzer will have his chance to corner politicians in asking them his favorite question... WHAT IS YOUR POSITION ON ISRAEL?



Sunday, December 06, 2015


This week is a big week for CNN the so called news channel which in reality is the voice of Israel, the CIA and the US government's propaganda. CNN claims to be the voice of the truth but in truth is merely a misinformation channel with agenda's.

This week and next week CNN is placing themselves in the political spotlight with two programs that serve as devices to endear themselves to politicians and American citizens. The question is how honorable is CNN?

For starters CNN's HEROS program has a history of deceit most notably their cover-up of their 2007 winner Somaly Mam who was exposed as a fraud with her lies about some of the girls under her care in the anti child sex NGO the Somaly Mam Foundation. Those lies were exposed in an article published in Newsweek Magazine authored by Simon Marks.

When the shit hit the fan Mam's name was removed from CNN's history regarding giving her the award. Since that time they have covered up their involvement in perpetrating a fraud. CNN's style is to present a news piece and then have their so called expert analysts go over it with a fine tooth comb by rendering their opinions. In the Mam case it was ignored and apparently to them a non issue since they are CULPABLE.

The question raised is if CNN is so diligent in covering tragic events such as the Paris bombings by sending far too many staff of their reporters to be there to do stand ups and repeat the same information over and over again why can't they be as diligent in fact checking their HERO nominees that they sell to the public.

The short answer is it doesn't' serve their purpose to focus on spreading the US government and Israeli government's political propaganda. CNN repeatedly have shows boasting about their fabulous INTEL featuring so called FORMER CIA agents, politicians, security analysts who are primarily Jews and US military staff.

It begs the question is their such a thing as a FORMER CIA agent? Does a leopard change its spots? Once CIA always CIA as a RAT will always be a RAT and CNN will always be the deceitful group of individuals attempting to start World War III with their over the top sensationalized and for the most part misinformation reports.

That leads to their next big political agenda in endearing themselves to politicians. Next week December 15th in the USA and the 16th in Asia CNN will present another US Presidential nominee political debate. It will be their second debate that they will host during this 2016 presidential race campaign.

The first debate was hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper. The upcoming debate will be hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Both have something in common, THEY ARE JEWS thus they are most likely supporters of Israel's theft of Palestinian land and the slaughter of their people.

Cooper has a low profile on the topic of Israel but Blitzer becomes a raging Jew on the subject which prompted the creation of our POV (Point of View) column which came about following his eight day tirade that North Korea was about the send missals and attack America and South Korea AT ANY MOMENT.

At the time he boasted that CNN had reporters ON THE GROUND to give an account on developments as they happened. The problem was that IT NEVER HAPPENED and those reports went on daily on his shows and repeated on CNN's news programs for over a week in April 2013.

Immediately we went to work to find out just who Blitzer was and our POV column came to fruition. Our research revealed that Blitzer has a history of being and employee of Israeli media. That information stimulated more investigations on Blitzer and those that support him and his causes.

Our first POV column was titled WOLF BLITZER & CNN PANIC REPORTS in their call FOR WAR!

The column went on to say: For eight days Blitzer and CNN raged on about the supposed threat by North Korea without PROOF. Everything reported was speculative and most likely a lie. CNN and Blitzer make statements preceded by what US officials say. It's seldom clear the rules of journalism were applied by making clear regarding who, what, where, when and why the statements were made.

The raging Jew made such outlandish statements that it raises the question is he senile and has totally lost the plot? Following his North Korea tirade Blitzer's racist attitude was obvious during his reports of the Boston bombings in his flip from the lip manner he stated that his INTEL said authorities were searching for a black man believed to be the bomber. As the facts were officially revealed, it proved that Blitzer's statement was incorrect or simply a lie.

The question is with Blitzer being lying loose cannon is he a liability that should be eliminated and terminated? Obviously CNN and US government don't think so as they continue to support him by him having a show on CNN for them to appear on rather then him being released of his duties and dismissed from his post as an eccentric, fake journalist which any legitimate news organization would do for embarrassing them with FAKE REPORTS. The fact that he remains suggests that he is doing the job that CNN, the CIA and the US government desire.

Now we come full circle and Blitzer continues to rage on about anything anti Israel. As the host of next weeks debate Blitzer will have the opportunity to ask his favorite question to politicians: WHAT IS YOUR POSITION ON ISRAEL?

It was that question that he repeatedly asked to the 2012 presidential candidates who were guests on his shows. His performance reveals how pro Israel he is and how he and CNN use their programming to promote the theft of Palestinian land and the slaughter of its people by Israel.

Next weeks CNN presidential debate with their raging Jew host Wolf Blitzer is a MUST WATCH. TUNE IN AND BEWARE to be AWARE as the issue of Israel will most likely surface while black lives WON'T MATTER. For CNN and Blitzer... it's all ABOUT ISRAEL.

Simon Mark's Somaly Mam story on NEWSWEEK (copy & paste) :




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