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Sundance Head is the winner of The Voice Season 11 competition. Head is the son of Roy Head who had a # 2 hit song 'Teat Her Right' in the 60's - (The Voice screen shot photo)


Video Beat - VOICE FANS LIKE HEAD…. Sorry Donald

James Loving - National Radio Text Service



America has voted and proved that they like Head… sorry Donald, grabs don't count. Texan Sundance Head walked away with The Voice's season11 title. Head is a worthy winner but most definitely not that favorite from the outset. His consistent performances and most importantly charm and warm personality endeared him to the American voting public.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Sundance Head the winner of The Voice season 11 was a strong contender from the start. Throughout the competition Head rocked steady but one factor that seemed to have enamored Voice viewers was his warm personality and grace. Head's win gave his coach Blake Shelton his fifth Voice coaching title.

I love this guy Head. His appearance reminds me of one of my favorite cartoon characters Yosemite Sam.

In our first article regarding this season's Voice competition Head was one of our favorite talents. He stood out since we first saw him appear on American Idol where he was eliminated early and failed to make it to the performance show.

Head was on the sixth season of American Idol and was eliminated during Top 16 Week. That in itself is an indicator how inept and what we believe to be a fixed and corrupt competition Idol was.

Head's performance singing "I've Been Loving You Too Long" in his first appearance in Episode 1 of the Blind Auditions is one of our favorite songs of the entire competition. For us it is a keeper. From that point he and other competitors that had outstanding blind audition performances but later on in the competition started to force their voices on the verge of yelling.

Episode 2 was the season's finest. That episode included two of the four finalists. Wé McDonald 17, from Paterson, New Jersey sang "Feeling Good" and shocked the world when she began to speak with her tiny little voice that is a stark contrast to her strong vocal voice. Her performance is also one of our top 12 keepers of the season.

McDonald finished 3rd but she could have a monster entertainment future given her training in pop, opera and theater. She will be the Voice's rendition of Idol's Jennifer Hudson who finished 7th but went on to be the most successful of that Idol season.

Episode 2 also featured former child star Billy Gilman 28, from Richmond, Rhode Island. Gilman sang "When We Were Young" that we also chose as a keeper. In reflection we felt Gilman would win the show. He was the most consistent throughout the contest but also at times had a tendency to try to hard and yell his vocals.

Gilman's appearance will enable him to restructure his career which was scraped when at the age of 12 his voice changed as did his career. Gilman was not the talent that made him popular. With his new ADULT voice he now has the talent and voice to return as being a popular successful recording artist given his exposure on The Voice.

Fourth place finisher Josh Gallagher 25, from Cresson, Pennsylvania was the shocker in the competition. Gallagher was originally chosen by Blake Shelton. Shelton put him into competition with teammate Head and selected Head to continue on the show and remain with his Blake Shelton team.

Adam Levine saved Gallagher and was instrumental in his development to qualify as the fourth place finisher. With Levine's guidance Gallagher wins our National Radio World's MOST IMPROVED AWARD.

This season's addition of Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus as judge/coaches was a winner. Both ladies added energy and life to the show that it never had. In the past several judges had a too cool to be in school attitude.

Cyrus had the weakest team and none of her singers made it to the finals. Keys had McDonald and gave the 17-year-old singer a big sister supports that helped McDonald's personality and maturity to develop. Given Keys remarks she will be assisting McDonald in her career as long as the young singer welcomes it.

Levine had the second weakest team in the competition but unbelievably coached two of his members to qualify for the TOP 4 FINALISTS. His producer's talent helped him develop two of his charges Gillman and Gallagher to reach the finals. In that respect Levine beat Shelton in their on going friendly competition of who is TOP DOG… the problem being Shelton now has 5 wins to Levine's 3.

In all The Voice continues to grow with fresh ideas and investing money in their stage production. The concern is will they continue to be fair and focus on THE VOICE and not get into a personality conflict as did American Idol which led to their downfall. STAY TUNED…


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